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CoXDev is a site dedicated to Camelot Online eXperience EMU for Camelot's Land.
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CoxDev Website Hacked
Wednesday, Aug 7, 2002, at 06:27 AM
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The CoxDev Website was hacked. The following has been posted:

I apologize for the inconvenience. But some ass has attacked my servers and destroyed the websites here. It will be some days before I can repair the damage. I appreciate you understanding and patience as I go though the process of rebuilding what was here. The unfortunate part is the 100's of people this affects. I will try to put things back as they should be and attempt to make things more secure for the future.

Your friend.
Mark A. Lutz (Sir Eggbert)

You can still get to the message boards with the following link:

COXDEV Message Board:

You can access our IRC server at :

prot: 6667
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Camelot online eXperience Gets Logged On
Tuesday, Jul 30, 2002, at 06:30 AM
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Posted on the CoXDev Web Site:
Everyone knew this day would come. Some thought it wouldn't be until hell froze over, others thought it should have been done yesterday. Well, lucky for us, both of those groups were incorrect and the complete login system was decrypted and emulated today.

Yes, I said it. CoX server just hurdled the number one barrier that they had in front of them. Now CoX users can start up their own server localhost, run a patcher to point to your local server, provide your server with a username and password, click ok, then... then... well, that is where we are.

But if you know much about DAoC, getting past the login info is one of the many peaks that we will have to hurdle, however, it is by far the most important. Now work can begin on the rest of the server. To give you an idea of where we are now, the next step will be finalizing the character creation process and beginning the basic structures of the backend. As of now, the plan is to use a XML file structure as the default b/e, but will add in MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle support in the future. Scripting is still being tossed around, but at this point it is looking like JavaScript is running as the favorite for now. But that might change in the near future.

So anyways, this is our update for the time being.

Also, as I have said in the past, we are in need of some experienced C++ developers. If you have SQL or XML knowledge, that is a bonus, but our biggest need ATM is 1 maybe 2 strong c++ devs with prior EMU experience.
IRC: - Port:6667 - #CoXDev and/or #InsideDAoC
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COXDev Update
Thursday, Jul 11, 2002, at 06:00 AM
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Ivel from over at COXDev sent me the following message:
What are the CoX devs up to now??

Well, to answer that question, I would have to say that we are building an application that is similar in design to InsideUO for DAoC. And, since the design is similar, we figured we would name it InsideDAoC.

Still need to talk to the guys at InsideUO, but I don't think they will mind the name spin-off.

Anyways, now you ask, What will InsideDAoC do for me??

Well, to answer that question, I am going to have to take some time :)

Basically we will be displaying as much data as possible for DAoC. From things like skill and parts needed to craft an item, to spell effects, to item icons and 3d models (yes, I said 3d models), to monster 3d models with skins, to full region maps. at this point there are only a couple file types that we are unable to read, but we are working to get them all.

And of course, now you will ask, When will I get to download this wonderful application??? well my eager little forum readers, I cannot put a date on it, but with the rate progress is going thus far, a first version should be available in the next 2 weeks or so. but don't be a jerk and mark my words by that :p

Myself, egg, fyck, and Lash will be working on the project. Egg and I are doing all of the backend and file unpacking, and lash and fyck are building the f/e.

This doesn't mean we aren't still working on the CoX server.

Progress is still moving along very nicely. Also, we are still looking for a c++ dev or two... or anyone who is familiar with packet decoding.
IRC: port 6667 #CoXDev or #InsideDAoC
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CoXDev Is Looking For Community Support
Friday, Jul 5, 2002, at 06:28 AM
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CoXDev is looking for community support:
Wanted: people with lots of c++ skill that have a strong desire to help develop a new EMU for the EMU community. (no, not another UO emu)

Not wanted: players, whiners, beggars, bitchers or any other people to waste time.

For: The purpose of this project is to build a DAoC server emu. This project is closed source. Here is what is completed so far: Win32 crypt lib, fully functional patch server, working packet sniffer with crypt built in, login packets partially broken out, client files are in early phases of documentation. What we need are a couple of strong c++ developers that have an interest in building this EMU with us. We don't need high school kids who are taking C or VB classes next semester.

Where: If you have a few min, go ahead and check out our IRC channel and site... post your comments, questions, concerns, and by all means, if you want to help out, the best place for you to be is in our IRC channel.

IRC: 6667 #CoXDev -or-

Again, this project is in the early phases of development, so questions like "When are you going to release a working server" will be ignored.

CoX Team
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CoXDeV - Camelot Online eXperience - Goes Live
Monday, May 13, 2002, at 06:47 AM
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CoXDeV is now live. The Camelot's Land EMU is now known as CoXDeV.
This site is an informational site for the Camelot Online eXperience developer group to interact with the community. Your participation and comments can only help in the development of this unique tool. We hope to be able to have a release in the near future.

The developers at CoAD and Camelot's Land will be joining forces to create a closed source EMU for the Mythic game DAoC. Much progress has already been made, and much more is on the way. Encryption info has been completely coded, client files have been uncompressed and analyzed, packet sniffers have been created, some packets have already been defined, and much much more.

At this point in time, there is no release date set for a useable server. Once we are comfortable with the server in its Alpha stages, a server will be released to the public for full testing.

Documentation is already being compiled so that the public is aware of our progress and aware of things that are stumping us.

Due to the merge of the two groups, a new name has been set. Camelot Online eXperience is the official name of the EMU.
Wed, Aug 7, 2002:
CoxDev Website Hacked
Tue, Jul 30, 2002:
Camelot online eXperience Gets Logged On
Thu, Jul 11, 2002:
COXDev Update
Fri, Jul 5, 2002:
CoXDev Is Looking For Community Support
Mon, May 13, 2002:
CoXDeV - Camelot Online eXperience - Goes Live
CoXDeV - Camelot Online eXperience - Goes Live
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