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Lone Wolf Emulator is based on WolfPack EMU which is based on an earlier version of UOX.
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LoneWolf 13.1 Released
Wednesday, Jun 2, 2004, at 07:27 AM
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LoneWolf 13.1 has been released, as well as LoneWolf 13.1 Scripts.

  • support for RACES (stats/skills)
  • support for 4.0.2a clients
  • crafting boats tile by tile
  • initial support for multiple maps
  • rewrite of magic part two
  • many more fixes for boats
For a full list of all the 176 fixes, changes and additions see the announcement forum or Latest_Updates.txt
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LoneWolf 13.0.12 Beta Released
Monday, May 24, 2004, at 06:49 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.12 Beta Released - 13.0.11 has been recalled.
  • fixed: corrupted MORE and MORE2 values broken by 13.0.11 beta (Duke)
NOTE: it is *highly recommended* to go back to a backup based on the 13.0.10 beta release !!!! This bug *may* have corrupted many things on your shard including books, boats, houses, and more... (

If you have a BIG problem (going back too far in time) please post the support forum. We may be able to determine the most recent backup to use.

Imho this was a bug *worse* than a crash (which we fortunately usually don't have).

I apologize for all the inconvenience this may have caused.
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LoneWolf 13.0.10 Beta Released
Monday, Apr 19, 2004, at 07:03 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.10 Beta has been released:
119) fixed: iteminrange didn't work with items in containers (Thrawn)
120) fixed: unlocking chests didn't check the range (Thrawn)
121) changed: no skillcheck for additional key while creating chests via skillmenu (Thrawn)
122) added: statlimits for races (Duke)
123) changed: confusing message when trying to delete a player while under delayed logout changed to a more appropriate one (LB)
124) fixed: sporadic server freezes (for a few minutes) under Linux OS (Windows and Free BSD NOT affected) (LB)
125) fixed: previous fix for 3d client crashes on login not working 100%, should now ... (LB/Sayro)
126) added: skilllimits for races (Duke)
127) fixed: you can no longer set SKILLLEVEL to values below 2 (Duke)
128) fixed: swap command completely broken, clonenpc a bit broken since a couple of betas.
both should be working correctly again (LB)
129) fixed: targeting an item in bp with the boat cursor took you to the 100,100 area (Duke)
130) added: new command xsay, lets other players/npcs speak your words (Thrawn)
131) added: new command setstatlimits to set individual stat limits to a player (Thrawn)
NOTE: This command overwrites the race stat limit!
NOTE2: the sum of str, dex and int limits is limited to your global server statcap
132) added: new command showstatlimits show your current limits (Thrawn)
133) fixed: if your carving tool broke, the corpse was set to 'carved' nevertheless (Duke)
134) fixed: potion kegs did not distinguish the names of the various explosion potions (Duke)
135) added: skills can go beyond 100.0 for races (Duke)
136) fixed: skillcap stopped 1 point after the value given in server.scp (Duke)
137) added: singleclick on a char will show the racename (Duke)
138) added: racename appears on the paperdoll (Duke)
139) fixed: 'makegm and 'makecns will remove the old prefix of the name (Duke)
140) changed: you must now use INT instead of INTELL with the 'set command (Duke)
141) added: npcs can now walk on the other maps ! (Duke)
142) added: 'cstats will now show the racename (Duke)
143) fixed: races stat limits broken by my individual stat limits (Thrawn)
144) fixed: chars with random int values (Thrawn)
145) added: new tag 'MRECT x1 y1 x2 y2' (map rectangle) in spawn.scp. X1-Y2 tags will be discontinued some day (Duke)
146) added: LW now needs a file 'races.scp'. Can be empty but must exist (Duke)
147) added: LW will log a warning if a script is missing in addition to console output (Duke)
148) fixed: strongboxes didn't have a weight limit (Duke)
149) added: BOATHOLDWEIGHT in server.scp to give holds a different limit (Duke)
150) fixed: wrong container gump for 3 of 4 hatches/holds (Duke)
151) fixed: boats couldn't get close to land sometimes because of strange 'underwater obstacles' (Duke)
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LoneWolf 13.0.9 Released
Monday, Mar 1, 2004, at 07:04 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.8 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: corrected sound for cutting fish steaks (LithosTheSlayer and Duke)
  • fixed: server crash with goplace command (LB)
  • added: new item type 218, player vendor deed for vendors that dont require houses. (LB)
  • changed: new section 'MONEY' in server.scp to further split up section 'IT' (Duke) contains STARTGOLD, GOLDWEIGHT, STABLING_FEE, USESPECIALBANK and SPECIALBANKTRIGGER.
  • changed: scissors will now wear out (Duke)
  • fixed: shrunken npcs did hunger in some cases (Thrawn)
  • fixed: can't get wool from summoned sheeps now (Thrawn)
  • added: new command gt. guild talk. gt text broadcasts text to all memebers of the guild the command using player belongs to. (and that are online) (LB)
  • added: you can now 'addnpc on other maps. They will not walk correctly, tho (Duke)
  • changed: your axe will wear out when chopping wood (Duke)
  • fixed: ejecting chars from a townhouse didn't work (Duke)
  • fixed: banning somebody from a townhouse crashing LW (Duke)
  • fixed: 3d clients frequently crashing on login (Sayro)
  • changed: motd/tips on login deactivated. (LB) main reason is that UO had a packet dedicated to it, but all or almost all clients lw suppots dont understand/ignore it nowadays. Hence a waste of bandwidth.
  • latest client 4.0.2a "unlocked". Plz report if there are specific(!) problems with this client. (LB)
LoneWolf EMU.
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LoneWolf 13.0.8 Beta Released
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2004, at 07:00 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.8 Beta has been released:
  • changed: tinkering tools will now wear out (Duke)
  • added: 'qsfwhere will now reflect the map# in the qsfid (Duke)
  • changed: carving corpses will now wear out your blade (Duke)
  • added: 'go cmd will now take an optional map# as the 4th parm (LB and Duke)
  • added: 'wholist::gotochar will now allow you to maptravel (Duke)
  • Fixed: tracking showed invis dummy npcs (Thrawn)
  • fixed: server crash related to (new) book code (LB)
  • fixed: readonly books broken (LB)
  • fixed: german umlauts and friends (ascii values >127 to be more precise) screwed up in some cases (LB)
  • fixed: in house items getting not movable anymore for no apparent reason sometimes. (LB)
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LoneWolf 13.0.7 Beta Released
Wednesday, Dec 31, 2003, at 06:15 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.7 Beta has been released:

This beta contains an initial support for travelling between maps. The 'maptravel # cmd will take GMs (only!) to 0=Britannia, 2=Ilshenar etc. like defined in maps.scp. You can walk around there, put items on the ground and they will be saved and restored. That's it for now. Other things *may* work, many will not.

Please do NOT yet report bugs regarding maptravel ! We know many things to work on. Once we have implemented those, we will ask you to start reporting ;)

Other changes:
  • added: several command confirmations including: makeplayerposfile, setseason, regspawn, loaddefaults, spawnkill (Selos/Duke)
  • changed: your tool will now wear out when fletching/bowcrafting (Duke)
  • changed: removed spelldelay for GMs and Admins (Thrawn)
  • fixed: no more casting animation when player is on a horse (Thrawn)
  • fixed: Magic didn't work anymore after adding spells to a spellsbook (Thrawn)
  • fixed: standard limit of 2 tiles for dclick was too small for drydocking (Duke)
  • changed: cBooks rewritten to support "new" book packet, and resulting format change (punt) note: once a book is opened, it's converted into that new .bok format, which can't be read by previous LW verisons !
  • added: Single click support for books, now showing title/author (punt)
  • added: Command line switch (--nodaemon) for unix, to not go into daemon mode. (punt) Signals disabled in this mode. Console key command support just as in windows.
  • changed: no WOP for hidden GMs (Selos/Thrawn)
  • fixed: ReactiveAr was not working (Thrawn)
  • fixed: extended the range limit of 2 tiles dclick plank as well (Duke)
  • fixed: create.scp with huge sections crashed server (LB/Sayro)
  • changed: your sewing kit will now wear out (Duke)
  • fixed: minecheck now defaults to 1 (mountains and caves) (Duke)
  • fixed: Players walking over TRIGTYPE 1 Objects not working (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: re-use of memory didn't work as designed (Duke)
  • added: you can craft boats tile by tile. See docs for details (Duke)
  • fixed: sporadic client freezes on login with clients 4.0.1a/b (LB)
  • changed: clients supported by LW changed, see forum/hopefully soon docs as well (LB)
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LoneWolf 13.0.6 Beta Released
Monday, Dec 8, 2003, at 08:10 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.6 beta has been released:
  • fixed: bandwidth savings and a little speedup for advancement gates (Red Drake and Duke)
  • fixed: change of skincolor through advancement gates not sent to other players (Duke)
  • fixed: the weightlimit of containers could be exeeded by dropping non-containers (Duke)
  • fixed: good/bad healers will now check line of sight before healing (Duke)
  • fixed: GMs now get their yellow names/titles (Selos/Duke)
  • fixed: sceptre not supported (Amadeus and Duke)
  • fixed: new bows were not recognized as such in several situations (Duke)
  • changed: moved BOAT_SPEED in server.scp from section IT to SPEED (Duke)
  • changed: carpentry tools now wear out! Either add HP to them or use latest scripts (Duke)
  • changed: taming success now depends on difficulty (Duke)
  • changed: switched all functions for starting to cast a magic spell to new, rewritten ones. (Thrawn)
  • removed: There is no need for "CUT_SCROLL_REQUIREMENTS" in server.scp anymore -> removed (Thrawn)
  • changed: QSF-files now allow additional text after the section name to better support punt's toolset (Duke)
  • added: BACK cmd is now supported for boats (Duke)
  • fixed: npcinfo.cpp took ages to compile on certain gcc versions (punt/Duke)
  • fixed: setting norealmutli structures crashed server (punt/LB/Sayro)
  • added: confirmation messages for the 'save cmd (Selos/Duke)
  • fixed: several L4 compiler warnings (punt and Duke)
  • fixed: 'gmopen didn't work for shoppacks on newer clients. Using the crate gump now (Duke)
  • fixed: writable books could produce quite a lot of lag (punt)
LoneWolf EMU.
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LoneWolf 13.0.1 Beta Released
Thursday, Sep 4, 2003, at 06:39 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0.1 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: offline HTML page: LINE tag didn't print the '%' (Duke)
  • fixed: offline HTML page: UPTIME tag didn't print leading zeros (Duke)
  • fixed: a crash with specialbanks called from triggers (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: npcs with the LIFETIME tag didn't leave a corpse (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: IFRACE trigger is now able to fire another trigger (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: stepping on a triggered item didn't check for z-level (Duke)
  • added: LOCKDOWNMAX and SECUREMAX limits in towhouse.scp (Duke)
  • fixed: Lagfix for 'turning towards Opponent' (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: 'wtrig didn't set the trigword (Duke)
  • fixed: GMs can walk through doors again (Duke)
  • fixed: defaultfood in server.scp didn't include fish (Red Drake/Duke)
  • fixed: one instance of the 'items disappearing' bug (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: you can now make npcs SUMMONED in npc.scp (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: WEBLAUNCH #url tag to all trigger.scps (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: spawnregions 'overspawning' after reloading of scripts (Duke)
  • added: SETNPCAI tag in ntrigrs.scp (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: support for composite bows and repeating crossbows (Sayro/Duke)
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LoneWolf 13.0 And 12.9.13 Scripts Released
Monday, Aug 4, 2003, at 06:16 AM
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LoneWolf 13.0 and LoneWolf 12.9.13 scripts have been released. From LoneWolf:
'QSF - Quest System Files'

QSF is designed to help shard admins to build and maintain their shards as well as to script quests. It also allows distributed worldbuilding and the exchange of quests between shards. This is achieved by placing parts of a world into script files that can be added to and removed from a world independently.

QSF is an integral part of the LoneWolf server, so it can't be used with other emulators. You may however be able to create a world with LW QSF and then convert it into the format of your favourite emulator.
LoneWolf Change Log.
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LoneWolf 12.9.13 Beta Released
Monday, Jul 21, 2003, at 06:33 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.13 Beta has been released:
We usually do not announce internal/technical improvements of the LW code here. The 'new allocation scheme for items and chars' is something LB and me started to work on back in July 2000 (!). It involved direct changes to 12,000 lines of code and probably 25,000 more to support them.

There aren't too many obvious benefits for the admins/users from this change, but this is an important *milestone* in the history of LoneWolf and admittably, we are rather proud of it :)
Visit the LoneWolf EMU site to see the changelogs.

LoneWolf EMU.
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LoneWolf 12.9.12 Beta Released
Monday, Jun 23, 2003, at 06:34 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.12 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: msg 'lwmisc.cpp:103 called from trigger.cpp , 2186 : invalid char index ' (Duke)
  • changed: loot not created on npc creation anymore.
  • added: immediate logout using a bedroll and campfire (Ripper and Duke)
  • fixed: potion keg-exploit (LB)
  • fixed: explosion potions broken by campfire (Duke)
  • fixed: mining related (rare) server crash (Red/LB)
  • fixed: one more reason for the 'minskill equals maxskill' error msg (Duke)
  • fixed: server crash when starting with no worldfiles at all and creating new players - big Uooops (LB)
  • fixed: shrinking summoned pets not possible anymore (Thrawn)
  • fixed: a little speedup for USEUP trigger when called from ntrigs.scp (Duke)
  • added: support for AoS weapons (Viper/Duke)
  • added: REMOVENPC tag for ntrigrs.scp. I does what it says (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: pop up gump on resurrection for both ankhs and healers (Ripper)
  • fixed: skillcap not calculated correctly (broken some betas ago) (Duke)
LoneWolf EMU.
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LoneWolf 12.9.11 Beta Released
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 11:20 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.11 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: 'index out of range error' with reputation ball (Duke)
  • fixed: now we have consistent version strings in the .wscs (Red Drake)
  • fixed: teaching in (almost) any skill would result in item identification (broken by 12.9.10) (Duke)
  • fixed: NEED in ntrigrs not aborting the trigger (broken by 12.9.10) (Duke)
  • fixed: fishes were no longer adding to the piles around the player (broken by 12.9.10) (Duke)
  • fixed: 'guild erase because stone vanished' should now *really* erase the guild (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.9.10 Beta Released
Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 06:10 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.10 beta has been released:
  • fixed: serial # in wholist gump was displayed in an unusable form (Duke)
  • fixed: npcwander cmd was not multi-user capable (Duke)
  • fixed: spiritspeaktime was not depending on skill (Duke)
  • fixed: a performance leak when NEED tag was used in ntrigrs.scp (Duke)
  • fixed: small wooden crate facing south having a key (Duke)
  • added: checking tinkering skill when crafting a key for boxes and chests (Duke)
  • added: 'setmore2' ingame- command to set the more2 variable for items (Thrawn)
  • fixed: you can't shrink packanimals with items inside their packs now (Thrawn)
  • fix for fix 118) : no more stat gain for locked skills (Duke)
  • fixed: a little speedup for resurrection (Duke)
  • fixed: the kill-resurrect-loop in certain combat situations (Duke)
  • fixed: "Error 0815 in TmpEffect::Expire" (Duke)
  • changed: NETWORK_DEBUG in server.scp is now called LOGMODE. (Duke)
  • fixed: ONE cause of the 'minskill equals maxskill' msg (with tinkering keys for chests) (Duke)
  • added: completly rewritten add menu ('add command) works with 2d AND 3d client (old one didn't work with 3d client), with item/npc preview (LB)
  • removed: menupriv stuff (without mercy and replacement) (LB)
  • fixed: a crash in iteminrange(), probably from a bad target when carving corpses (Duke)
  • fixed: shields were not smeltable (Duke)
  • fixed: bug with messageboards (escord posts not being readable) (LB)
  • improved: taming skill, retaming increases difficulty. max 5 retames possible per pet.
  • changed: removed minimum skill-success chance of 10% (Thrawn)
  • changed: due to the magery rewrite you need the latest spells_new.scp. plz update the script if not already done (Thrawn)
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LoneWolf 12.9.9 Beta / 12.9.9c Scripts Released
Monday, Apr 28, 2003, at 06:18 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.9 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: Tracking menu will no longer show staff members (thrawn)
  • fixed: server crash related to rune-books (Red/LB)
  • fixed: training dummys not stopping to swing, broken some betas ago (Duke)
  • fixed: telestuff cmd not being multi-user-capable (Duke)
  • fixed: yet aonther 3d client only item-loss on item dragging/dropping issue :( (LB)
  • fixed: a *very bad* bug with NEEDCOLOR and REQCOLOR that could affect almost *any* item in the world In addition to that, triggers fired from those two tags should work again (Duke)
  • fixed: NADD tag did not work in ntrigrs.scp (Duke)
  • changed: disabled several logged error msgs we couldn't analyze for now (Duke)
  • fixed: several bugs in the error logging system (Duke)
  • fixed: several index out of range errors on login (LB)
  • fixed: several (smaller) bugs with explosion potions (Thrawn/LB)
  • fixed: bad server crash when invalid coords used (LB)
  • fixed: magery related server crash (LB/Red)
  • changed: using some new spellbook functions, see JobsandTasks forum for details (Thrawn)
  • fixed: bandwidth saving fix with GMs teleporting (Duke)
  • fixed: deleted spawners still reacting to the 'respawn cmd until next shutdown (Duke)
  • fixed: a little speedup regarding timed stuff (Duke)
  • fixed: spawners in GM's BP producing items 'out on the sea' ie. at bp coords when 'respawn was called (Duke)
  • fixed: 'respawn cmd beeing slower than necessary (Duke)
  • fixed: 'respawn cmd not allways spawning to max amount (Duke)
  • fixed: using IADD nnn *0* or nothing did not work but was producing items 'out on the sea' instead (broken by 12.9.8) (Duke)
  • fixed: criminals or murderers standing by could prevent a healer from resurrecting (Duke)
  • fixed: house break in by ressing (Uber and Duke)
  • changed: ore and ingot types are now scriptable in resources.scp. Changes work for mining, smelting, and blacksmithing. Tinker menu settings are not yet in effect. (Pokey)
In addition, LoneWolf 12.9.9c Scripts have also been released. Visit Here to see the changelog.

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LoneWolf 12.9.7b Scripts Released
Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 06:43 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.7b Scripts have been released:
  • added missing item tag for fish net [punt/stormwolf]
  • added DECAY tags to a few known problem items (Iron Ore x5, GM Notes, Shipwreck Paintings) [Red Drake]
  • ITEM 85000 to 85008 ID tag errors corrected [Punt/Red Drake]
  • various ITEMMENU fixes [Red Drake]
  • section item 1 still had the old catagory info on it [Punt/Stormwolf]
  • removed the //* from item catagorization [Stormwolf]
  • changed Wolfpack to loneowlf in help section [Rhivan/Stormwolf]
  • Changed Wolfpack to lonewolf in script name section [Stormwolf]
  • Added maintained by lonewolf script team [Stormwolf]
  • Fix for "no more than 10 users showing up on the who's online section] [Red Drake/Stormwolf]
  • changed serverdefault to all [Stormwolf]
  • fixed energy vortex wand [Rhivan/Stormwolf]
  • removed dupe entries for leather armor [Stormwolf]
  • added tag for items2.scp [Stormwolf]
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LoneWolf 12.9.8 Beta Released
Monday, Apr 7, 2003, at 06:42 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.8 Beta Released:
  • fixed: misguiding msg about 'unrecognized tag' (Duke)
  • fixed: missing sound when dropping potion into an empty potion keg (Duke)
  • fixed: polymorph while on horse could unmount a totally different player (Duke)
  • fixed: stat-reducing spells did not take off your armor (Duke)
  • fixed: removed the 'sum: 0' from the top of the showskills gump (Duke)
  • fixed: using a door can no longer result in a 'char within a door' (Duke)
  • added: BOLT tag is now available in all the trigger scps (Duke)
  • fixed: locking a container will now close all open gumps for that container (Duke)
  • fixed: targeting the floor when transferring a pet destroyed ownership (Thrawn and Duke)
  • changed/added: new food system (thrawn) note: you need to change the scripts to use the new system.. see jobs/tasks forum for details
  • added: Serverswitch to disable smelting craftable items in SECTION IT (Thrawn)
  • fixed: dummy npcs and offline players don't block doors any longer (Thrawn)
  • fixed: items that get unequipped due to players str (Thrawn)
  • fixed: female armor gets unequipped when polymorph/incognito of a male char gets reversed (Thrawn)
  • fixed: some update problems when equipping an item was rejected (Thrawn)
  • fixed: npc speech/emotes sometimes was invisible to most players (Thrawn)
  • fixed: you can't inspect dummy npcs via makro any more (Thrawn)
  • added: changed network code to be compatible with new 4.0.0e (and hopefully above) clients (LB)
  • added/changed: in server.scp there had been an entry for ages that did NOTHING: PACKETSENDSTYLE:UOX3 now it does.
  • fixed: summoned creatures no longer give fame nor karma (Duke)
  • added: server traffic statistics (given out each worldsave, console and server.log) (LB)
  • added: PACKETSTATS in server.scp (0/1). extended packet statistics, mainly interesting for devs. default=off=0
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LoneWolf 12.9.7 Scripts Released
Monday, Mar 24, 2003, at 06:26 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.7 Scripts have been released:
  • added gold to a drake corpse [Red Drake]
  • increase melee damage for a dragon {Red Drake]
  • added dragon breath 60% to a dragon [Red Drake]
  • removed various empty lines [Red Drake]
  • removed spell attacks from an energy vortex [Red Drake]
  • fixed //hardcoded errors in guards and vendor (again) [Red Drake]
  • added NPCLIST 10000 used in the Spell "Summon creature" [Red Drake]
  • changed the value of all the sections to : [usul] - have a sum of stats of 225 (i.e. 85, 80, 60) {was 235} - have a sum of skill of 248.0 (i.e. 84.0, 84.0, 80.0)
  • added a cartographer. [usul]
  • 23) added REVEAL tags to all skills that expose hidden characters [Red Drake]
  • implemented ADVANCE tag. reduced file size by 11k. tables can be added for variations to individual skill gains. [Red Drake]
  • changed a swamp tentacle loot from 750 garlics to 250 garlics (much like a fire elementals 250 sulfur) [Red Drake]
  • changed settings for better balance [stormwolf]
  • changed old caragorization system into cat# system [stormwolf]
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LoneWolf 12.9.7 Beta Released
Friday, Mar 21, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.7 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: a stupid error/typo in ghosting bugfix from 12.9.6 didn't make it much better than before. (possibles sympthome: invisible npcs attacking under some cirrcumstances) now it should be completely fixed. (LB)
  • fixed: npcs in guarded area give no loot (again) (LB)
  • fixed: some compile issues with mingw (punt)
  • added: VER tag in html.scp should now cisplay correct OS on BSD systems (punt/Duke)
  • fixed: grabbing items from world didn't delete them for other players in range if successfull. (LB)
  • fixed: two bad bugs with TRIGON=1 (Duke)
  • fixed: TRONSK did not update stats correctly (Duke)
  • fixed: bad spell client crash (only happening with allscrolls-spellbooks) (LB)
  • changed: statgain is now independent from skillgain (Duke)
  • fixed: some magery related (move) effects not working properly (LB and Duke)
  • changed: tamingdelay adjusted from 2-5 seconds to 4-8 (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.9.6 Scripts Released
Monday, Mar 10, 2003, at 06:32 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.6 Scripts have been released. For a changelog, visit LoneWolf EMU.

Script Changes:

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LoneWolf 12.9.5 Beta Released
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003, at 06:16 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.5 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: Spells casted from runebooks no longer spends reagents (Opik)
  • fixed: you stayed frozen after casting more then one spell in a bad combinition (Thrawn)
  • added: accounts.adm will now reflect the last day saved (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: shrink potions (Thrawn)
  • fixed: Players can't make items when playerskill is below the required skill (there was a 10% chance before) (Thrawn)
  • added: add "REVEAL" to the skills you like in skills.cpp to reveal hidden players when they use the skill (Thrawn)
  • fixed: the halo of glowing items was not handled correctly with tradewindows (Duke)
  • fixed: IDFX trigger was not sent to the correct clients (Duke)
  • fixed: mindblast spell did not check resistance correctly (Duke)
  • fixed: Players don't collide with dummy npcs any longer (Thrawn)
  • fixed: weight wasn't calculated correctly when stealing a pack (Thrawn)
  • added: DEFAULTGMVIEW [num] tag in server.scp, SECTION IT (Thrawn) sets the default viewingdepth after a server restart
  • fixed: couple of server crashes. (Thrawn/LB)
  • fixed: chainlightning damage was based on victim's magery skill if resisted (Duke)
  • added: SURNAME and SURNAMELIST support in npc.scp (Sayro/Duke)
  • added: BOLT tag in triggers (Sayro/Duke)
  • fixed: a dozen or more sources of server instability (LB/Thrawn)
  • added/fixed: bandwidth reduction
  • fixed: full send/recv buffers handled correctly
  • fixed: exploit with LSD potions (picking up items under LSD effect not possible anymore)
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LoneWolf 12.9.4 Beta Released
Monday, Feb 17, 2003, at 06:24 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.4 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: players cant gain skills while jailed (but still can use it in some cases)(Opik)
  • fixed: player won't be stuck on their horse, if the mount can not be restored (Thrawn)
  • fixed: players only can target reveal in chars (and added magic effect to revealed chars) (Opik)
  • added: serverswitch to disable engraving (exceptions: runes and scrolls) (Thrawn) - add ENGRAVING 0/1 to the SECTION IT (0 to disable engraving, 1 to enable)
  • fixed: can't cast from weapons with negative charges any longer (Thrawn)
  • fixed: players no longer gain skills and stats when they fish without stam (Thrawn)
  • added: GM command: 'createaccount [name] [pass] to create a new account (Thrawn)
  • fixed: BANDAGECANRES tag in server.scp didn't save (LB)
  • fixed: nps spawning into water/mountains problem improved/(fixed?) (LB)
  • fixed: servercrash with seti command (LB)
  • fixed: client crash with certain speech font colors (Diablo/LB)
  • added: ANTINPCAGGREGATIONS 0/1 tag in server.scp, speed section (LB) if 1 NPCS consider other npcs as obstacles. note: its placemant in server.scp has good reason: might be costy in terms of CPU power (not fully analysed yet, feedback appreciated)
  • fixed: server crash on server start when spawned npcs got corrupted (Thrawn/LB)
  • fixed: invis storage npcs don't become visible from attacks/spells (Thrawn)
  • fixed/changed: war axe now is a mace (was a sword before..) (Thrawn)
  • fixed: further servercrash regarding items having invalid serials (LB/Thrawn)
  • added: new tag in house.scp TRUEHOUSE 0/1 everything that is a REAL house should get TRUEHOUSE 1 Note: the old hardcoded list what multi is a house and what not is still in, but can be overwritetn with it. So no absolut necassisity to change house.scp unless you have a custom multi with non standard houses. But it would be cleaner and less confusing to have it explizitly in every section house. Note about house.scp: section house x, x has to be 0..512. token ID has to come BEFORE any other token.
  • fixed: can't rename runes that are not in your pack anymore (Thrawn)
  • added: GM command: 'viewdepth [num] to set the "viewdepth" for gms (Thrawn) - the following values are possible:
    0 = view everything like a normal char (you can't see hidden players, etc..)
    1 = also view hidden players
    2 = also view offline chars
    3 = (default) view everything (also the hidden "dummy" npcs)
    note: the viewdepth is not saved in the worldfile, so it gets reseted to 3 at each serverrestart
  • fixed: 'showhs didn't update client (Thrawn)
  • fixed: players where still able to poison others (without weapon), after their weapon got destroied (Thrawn)
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LoneWolf 12.9.1 & 12.9.2 Released
Monday, Jan 6, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9.1 and 12.9.2 Beta have been released:
LoneWolf 12.9.2:
  • Well, 12.9.1 had a CRASH problem on Window$ systems :( They should be gone with 12.9.2 :) Sorry for the inconvenience :(
  • fixed: NPCLISTs were limited to 100 entries. Now 512. (Duke)
  • added: multiplier support in NPCLISTs (Duke)
  • fixed: "You are out of ammunitions!" was deactivated for some obscure reason (Duke)
  • changed: you will no longer be a murderer just because of negative karma (Duke)
  • fixed: only innocent npcs will call for guards if stolen from (Duke)
  • fixed: VERY VERY VERY bad server crash on using alchemy,training dummies, explosion potions and probably other situations as well (LB)
  • changed: clonenpc got another parameter: size of "spawn square"
  • changed: whomenu improved
LoneWolf 12.9.1:
  • changed: added the chance of finding 5 small piles to coloured ore (Duke)
  • fixed: you no longer need a minimum of 3 ingots to smith something (Duke)
  • fixed: smelted item was not deleted on failure (Duke)
  • changed: removed the minimum skill of 30.0 to smelt iron (Duke)
  • changed: smelting items now uses the correct minimum skill for each color (Duke)
  • fixed: smelting items is no longer restricted to items you crafted (Duke)
  • fixed: smeltability attribute got lost after server restart (Duke)
  • fixed: some large forges could not be used for smelting (Duke)
  • fixed: you could not smelt ore on locked down forges (Duke)
  • fixed: setype command only 8 bit
  • added: NPC-transfer-deeds/items. (LB)
  • added: potion kegs (LB)
  • changed: npcs spawned from items will now inherit their walking area from the spawner's more3(x) and more4(y), IF their NPCWANDER is 3(rectangle) (Duke)
  • added: flour mill. Dclick upper part to fill, enjoy animation, dclick lower part to get the flour (Duke)
  • fixed: when trying to equip multiple weapons and no "hand" being free, bouncing didn't work correctly. you had to reopen your bp or walk out of screen to see the bounced weapon again. (LB)
  • added: clonenpc command. without paramters it clones to npc that you target with one parameter it makes x copies.
  • added: killclones command.
  • fixed: messages at 'release from jail' did not display (Duke)
  • changed: you can no longer gain on taming creatures with a TOTAME greater than your skill (Duke)
  • changed: nightsight potions(!) overhauled
LoneWolf EMU:
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LoneWolf 12.8.4 Scripts Released
Thursday, Jan 2, 2003, at 06:33 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.4 Scripts have been released:
  • fixed: totame values for all tameable npcs (Viper)
  • added: maps.scp content (Viper)
  • added: new fishing.scp required after lw beta 12.8.5 (Viper)
  • fixed: some incorrect ids causing an invisible npc (Viper)
  • changed: all custom npcs are now in the npc2.scp file (Viper)
  • removed: all invalid "non rideable" mounts with invalid ids (Viper)
  • removed: several duped npcs (Viper)
  • fixed: namelists for daemons, ratmen, orcs and lizardmen (Viper)
  • added: newbie tag to all 3d weapons carried on monsters to prevent them being "unwanted" loot (Viper)
  • added: red solen npcs (Viper)
  • added: black solen npcs (Viper)
  • fixed: skill titles for professions (Viper)
  • fixed: paperdoll displays for criminals and murderers (Viper)
  • changed: tags that display criminals, murderers, frozen, and war mode now have none (Viper)
  • changed: tamed tag changed to tame (Viper)
  • changed: tags for war mode (Viper)
  • added: Titles for Meditation, Remove Trap, and Stealth, somehow they were removed (Viper)
  • achieved: lol beta release 1 day earlier than when i said, score! (Viper)
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LoneWolf 12.9 Released
Monday, Dec 30, 2002, at 06:31 AM
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LoneWolf 12.9 has been released:
  • boats overhauled (7 fixes)
  • handling of spawn.scp overhauled
  • fix for the ancient (=pre LW) icon-description-mismatch bug on buy menu
  • redesign of draganddrop fixing more than 20 little bugs
  • added support for the party system. Many thanks to Pokey :).
  • .mul access rewritten from scratch. On avarage 20-30 * faster than before.
  • heavily improved networking
  • fixed a fundamental networking bug
  • several countermeasures against cheat progs
  • region based lightlevels
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LoneWolf 12.8.13 Beta Released
Thursday, Dec 26, 2002, at 06:12 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.13 has been released:
  • Highlight of this beta: the handling of spawnregions has been overhauled, fixing several bugs and adding new features :)
  • WARNING: if you use spawn.scp, you will need to adjust your file a bit (see below)
  • added: makefiles for freebsd and linux to the cvs (Usul)
  • changed: ingots no longer have a special sound when dropped (Duke)
  • added: you can grow and harvest wheat now. Place an ID x0C5B, dclick it and wait a couple of hours (Duke)
  • added: 'eraseaccount # cmd. It will remove the account, the chars and what they are carrying (Duke and LB) NOTE: the cmd will remove bank boxes, but it will NOT (yet) remove their houses, boats, pets...
  • added: new NPCAI D will also attack humans with negative karma (Fizz/Duke)
  • added: taming delay is now 2-5 seconds, depending on TOTAME (Duke)
  • fixed: monsters will now stop to attack you when tamed (Duke)
  • fixed: # of lines in items.scp limited to 66k. Limit is now 200k (Duke)
  • Fixed: two bugs in 'cure with bandages' (WaX and Duke)
  • fixed: removed surplus linefeed from logged error "INVALID COORDS !!!!" (Duke)
  • changed: disabled several well-known but yet unsolved error messages for now (Duke)
  • added/changed: several messages to be more precise about the reason of a failure (Duke)
  • fixed: logged messages will now show the correct month (Duke)
  • changed: regspawnmax, -num and -all commands disabled. Use 'respawn instead (Duke)
  • fixed: reducing the # of spawnregions without removing the spawned items/npcs could crash LW (Duke)
  • fixed: errormsg "walking.cpp:1159 invalid char index <-1>" (Duke)
  • fixed: the msg "you see x attacking y" was not displayed when using provocation (Duke)
  • fixed: itmes in permuda triangle region (0/0-200/200) got deleted on each server start (LB)
  • fixed: problems if npcs walking/spawning at edge(s) of map (LB)
  • fixed: mixed spawnregions (ie. with NLIST, ILIST, NPC) only spawned from the *first* type (Duke)
  • added: 'balanced spawning' for mixed regions. Spawning is now based on the # of NLIST, ILIST, NPC entries (Duke)
  • changed: lifted the limit of 255 for regions in spawn.scp (Duke)
  • fixed: the magic trap failure msg didn't show up (Duke)
  • changed: the first (so called dummy-)entry in spawn.scp was not used (Duke)
  • changed: the REGIONSPAWN #s in spawn.scp now ARE used. That is, you can add, skip, resort regions etc. (Duke) NOTE: you will need to either - renumber your spawn.scp consecutively, starting with *0*, or - remove everything spawned from spawn.scp (recommended)
  • fixed: engraved items should no longer have infinite charges (Duke)
  • fixed: several staves did not allow you to cast while a certain wand(0x0DF2) did (Duke)
  • fixed: items in your hands are now treated equally when casting or meditating (Duke)
  • fixed: chaos and order shields are now removed from the client when deleted (Duke)
  • fixed: several old swords could not be used with dclick (Duke)
  • fixed: war axe (id==0x13AF || id==0x13B0) was considered 'macefighting' (Duke)
  • added: support for UO3D weapons (Covenant and Duke)
  • fixed: npcs created by 'summon monster' were not dispellable (Duke)
  • added: the SHOPLIST tag and section will allow you to simplify your npc.scp (Opik)
  • fixed: removed surplus linefeed from server.log. It now uses the same timestamp as the other logs (Duke)
  • changed: ACCOUNT and CREATIONDAY are no longer saved for npcs (Duke)
  • fixed: engraved items won't pile anymore (Duke)
The Smithys Anvil congradulates LoneWolf for continuing to put out timely and accurate releases.

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LoneWolf 12.8.12 Beta Released
Monday, Dec 2, 2002, at 06:30 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.12 beta has been released:
  • added: LOOTPERCENT support for monstergates (Duke)
  • fixed: summoned creatures no longer leave a corpse (Duke)
  • fixed: ITEMLISTs with more than 512 entries crashing (Duke)
  • fixed: no more goldcoins with amount 0 spawning (Duke)
  • added: a repeat number to ITEMLIST. An entry of '123 50' works as if you had 50 lines of 123 (Duke)
  • added: LASTUSED tag to accounts.adm. It's updated with every logon. Measured in LW-days ;) (Duke)
  • fixed: cotton plants giving unlimited amount of cotton.They will change shape and regrow within 2 hours now (Duke)
  • fixed: a crash bug with very long party-messages (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.8.11 Beta Released
Wednesday, Nov 20, 2002, at 06:32 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.11 beta has been released:
  • Well, the 'hairandbeard stay with corpse' effect caused by fix 162 was quite funny, but I also felt it was annoying enough to justify a little beta.
  • fixed: doors will no longer close if a player is standing in the doorway. Fixes a bad combat exploit. (Duke)
  • fixed: ghost did not receive the item from the gift cmd (Duke)
  • added: 'gift cmd can now distribute to first char per account or all players (Duke) new Syntax: gift ONLINE or ACCOUNT or PLAYER NOTE: it's recommended to use 'gift immediately after a server restart (to avoid memory allocation problems)
  • unfixed: fix 162) hair and beard on corpses had funny sideeffects (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.8.10 Beta Released
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2002, at 07:05 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.10 beta has been released:
  • LB found a fix for the ancient (=pre LW) icon-description-mismatch bug on buy menu :) Dozens of emu-devs have been searching for it without luck ;)
  • added: co-owners can now open secured chests and use the house sign (Duke)
  • added: NAME and TYPE support to the 'seti cmd for GM-Tools (Duke) For obvious reasons the name must not contain commas !
  • added: hardcoded version of sheering sheep. Any blade will do, scissors won't. (Duke)
  • fixed: curing poison with bandages required veterinary and animallore to be above 60 too (Duke)
  • fixed: curing poison with bandages had a chance to gain vet and animallore while curing humans ;) (Duke)
  • fixed: curing poison with bandages didn't update the green bar (Duke)
  • fixed: curing poison with bandages did check baseskill instead of effective skill (Duke)
  • fixed: walking.cpp:1566 invalid char index <-1> spamming the logfiles (Duke)
  • added: following pets will now continue to follow you after a shutdown/restart (Duke)
  • changed: discontinued support for the SKILLnn keywords in npc.scp (Duke)
  • added: MOVABLE and DECAY support to the 'seti cmd for GM-Tools (Duke)
  • fixed: a crash bug with deciphering treasure maps (Duke)
  • changed: discontinued support for the SKILLnn keywords in advance.scp as well(Duke)
  • fixed: hair and beard did not show up on corpses (Duke)
  • fixed: hide-cmd didn't really hide GMs (Duke)
  • fixed: effect for reputation ball went to a totally different char (Duke)
  • fixed: vendors with no restock items not selling items they bought from players (LB)
  • fixed: ancient bug in buylist: infrequently ID+descrition got out of synch (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.8.9 Beta Released
Monday, Nov 11, 2002, at 06:24 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.9 Beta has been released:
  • added: instalog for co-owners (Duke)
  • fixed: revamp/redesign/rewrite of draganddrop (not including drag on PD) (Duke) I encountered more than 20 small/medium bugs which I didn't take the time to comfirm. Probable scope includes: - items showing up around 100/100/0 - items disappearing from client - wrong weight, statuswindow, sound etc.
  • fixed: GMs or Priv Level 3 people can't move setmovable 2 object (Opik)
  • fixed: STAY command - when animal goes wild it still stands. (Opik)
  • fixed: packhorses and -llamas now have a weight limit of 1600 (Duke)
  • fixed: a spellbook created by ID (ie. no type set) eating items (Duke)
  • fixed: GUILDTYPE and GUILDTRAITOR were saved, but never loaded (Duke)
  • added: the 'gift # cmd will add the scripted item to all online players' packs (Duke)
  • fixed: regular players putting things in other ppl's backpacks (Duke)
  • fixed: surplus items did not disappear from shopkeepers ie. no 'reverse restock' (Duke)
  • fixed: the fail msg of detect hidden indicating the presence of somebody (Opik)
  • added: initial prototype for special GM-tool commands, allowing them to reduce the # of target clicks (Duke) Syntax: 'seti AMOUNT=2,MOREX=5,MOREY=56 Other keys: MOREZ and ID. Keys must be UPPERCASE ! The param string is expected to be correct. (Allmost) no checks. No error messages.
  • NOTE: It's *not* recommended to type this cmd manually.
  • fixed: description for items on player vendors was broken (Duke)
  • fixed: raw fish is no longer edible (Opik)
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LoneWolf 12.8.8 Beta Released
Tuesday, Oct 29, 2002, at 06:47 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.8 Beta has been released:
  • NOTE: I've rearranged the worldsaves a bit. Works fine here, but be *sure* to make backups ;)
  • fixed: invisibility broken (Duke)
  • fixed: GM dressing a player. The GM received the stat bonus of the item dressed (Duke)
  • fixed: bug introduced with a bugfix from 12.8.6 for placing multis. (LB) (e.g placing fireplaces didn't work)
  • fixed: taming allways succeding if skill > totame (Duke)
  • fixed: a tamed NPCAI 2 should no longer attack their master (Duke)
  • fixed: the 'starting worldsave' msg will no longer appear at the END of the save ;) (Duke)
  • added: duration of worldsave is displayed in millisecs (Duke)
  • fixed: shopkeepers, beggars and townguards greeting hidden players/Gms (Duke)
  • fixed: problems with false "SeekLand/Tile xx empty" warnings solved (LB) note: due to this artidx.mul is a mandatory server side mul file from now on.
  • added: unbelievable but true, incz command got implemeneted (LB)
  • fixed: teleporting to 0,y resp. x,0 not possible. well, that's still true, but you get teleported now to next valid pos, that's 1,y resp. 1,x (LB)
  • fixed: instalog for friends of the house (Duke)
  • changed: poison damage redesigned and adjusted to OSI values (Duke)
  • changed: reduced the memory used by (unused) tempeffects BY 80% (Duke)
  • fixed: para field effect depending on the victim's(!) magery skill (Duke)
  • fixed: check resistance in para field even if already frozen (Duke)
  • fixed: items decaying in townhouses (Duke)
  • fixed: treasure maps did not find the treasure (Opik/Duke)
  • fixed: firefields only sometimes affecting npcs (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.8.7 Released
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2002, at 06:30 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.7 beta has been released:
  • Added support for the party system. Many thanks to Pokey :).
  • fixed: bandagedelay was broken (Duke)
  • fixed: curing poison for pets took two bandages (Duke)
  • fixed: you could steal more than 17 stones if it was a pile of items (Paulie2 and Duke)
  • fixed: building a house from deed broken by 12.8.6 (Duke)
  • fixed: hiding broken (Duke)
  • fixed: no 'spell fizzles' message for targeted spells (Duke)
  • fixed: success of poisoning not shown (green bar of victim) to attacker (Duke)
  • fixed: (potential) server crash with norealmultis (e.g large forge) (LB)
  • added: Partysystem implementation (Pokey/LB) note: currently it's only semi-persistant. (after server down parties gone, but saved across login/logouts) if you want full persistance, bring it up on discussion boards.
  • fixed: birdsound when inscription failed (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.8.6 Beta Released
Wednesday, Oct 2, 2002, at 06:42 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.6 Beta has been released.

Highlight: .mul access rewritten from scratch. On avarage 20-30 * faster than before.
  • fixed: player vendors allways saying "You cannot afford that." (Duke)
  • changed: faster compression algorithm (speedup *5 on average) (LB)
  • fixed: a bug in LineOfSight that allowed 'attacking through ceiling' (Duke)
  • changed: removed pointless messages at startup (LB)
  • fixed: items dragged on other player's paperdoll disappeared (Duke)
  • added/changed: server side .mul access stuff rewritten from scratch. (aka map/walking rewrite phase 2/5) (LB) Due to smarter data structures / algorithms / caching / implementation ... this stuff got a respectable turbo boost. (on avarage 20-30 * faster than previous one)
  • fixed: you can now use CHECK_NPCS and CHECK_NPCAI independently (Duke)
  • fixed: poisoned weapons now have a chance to lose their poison if used in combat. Note: not like OSI, but similar (Duke)
  • fixed: house deed deleted if player cancels placing (Duke)
  • fixed: strange behaviours if two or more players placing houses simultaneously (Duke)
  • changed: delay tag in spells.scp changed to 1/10 seconds instead of secs (LB)
  • fixed: tracking not respecting choice animals/creatures/players (and other bugs with tracking) (LB)
  • fixed: a bad bug with deciphering treasure maps (Duke)
  • fixed: fighting on ridgebacks with 2d client -> blinking animations (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.8.5 Released
Wednesday, Sep 18, 2002, at 06:22 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.5 beta has been released:

NOTE: this beta requires the new fishing.scp layout. Get it from the files section.
  • fixed: non-moveable items bcoming moveable when released (Duke)
  • fixed: continued massive bugfixing of network code. Special thx goes to Correa for pointing out most of the problems (Correa/LB)
  • fixed: non client connections received delayed logout. that's obviously wrong (LB)
  • added: "I WISH TO LEAVE THIS BUILDING" in house speech to allow escape from locked houses (Duke, idea by Sayro + fix for Duke's impl by Sayro)
  • fixed: dclicking the foot of the mast of a boat will no longer give magic trap and corrupt the tillerman (Duke)
  • fixed: temp-effects related server-crash (LB)
  • fixed: pouring Potions from mortar into empty bottles broken (Duke)
  • fixed: pouring sound in the above situation missing/broken (Duke)
  • fixed: stabled pets are now fed instead of getting more hungry (Duke)
  • changed: the hunger msg "You are still stuffed..." to "You are slightly peckish" due to Sayro's request (Duke)
  • fixed: summoned creatures no longer leave a corpse (Duke)
  • added: Login to houses when not a friend (Duke)
  • changed/fixed: redesigned/redone core of networking class. (send/receive) (LB) should be far more robust in extreme siutations network like. (e.g heavy traffic, bad connections etc) previously those situations lead to synch-problems which manifested as client crashes/freezes and other bad things. now this shouldn't happen anymore.
note: last betas contained lots of network code bugfixes. adding all of them, in particular this one, it's an almost complete rewite.

Lots of new rather complex code, equals a not zero probabily to add new bugs what contradicts the intention to fix bugs to some degree. (anyway, tried to be super-thoroughly to avoid new ones) but this step had to be taken. old code couldn't be "completely" fixed without a rewrite. feedback would be highly appreciated.

note2: extreme situations (in networking) tend to happen infrequently.
  • fixed/changed: security loophole closed. hacktools can't crash server anymore.
  • fixed: CHECKCHAR_AGE 1 didn't work. it always refused to delete chars, even if chars older than 7 days
NOTE: we changed the way age is calculated. as a consequence old pre 12.8.5 generated CREATIONDAY flags are invalid and will get automatically deleted, replaced with current date of first server start with this version.

NOTE: this (conversion) happens only one time, when server detects pre 12.8.5 values. After first worldsave not anymore. (Opik/LB)

Example: player x has a char which is one month old (cant delete due to this bug), his/her shard op switches to 12.8.5 today. still cant delete because conversion set creation day to today. but in a week he will be able to delete.
  • fixed: BAN from house now works (Duke)
  • fixed: Rename pets didn't work sine beta 12.8.4 (LB)
  • fixed: bandages not reduced since beta 12.8.4 (LB)
  • fixed: corpses always naked since beta 12.8.4 (LB)
  • fixed: tracking skill broken (LB)
  • changed: better control of items fished up. Requires the new fishing.scp layout (Opik and Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.8.4 Beta Released
Wednesday, Sep 4, 2002, at 06:52 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.4 Beta has been released:
  • added: line-of-sight check for vendors greeting you (Duke)
  • added: line-of-sight check to all speech except pet cmds (Duke)
  • fixed: 0-stats-bug with debug exe's only (LB)
  • fixed: (wrong) death-sound bug (LB)
  • fixed: stat-changing items giving *permanent* stat changes for str and int (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: server crash with tiledata command (LB)
  • fixed: bug in new anti-cheat crypto that made some keys not working. special thx go to Krrios for helping and DS for finding. (Krrios/LB)
  • added: better errorMsg's in case of network errors. (LB)
  • fixed: minor network code bugfixes (LB)
  • added: vet/heal fixes (uber)
  • fixed: coord-related calculations, e.g LOS broken with debug exe's (only) (LB)
  • fixed: no refresh after a 'you already have that spell' (Duke)
  • changed: bolt command (LB) default behaviour again: bolting wanim command changes GLOBAL behaviour of bolt command wanim id1 id2: special (circle) item-animation with items id1 id2 activated wanim 0 0: deactivation of special anim globaly, bolt bolts again. bolt with no params behaves according to wanim settings bolt with 2 params (id1 id2) overrides/ignores wanim settings, does an indivdual "item circle animation" with id1 id2
  • fixed: (hopefully) final fix for teleporting into water (LB)
  • fixed: some players unable to connect when shard running for a while when anticheat on (LB)
  • fixed: bug in delayed logout code/logic when alwaysrelogin 1 (LB)
  • fixed: problems in low level network code. (LB)
  • changed: player vendors and stablemasters will now be able to take gold from the bank (Duke)
  • fixed: several flaws with carving corpses (Covenant/Duke)
  • fixed: security loopholes in drag/drop code (pokey)
  • fixed: exploit with arm/disarm macro
  • added: 0xbc mount (Coveant/LB)
  • fixed: MYSTIC horse showed as swamp dragon in 3d client (now as normal horse, real mystic horses only work in 2d client) (Coveant/LB)
  • fixed: security loophole in login code (LB)
  • added: LOOTPERCENT token to NPCS. Description: LOOTPERCENT # %, where # is the loot item, and % is the percent chance that an item will be chosen from the list. (pokey)
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LoneWolf 12.8.3 Scripts Released
Tuesday, Sep 3, 2002, at 06:41 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.3 scripts have been released:
  • added: a race entry to each npc in npc.scp (Covenant)
  • added: ignored entries (//category //subcateg and //descript) to each npc in npc.scp (Covenant)
  • added: return to virtue room feature to teleport.scp (usul)
  • fixed: dungeons coords in teleport.scp (usul / Covenant)
  • added: to teleport.scp khaldun dungeon coords (Covenant)
  • added: maps.scp for future use (Covenant)
  • added: fire steed to npc.scp (Covenant)
  • fixed: colors.scp removed grey color from human skin list (Dragon Slayer)
  • changed: house menu in gumps.scp (Dragon Slayer)
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LoneWolf Adds Encryption Back
Monday, Aug 26, 2002, at 06:51 AM
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The following was posted in the LoneWolf Forums:
Cheat-tools are bad (that's a Mr. Mackie / "Southparkian" bad, uhmkay !?)

Annoying for shard ops to hunt for cheaters, but nothing really substantial dangerous. So I thought. Unfortunately I had been taught differently.

There are annoying cheat tools like injection and dangerous ones like Well for obvious reasons I won’t give names, URL’s and further details. The later ones can do REAL damage. Like provoked server crashes, logging in without knowing passwords, giving oneself GM privileges, etc., etc. the list is endless and it’s no fun. By the way, the borderline between cheating and internet crime in particular if you do extreme things like crashing a server intentionally is rather thin.

Note: It’s of highest importance for us that you understand the following: Just because we admit in public that there is a problem, doesn’t mean that LW is the only emulator effected. Some are more vulnerable, some less.

But no need for panic ! We did add - currently unique - protections immediately, furthermore the cheat tool problematic didn’t start to exist yesterday.

What’s the problem fighting cheat tools server side ?

Our server is based on the assumption: only OSI clients can connect (or those that behave very similar) If this assumption is intentionally broken by cheat clients, we have a problem. And get loads of “holes” (see the list above what damage can be done to get an idea) Note: without cheat tools that holes don’t exist, so I don’t consider that a bug. (but a huge problem anyway) Furthermore this assumption is inherited, not directly our fault ! If you construct a server with cheat tools in mind, it’s rather easy to fight them. If you have an “already done” server without it, it’s an monumental task to fix them all Getting to the point: it’s too time intensive to fix all holes opened by cheat tools.

We did a different approach to fight them: getting sure no cheat tool/client can connect

How did we do this ?

We added encryption.

In past, OSI encryption had been a major pain in the a** Frequent changes of encryption scheme, high CPU load, difficulties reverse engineering it etc finally made us completely dropping it.

But there are disadvantages of no cryptography: it makes the creation of cheat tools easier.

Well, if we add encryption again, don’t we have the "pains" of encryption back ? High CPU load, frequent changes etc ?

No, we got sure that “our encryption” is “lightweight”, doesn’t change and adds virtually no CPU load.

But major problem remaining: We are open-source. Cheat tool creators might read the source of our encryption and adopt their tools easily.

No, not with this trick:

The encryption keys are completely scriptable/flexible. It doesn’t help to know our source unless they (cheat tool users/attackers/writers) know the - on every shard different - keys.

Each shard op can/should create his/her own(!!!) keys. If the attacker doesn’t know them, no way.

Note that this new stuff of course - also requires client side changes! (=new UO_RICE version)

Everything fully optional.

If you are confused what you need to do to add this protection, don’t worry I’ll describe this in more detail in an extra document

sorry for the over-length and thx for reading.
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LoneWolf 12.8.3 Beta Released
Monday, Aug 26, 2002, at 06:46 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.3 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: combining piles of gold in backpack did not update status window (Duke)
  • added: fire ethernal (0xbe) (rick/lb)
  • fixed: bald head syndrome since 12.8.2 beta. (LB)
  • fixed: 'istats showing negative decaytime if item is not decaying (Duke)
  • fixed: fundamental problem in networkcode that can cause server freezes, con-drops and similar/more anomalies. (LB)
  • added: anti-Injection code. (LB) set antiinjection 1 in server.scp to activate note: only works for clients 3.0.5d and above. In other words: only usefull if you make sure only clients 3.0.5 and above can connect (via client version control system in server.scp) If on, it freezes/crashes clients connecting via injection immediatly after login.
  • fixed: logout packet handled in wrong fashion (LB)
  • added: no more support for 2.x clients. (only 3.x clients allowed anymore) (LB)
  • fixed: harditems.scp was totally disabled by a bug (Opik/Duke)
  • fixed: further fixes for blinking animations in combat (LB)
  • fixed: tele on water sometimes possible (pokey)
  • fixed: you could dispell decayable items even if not set to dispellable (Duke)
  • added: section anticheat in server.scp.
see documentation for further details.

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LoneWolf 12.8.2 Beta Released
Monday, Aug 12, 2002, at 06:40 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.2 beta has been released:
  • fixed: combat animations on horse sometimes errornous (LB)
  • fixed: msgboards completely dysfunking (LB)
  • changed: houses (if you are owner or friend) are considered instalogout regions (LB)
  • fixed: deleting gold at the bank did not include gold in sub-packs (Duke)
  • fixed: dclick on vial crashing if Player has no backpack (Duke)
  • fixed: engraving on a pile other than scrolls in no longer allowed (Duke)
  • fixed: magic traps will nolonger harm GMs (Uber/Duke)
  • added: "forgotten mounts" b1,b2,b3 (viper/lb)
  • fixed: inscription did not find the correct spellbook for check (Duke)
  • fixed: an overflow when deleting amounts of items larger htan 64k (Duke)
  • fixed: if a createmenu is ordered by skill, but decending, LW tried to craft even on cancel (Duke)
  • fixed: npcpopupmenues stopped working.(LB)
  • fixed: with tradesystem enabled, prices were calculated for wrong region on sell and buy (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.8.1 Beta Released
Friday, Jul 26, 2002, at 06:36 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8.1 beta has been released:
NOTE: if you run a server with less than 512 MB, it is highly recommended that you use this beta instead of the release 12.8 (or prior versions) due to fix #4 !!
  • added: logged warning when invalid LOOT is specified for an npc. (Duke)
  • fixed: "your # has been destroyed" will now use the name from the muls (Duke)
  • fixed: bad char index -1 in file speech.cpp line 87 (Duke)
  • fixed: in some situations (small machine, many items), memory problems could cause LW to wipe the worldfiles (Duke)
  • changed: more initial memory for items to avoid immediate reallocation (Duke)
  • fixed: adding the same spell multiple times not possible anymore. (Pokey and LB)
  • fixed: opening your packanimals packs doesn't check snooping anymore. (LB)
  • changed: empty poison bottle now goes to your backpack instead of to your feet (Duke)
  • fixed: you should now hear the combat sounds of 2 npcs fighting each other (Duke)
  • changed: duration of nightsight increased greatly. (LB)
  • added: region based light levels (LB)
New keywords in regions.scp:


xx: decimal, 0 brightest, 32 darkest

semantics: equivalent to those in server.scp

dungeon: lightlevel of dungeons
fixedlevel: permanent lightlevel
if set to 255 it cycles between brightlevel and darklevel

set all 4 keywords or none. only 1,2,3 of them is not allowed.

if you don't set them, global ones from server.scp will be used

light command also got improved to supports region based lightlevels
light xx(hex)
set global fixedlevel to xx
if -1, enable cycling

light xx(hex) yy(hex)
xx: reginonal fixedlevel (if -1, enable cycling)
yy: region#

note: there is a client side switch called dark nights that influences lightlevel "experience"
if off, all shades from brightest to darkest are enabled
if on, it only "shades" from brightest to mid-dark - and suddently changes to dark. (no shades from mid-dark to dark)
  • added: (small) bandwidth save (light packets optimized/reduzed to minimum). (LB)
  • 13) added: experimental(!) anti fastwalk hacktool option. (LB)
note: if on, server requires higher bandwidth and there might be false alerts (due its experimental nature)
  • fixed: revealed several combat hit messages that were hidden by bugs (Duke)
  • fixed: harditems.scp overwriting items.scp setting in some situations (Duke)
  • fixed: wrong/blinking combat animations (LB)
  • added: DUNGEON 0/1 keyword in region.scp - dungeon detection is hardcoded and based on OSI locations. if you need to override this, because you have build towns in OSI dungeon regions, or build your own dungeons in non OSI dungeon regions, add the keyword dungeon 0/1 to this region.(LB)
  • fixed: fencing with 2-handed weapons *allways* devlivering paralyzing blows. Now like OSI. (Duke)
  • added: stunning blow for special maces delivering double damage (Duke)
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Lone Wolf 12.8 Released
Tuesday, Jul 23, 2002, at 07:10 AM
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LoneWolf 12.8 was released July 17th. I apologize that I missed it last week, but here it is:
This release contains a little surprise! Nobody thought it would be possible, but LoneWolf now proudly presents: HOUSES IN TOWN

That is, the static houses in Britain and elsewhere will behave like regular player houses (except for decay of cause) !!
Other highlight:
  • line-of-sight has been rewritten and is MUCH faster now
  • support for UO3D-mounts
  • stealing has been overhauled (7 fixes)
  • magic improved (4 fixes)
  • significant bandwidth savings
  • delayed logout now works (along with several fixes in the network code)
  • OSI-style runebooks have been added thanks to Victor and Uber
We have a total of 160 fixes, additions and changes since 12.7

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LoneWolf 12.7.14 Beta released
Monday, Jul 1, 2002, at 06:32 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.14 Beta has been released:
  • Highlight: OSI-style runebooks have been added thanks to Victor and Uber
  • fixed: looting no longer criminals if in same or opposite guild (Pokey and Duke)
  • changed: empty potion bottles are now placed in your bp rather than at your feet (Duke)
  • added: msg "you finished healing" at the end of healing with bandages (Duke)
  • fixed: stamina values of 64k eg. in combat (Duke)
  • fixed: long sword (0x13B not reacting on dclick (Duke)
  • fixed: counting the gold at the bank did not include subpacks (Duke)
  • fixed: players getting the fizzle-msg if not even casting (Duke)
  • fixed: males could wear female armour when polymorphed (Uber/Duke)
  • fixed: dual logins from same account if alwaysrelogin=1 in server.scp not possible anymore. if this situation is found, BOTH chars will get kicked. (LB)
  • added: Runebook gump and handling (Victor and Uber / Duke)
  • added: Runebook crafting (Uber and Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.7.13 Beta Released
Monday, Jun 17, 2002, at 09:46 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.13 Beta Released:
  • fixed: 2 potential crash bugs with opening spellbooks (Duke)
  • fixed: creating a pet by dclicking it's statue didn't set the owner (introduced by 12.7.9) (Duke)
  • fixed: order and chaos shields were created with random maxhp and hp (Duke)
  • fixed: disabled items staying disabled 'forever' when loaded again from wsc (Duke)
  • fixed: INT can no longer drop below zero (and become 64k) (Duke)
  • fixed: dragdrop.cpp:58 invalid item index <-1> (introduced by 12.7.9) (Duke)
  • fixed: trigger.cpp:184 invalid item index <-1> (Duke)
  • fixed: at least ONE reason for skills.cpp:1082 minskill equals maxskill (Duke)
  • fixed: *.bok files were not deleted correctly if a bookpath was given (Duke)
  • fixed: player could use (dclick) items far away. Items to use must now be within 2 tiles and -10 / +20 vertically. Exeption: archery buttes (Duke)
  • fixed: many bad char index -1 errors (LB)
  • changed: NICE value in server.scp, speed section "retired" replaced with 3 new entries (LB).
  • added: Network_debug 0/1 in server.scp. mainly interesting for developers. (or if asked by a developer to activate :] )
  • fixed: archive path on linux systems (Uber and Duke)
  • fixed: GMs can snoop pack animals (Uber/Duke)
  • fixed: checking trade windows was broken recently (Duke)
  • fixed: tamed creatures will no longer count towards the total of spawners and spawn regions (LB and Uber and Duke)
  • fixed: other players not shown when logging in (introduced recently) (Duke)
  • fixed: leather and studded armour sometimes slowing down meditation (Duke)
  • fixed: delayed logout sometimes not "deleting" players correctly from screen (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.7.12 Beta Released
Monday, May 13, 2002, at 06:38 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.12 beta has been released:
  • fixed: setting startgold in server.scp to zero gave them a pile of 0 gold (Duke)
  • fixed: stealing from the vendor buy menu is no longer possible (Pokey and Duke)
  • fixed: some compiling issues under FreeBSD (usul and punt and Duke)
  • fixed: attacking through the ceiling (Duke, after a subtle hint from usul)
  • added: NPCAI 'C' for decorative blue npcs (Duke)
  • fixed: 'makegm setting dex to 0 (introduced by 12.7.10) (Duke)
  • fixed: monstergate crashing at COLOR tag (introduced by 12.7.9) (Duke)
  • fixed: a strange bug with lockpicking (Duke)
  • fixed: a potential crash bug with COLORLIST for items (Duke)
  • added: COLORLIST support for monstergates (Duke)
  • fixed: dropping items on self was broken (introduced by 12.7.9) (Duke)
  • fixed: TAMING was disabled for monstergates for some obscure reason (Duke)
  • fixed: changing house signs not working (introduced recently) (Duke)
  • fixed: dclick house key and target sign did only work for one type of sign (Duke)
  • fixed: TAMING tag in npc.scp beeing intepreted as TOTAME instead of taming skill (Duke)
  • fixed: dragging apile greater than 32k leaving an item with amount 0 behind (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: 'precasted spells require no mana when using a casting weapon'-bug (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: only valid teleport-spell targets allowed (LB)
  • fixed: beeing interrupted while casting could delete wrong regs (Pokey/Duke)
  • changed: profiling/pdump rewritten to give (hopefully) far more accurate infos. (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.7.11 Beta Released
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2002, at 06:53 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.11 Beta Released:
  • fixed: a couple of bugs when creating a new char. most noteably stats not being correct (LB)
  • fixed: items with 'movable 2' starting to decay after beeing moved by a GM (Duke)
  • fixed: players are no longer able to pick up small locked down items (Duke)
  • changed: reduced annoyance factor of NPCpopupmenues greatly. (if activated). now they only open if it is a NPC or player (LB)
  • fixed: creating maps not working at all (Duke)
  • fixed: dclick on empty map building a cannon (Ripper and Duke)
  • fixed: cutting cloth and leather now works without triggers (Duke)
  • fixed: you can now 'tweak the remaining seconds in jail for a prisoner (Duke)
  • fixed: UOG ping bug (LB)
  • fixed: countless problems related to login/logout (LB)
  • fixed/added: delayed logout. (LB) if you are not logging out in dedicated logout areas you are visible (and attackable) for other players until logouttimer cleared (CHAR_TIME_OUT in server.scp). In instalogout regions you get logged out immediately.
  • changed: players have to login within 90 secs. (LB)
  • added: alwaysrelogin 0/1 in server.scp.
  • if 0: logout -> players can't login again until their delayed logout timer has been cleared (CHAR_TIME_OUT) if 1: logout -> players can always relogin after logging out. but note that server keeps them on until logout timer cleared. (that's NOT an insta-logout flag)
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LoneWolf 12.7.10 Alpha Released
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2002, at 06:34 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.10 Alpha Released:
"We decided to stick to alpha state because we found a major bug caused by the restructuring measures *today* However, it was the *only* one since we entered alpha mode So you can consider this version something in between alpha and beta."
Here are some other improvements:
  • added: LBR mounts. Those 4 that work with clients 3.0.7d (swamp dragon, armor dragon, skeletal mount, giant beetle) no idea if OSI plans to add more or changes it. difficult to say because currently disabled on OSI servers.
  • changed: tweaked combat animations further. added hopefully better looking extra animations if you are fighting on kirins, ostards, llamas, ridgebacks.
  • fixed: bandwidth waste with spawners (LB and Duke)
  • fixed: bandwidth waste with stamina regeneration (Duke and LB)
  • fixed: 'naked after resurrection' bug (LB)
  • fixed: temp int changes becoming permanent (Duke)
  • added: swap x command. you can turn for x seconds into a different npc or player's shape. clothing, shape AND BP is covered. actually the target can be a different player/npc than you. note: to store old data a temporal storage NPC is created. It is invulnerable and invisible, gets deleted when effect wears off. note: name might be confusing, actual it's more tempDupeNpc. note2: consider it a fun command, more to come. (comments appreciated) (LB)
  • added: revertswap command manual reversation of swap command mentioned in 89) you need this if server is shut down while under this effect. note: this command needs an unused/dummy parameter. (LB)
  • fixed: npcs with stats > 100 will no longer be cut to 100 when training (Duke)
  • fixed: no more resurrecting in the doorway (house break in exploit) (Duke)
  • fixed: 'infinite respawn' bug introduced with 12.7.9 (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.7.9 Alpha Released
Monday, Apr 1, 2002, at 06:31 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.9 Alpha Released:
"Yes, that's not a typo, this version is declared ALPHA. You may have gotten used to the stability of LW betas ;) . However, this time we had some structural changes that didn't allow for comlete testing. So watch out for new bugs and backup your worldfiles. It also has some nice fixes, of course."
  • fixed: spawners lost their 'dispellable' attribute (Duke)
  • fixed: house placement by a player that has no bankbox crashing the server (Duke)
  • added: disabled space checking when placing houses for GMs. On Sayro's request. Experimental. Watch out for client crashes. (Duke)
  • fixed: mana and stamina not regenerating fast enough (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: rename deeds (TYPE 186) didn't work (Duke)
  • changed: Much(!) more monsters have sounds now, also corrected wrong ones. More work in this direction following (LB)
  • fixed: server checks for client crashing monsters on start (only) and corrects them (LB)
  • fixed: you could use house speech (ban, lockdown,...) on boats (Duke)
  • changed: vendors have now buy+sell entries if NPCPOPUPMENUES are enabled (LB)
  • fixed: combat animations wrong (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.7.8 beta released
Monday, Mar 18, 2002, at 06:40 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.8 beta released:
  • fixed: couple of server crashes related to non existing items in itemlists in items.scp. doh! (LB)
  • fixed: client crash when dragging corpses (LB)
  • fixed: regen mana rewritten to conform to OSI, save cpu and save bandwidth (Duke) You will have to adjust your server.scp
  • MANA_REGENRATE now gives the seconds per manapoint for the *worst* case, eg. full plate. Advantage: you can now set it to speeds faster than 1 point per sec.
  • fixed: magic armour did not count towards AC penalty for meditation (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: tents are refreshed by simply walking in. House refresh is still linked to dooruse (Duke)
  • fixed: spells have a delay again (Duke)
  • fixed: receiving magic damage will interupt casting (Duke)
  • added: you can disable resurrection with bandages with BANDAGECANRES 0 in server.scp (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.7.7 Beta Released
Thursday, Mar 7, 2002, at 07:06 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.7 Beta Released:
  • fixed: false warning: "unknown button0/1" (LB)
  • fixed/changed: verdata.mul not mandatory anymore. (because LBR ships with none) (LB)
  • added: OSI like NPC popupmenues. only works for clients 3.0.6 and above. can be enabled/disabled via NPCPOPUPMENUES 1/0 in server.scp currently it only shows open paperdoll menu entry. will be extended/completed later (constantly) thx a lot to punt for the packet info. (punt/LB)
  • chged: 'Socket Recv Error 10053' no longer logged on Win systems (Duke)
  • chged: 'fallout of switch' msg from usepotion will now be logged and gives more info (Duke)
  • fixed: potential crash from bad house.scp (no ITEM line given) (LB)
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LoneWolf 12.7.6 Beta Released
Monday, Mar 4, 2002, at 06:37 AM
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Lone Wolf 12.7.6 Beta has been released:
  • fixed: lots of 'invalid char index' messages when starting an empty world (Duke)
  • fixed: adding scrolls to a spellbook sometimes falsely rejected (Duke)
  • fixed: restocking seldom restocked wrong items (Duke)
  • fixed: max weight for stealing was 100 times too low (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: random steal now allways finds an item if there is one (Duke)
  • fixed: stealing limit for piled items is now calculated correctly (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: wasting of bandwidth by stealing (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: the msgs "You notice..." were directed to the player (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: skillgain for stealing even if not in range (Pokey/Duke)
  • fixed: gatetravel only worked in one direction. Also made is faster CPU wise. (LB)
  • added: LBR support (LB)
  • fixed: compile erros under linux. compiles now ok with gcc 3.0.x.
  • currently NOT with 2.95 (compiler freezes!!!) (punt)
  • added: makefile for linux (punt)
  • fixed: (potential) client crash/freeze on cstats command (LB/Pokey)
  • fixed: Bad crash in combat code (LB)
  • fixed: an old crash bug only hidden by stealing merely working (Duke)
  • chged: stealing only criminals if victim is innocent,attacker or in unrelated guild (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.7.5 Beta
Monday, Feb 25, 2002, at 06:38 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.5 Beta has been released:
  • Fixed: potential data corruption/crash/madness bug at login (Pokey and Duke)
  • Added: gumps for the virtue system pop up if the pentagram @ paperdoll is clicked. Works only client 3.0.6j and above. Note: this is only done to test new gump code, not to implement "the" virtue sytem (for now) If you have nice ideas how such an implementation should look like, feel free to post on discussions board. It's also a low level class for the virtue system. Mergers that want to implement the virtue system should have a look at it to avoid reinventig the wheel (LB)
  • Added: command killnpcs. kills npcs within a rectangular area (LB)
  • fixed: deleting char not showing new login screen correctly (LB)
  • fixed: a class for handling stats has been implemented, currently used only for strength. Any bugs like temp changes becoming permanent should be fixed for strength (Duke)
  • fixed: stablemasters returning wrong pet for petnames contained in "CLAIM" (Duke)
  • fixed: socket/index confusion with dismiss from guild (Pokey/Duke)
  • added: carving support for UOTD creatures (Covenant/Duke)
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LoneWolf Returns
Monday, Feb 18, 2002, at 06:30 AM
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LoneWolf has returned from vacation. Look for a new Beta Release coming soon.
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LoneWolf Takes A Holiday
Monday, Jan 21, 2002, at 07:09 AM
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Posted on the LoneWolf Forums:
"LB will be away until Feb 10th, I myself will be away until Feb 17th. We will both be able to attend the boards from time to time though."
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LoneWolf 12.7.4 beta
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2002, at 06:40 AM
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LoneWolf 12.7.4 beta has been released:
  • Added: at least one step of stealth, regardless of skill (Duke)
  • Changed: Mindblast limited to 50 hp damage (Duke)
  • Fixed: you can no longer pick up items with setmovable 2, thus they don't disappear (Duke)
  • Fixed: npcAI 4 guards was fubar (Duke)
  • Fixed: broken pipe error on free BSD (punt/Duke)
  • Fixed: guards acting outside guarded regions (Pokey and Duke)
  • Fixed: can't target stabled/mounted pets with LastTarget macro anymore (Duke)
  • Fixed: losing fame when cutting up human corpses (Pokey and Duke)
  • Fixed: chaos/order shields spawning in bp of chars[ (Duke)
  • Fixed: locked containers didn't add to char's weight (Duke)
Note that 12.7.3 beta release was only a hotfix, wherein mining and lumberjacking fixed - broken by 12.7.2 beta (Duke).
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LoneWolf 12.7.2 beta
Tuesday, Jan 8, 2002, at 07:16 AM
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Lone Wolf EMU:
  • Fixed: items temporarily disappearing when tweaking their position (Duke)
  • Fixed: equipping a poisoned weapon did not activate the poison (Duke)
  • Fixed: index out of range error: gmpages (LB and Duke)
  • Fixed: bad char index # in file commands.cpp line 859 (Duke)
  • Fixed: scripted color was overridden when item was created from plain material (Duke)
  • Fixed: index out of ranger error: creatures (LB)
  • Added: new command tilescript xxxx. where xxxx = item# (decimal) from items.scp. (LB)
  • Fixed: 3d clients 3.0.6g and above crashing a lot (LB)
  • Added: possible to mount those new "horses": (Dark Steed, Ethernal Horse, Ridgeback, Silver steed, Faction horse, Unicorn, Nightmare, Ethernal Lama, Ethernal Ostard, Kiirin) Note that those one's are not in standard scripts yet though. Special Thx to Covenant for the ID's (LB)
  • Added: Invisible horse (when mounted). works for both clients (2d+3d). Horse has to have ID 0x00c8 and it has to be called MYSTIC HORSE (LB)
  • Fixed: deleting a spellbook now deletes the spells immediately, avoiding error msgs (Duke)
  • Fixed: socket/index confusion in release from jail (Duke)
  • Fixed: items with low byte of id > x80 not recognized in wtrigrs.scp (Duke)
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LoneWolf 12.7.1 Beta
Monday, Jan 7, 2002, at 06:49 AM
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This is a little late, but better than never. I will get LoneWolf up on the side links as time goes on.

Version 12.7.1 Beta of Lone Wolf is available. Highlight to this release is line-of-sight has been rewritten and is MUCH faster now.

Lone Wolf EMU
Wed, Jun 2, 2004:
LoneWolf 13.1 Released
Mon, May 24, 2004:
LoneWolf 13.0.12 Beta Released
Mon, Apr 19, 2004:
LoneWolf 13.0.10 Beta Released
Mon, Mar 1, 2004:
LoneWolf 13.0.9 Released
Tue, Feb 17, 2004:
LoneWolf 13.0.8 Beta Released
Wed, Dec 31, 2003:
LoneWolf 13.0.7 Beta Released
Mon, Dec 8, 2003:
LoneWolf 13.0.6 Beta Released
Thu, Sep 4, 2003:
LoneWolf 13.0.1 Beta Released
Mon, Aug 4, 2003:
LoneWolf 13.0 And 12.9.13 Scripts Released
Mon, Jul 21, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.13 Beta Released
Mon, Jun 23, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.12 Beta Released
Tue, Jun 3, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.11 Beta Released
Tue, May 20, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.10 Beta Released
Mon, Apr 28, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.9 Beta / 12.9.9c Scripts Released
Tue, Apr 8, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.7b Scripts Released
Mon, Apr 7, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.8 Beta Released
Mon, Mar 24, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.7 Scripts Released
Fri, Mar 21, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.7 Beta Released
Mon, Mar 10, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.6 Scripts Released
Wed, Feb 26, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.5 Beta Released
Mon, Feb 17, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.4 Beta Released
Mon, Jan 6, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.9.1 & 12.9.2 Released
Thu, Jan 2, 2003:
LoneWolf 12.8.4 Scripts Released
Mon, Dec 30, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.9 Released
Thu, Dec 26, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.13 Beta Released
Mon, Dec 2, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.12 Beta Released
Wed, Nov 20, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.11 Beta Released
Tue, Nov 19, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.10 Beta Released
Mon, Nov 11, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.9 Beta Released
Tue, Oct 29, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.8 Beta Released
Wed, Oct 16, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.7 Released
Wed, Oct 2, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.6 Beta Released
Wed, Sep 18, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.5 Released
Wed, Sep 4, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.4 Beta Released
Tue, Sep 3, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.3 Scripts Released
Mon, Aug 26, 2002:
LoneWolf Adds Encryption Back
LoneWolf 12.8.3 Beta Released
Mon, Aug 12, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.2 Beta Released
Fri, Jul 26, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.8.1 Beta Released
Tue, Jul 23, 2002:
Lone Wolf 12.8 Released
Mon, Jul 1, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.14 Beta released
Mon, Jun 17, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.13 Beta Released
Mon, May 13, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.12 Beta Released
Wed, Apr 24, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.11 Beta Released
Wed, Apr 10, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.10 Alpha Released
Mon, Apr 1, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.9 Alpha Released
Mon, Mar 18, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.8 beta released
Thu, Mar 7, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.7 Beta Released
Mon, Mar 4, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.6 Beta Released
Mon, Feb 25, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.5 Beta
Mon, Feb 18, 2002:
LoneWolf Returns
Mon, Jan 21, 2002:
LoneWolf Takes A Holiday
Tue, Jan 15, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.4 beta
Tue, Jan 8, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.2 beta
Mon, Jan 7, 2002:
LoneWolf 12.7.1 Beta
LoneWolf 12.7.1 Beta
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