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Based on .2x of UOX a few years ago, this is a great Ultima Online Emulator.
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WolfPack 12.9.6 Beta Released
Monday, May 24, 2004, at 07:05 AM
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WolfPack 12.9.6 has been released:
	* Numerous crash fixes. 
		- Python memory improvements. 
		- NPC related crash fixes. 
		- Worldsave error improvements. 
	* Skill Fixes and Improvements 
		- Alchemy added/redone. 
		- Fixes for Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Tinkering, Bowcraft 
		- Improvement and fixes with Item Identification, Spirit Speak, 
			Evaluating Intelligence, Taste Identification, Animal Taming, 
			Hiding, Stealth, Snooping. 
		- Lumberjacking fixes. 
		- Mining fixes. 
		- Healing with bandages fixes for bloody bandages. 
	* Command fixes 
		- Travel fixes. 
		- Add fixes. 
	* Definitions cleanup 
		- Reorganized the definitions to be cleaner and easier to manage with updates. 
	* Item Improvements and Fixes 
		- Various price fixes. 
		- Definition fixes. 
		- Explosion potions can trigger chain explosions. 
		- All potions should work. 
		- Potion kegs work for pouring potions from a full keg.. 
		- Food now works. 
		- Multis were recoded. 
	* NPC Improvements and Fixes 
		- Tinkered Golems name fix. 
		- Blacksmith male vendor fix. 
		- Frenzied ostard is no longer invulnerable. 
		- swamp_dragon_2 no longer has the wrong inherit definition. 
		- Fixes to prevent creatures from being invisible. 
		- Pet feeding is now possible. 
		- NPC AI Speed adjustments. 
		- Fixed a bug with vendor displayed prices. 
	* Python Engine Improvements 
		- item.say() and item.effect() added. 
		- Double-clicking weapons should auto-equip if possible. 
		- Makemenus now support a configurable delay. 
	* Spell Improvements 
		- The 8th circle magic has been implemented 
		- Line of Sight fixes. 
	* Known bugs: 
		- Necromancy/Paladin spells do not function, still in the works. 
		- Non-functioning skills: Snooping, Inscription, Cartography, Animal Lore, 
			Arms Lore, Enticement. 
		- Reload (python) memory leak. 
		- Line of Sight blocks even if it shouldn't. 
		- The andquot;Open Doorandquot; macro doesn't work. 
		- Drinks do not function, including alcohol. 
		- Creature AI is getting stuck on objects. 
		- Trading crashes the client. 
		- Deeded objects don't work. 
		- Potion kegs can not be refilled. 
		- Explosion potions can detonate other potions through walls/objects.
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WolfPack 12.9.5 Beta Released
Monday, May 10, 2004, at 06:51 AM
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WolfPack 12.9.5 Beta has been released.

The Windows Setup file only requires a Python 2.3 installation. Everything else is included.

Python 2.3 is required. You can obtain a copy here:

If you want to compile QT and Python 2.3 please make sure to compile QT with thread support (see ./configure --help for details) and to compile Python 2.3 with UCS2-Unicode support and as a shared library (Please see ./configure --help here too).

Please note that the precompiled Windows version does not include support for MySQL servers. Use the SQLite driver (default) instead.

  • Many misc. updates
  • Rewrote spell circles 1 to 7 including AoS support.
  • Rewrote most of the makemenus using a python-based class system and populated them.
  • General definition updates and corrections.
  • Centralized most of the ore information and made it easier for shards to override the ores without changing the core scripts.
  • Several fixes to the tooltip system.
  • Several core fixes regarding the "update player" network protocol and problems that arose from it.
  • Several new commands (Documentation here:
  • Included a scaled night/day system with real dawn and sunset.
  • Finally made the ingame time progress.
  • Added new events (Documentation here:
  • Several new library functions. (No documentation yet but efforts to document have been started)
  • Added several new AoS magic properties to the combat system.
  • Added AoS style regeneration of health, stamina and mana.
  • Fixed several issues with NPC Ai and NPCs not attacking players.
  • Fixed an issue with corpses where equipment information wasn't stored correctly.
  • Raising from corpse should now be possible (if the player is standing on the corpse, he gets raised with all of his old equipment which is still on the corpse and a "stand up" animation is played). Much like sphere.
  • Fixes to mining and other parts of the resource skill system.
  • New "Monster_Berserk" AI for Blade Spirits.
  • Poison has been implemented (no onhit poisoning yet)
  • New line of sight code from Varan Dar (not perfect yet)
  • New changes to the Windows GUI
  • A script to export sphere 55i saves to a compatible wolfpack output is now in the CVS. (Works quite well but isn't finished yet)
  • Added shrunk figurines for NPCs like Sphere has. Used to convert stablemasters and shrinked NPCs from Sphere.
  • Players no longer should see other logged out characters. Visibility to other players got a major rewrite and should function a lot better now.
  • Food is now edible again. (But not feedable yet)
  • Added a "shrine" script for resurrection upon collision.
  • Fixed context menus and speech for bankers.
  • Made sure that the bankbox can now be used.
  • Support for Guilds (No Wars/Alliances yet)
  • Party System
  • Support for UOGateway Status requests.
  • NPCs should now be able to train players.
  • Small console output changes (linux + windows).
  • Spawngem system. (Similar to sphere's but with a gump for GMs on doubleclick): "system.spawns"
  • Fixes for Python Unicode support (foreign languages are now better supported)
  • Regions support has been improved. It's not required to have a single topregion anymore and region changes are processed whenever the character position is changed automatically.
  • The .tags command is now declared deprecated except for the ".tags info" subcommand. Please use the python versions now: .deltag, .settag, .gettag.
  • If wolfpack is daemonized on Linux it won't try to read from stdin anymore.
  • Statlocks are now accesible via python and work.
  • Stat and Skillgain has been rewritten in Python.
  • SQLite has been updated.
  • Fixed a drag and drop problem (bouncing).
  • NPC kills no longer crash the server
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WolfPack Updates
Monday, Apr 12, 2004, at 06:46 AM
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From WolfPack:
Another update on the progress on documentation. The documentation of objects has started while the documenation of events is already done. The CHAR object is completely documented and work is progressing well on the ITEM object. Please have a look: If you have any comments or want to help out, contact us either in irc (#wolfpack @ or me directly via e-mail at .

The command reference has been completed. You can find it here. The documentation is generated from source comments, so it should remain fairly up to date. Please keep in mind that the documentation system is still not completed.
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WolfPack Updates
Monday, Apr 5, 2004, at 06:55 AM
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From WolfPack:
Work on Wolfpack has been progressing nicely. Since the last article we've mainly been working on the make menus. The menus for tailoring, bowcrafting and blacksmithing are already finished. You can find a screenshot here.

Besides the makemenus, we worked on the windows console a little:

There were many other changes, but they are too many to list them all. Other notable changes are that you can now hook any packet in python and process it before the core is able to process it.

The Region system has been revamped a little and now allows more than one top level region if they have unique names.

The command reference has been completed. You can find it here. The documentation is generated from source comments, so it should remain fairly up to date. Please keep in mind that the documentation system is still not completed.
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WolfPack EMU IRC Change
Monday, Mar 15, 2004, at 06:56 AM
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From WolfPack:
Our IRC channel moved:


See you there.
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Guilds, Combat, QT 3.2.2
Monday, Mar 1, 2004, at 07:13 AM
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From WolfPack EMU:
Guilds have been completed a while ago and have alread been comitted to the CVS. In progress is a complete rewrite of the combat system in Python (Goal: Full Age of Shadows support).

In the meanwhile a precompiled Qt 3.2.2 version has been uploaded to the File Release section. It's a Windows binary for all the people who don't want to compile 3 hours for Qt only.

If you are interested in compiling Wolfpack on Windows, you can get the file here.
WolfPack EMU.
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WolfPack Reference Doc
Tuesday, Sep 2, 2003, at 07:05 AM
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From WolfPack:
It's time to melt the huge variety of functions in our server into a document. For this reason i wrote a documentation web interface.

To be found here:

This is also a call to all people willing to help building this document up. If you want an account, just post a message in our boards.

Note: The documentation has not been completed yet.
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WolfPack Mailing Lists
Monday, Jul 28, 2003, at 06:18 AM
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From WolfPack:
As requested and agreed in our last developer's meeting, we have created a list for automatic receiving e-mails from CVS upon commiting. The messages contains the changed filenames and diffs. It's completely machine generated.
Visit WolfPack to subscribe.
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WolfPack 12.9.2 Released
Monday, May 19, 2003, at 06:44 AM
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WolfPack 12.9.2 has been released. Visit the WolfPack website for details.

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WolfPack Updates
Thursday, Dec 26, 2002, at 06:23 AM
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Posted on the WolfPack website:
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Wolfpack wishes to all of it's users a Merry Christmas and that peace and joy fill each day of the new year to come.

While 2003 don't come, you can play with the little snapshot Santa left in our Files section this morning.

According to the restless developers, this binary should be noticeable slower then 13.x will be, since it have been built with debug symbols and no optimization at all. The big news here is the internationalization system (hopefully) working and a little .bat file that shall make it easy to get the latest scripts out of CVS repository. Please consider this file as Alpha quality software.

We really hope this can boost scripts productivity, which have already been behind the coding part for some time.
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Binary Of CVS Upload
Monday, Dec 9, 2002, at 06:07 AM
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Following was posted on the Wolfpack website:
I've just built and uploaded a binary of today's CVS to SF. This binary is intended for scripters to check their work. It's bogus, it's incomplete and it WILL crash if you even think about letting your players in.

It's built with debug symbols, no optimization, the new crash handler I had mentioned somewhere for bug reporting and all those stuff. It's missing several skills and magic system is incomplete, but again, it does serve the porpuse of testing the scripts, specially the much needed definition files.

To install, grab MySQL, create a database there and use wolfpack.sql to build the tables. Also, check out Scripts thru cvs ( xmlscripts module ). Please contact Ripper if you wish to help with scripts or me if you are an Script team member having problems using this binary.
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WolfPack 12.8.11 Released
Monday, Nov 4, 2002, at 06:39 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.11 has been released:
  • Inscription should work again.
  • Fixed one crash spot in NetworkStuff::CloseSock(), usually called during shutdown.
  • Fixed erroneous check for gracefull disconnect ( due to mistype )
If you have issues with this release, don't forget to post them at the bugtrack.

Note: Err... forgot to change the version number in verinfo.h. It's 12.8.11, trust me ;)
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WolfPack 12.8.10 (Stable) Released
Monday, Oct 21, 2002, at 06:19 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.10 (Stable) has been released:
  • This maintaince release addresses a bug introduced by 12.8.9 that broke several skills such as mining, fishing, lumberjacking, etc.
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WollfPack 12.8.9 Released
Friday, Oct 18, 2002, at 06:32 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.9 (Stable) has been released:
  • It contains a fix for the "backpack not being updated" issue. Upgrading is recommended.
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WolfPack - Scripters Needed
Monday, Oct 14, 2002, at 06:51 AM
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WolfPack is looking for Scripters:
We are in need of some serious scripters to create a wolfpack script team. This will involve scripting in .xml format and eventually in python. If any of you would like to join the wolfpack script team and can be dedicated to it, please post on the wolfpack forums.
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WolfPack 12.8.8 - 13.0.x Updates
Monday, Oct 7, 2002, at 06:28 AM
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Posted on the WolfPack website:
I would like to remind everyone to please use the WP12.8.8 release and not the main branch of wolfpack, which is wp13.0.x. This is a ways off from being ready for any public shard use.

For setup issues please use the wolfpack FAQ and Project Documents, before asking on forums.

Also note: There is an convertor in the files section to convert .wsc files to .bin files :)

Thanks for the support.
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WolfPack 12.8.8 (stable) Released
Monday, Sep 30, 2002, at 06:38 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.8 (stable) has been released. No other details are available.

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WolfPack Developers Meeting on Aug 10
Thursday, Aug 8, 2002, at 06:47 AM
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WolfPack is holding an open Developers Meeting in irc:
A developers meeting will be held on August 10th (Saturday for most of the world) at 23:00 GMT. The event will take place on servers, channel #wpdev.

The general public will allowed to view the discussion but won't be able to interfere. This is not to answer user questions or hear opinions but rather to get develops together to discuss status, schedule, project policies, etc.

Anyone interested in helping wolfpack in any area (coding, documentation, quality assurance, etc.) is invited to attend.
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New WolfPack Gump Images Available
Tuesday, Aug 6, 2002, at 06:25 AM
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WolfPack has released new pics of their gump and command windows. Very cool stuff here:
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WolfPack 12.8.7 Released
Thursday, Aug 1, 2002, at 06:34 AM
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12.8.7 (Stable) has been Released:
  • Fixed: Crash related to speech (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash related to item equipping on some unusual ocasions (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash related to combat on some unusual ocasions (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash related to guild abbreviation (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash when using the 'password command (Correa)
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WolfPack 12.8.6 (Stable) Released
Tuesday, Jul 23, 2002, at 07:19 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.6 (Stable) has been Released:
This version addresses several stability issues, many reported by codex_ (Thank you).

Files are in the usual place.

ChangeLog valiable inside.

Note: I was unable to create an static binary for linux with SourceForge's Compile Farm. If anyone could build one it would be appreciated. Just drop me a message before uploading
  • Fixed: Shafts and feathers will now reduce when used. (codex / Ripper)
  • Fixed: Cant use wands in jail. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Crash with drag and drop code (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to make pet attack invalid target (Correa)
  • Fixed: Lots of memory leak issues (Correa)
  • Fixed: Veterinary now should work (Uber/Correa)
  • Fixed: House building bugs fixed (khpae)
  • Fixed: Crash on some unusual ocasions with spell casting (Correa)
  • Fixed: Snooping pack animals no longer use snooping. (Ripper) thanks to LB.
  • Fixed: Crash when follow target was invalid (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash when a GM page is issued during an incomplete login process of another socket (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crash when an effect update is sent during an incomplete login process of another socket (Correa)
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WolfPack Looking For Team Members
Monday, Jul 22, 2002, at 06:51 AM
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Wolfpack has positions they want to have filled:
  • Developer
  • Scripters (XML)
  • Documentation (internal code docs and end-user docs)
  • Support
  • Testers
Please refer to How to join WolfPack Document.

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WolfPack 12.8.5 Released
Tuesday, Jun 25, 2002, at 07:29 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.5 has been released:
  • Fixed: pets not following. (Darkstorm)
  • Changed: default decay corpse multiplier from 0 to 1 ( 0 means never decay, check yours. ) (Correa)
  • Added: If can't retrieve the number from the LoginServer "Shard %1" entrie, default (2593) is used. (Correa)
  • Fixed teleport to invalid location ( thanks to LoneWolf )
  • Fixed: Red NPCs shall attack Blue NPCs.(Darkstorm)
  • Fixed: No more spawning npcs going over max :) (Ripper)
  • Fixed: gates now work when using gate travel.(Ripper)
  • Fixed: Who started trade window couldnt check to trade. (Ripper)
  • Added: You cant mark a rune inside a house.You still can recall and gate travel off runes from inside a house. NOTE: any runes that have already been marked in a house will still work :( (Ripper)
  • Changed: Made guards alot smarter and agressive :) (Ripper)
  • Fixed: when singleclick on an npc it will show name and title. example: Berry, The Banker. Option to turn off and on in wolfpack.xml file. Show Npc Titles 1 = ON 0 = OFF. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: house commands should now work :) (Ripper)
  • Added: Auto furniture turn. (Thanks to UOXc)
  • Fixed: Crashed when trying to release player from jail. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: When item is bounced back to backpack it doesnt show. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Season can now be changed in the wolfpack.xml file. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Some npcs wouldnt highlight the right color for their AI #. (Ripper)
  • Added: Some changes to the AI code to make it a little better. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Crash issue on BSD related to worldsaving under some situations (Correa)
  • Fixed: Crashing when releasing offline players from jail (Correa)
  • Fixed: Guild title bug (Correa)
  • Added: Shopkeepers Invul 0 or 1 in wolfpack.xml. 0 = noinvul, 1 = invul.(Ripper)
  • Added: Guards Invul 0 or 1 in wolfpack.xml. 0 = noinvul, 1 = invul.(Ripper)
  • Fixed: Animals showing , after their name. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Item ID now shows the items name2 when Identifyed and singleclicked. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Spell delay in script now 1/10 seconds (khpae)
  • Added: OSI style treasure hunting system (khpae)
  • Added: Some boat crash fixed (khpae)
  • Fixed: Boat 'explosion' fixed (khpae)
  • Added: Boat can be converted to deed (khpae)
  • Added: Boat now moves at 8 direction including one tile move (khpae)
  • Added: Map now editable (khpae)
  • Added: Boat autosailing with map (khpae)
  • Added: While fighting, attacker direct to the defender (khpae)
  • Fixed: Player get stuck on stairs now fixed. (khpae)
  • Fixed: Spells which having terrain target not worked. (khpae)
  • Added: empty bottles after drinking potion now go to your backpack.(Ripper, thanks to LW)
  • Fixed: A crash when making a potion.(Ripper)
  • Fixed: Problem with resources being used up with logs and boards. (Ripper, Thanks to codex)
  • Added: runebook. (khpae)
  • Added: potion keg (khpae)
  • Fixed: 'cclear crash fix (khpae)
  • Fixed: player could not walk through some area in house. (khpae)
  • Fixed: house disappearing bug fix (khpae)
  • Fixed: npcs walk upto wall and showtables. (khpae)
  • Fixed: stabling pet now works (khpae)
  • Fixed: Readded the domain name resolution code, simplified the address handling (Correa)
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Wolfpack 12.8.4(stable) Released
Monday, Jun 17, 2002, at 10:07 AM
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Wolfpack 12.8.4(stable) Released.
Said updates pending on WolfPack's announcement forums.
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WolfPack 12.8.1 (Stable) Released
Monday, May 6, 2002, at 06:38 AM
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WolfPack 12.8.1 (Stable) has been released: This stable release features bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Fixed pets not following
  • Changed default decay corpse multiplier from 0 to 1 ( 0 means never decay, check yours. )
  • If can't retrieve the number from the LoginServer "Shard %1" entrie, default (2593) is used.
  • Fixed teleport to invalid location ( thanks to LoneWolf )
  • Red NPCs shall attack Blue NPCs.
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WolfPack 12.8 Released
Monday, Apr 29, 2002, at 06:56 AM
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WolfPack 12.8 Released:
  • Added: password command allows players to change their passwords in-game (Correa)
  • Added: Initial support to overlaping coordinates (x, y, z) - Needed by Ilshenar (Correa)
  • Added: Criminal for looting an innocent corpse and unhidden if not owner. (Ripper)
  • fixed: A problem I(!) have introduced in 12.5.6 beta namely Wolfpack refusing to start on (some) W95 machines (LB)
  • Fixed: kinda server freeze when saying 'bank' in a crowded area (Duke)
  • Fixed: two bugs with player vendor PACKUP command (Duke)
  • Fixed: player vendors didn't respond to "time" and "location" questions (Duke)
  • Fixed: stablemasters didn't find the pet to stable if it was in another mapcell (Duke)
  • Fixed: stablemasters didn't respond if they were in another mapcell than the player (Duke)
  • Fixed: a BAD bug with inrange1p(). Might be responsible for dozens of problems (GonZo/Duke)
  • Fixed: deep sea fishing is now possible (Duke)
  • Fixed: msg house.cpp:504 invalid item index <-1> (Duke)
  • Fixed: at least one reason for error "container of item 12345 not found" (Duke)
  • Fixed: items that were beeing dragged during a worldsave did not get saved and thus disappeared (Duke)
  • Fixed: error msg "combat.cpp:1185 invalid char index <-1>" (Duke)
  • Fixed: error msg "skills.cpp:875 switch reached default for <50> (Duke)
  • Fixed: warning msg when dropping on chest of drawers, bookshelf and armoire (Duke)
  • Fixed: disabled msg "Spawning an item that is not truly pileable". Using default from .mul (Duke)
  • Fixed: some places in trigger.cpp that caused "Script Manager ERROR" (Duke)
  • Fixed: A log error for carving. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Compile error on gcc 2.91 series compiliers
  • Added: Fixed it so when you get off your horse it dont run away (Ripper)
  • Changed: added a tag GOLD # to newbie.scp. You just add it to the default section for the starting gold. NOTE: You MUST take the starting gold line out of the wolfpack.ini. It isnt needed anymore. (Ripper)
  • Added: Made all the starting equipting including shirt/pants and dagger newbiefyed. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Minor Wrestling speed bug (not checking skill)
  • Fixed: HouseEject, HouseBan and HouseTransfer all now work right (Ripper)
  • Added: Weather System! read the weather.txt for more information. (Skyfire)
  • Added: Dragon AI. (Skyfire)
  • Added: AI for Bankers, includes bank, balance and withdraw. (Skyfire/Ripper)
  • Fixed: Redid the way that houses check their build sites. (Skyfire)
  • Fixed: Some problems with not being able to walk over some bridges and other such walking fixes. (Skyfire/Ripper/Correa)
  • Added: BadNpcsRed to the server.scp. set to 0 all bad npcs will highlight grey. set 1 (default) they will highlight red. (Ripper)
  • Added: You can now drop gold on a banker and he will deposit it for you (Ripper)
  • Fixed: A fix for Provocation.(Lonewolf)
  • Changed: NPCs no longer have the prowess and skill titles.(Skyfire/Ripper)
  • Added: So you cant entice or provoke healers,tele guards,city guards,chaos guards and order guards.(Ripper)
  • Added: when singleclick on a item the white is brighter (Ripper)
  • Fixed: 'makegm and 'makecns should work correctly again. (Ripper)
  • Updated to new packet lenghts (Lord_Binary)
  • Limited God Client support (Xanathar)
  • Added: Check # to banker AI. say Check # to any banker to get a check for # amount. To cash check, just drop on any banker (Ripper)
  • Changed: Bankers to hear at 12 tiles, instead of 6 tiles. This gives you allmost a screen away to open bank. helps to open from outsidebank. (Ripper)
  • Added: Races!(Requires the new races.scp) (Skyfire/Correa)
  • Fixed: slight differences in weapon speed did not matter (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: mutiple loss of stamina when walking through someone (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: wall of stone not decaying in houses (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: explosion potions affecting logged out players (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: ingots gained from smelting(itemsandore) now have a weight of 0.2 stone (Lonewolf)
  • Added: items that are too heavy can't be picked up anymore (Lonewolf)(VERY VERY VERY BUGGY! Skyfire, working on a new fix for it with Lord Binary)
  • Fixed: the result of calculating the distance was way too high in several places (Lonewolf)
  • Added: You can now change the house sign name thru the house menu. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: a HUGE bug with spell casting weapons This bug could cause almost *every* kind of misbehaviour in LoneWolf. A big hand for Pokey (Lonewolf)
  • fixed: a *second* instance of type bug #45 in inscription (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: targeting.cpp:3111 invalid item index <-1> (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: jailing someone via 'wholist gave strange jailtime (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: when loading a jailed char, the cell# wasn't set correctly (potentially severe damage) (Lonewolf)
  • Added: More commands for player vendors, now you can say vendor buy,purchase,gold, collect,get,look,view,browse and packup. A little code change for them also. (Ripper)
  • Added: You can now say retrieve or claim with pets name to a stablemaster. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: bad char index nnn in file necro.cpp line 178 / sampling blood from a corpse (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: duplicate and wrong messages plus a 'dead' item when dropping items on beggars or guards (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: npc_base_fleeat and _reattack in server.scp didn't work. NOTE: existing npcs and those with their own setting in npc.scp will keep their fleeat-values (Lonewolf)
  • Fixed: Fighting thru floors in houses and performance boost. (Fraz)
  • Fixed: guards with AI 11/B attacking logged out players (Duke)
  • Fixed: 3d clients 3.0.6g and above crashing when logging in. (LB)
  • Added: Check for if you are paralized, you cant attack. (Ripper)
  • Added: You cant evaluate int on yourself. (Ripper)
  • Fixed: you get message "You don`t have that spell" when you do have the spell. Meeds more testing.(Ripper)
  • Added: Escorts will now yell out to players they need help. (Ripper)
  • Changed and Added: Made Slotmachine cost put in the server.scp SLOTAMOUNT #. # = amount it cost to use the slotmachine. Also made it a type 187, so make any item type 187 and it will be a slotmachine. On singleclick it will show " 5 gold Slot" if amount is set to 5gp. else it shows whatever the slotamount is set to. NOTE: Right now it will also showthe items real name.(Ripper)
  • Changed: bank checks on singleclick now show "value : #" instead of "# gold". (Ripper)
  • Fixed: Logic error at criminal().
  • Fixed: npcAI 4 guards was fubar (Duke/Ripper)
  • Fixed: broken pipe error on free BSD (punt)
  • Fixed: guards acting outside guarded regions (Pokey and Duke/Ripper)
  • Fixed: can't target stabled/mounted pets with LastTarget macro anymore (Duke/Ripper)
  • Fixed: losing fame when cutting up human corpses (Pokey and Duke/Ripper)
  • Added: UO3d mounts to be ridable. (Ripper)
  • Added: Create food spell now picks random food items from itemlist 75. (Ripper/Correa/Fallen)
  • Fixed: Metagm script defaults are now used for GMs and players, not only counselors. (Correa)
  • Added: nearby pets responds to "all" instead of their names. (Correa)
  • Added: New Broker NPC that will buy house deeds. Just drop deed on him/herand the gold will be placed in the bank. Need new npc.scp with the brokers in it. They are NPCAI 13.(Ripper)
  • Fixed: update issue when unmounting horses (bymer)
  • Fixed: Tamed pets will now go on their own when their hunger gets to 0.(Ripper)
  • Added: LBR support. Thanks to LB (Ripper)
  • verdata.mul still required in ini file, but if not found, server continues (punt)
  • fixed: spells have a delay again (Duke)
  • changed: ALL monsters (approx 1000) have sounds now and corrected wrong ones (LB)
  • Added: Internationalization support ( for languages that do not require UTF-16 ). Support done thru Wolfpack Runtime Library ( Correa )
  • Added: GMs and Councilors no longer become criminal. (Ripper)
  • Added: LBR ridable mounts. (Ripper)
  • changed: tweaked combat animations further. added hopefully better looking extra animations if you are fighting on kirins, ostards, llamas, ridgebacks.(LB)
  • Fixed: bug where if you didnt have a start gold amount it showed a coin 0 gold.(Ripper)
  • Fixed: cancelling the menu for polymorph turned you into bear.(Ripper/Correa)
  • Fixed: No more bad circles in the spellbook. (Ripper)
  • Added and Fixed: Sounds for all monsters.Needs more testing. (LB and Ripper)
For script updates, see Ripper's Release Message.

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WolfPack Beta 12.7.2 Released
Monday, Apr 22, 2002, at 06:44 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
WolfPack Beta 12.7.2 Released:
The new beta release is waitting at the downloads section. While you wait the download to finish, please click "Read More" to learn about the new version number scheme.

Starting with this release we will use a version scheme like the Linux Kernel with 3 numbers: x.y.z

When the y number is odd it's an unstable release. If it's even then it's a stable recommended release. For example, this release is being numbered as 12.7.2. The seven tell us it's unstable, the last number, 2 means it's the second version of this branch ( Beta 2 ). The first number ( x ) is the major release number. It's increased only when major changes occur.

In the future ( when 12.8.0 is out ) we will start to release both stable and unstable versions. One for bug fix the stable branch and the other for testing/development porpuses.
WolfPack Beta 12.7.2 Original Message
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WolfPack Forums Farked - Now Fixed
Monday, Apr 15, 2002, at 06:43 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
Update: Ripper updated me with the correct links to the WolfPack forums.

Forums are here:
The WolfPack Forums have been down the last week now. Not sure where Ripper is.
"The config file is writeable by the webserver. This is a major security risk because anyone can change your server settings now by using the install script. phpBB will not be able to run until this is fixed. On unix systems this can be done with the following command: chmod 644 config.php"

In other news, has changed formats for the umpteenth time.
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WolfPack Beta 12.6.1
Monday, Mar 11, 2002, at 06:49 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
WolfPack Beta 12.6.1 has been released:
New betas avaliable for your testing pleasure.

Hit "Read More" for details, warnings and link ;)

Before giving out the link I must, again, say: Itīs UNstable *smile*

This is poorly tested and can do anything with your worldfile. Do not run this on your production machine. Players will not be pleased with the resulting stability of running beta quality software. Although TestCenter has provided us with several bug reports, there are for sure several undiscovered bugs still out there.

Most of new code are in:
  • WorldFile saving/loading - Completely rewritten
  • Walking - Completely replaced ;)
  • GuildStones.
  • Houses.
  • and several other places...
Now that you have been warned:

New Scripts:
Wolfpack .exe (t2a):
Worldfile Conversion Tool:

All of them for Windows guys... for now.

Linux users can still download source from cvs, where Makefile.linux is waitting for you ;)

We might upload a static linux binary, if requested.
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WolfPack Gains 2 Devs - Fallen & Bymer
Friday, Mar 8, 2002, at 06:54 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
Posted on the WolfPack site:
This week two new souls has joinned the development team. Everybody say "Hi" to Fallen and Bymer. Both has already contributed to wolfpack earlier and now has gainned write access to cvs repository.

After a warm welcome, don't forget reporting those anoying bugs.
Also, the following was posted:
I know it has been a long time since last release and we are very sorry for the wait. It is a very long and slow process getting everything to where it should be.We are trying to get it to at least a non crashing and non world file eating source. Anyways it is going real good some things are broken but is to be expected when so much is changing. We will release as soon as we can. Here is whats new since last release. Alot of other changes not mentioned in this tho.
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WolfPack Update
Monday, Mar 4, 2002, at 06:56 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
WolfPack is nearing a release date. Meanwhile, you can see what has been updated by clicking here.
"I know it has been a long time since last release and we are very sorry for the wait It is a very long and slow process getting everything to where it should be. We are trying to get it to at least a non crashing and non world file eating source Anyways it is going real good some things are broken but is to be expected when so much is changing. We will release as soon as we can."
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WolfPack Test Center
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2002, at 06:37 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
WolfPack now has a Test Center running.
"It is basicly a shard to test things and report bugs to us so we can fix any crash bugs, feature bugs or any bugs you can find When you log in you will beable to 'set skills and stats and fame up to what you want. You will start with 1000gp on you and in your bank you will find a bank check worth alot of gold and also alot of other items in your bank to do some testing with. You will still need to buy some things So please help us out by loging in and testing things and reporting."
WolfPack Test Center:,2593
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About Wolfpack Scripts
Monday, Jan 21, 2002, at 06:50 AM
Filed Under WOLFPACK.   -Guid-
Ripper over on the WolfPack Forums writes:

Hi, I have asked alot of different people if they wanted to finish the new scripts and none have responded with any of them back, so I took wolfpack 12.5 scripts and a few additions myself and some other stuff people did send as small fixes. The scripts are now in CVS so if you would like to look at them and even DL them you can go here:

If you have changes that arent just for your shard and would like to share them please post them in the scripts snippit forum. Plus ANY fixes for bugs that are in there allready. please post Thanks
Mon, May 24, 2004:
WolfPack 12.9.6 Beta Released
Mon, May 10, 2004:
WolfPack 12.9.5 Beta Released
Mon, Apr 12, 2004:
WolfPack Updates
Mon, Apr 5, 2004:
WolfPack Updates
Mon, Mar 15, 2004:
WolfPack EMU IRC Change
Mon, Mar 1, 2004:
Guilds, Combat, QT 3.2.2
Tue, Sep 2, 2003:
WolfPack Reference Doc
Mon, Jul 28, 2003:
WolfPack Mailing Lists
Mon, May 19, 2003:
WolfPack 12.9.2 Released
Thu, Dec 26, 2002:
WolfPack Updates
Mon, Dec 9, 2002:
Binary Of CVS Upload
Mon, Nov 4, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.11 Released
Mon, Oct 21, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.10 (Stable) Released
Fri, Oct 18, 2002:
WollfPack 12.8.9 Released
Mon, Oct 14, 2002:
WolfPack - Scripters Needed
Mon, Oct 7, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.8 - 13.0.x Updates
Mon, Sep 30, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.8 (stable) Released
Thu, Aug 8, 2002:
WolfPack Developers Meeting on Aug 10
Tue, Aug 6, 2002:
New WolfPack Gump Images Available
Thu, Aug 1, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.7 Released
Tue, Jul 23, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.6 (Stable) Released
Mon, Jul 22, 2002:
WolfPack Looking For Team Members
Tue, Jun 25, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.5 Released
Mon, Jun 17, 2002:
Wolfpack 12.8.4(stable) Released
Mon, May 6, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8.1 (Stable) Released
Mon, Apr 29, 2002:
WolfPack 12.8 Released
Mon, Apr 22, 2002:
WolfPack Beta 12.7.2 Released
Mon, Apr 15, 2002:
WolfPack Forums Farked - Now Fixed
Mon, Mar 11, 2002:
WolfPack Beta 12.6.1
Fri, Mar 8, 2002:
WolfPack Gains 2 Devs - Fallen & Bymer
Mon, Mar 4, 2002:
WolfPack Update
Tue, Feb 19, 2002:
WolfPack Test Center
Mon, Jan 21, 2002:
About Wolfpack Scripts
About Wolfpack Scripts
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