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  UOXPERIENCE. is all about shards: Getting shards started, building worlds, gameplay and maintenance. Developers are welcome to answer questions, etc.
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UOXPerience Re-Opens
Wednesday, Sep 4, 2002, at 07:15 AM
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Dan from UOXp sent in the following:
Regular users of UOXp will know we have been promising a more interactive, community focused site for some time and this seems the perfect time to finaly get the damn thing online. The entire site has been reworked from the ground up to provide a more interactive communication friendly environment. As ever our focus is on shard development, rather than full blown emulator production. Some new features users might enjoy include:
  • Site of the moment: To allow users to raise awareness of their shards, or fan sites.
  • Pic of the moment: Same as above but with eye candy.
  • Sponsored shard sidebar.
  • Hundreds of worldfiles, clients, tools, maps, tutorials and emulators.
  • New heavily edited, forums.
  • Shard and application tips and reviews.
  • All the files and tutorials previously hosted only on UOXDev.
Please remember is all about shards: Getting shards started, building worlds, gameplay and maintenance. Developers are welcome to answer questions etc, but if you want to be part of direct EMULATOR development in any way please find another site, forum or chat room.

Hope you like the new site, and thanks for your time.

Dan McIvor
DMBDev Team
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UOXperience Responds To UOXDEV And UOX-Classic
Friday, Apr 19, 2002, at 09:05 AM
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Dan sent me the following.
Regarding UOXClassic: We are sorry that you were annoyed about our use of your bandwidth, downloading public files. Our aim is to generate a one-stop library for as many files as we can find. I admit that the statement was designed to generate hype and site traffic, because I believe the site has something to add to the community and want people to be able to find many files that only we have, isn't this why we all have sites with 0 advertising and 0 revenue? Sargo: a single e-mail to me would have assured a bulletin in our next update stating that 1) you have two more files than us, and 2) We downloaded our UOXClassic files from you.

Regarding Ryan: "Its time for everyone to shut up and get along. If you guys don’t remember why your here, then leave." This said after adding his own views to Infymus' report, thus degrading the Smithys Anvil, UOXperience and UOXclassic. Still refusing to add a Smithys Anvil link to his "network" rollover, Removing UOX Classic links and Removing UOXperience when he finally found it. Continuing to flame smaller sites such as Epsilon, for the use of UOXDev JavaScript. And all the while, maintaining something he calls a network that’s popularity can only be attributed to an unhealthy obsession, a well-known .com address, and a team of followers that work their Asses off for his personal glory. I have no doubt UOX is benefiting from this, but why the need to debase all other fan sites? Ryan, we remember why we are here, can you remember why you left?

One final note: is not a network; it is a single "fan" site for a project that has interested many of the dmbdev team for a very long time. All the work we do at UOXperience is aimed at helping the smaller circle of sites and users that feel pressured by Ryan's aggressive strategies and want a creative outlet that focuses on UO emulation. We welcome all sites and users equally and individually based on their own merits. Make us proud, don’t visit the site.
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UOExperience Steals From UOX-Classic?
Thursday, Apr 18, 2002, at 06:54 AM
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Recently there has been a tremendous amount of stealing going down. UOXDEV accused Epsilon of stealing their Java code. ACXP accused ACDome of stealing the ACXP code base. And now, UOX-Classic is accusing UOExperience of taking most of it's files and putting them up for download without even renaming them first.

Sargo writes the following message:
"I checked a while ago and this has been eating at me for some time now. So I want it to be known. Im one not to critisize all that often but yes i do do it from time to time. On thier main page I says they have the most UOX files anywhere. Well gee... why is that? Is that because they Downloaded all my files? I think so! They didnt even bother to rename the zip files. So plaes dont take credit saying you have the most when in actuality 95% came from someone else. Oh by the way... they dont have hte most downloads anyways! UOXC still has the most! HAHAHAHAH 2 more they they do! And that will also be changing real soon. If all goes as planned. You can expect to see yet another 10 files for download... Not including the script files I'll eventually put up for DL. Sorry, if I offend anyone at UOXperience, they have been great for us and UOX in general. But I had to say something, since all the files I have took 3 years to build my file library which is still growing I dont care that you just got them from me but maybe make a mention that UOXC also has the files for DL in case of a broken link. Kinda like a mirrored site for files."
Can't we all just get along? If you want the community to grow - SHARE.

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Monday, Jan 21, 2002, at 11:10 AM
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Dan from over on send me the following email to post on UOXperience. Of course, Dan has not yet responded to my previous post wherein it stated that his site was not going to be the official UOXDEV site. Here's the email:
This is a mail from the new replacement of the uoxdev community As you may be aware we have taken over the roll of uoxdev and in the next few weeks we plan a massive network wide update to facilitate the huge influx of users we have been receiving. We are sending you this mail in the hope that we can enlighten you about some of the things we plan to acheive as the new major UOX community.

Features that are already supported at UOXperience:

1) Huge download section, full of admin and building tools.
2) Forums forUOX3 shard support and general chat.
3) Tutorials, helping you get the most out of your shard.
4) And a range of helpfull links.

In the next week we will be brining our shard database online, If you would like your shard listed, reviewd and rated on the largest database of its kind it would be in your intrest to submit now for a higher ranking when the list is compiled. To submit reply to this e-mail with Shard name, Brief Description (No more than 50 words), Shard Web-site and the Admins e-mail, (if any)

We will also be releasing our custom shard login software in the next two months, this will make it easier than ever for you to promote and distribute your shard to potential players. (this sofware will be released to all shard admins in our shard database)

Also with your shard signup you have the opportunity to take advantage of our official hosting plan. You can chose to have your website and shard hosted on a full T1 connection free. No catch just a great service.

These are just the first stages of our plans for the future that will turn UOX1,2,3 and Classic into a genuine alternative to pay per-play UO, with your support me and the UOXperience team plan to turn a creative outlet for thousands of people into a free experience for millions.


Dan -
Wed, Sep 4, 2002:
UOXPerience Re-Opens
Fri, Apr 19, 2002:
UOXperience Responds To UOXDEV And UOX-Classic
Thu, Apr 18, 2002:
UOExperience Steals From UOX-Classic?
Mon, Jan 21, 2002:
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