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Canera is planned to be a complete custom EMU that will follow very specific rule set. After so much time and effort I found it necesary to write the EMU from scratch instead of editing and re-editing an already exisiting EMU.
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Work Board Finally Updated!
Thursday, Jan 20, 2005, at 11:33 AM
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From Canera Project:
I have finally updated the work board to reflect the current status of things. I had updated it long ago but the site hacks forced a revert, so the work board was included with that. But I have finally taken the time to update it and is now as accurate as it can be. A few things have been placed 'On Hold' for the time being as I try to finish up a few other things first. Most of the crafting skills are 'On Hold'. This is due to the desire to redo the crafting menus once more, I want to add a few new items to each of them and rebuild a couple of them from scratch. A few other things have been put 'On Hold' for now as well. I kinda spread out things a bit too much and was losing track of where I was a few times. So I figured I just put a few things 'On Hold' in order to finish up some of them before moving on.
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OSI Newest Patch
Thursday, Jun 17, 2004, at 06:59 AM
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It looks like OSI's new patch has changed the encryption as well as adding a couple of gumps. Some people are complaining that UOGateway no longer works with the new patch. Those using UORICE have not noticed any problems.

From Canera Project:
OSI has published a new patch, basically for the "Anniversary Edition" of UO. After looking at the new stuff (artwork) I had to laugh... only 3 new items and they are pretty much a joke! A new wall hanging artwork, a samarui helm and flowers (purple roses of trinsic) the rest of the stuff are just special hued items. Big deal. Well anyways here are the items.

(the helm and the wall hanging are gump views)

The helm doesnt seem to have a item version to it and no idea if it will work for the 2d version. OSI doesn't specify if they are for both versions or just 3d. But, it seems to me, that they do favor the 3d version.
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Canera Project - Some Difficulties
Monday, Jun 14, 2004, at 06:36 AM
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From Canera Project:
While testing my newest code, I ran into some problems with the magic system. I am working on getting these problems fixed, so thats the reason for the update slow down.

I have found the problem code and in the process of fixing it. So, other than that, things are going pretty much as planned. Actually... things are a little ahead of schedule.
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Canera Project New Forum Addition
Wednesday, Jun 2, 2004, at 07:23 AM
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From Canera Project:
I have added a new forum section entitled "How It Should Have Been"

Basicaly this is your chance to have some input on how Canera may be coded. I am a long time veteran player of OSI shards and seen many the changes they have made. Granted I havent seen them all simply due to the fact that a few of the changes didnt affect my charaters at all (different profession changes and such)

So if you want to post something about how OSI should have done things, could have done things, or sholdnt have do it at all, I want to hear it! I have big plans for Canera but I do want your input as well. Im sure there are things about UO that I completely forgot about. Things like NPC luring thru player moongates. Ahhhh... the good ole days of luring a Hyloth Collector of Souls thru a moongate that leads to 1st level Shame. Such Carnage! Should such things be allowed once again?
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Canera Project - New Site Addition
Monday, May 24, 2004, at 07:10 AM
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From Canera Project:
I am currenty adding a new Work Board addition to the site. This will track my progress in coding and about how far along I am with each sub-system. You may find the link to the work board in the main menu but it is not yet active for Registered users. I am still updating it with the current progress of things. I should have it active for all registered users in a couple days.

I'm hoping that this will solve the many questions that you all have reguarding Canera's progress. I have more site updates planned as well in the future. Some of them might come as a shock while others will most likely be expected. You will just have to wait and see :P
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Canera Ranting
Monday, May 17, 2004, at 06:53 AM
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From Canera Project:
Well OSI is at it again! Screwing up the game to a point that the in game 'cry babies' get their way once again *sigh* OSI has changed PvP combat 'a bit' and allowed a couple new rules, which has never been seen before!

"As part of the house fighting balance change, players will no longer be able to enter a house if they attack another player that is not in their guild or in a warring guild.

Murderers can now enter guard zones on non-Siege ruleset shards (Only in Felucca)."

What the hell is that crap?! You can't enter a house if you attack another player? Allowing Murderers to walk freely in the streets? Give me a break!

Hey, OSI! Get a clue, man! If you wouldnt have screwed up the entire game by listening to the 'cry babies' about the PKs then you wouldnt have to do this complete non-sence. I'm no PK but fending them off was one of the greatest things about the game and they took it away. No danger = BORING! Might as well just give each player their own personal GM to kiss their ass and give thing everything they ask for. I mean... really! WTF? Why not? Thats what they are doing one step at a time anyways.

Sorry folks, but that seriously ticks me off to see this sort of 'update' as they call it. Thats one more major step in the WRONG direction if you ask me. And you better beleive it when I say that I will NEVER code a rule that absurd in Canera!
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Canera Project Updates
Monday, May 3, 2004, at 07:07 AM
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From Sargo:
This is just a reminder to everyone on what my goal is for Canera.

I plan on getting Canera to work as I always thought it should have been done on OSI shards. I mean there are a lot of great features and rule sets that they have implimented over the years BUT, I also feel that there are many wich are plainly wrong or stupid for even changing in the first place! So, Canera will be a server that reflects the way I feel OSI should have done things.

I will be using things from the original version (1.0) and up to the current AoS stuff. Not everyone is going to agree with the way I handle things and I expect that, which is perfectly fine too. I just wanted to do things the way I wanted and not have to add features that I felt were lame or useless or whatever the reason. So I hope everyone enjoys my version of UO and has fun finding all the new additions I will be adding as I go.
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Canera Project Updates
Monday, Apr 26, 2004, at 06:47 AM
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From Canera Project:
I have finished many of the 'secondary skills' (as I call them) Skills like alchemy, camping, and so forth. Combat and Magery are about half done each. I will spend quite a lot of time on these two with obvious reasons. I also have added a couple nice little surprises to both of them and I want to add a few more. Archery will have a complete different system. The basics will be the same but I have made several enhancements to it that I think many will like.

Blacksmithing and Tailoring will be the next major targeted overhauled skills. Improved menus (probally non-osi like) and a more intuitive feel to them. I never liked the new transparent manus that they use now. I always found them to be a bit confusing or just plain a pain. I always forget to select the proper materials (colored ingots or leather type) So I'm going to try to eliminate that problem.
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Canera-Project Updates
Monday, Apr 19, 2004, at 07:11 AM
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From Canera:
I am in the process of working on the skills. Some are pretty straight forward while others are proving to be a complete pain in the arse!

But, over all, things are going quite well. I have no time frame for when I will have them all working.. That will come in time, one skill at a time. I plan on getting the main skills working and then go from there on the lesser used skills, with plans on so actions requiring the combined benefits of 2, 3 and even thought of 4 skills being used for specific actions. I'm not quite sure how to combine some of these skills but I'm sure I'll come up with a very clever plan for them.
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Canera Forum Inquiries
Monday, Apr 19, 2004, at 07:11 AM
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From Canera:
I have had some of you already asking about access to the forums for C-P. So I decided to let everyone know as to why they are not active for registered users.

The first and main reason for it is simply because I would rather not be asked 1000 questions reguarding C-P as to what its features are going to be and so forth. If I did, then I would be focusing on answering the questions instead of actually coding C-P. Secondly, there is the possibility of me giving out details on certain systems, by mistake, that I'm not ready to do just yet. Third, I dont want to describe how a particular system is going to function and then change my mind and decide to do it another way, thus confusing everyone as to how it actually works. Hell... I might decide not to do it at all for that matter. So, it's simply easier not to give out any details, so no one is disappointed by any misconception or early descriptions of functionality.

Once I have a working beta, I will open up the forums to the beta testers. At which time, Those chosen ones can post in the forums. I have not yet decided wether to make those forums public or not. But I am leaning twords keeping them private simply to hide any possible exploits till they can fixed.

Beta testers... There are no current beta testers at this point and it may be a while before there is. A beta tester will connect to my test shard and only have a normal player access account. They will test the various systems for bugs and/or inconsistancies within the system(s). Depending on how things go, I may grant one or two beta testers GM access to help test out the GM functions and abilities. We will have to see.

At this time, I am NOT accepting applications for beta testers. I will make an announcement on how and where to apply when C-P is ready for testing.

Many thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the Canera-Project, I appreciate it very much and I am glad to see many of you follow my progress in this endeavor.
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Canera Project Updates
Monday, Apr 12, 2004, at 06:47 AM
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From Canera Project:
Great News! The network code is pretty much stable now. I have been connected tot my test shard for about 12 hours now without any problems. I'm going to let it continue on for a few more hours to be sure.

Walking code is now finished! I had quite a little coding session and was able to finish it. I am quite pleased with how well it turned out. I expected more errors than I actually did get. I'm sure there's still some bugs that I havent found yet but, if there are, I'll find them with further testing.

So, to sum things up...

I can log in and walk around... thats it... for now anyways :)
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Canera Project
Monday, Apr 5, 2004, at 06:59 AM
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From Canera:
Hails and welcome weary traveler! You have come to the home of the Canera Project, a Ultima Online server emulator.

Yes, you guessed it... another UO EMU.

Now Canera is planned to be a complete custom EMU that will follow very specific rule set. After so much time and effort I found it necesary to write the EMU from scratch instead of editing and re-editing an already exisiting EMU. They are many great EMUs out there (UOXC and RunUO for example) but they just didnt do or allowed what I wanted to do for a shard. All are very versitile but yet they all lacked certain things that I needed them to do.

So with that said, Canera is born!

Canera promises nothing but the most user friendly EMU to date. Anyone who wishes to use Canera for their server needs is more than welcome to it (once a release package is available of course). Until then, keep looking for status news on its development.
Thu, Jan 20, 2005:
Work Board Finally Updated!
Thu, Jun 17, 2004:
OSI Newest Patch
Mon, Jun 14, 2004:
Canera Project - Some Difficulties
Wed, Jun 2, 2004:
Canera Project New Forum Addition
Mon, May 24, 2004:
Canera Project - New Site Addition
Mon, May 17, 2004:
Canera Ranting
Mon, May 3, 2004:
Canera Project Updates
Mon, Apr 26, 2004:
Canera Project Updates
Mon, Apr 19, 2004:
Canera-Project Updates
Canera Forum Inquiries
Mon, Apr 12, 2004:
Canera Project Updates
Mon, Apr 5, 2004:
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