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Open-source multiplatform OSI/Sphere hybrid. Coupling OSI pre-casting with Sphere's casting system configurable from a boolean value set in the config file. "SPHEREPVP 1/0" (0 == off, 1 == on respectively
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Method Test Shard Is Live
Tuesday, Jun 15, 2004, at 06:49 AM
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From Method:
The Method test shard is live! Use a 3.x.x client of your choice. 4.x.x clients are not currently supported as of yet. Make sure you use UO-RICE to patch the client to remove encryption. Add the following to your login.cfg file located within your UO directory:,2593

Be sure to comment out all other entries with a semi-colon. This shard is not just for bug finding, although I do encourage it. Feel free to play. The shard will be up indefinetely. It will only go down from time to time during scheduled maintenance for Method upgrades. Enjoy!
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Method Updates
Monday, Jun 14, 2004, at 06:40 AM
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From Method:
Some more updates... In an effort to standardize files extensions, accounts.adm is now renamed to accounts.scp. 0.4 will not find your accounts.adm unless it's account.scp. Also, USER and PASS are now USERNAME and PASSWORD within accounts.scp. So when you download the next scripts package once it's released, you should upgrade to 0.4 to use these scripts, as they have a lot of 0.4 specifics. I have also coded in a function to automatically empty your hands of any items during casting, minus spellbooks and wands. The emptied items go into your backpack on cast. I also had to move the check reagents and mana functions before the empty hands function is executed. It was just kind of annoying losing your weapon if you were unable to even cast the spell. I am still working on finalizing pre-cast. The holdup is writing a new function that waits for a target before performing the casting animation, sounds, and mantra. As it stands, Method currently holds the spell in a buffer that is fired on an unsuspecting person. The caster could have casted this spell in Moonglow and ran to Britain to unleash it on someone. What a nasty bug! :) Once this functionality is introduced and I verify enabled Sphere PVP is up to par, I need to work on a couple more features before the release of 0.4. Things like double-click to equip items, clean up logging, and the running bug. Melee also needs to be synchronized. The animations, sounds, and damage sustained are out of synch. Once these issues are all remedied, 0.4 WILL be released. Stay tuned.
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Method Updates
Friday, Jun 11, 2004, at 07:18 AM
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From Method:
I have some rather nice updates. I have fixed several bugs and added some nice new functionality today. I have added a message that confirms the save command was issued and returns a message after world save function completes. I have also made it so shard staff (admin, GMs, counselors, and seers) do not require reagents or mana while casting spells. Now for the good stuff. I have added the SPHEREPVP variable to the config file. In conjuction, within the codebase I have added the ability to run while casting with spell delays intact and running while meditating if SPHEREPVP is set to 1 in method.cfg. There is just one more problem I am working on, and that is selecting the target prior to spell casting. Currently, the spell is still casted immediately after clicking it, however you're given a target cursor after clicking on a spell. The casting animation and words of power functions must come after the targeting function. Once this last issue is resolved, Sphere style PVP should be fully ready to use. With that said, the 0.4 release is nearing soon. I will update CVS with the current changes. The code is still completely functional. Sphere PVP casting _IS_ buggy. So if you compile the latest CVS source, beware of that! I will keep you all posted.
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Method Updates
Thursday, Jun 10, 2004, at 06:46 AM
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From Method:
6/7/04 - [9:50 AM EST by Malchir]

All, be on the lookout for the new Method test shard. It will be going live within 1 week sometime. I will post once it's live. It will need some more spawning, but nonetheless, it will be live. You will need any 3.x.x client to play. Make sure the encryption is removed by either use of Ignition or RICE. I will provide the loginserver details when I become aware of which box I am going to host the shard on. It will be running on the latest CVS source. Post bugs to the forums so we can make our emu grow big and strong. That is all.

6/7/04 - [9:34 AM EST by Malchir]

I have finished the nightly tarball script. It updates nightly @ 3 AM EST. The tarball is basically a snapshot of what's in CVS. If you're feeling daring, swipe it.
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Method EMU Updates
Monday, Jun 7, 2004, at 06:53 AM
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From Method:
Everyone be sure to pay a visit to the revised development section. I have created an account for WebRT (Request Tracker) which is a ticketing system. RT will allow us to orderly implement changes and additions, resolve bugs, and collaborate more efficiently. The account username and password is: guest/guest. Also, let me explain DoXygen and CVS. DoXygen which is also listed in the development section, is a tool that documents all of the Method source modules and header files. It keeps track of classes, functions, variables, and more. It's very handy if you wish to give us a hand with coding. CVS (Current Versioning System) is a repository which keeps track of changes. It is good for storing original copies of source/head modules, documents, configuration files, and the like. It allows you to view changes between 2 versions (revisions) of the pair. You can revert back to the older version if need be. Very handy indeed. CVS is where all of the latest Method source goes. I am currently working on a cron job that will create nightly tarballs of the latest CVS source for your downloading pleasure. Keep an eye out for it.

6/6/04 - [8:55 PM EST by Malchir]

I am going to start by saying Method is going to be around for awhile. I do not plan on abandoning the project anytime soon. Integrity is a key element in everything we do. It earns trust and respect. Method is solidly going to stick around until the true end of UO. UOX3 and NOX-Wizard's decline are what's caused me to make this post tonight. It even appears that the Sphere development team has backed off on Sphere and the team is working on their new project "Grey Matter". It seems the UOX3 development team just uses their site for posting jokes anymore. I am affirming that you will be able to rely on Method without the fear that the project will simply discontinue. With that said, I would like to welcome Tom as Method's new script lead. I've known Tom for roughly 2 years in the UO community. We've shared a lot of time together playing on The Alter Realm. So he's no stranger to Ultima. He has a rather good sense of humour which I'm sure you'll all come to love. He's an all around good guy. He'll be an excellent addition to the team.

6/6/04 - [3:34 PM EST by Malchir]

Update on 0.4: Method v0.4 will be released as soon as the SPHEREPVP option is implemented. Again, this option is a boolean switch that enables the shard admin to enable Sphere style magery (running while casting) within the configuration file (method.cfg). While set to 0 (off respectively), the shard's magery system will behave as standard OSI magery (pre-cast). I look for it to be released sometime by next month, sooner with some aid. I am sure the new functionality will have some bugs to be worked out, but that's what you're there for, no? ;P

6/6/04 - [1:27 PM EST by Malchir]

The forums are now up. It was a toss-up between YaBB and phpBB. phpBB won in the end. :)

The forums will be an invaluable tool to gain user feedback, act as a support channel, gain latest updates, check out known bugs, and talk with other Method users. So have at it!

6/5/04 - [8:53 PM EST by Malchir]

Method now has a mailing list. The list is If you are interested in subscribing to the list, email The list will contain information on bugs, next release information, new release notices, and roadmaps on what's planned. Join in!

6/5/04 - [6:40 PM EST by Malchir]

A few things regarding the Method site; The site now has the current release # listed on top as well as the current date. I have also made the entire site CSS capable. Forums will be added shortly. Also added links to known UO portals. Have fun.
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Method Updates
Thursday, Jun 3, 2004, at 06:39 AM
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From Method:
The CVS web interface is now back up and functioning normally. It went down due to some issues with the CGI script configuration after upgrading to ViewCVS from WebCVS. ViewCVS has some enhancements over WebCVS hence the change. Enjoy!
Method is an open-source multiplatform OSI/Sphere hybrid. Coupling OSI pre-casting with Sphere's casting system configurable from a boolean value set in the config file. "SPHEREPVP 1/0" (0 == off, 1 == on respectively)
Tue, Jun 15, 2004:
Method Test Shard Is Live
Mon, Jun 14, 2004:
Method Updates
Fri, Jun 11, 2004:
Method Updates
Thu, Jun 10, 2004:
Method Updates
Mon, Jun 7, 2004:
Method EMU Updates
Thu, Jun 3, 2004:
Method Updates
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