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UO Architect Tool for Ultima Online Shards.
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UO Architect 2.4 Alpha Released
Monday, May 17, 2004, at 07:04 AM
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UO Architect 2.4 Alpha has been released for internal testing.
UO Architect 2.4 Alpha - Released For internal testers only, please check your email for information reguarding login to the internal developer forums.

Once this is stable and a few more features added, we release a pubic beta of uoar 2.4 .. this is a small update but requires bug testing from our internal team first :)

thank you for your help guys.
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UO Architect 2.2+ Server Updates
Monday, Apr 12, 2004, at 06:52 AM
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From Orbsydia:
We've released an update for UO Architect 2.2+ Server, which works with runuo v1.0 RCB0+

Xandor is working on an update for UOAR 2.3 which we hope to get out in the near future.

The Pro side of the application would take up more time than xandor has at the moment for coding, however we will get updates out for uoar 2.3 soon.

Please let us know if anyone has problems with the uoar server 2.2 update related today.

I've posted both uoar 2.2 Client and Server below to make the release easier to test. This also fixes some issues we had in the uoar server 2.1 release.


PLEASE NOTE: if you want to move a building in the editor hit shift-left mouse button!
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Uo Architect 2.2 Beta 3 Released
Monday, Feb 23, 2004, at 07:11 AM
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UO Architect v2.2 Beta 3 has been released:
Well it's been a bit of time since we released an update for UO Architect, since we've been busyly working on UO Architect Professional.

This next update, is just a small update but should make users very happy all the same.

We've added Multi Patching to UOAR 2.2 to help cut down on lag for those building worlds or those that want to turn there creations into player housing.

UO Architect Change log
Lead Programmer - Xandor
Lead Developer - Khaybel
Updated 2/17/2003

**** Version 2.2 Beta Updates ****

Added Patch Muls button to the database tab that allows you to patch the selected design to the multi muls. Added Multi Muls Target setting to the Options Tab that lets you specify which multi muls should be patched.

Release coming soon. Screenshots will be posted below.

PLEASE NOTE: UO Architect Client is our UOAR Program, while UOAR Server is our Runuo Addon for our tool to work with that server. You will need to install UOAR Server with a runuo server, to be able to extract buildings, and or build to the map.

You Then login to your runuo server with our tool using port number 2594 in our tool and your servers IP. We'll be updating our user manual in the near future.
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UO Architect v2.1 Beta 2 Released
Thursday, Jan 29, 2004, at 07:01 AM
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UO Architect v2.1 Beta 2 has been released:
  • New Login Manager dialog that stores multiple server lists for easy server connection.
  • You can export entire categories, subcategories, or individual designs to a single *.uoa file by
  • right-clicking the node and pressing the right-mouse button to bring up the export menu.
  • You can now import multiple designs from a *.uoa file if the *.uoa file contains multiple designs.
  • Import from *.uoa file has been highly optimized.
  • Added options tab to store misc settings.
  • You can now override the default UO directoy location on the Options tab
  • You can now change which prefix is used for RunUO server commands on the options tab
  • Added Wheel Mouse Support to House Editor, (Hold Shift and Scroll Wheel Mouse to change floors.)
  • Improved House Movement In Editor, (Hold Shift and Left Mouse Button to drag your building around.)
  • Added Support For Extracting custom houses build with the AOS house designer interface.
  • Added Support For Extracting Buildings In Special Files, EG: Haven
  • Added New Options Tab and About Us Tab Including Fuctionalty.
  • Change Links Menu to Community Menu, Updated Links To OrBSydia, UOAR Gallery, UOAR Forum
  • In Community Tab Updated, Link to The Box, and Added Link for Runuo Server.
  • Fixed Bug with Remove Button Move Tab Not working as it should.
  • Several misc bug fixes, tweaks, and crashes.
UOAR v2.1 Beta 2 Server Update:
  • Scripts now support extracting custom houses build with the AOS house designer interface.
Known Issues:
  • Some Items In editor Don't Show up but Hues Do (can't see textures) But Work when placed.
  • Some Items In previewer Don't Show up but Hues Do (can't see textures) But Work when placed.
  • Standard House Multis Don't Extract Yet, this will be in our next version
  • Set Starting Z for each level not active yet, will be in next version
Note: The above issue we think is either in the ultima.dll or UOAR, we are currently not sure. However in UOAR v2.2 Beta 3 This will be resolved.

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UO Architect v2.1 Beta 2 - Release Info
Wednesday, Jan 28, 2004, at 06:50 AM
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From OrBSydia:
After Little Over a Month, OrBSydia is ready to release it's next beta test of UO Architect. The list below barely scratches the surfice but will give you an idea what our core team has been upto. This Next release is feature packed, but also fixes a lot of small bugs, and adds new fuctionality to UOAR.

We will be releasing UOAR 2.1 Beta 2 Later today (january 28th, 2004), after we get our new manaul updated, and install files cleaned up, I'll post a new link for downloading this tool.

We've done a lot of private beta testing to try and make this release as stable as possible. But Please Keep in mine this is still a beta test and we'll need feedback to improve or fix anything we may of missed with this next release.

New Editor will be in beta 3, however I think all members will be very happy with the advancements in UOAR Beta 2. :)
For details on build notes, visit OrBSydia.
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UOAR v2.1 Beta Screen Shots
Monday, Jan 12, 2004, at 07:21 AM
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Check out the new screen shots of the upcoming UOAR:

From OrBSydia:
Please Keep inmind, as we get closer to beta with our UOAR PRo Rendering Engine, that images will improve, you'll be able to see trees, and statics, aka buildings and decroations and more. Including Real time Zoom, and fast movement over the map.

Once we get this system stable, it will be joining the changes we are making to our UOAR v2.1+ Editor, that is in development as well.
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UO Architect v2.0 beta 1
Friday, Jan 9, 2004, at 07:23 AM
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UO Architect v2.0 beta 1 has been released:
  • Toolbox min and max Z eyedropper now gets z from targeted landtile, items (frozen and non-frozen) and mobiles.
  • Removed the Design Manager Dialog
  • Removed the Main MDI form
  • Changed the Designer to a non MDI-child dialog
  • Changed the Preview screen to a non MDI-child dialog
  • Completed the Designs tab of the main UOAR toolbox
  • Categories, subsections, and the design names can be edited by single-clicking the tree nodes
  • Build dialog can be opened for a design by double-clicking the design in the treeview
  • Added new Replace button on the designs tab that replaces the selected design with a new extraction.
  • Making changes to or extracting new designs no longer requires the treeview display to completely repopulate.
  • Added File menu that contains the import/export menu items to the main toolbox dialog
  • Added Connect/Disconnect menu item. This replaces the Connect/Disconnect button on the old Design Manager screen.
  • Added Links menu that contains links to various websites.
  • Added About menu item that displays the UOAR about dialog that contains version and credits.
  • Move Tab - Item Select panel - Single-click Select button allows one selection, right-click multiple selections (Cancel target to finish selection)
  • Move Tab - Item Select panel - Single-click Include button allows one selection, right-click multiple selections (Cancel target to finish selection)
  • Move Tab - Item Select panel - Single-click Exclude button allows one selection, right-click multiple selections (Cancel target to finish selection)
  • Script changes to support enhanced client features
UO Architect v2.0 Beta 1.
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UO Architect v2.0 Public Beta 1 Released
Wednesday, Dec 24, 2003, at 08:19 AM
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UO Architect v2.0 Public Beta 1 has been released:
We've released our public beta for more news about this please goto Orbsydia.

We are cleaning up and compiling questions that uses might have about this tool as well as a visual guide.

This is a beta release so to get it out on time it doesn't have all the systems we have currently in development in the tool but we are hoping to get some regular updates out soon.

If anyone finds any major bugs that crash the program please make notes of what you did and post it in the forum.
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UO Architect Private Beta 1.9 Released
Thursday, Dec 11, 2003, at 07:36 AM
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From OrBSydia:
For those testing UO Architect In our Private Beta Test, Thank you for all your feedback and comments, they have helped a lot.

We've release private beta v1.9 that adds new fuctionality to the tool box, I think the core beta team will get a kick out of it we are trying to save your figours as much as we can.

I've moved the private download forum into the UO Architect Folder since the private beta testing is mostly being done for UO Architect at the moment.

I'll be posting known bugs for this version there, please add any more bugs you find. we will be doing a massive update with private beta v2.0 which will set the standard layout for the tool, and make it even more intuwitive than it is now.

IF all goes well we hope to have a public UO Architect RC1 release of the tool by December 25th, 2003 as a emu community xmas present, however we are doing our best to get this out before then

Status of the Project v1.9 of our tool already passes our wildest dreams when we started this project. Runuo is an awesome server to work with.

How many server have any of you worked with where you can move a building or city with 150,000 items in it in real time and it not crash your client or server?? 150,000!!!!

And then make real time edits of that city or building in the UO Architect Tool? Or add to database and have it take less than a second to extract or build to a map through remote with other designers on the map at the same time.

We've tested this on dialup connections and cable and T1 and the extract and build speeds are the same !!

As a level designer in UO Emu community for the past 5+ years, and as Co Core Developer for UO Architect with Lead Programmer Xandor, he and I have tried our best to put in systems that will make fellow developers and level designers lives much easier when building MASSIVE dungeons, MASSIVE cities, right down to a 1 tile object that needs a tweak

Beta testers are welcome to post comments and thoughts of what you think as well.

Please remember for thoughs that are not in the private beta, but are building designers, if you PM me aka Khaybel on the forum and setup a time I can show you the tool in action on our OrBSydia TC, and arange to join our private team Which is currently via invite.

We are looking for people that are good at designing to help push this tool to the limits and give us detailed reports on bugs and wish lists they want in a level designing tool for UO, this will help us get those features out in the tool be for RC1 is release.

in it's current state the tool is very powerful and stable, but we have a few more major features to add, including real time roof editor and more

anyway, comments welcome, and welcome to orbsydia for new users.

Can't wait to get this out to the masses, and see what everyone can create with this tool when released.
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UO Architect
Monday, Dec 8, 2003, at 07:34 AM
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A new tool caught my eye this morning called UO Architect.

From OrBSydia:
We got a lot done in closed beta version 1.6 of the UO Architect Tool today.

Thank you to all Beta testers that helped, also thank you to Knightshade for finding a bad extract bug It's working much better now.

For those testing, please post your bugs and wish lists, so far we've been able to keep up, but if you think we can improve on the tool please let us know.

check the link below for a screenshot of private beta version 1.6, we've added some graphics and a new tool bar to the tool, and many other improvement both to the ingame controls of UO Architect, and to the designer which is out of game for UO Architect.
Mon, May 17, 2004:
UO Architect 2.4 Alpha Released
Mon, Apr 12, 2004:
UO Architect 2.2+ Server Updates
Mon, Feb 23, 2004:
Uo Architect 2.2 Beta 3 Released
Thu, Jan 29, 2004:
UO Architect v2.1 Beta 2 Released
Wed, Jan 28, 2004:
UO Architect v2.1 Beta 2 - Release Info
Mon, Jan 12, 2004:
UOAR v2.1 Beta Screen Shots
Fri, Jan 9, 2004:
UO Architect v2.0 beta 1
Wed, Dec 24, 2003:
UO Architect v2.0 Public Beta 1 Released
Thu, Dec 11, 2003:
UO Architect Private Beta 1.9 Released
Mon, Dec 8, 2003:
UO Architect
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