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JediMan Closes His Doors
Tuesday, Apr 1, 2003, at 06:24 AM
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Posted on Jediman's Site:
Well, after some thinking today, I have decided... I will be closing the doors of this shard indefinitely, for more than one reason. Over the past few years, I have tried to create a shard where creativity and fun ruled over an age old MMORPG game. I did succeed in many ways, and yet failed in others. I somewhat regret coming to this decision, but I need to really take a look at the facts. While I have a GREAT team of GM's, and a great emu to run off of, I just don't have the kind of time or devotion to give to running a player shard anymore. When I actually did get some building done on the new map, I ended up with something of my own creation that looked like crap, and quite frankly, I just dont have that motivation for it that I once did. Its also somthing with my spare time, that I just dont have to use anymore either. Ive started doing some other things that I see launching me towards a future career. Things like GBA development, and some webdesign. Both of which i'd like to devote more time to. Im also considering starting up my own business, and building pc's, maintence, anything really. I need to find a new job, and start really taking some initiative in getting myself ready for the future. For those that stuck around and played, and gave feedback, thanks. For those that complained, well, you have nothing to whine about now. For those that didnt come, didnt care, well, too late, maybe you could have influenced me some other way, but oh well. To my staff, thanks for everything, and I hope you will stick around to work on some future and upcoming projects with me. I definitely will keep in touch. To UOX, whom I still want to help develop a bit for...well, I said i'd stick around and see it to the end, and still will, that will not change. To OSI: Thanks for nothing! So much time wasted, at least I made a few friends, but thats about it... if I could send a bill for the $ wasted on OSI, oooo..... What am I going to do now? Well, finish up this semester of school, build my new arcade PC, redo my server a bit now..., and probably a few other things. If youd like, you can head on over to , and my two companies . I'll be finishing up the sites there, and then also be offering web design and some other software services. Im not sure whether or not I wish to make my map public, and I think I will end up doing so, but who knows, drop me a line on that one somewhere here or in the forums. As for my software apps that I was developing for various emus... UGT is cancelled. I still may finish doing my account->emu->database setup, or may not, depending on who really wants to have that feature that would work with any page and any shard. Did I leave anything else out...oh yes... lets see this site here really... I'll be leaving this site up for a while, well, just this message anyways soon enough. I won't auto renew this .com name for any reasons, and Ill be saying goodbye to geeklog as well. Its a great little thing to work with, but I want to do my own thing now. If you have any other questions, or comments, feel free to ask, tell, yell, whatever. Thanks for stopping by!

Jediman's Site:
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Jediman's Universal GM Tool
Wednesday, Mar 5, 2003, at 06:50 AM
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From JediMan:
Welcome new visitors, and welcome back to anyone who has visited before. Today I'd like to share a little look at my upcoming supertool, entitled the Universal GM Tool, or UGT for short.

The UGT will be as follows:
  • UGT supports the major emus; UOX3, UOXclassic, Wolfpack/LoneWolf, RunUO, POL, Fuse, and Sphere; and will support each emu via the use of plugins.
  • By default, UGT natively supports UOX3 and UOXclassic. The plugin files will be released one at a time as they are finished, and in the order as llisted above.
  • UGT is built in Visual and will require a win32 platform running the .Net Framework (1 or higher)
  • UGT is expected to be small in size, and compatible on any Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP platform. Linux support will be added in the future (for those looking for a Linux solution).
  • UGT's completion status is currently in Alpha Version .05a . The estimated completion date of UGT's core program is the end of April, 2003. Dates are subject to change, as more work is frequently done.
For more information please look in the forums, and also feel free to post new questions, and have a look around.
Realms Of Valor:
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Jedimans Account Creator 2.0 Released
Friday, Dec 6, 2002, at 06:01 AM
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Jedimans Account Creator 2.0 has been released:
  • Added a window refresh so that when you type in X:pathtaccounts.adm and its a valid account file, it displays in the window.
  • Added a function to remove the EOF in the file, so that when uox3 loads up the accounts, it doesnt miss the newly appended stuff!
  • Removed a white space from the file, so that accounts will add one after the other without that space in between
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Jedimans Account Creator 1.0 Released
Thursday, Dec 5, 2002, at 06:15 AM
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Jediman has released a new UOX utility.
I have just released my first program, which is the Account Creator for use with uox3 servers running version 9x and up. You can grab it from the downloads, under the new Server Tools and Utilities section. The readme and such is part of the program, which you can get by click the help button. You will need the .net framework installed to run it, which can be found under the misc section in the downloads. Enjoy!
Version 1.2 release:
  • When you add an account, it automatically displays the updated accounts.adm file!
  • My flashy little logo!
  • The accounts file is now shown in a handy little area there complete with scrolling bar!!!
Realms of Valor:
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New models for UO:Lord Blackthorne's Revenge
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2001, at 06:44 AM
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As you may or may not know, I have posted several (I think it is the complete list) of the new models for UO:Lord Blackthornes Revenge, on my website

I was originally asked to take it down during that last UOHOC chat on, However, after doing so, I inquired why they wanted them down, and I was told that OSI does not want people seeing the new models until they release the game...

Then a couple things crossed my mind... first off.... I got the models by switching the anim2.mul and anim2.idx that came in the 105mb zip file located on the public a few days back, and quite frankly, that's a public domain, with a public file...

Secondly, I used an emulator to view the new models using the polymorphing commands (I am not saying what emulator to protect them from being flamed by OSI). Thirdly, people seem to THINK I used the ALPHA client that was there as well for a few days, however, used to latest client (before the patch Saturday, hmm, coincidental?) to do this in.

Next off, Why keep them a secret? OSI has model renders on their site, not to mention the fact that some idiot, maybe them, purposely or not, put the files up on the ftp, and tons of people downloaded them, so all that I did was provide public info from public info, so nothing illegal took place. Lastly, people should damn well know what they are buying, and surprising people with crappy looking sprites in a 2d client, and I quote, "How can this look any worse than 3d now?", and quite frankly I'm doing people a favor. I did put a disclaimer giving credit to OSI, blah blah blah, so there isnt anything illegal that took place.

Never the less, It is on my site, it's there, it's staying there, and people can see for themselves the new models and decide whether or not they want to purchase the UO:LBR upgrade or not. I've heard some people say they will stay with the normal client, and not upgrade. Some people want to upgrade, while others arent sure. Bottom line is, lots of people think the models are crappy, and that its really shitty of OSI to have people buy the product and then find out it's crap, with the exception of being able to access nifty new features like in Third Dawn, like going to Illshenar.

For now though, if you want to view the models, please do so, if you want to be surprised and then possibly pissed off that you wasted your money on a crap ass new upgrade, then be my guest. My opinion is, well, its nice to see some new stuff and features.


- Jediman
Tue, Apr 1, 2003:
JediMan Closes His Doors
Wed, Mar 5, 2003:
Jediman's Universal GM Tool
Fri, Dec 6, 2002:
Jedimans Account Creator 2.0 Released
Thu, Dec 5, 2002:
Jedimans Account Creator 1.0 Released
Tue, Dec 11, 2001:
New models for UO:Lord Blackthorne's Revenge
New models for UO:Lord Blackthorne's Revenge
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