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Legend Server is a UO Emulator. Script Language, and Server is in C#.
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Legend Tools Template Wizard Released
Thursday, Sep 4, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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From Legend Tools:
The Legend Tools group proudly presents the new Template Wizard tool. This tool allows you to connect remotely to your server and extract and place multi templates. Templates can be exported to text file, imported from text files, and patched to the multi muls.

This tool makes it possible to turn any building in UO into a custom multi, for building custom cities, buildings, towns etc.
Legend Tools.
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Legend Tools Updates
Thursday, Aug 21, 2003, at 06:18 AM
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From Legend Tools:
Most of our team has been busy over the summer, or working on map design and custom tool projects, although our site is somewhat quiet at the moment, project developement is going smoothly.

I've started work on a test shard for our tools, to help speed up development, and testing of map editing tools, regional spawners, and building tools. etc.

not a lot to report in the way of visuals, current worlds and projects support runuo 34+

comments or questions welcome..
Legend Tools.
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Legend Tools Updates
Thursday, Jul 31, 2003, at 06:25 AM
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From Legend Tools:
Most of us have been really busy both online and off-line, my self with and other projects, as well as some mmorpg time in some other games.

I'm currently working on some updates for how files will be download off our site, aka Custom Scripts, Template Wizards, World Builder, Dragon .NET, or custom world maps, and buildings.

Many of the projects we've been working on have been done privately. Although we have posted info or screenshots in the gallery. And or on

both these sites will be seeing updates in the near future, however to keep things simple we will be using the forums on this site

other projects...

for those that don't know me, my old nick used to be Administator Khaybel over at, I will be adding some new growth in the near future.

Some of the scripts old custom we released way back when for orb will be released here but converted to run with runuo, since thats all we use now

like any developer will tell you, we'll get projects and or betas out for worlds, tools and scripts once we feel they are stable, and we an release something of quality.
Legend Tools.
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Legend Tools Update
Monday, Jul 21, 2003, at 06:24 AM
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From Legend Tools:
Small Update, to let members know we have a really large update for projects, and site fuctionality updates as well.

we are currently building software, 3rd party tools, and level editors, custom maps and more. As we get these tools ready for alpha testing, and or maps, we'll post more shots in our gallery, and finally open up our downloads section of the site.

we will be looking for volunteers and more core developers/designers soon.
Legend Tools.
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Legend Tools Creates RunUO Spawn Generator
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 10:49 AM
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From Legend Tools:
Xander and myself have been busy designing a regional spawn engine for the RunUO server. At this moment we are designing the data structures, since all data will be stored in xml format.

Once we have the data structures set, I will be creating a editor for building and maintaining the xml files. Xander will be working on the .cs files.

I have also been working on a Webserver for RunUO. Now I did do a small release on the RunUO forums, and I did get some good responces. But since then I have rebuilt the core system to be more friendly. The main purpose of the webserver is to create a webserver that can be customize, but also can be linked into the RunUO to get it's data from. And before the world even see this in production, I want to make sure that it is secure.

Last week I also started to create my next project. I am planning to take the Dragon program to the next level. So I started to write the Dragon.Net program. This will take me a few weeks to build mainly because of the data files.

I have ask Athysus to create a scripts section on this website so that we can have a place to put our scripts. Now you may ask why. The RunUO system is a forum base, therefore after a few months. Scripts would get lost in that database. But here, I want to create a place where scripts can be placed via theme or purpose and you dont need to go looking all over the place to get that script.
Legend Tools:
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Legend Tools Update
Monday, May 19, 2003, at 06:21 AM
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From Legend Tools:
We've been quiet on the main legend tools site, however, very busy working on our respective "Legend tools" Projects, and Worlds.
Legend Tools:
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Legend Tool Updates
Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003, at 06:03 AM
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From Legend Tools:
I had the gallery down for a few days, while I updated scripts and databases. The gallery is now active :)

Elemental Realms Updated:

Lands of Gamoria Updated:

We will have shots of updates for TW Client, world builder, and UO Build soon :)

PS: thanks to everyone thats helped bug reports with Legend world builder and or Legend Template Wizard Client/Server which was just released.

44 copies of each have been downloaded by the community. Please post your bugs or wish lists of what you would like to see in tools / custom avanced scripts and custom worlds.
Legend Tools:
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Template Wizard Tool Beta 0.7 For RunUO
Monday, Mar 10, 2003, at 06:21 AM
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Template Wizard Tool Beta 0.7 Released!
New Legend Tools Template Wizard Tool Beta 0.7 for RunUO

Download from this link:

** NOTE **

This tool requires the Final beta 1.1 of the .NET Framework. Download and install the framework if you get errors when starting the TW Client tool.

Legend Tools Tool Forums:

  • The Template Wizard tool is divided into two parts. A server and client tool. The server is scripted within the RunUO scripts and it allows the TW client tool to connect to the server. Multi templates can be remotely extracted from or build on the server by using the TW client tool. This will be a very useful tool for world builders who are decorating custom maps or building new towns.
  • TW Client can connects to RunUO in order to build or extract multis. It does not need to use UO client commands so it is very fast.
  • Templates are stored and categorized in the TW Client tool.
  • Accounts are checked and validated by the server.
  • Static (static muls) and dynamic items can be extracted into a template from the server. (Server sends the data to the TW client)
  • You can choose to extract Only Static, Only Dynamic, or Both static and dynamic items from the server. You can also extract the hue from dynamic items as well.)
  • Templates can be built on the server where you target. (TW client sends the data to the server and the server builds the template at the location where you target).
  • Templates can be organized in the TW client by Category, Subsection, and Description.
  • Templates can be exported to text file (same format that house builder tool save as text uses)
  • Templates can be imported from text file. (Same file format used by the House Builder tool Save as text, Sphere's .extract command creates, Multi Scripter and Orb Template Manager uses.)
  • Templates can be patched to the multi mul files. (Items can be excluded from patching by adding it to the excluded list in the settings screen)
  • Templates can be previewed in a window and filtered by floor level.
  • The preview window allows the picture to be saved in Bmp, Gif, Jpeg, and Png image formats.
  • Wipe button that executes RunUO's Wipe command
  • Always on Top option for the client tool
  • Command prefix used by the Wipe command is configurable
  • All config settings are done through the Config Settings screen.
  • The connection dialog saves the server ip, port, and user account info of your last connection.
Legend Tools:
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Legend Tools News
Thursday, Mar 6, 2003, at 06:06 AM
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From Legend Tools:
Legend Tools, welcomes UO Build team members NK and Phantom to our Legend Team.

We also welcome Raged, Virtous Viper, DKnight, and Xandor Back from The Legend Server team to help build tools in ralation to RUN Uo.

We have any more designs and developers joining our team.

I've setup private dev forums, and updated accounts for all dev team members, please use the forums to introduce your selves.

To the community, we will be releasing many new custom tools, for level design, as well as custom worlds that we are developing.

We also have a team of scripters that will be adding custom unique scripts for the community to enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: most of our tools require that you have Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 Beta + installed on your systems in order to use our tools.

We've added a link under respected sites, where you can go to download the .net framework.

In the post below DKnight has release world builder .net I invite you all to try it out, and post any bugs you find on our world forum.

We will have more tools for release soon, including updates to uo build.

Legend Core Admin
Legend Tools:
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WorldBuilder.NET For RUNUO
Wednesday, Mar 5, 2003, at 06:51 AM
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Posted on Legend Tools:
This is my first tool of many that I will be making for RunUO servers. I have taken a tool that I have used for the last few years and have decided to create a tool for RunUO. Now it is far from complete, but it does work.

The tool abilities:
  • Track your client's character. Once you have calibrated the location window. The location window will follow you around on all 3 axis. Note: Because of how altitude works, the tool can not calbrate proper. Make sure you are standing in a flat area, when you calibrate the location window.
  • You can place any item, but will be static. Meaning that it will not have any functions assigned to it. This would be used on custom world design, where the item will become apart of the static file. Note: The item will decay unless the movable flag is set to false. This can be fixed in the add.cs script, by adding the movable = false.
  • You can tweak any object that has been added to the world. This include incrementing in any of the 3 axis. Or just assign it to a new location. Note: By double clicking the amount boxes, it will inherit the location from the location window. Note: The Inc boxes can be posative and negative numbers, thus you can move along any of the axis.
  • You can place any door type that is currently in RunUO. When the door is placed, it will act like a door.
  • You can place stairs of any type. The width is how wide the stair is, and the height is how long the stair is. Note: remember that height is 1 less then the total length. If this starts to cause problems, I can change this. Note: Remember that the stairs where placed as static items and will decay. This can be fixed by modifing add.cs to add the movable=false.
For the next release:
  • Floors will be able to be placed. The floor will be placed following a template. The types of templates are L-shape floors, square shape floors.
  • Carpets will be able to be placed. These will only have the square shape.
  • Walls will be able to be placed. These will also be able to be placed using templates.
For the future release:
  • Roofs wil be able to be placed. By selecting a template type, you will be able to place any type of roof. The types of roofs that are being design are square roof, stardard roof, addition roofs used with l-shape houses.
  • Will be able to place any type tree. You will be able to place a single tree, a random tree, or a box of random trees. You will also be able to place the famous Yew trees.
  • You will be able to add multi-items. These are objects that take more then one tile too create.
Legend Tools:
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Legend Server Build 18 Released & Updates
Monday, Jan 6, 2003, at 05:55 AM
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Atheyus sent me the following:
Just small update. I wanted to let everyone know we updated the forums with more information about the server and support tools, and opened a sister site for our building tool which works with legend server.

For screenshots check out:

Legend Builder Alpha (gm tool)

If you have any questions, please post them on our forums at: Legend Server Alpha (forums)

Thanks for your interest in our project. Please keep in mind this project very new, we currently don't have an eta for beta released, but will post news when we do.

Special Thanks to Raged for joining as a co-lead programmer with Xandor and myself :) Also special thanks to the rest of our team, your ideas have help shape the foundation of this server.

And thanks to the community for your support and ideas.
In addition to this, Server Build 18 has been released:
I've released the server for alpha testing for three very active members of the forums to try and help with building commands, and a chance to play with the server, and test bugs.

The server is in >net C#, for the scripts and server.

it should give you both something to do ,, rather than me working alone on this stuff, while xandor is gone.

I'll get a private forum up soon, and info on the programming stucture, which I'm working on now.
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Legend Server Updates
Friday, Nov 22, 2002, at 06:03 AM
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Atheyus sent me the following:
Good news, Legend Server website and forums are backup. We hope to have a public beta/alpha release for the masses in about two weeks. We've been working hard on projects behind the scenes, while we had hosting problems and other technical issues that I won't bore you all with.

The url for the forums has changes to a subdomain now, so please adjust your bookmarks. Please note that our server supports all versions of the 2dand3d clients for uo the latest client version with uo rice. the server is up to private build 17 with over 32+ Commands with many more to come, 95% of the bugs worked out. More information will be posted on our forums soon, now that the web server is working properly.

To recap, the server is programmed in C#, the scripting system is also in C#, with xml other text based support scripts, we have listed on the forums where you can download a free C# compiler, if you want to learn the language and help with the project.

We've got somethings in the project that at totally unique for the free server community, that we will release more info on in the coming weeks. Also we are working to make the server tools compatible with all current UO EMU's, as well as totally orgional file formats unique to the server.

Before any other developers for other projects get the wrong idea, we are not doing anything that is competing, and hope will have complement other servers, while still keeping our projects farely unique. we are just trying offer the extra mile of added support. Again we'll most more info on the sites with the new direction we are taking with our Legend server and new Legend builder tool sets.

We are also looking for creative Developers, Building and Programming Architects, to help with the server and related related builder projects.
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Legend Updates
Thursday, Oct 24, 2002, at 06:10 AM
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Atheyus sent me the following:
Just wanted to post a small update, our site, was down while we moved to a new web server, the site is now active again. The new web server is now on an oc192 web server so our uploads, and downloads for players once we go live with the server project should download quickly, as well as the forums will be a lot faster now. The forums should be open soon we are just updating changes to the database for developers and players that joins the forums earilier this week. If you goto to the site and it doesn't show up, please just hit refresh on your browser.
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Legend Server
Monday, Oct 21, 2002, at 06:54 AM
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A new UO Server Emulator has been announced:


I was wondering if you would post some news on your site, to let your communty know that we have a new UO Emu in development, we hope to have released for public alpha testing in about a month. If all goes well..

I don't have a lot of information yet to post, but we have build notes on our forums, as well as screenshots on our forums.

Server is being Developed by: Admin Xandor and Admin Atheyus

Script Language, and Server is in C#, Concepts for the server's development have been in the forums for a year privately, but full private development started two months ago. We would like the support of the community however I've never go out and asked sites like yours for posting news so not sure the best way to go about this.

Legend Server

The server supports the latest UOLBR 2D/3D Clients and all old clients, with UO Rice
Thu, Sep 4, 2003:
Legend Tools Template Wizard Released
Thu, Aug 21, 2003:
Legend Tools Updates
Thu, Jul 31, 2003:
Legend Tools Updates
Mon, Jul 21, 2003:
Legend Tools Update
Tue, Jun 3, 2003:
Legend Tools Creates RunUO Spawn Generator
Mon, May 19, 2003:
Legend Tools Update
Wed, Mar 12, 2003:
Legend Tool Updates
Mon, Mar 10, 2003:
Template Wizard Tool Beta 0.7 For RunUO
Thu, Mar 6, 2003:
Legend Tools News
Wed, Mar 5, 2003:
WorldBuilder.NET For RUNUO
Mon, Jan 6, 2003:
Legend Server Build 18 Released & Updates
Fri, Nov 22, 2002:
Legend Server Updates
Thu, Oct 24, 2002:
Legend Updates
Mon, Oct 21, 2002:
Legend Server
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