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  UOXDEV - UOX3js.
News on UOX, the first and oldest Ultima Online Emulator that started it all. All topics surrounding UOXDEV (UOX Development Network).
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Cironian Puts Up Old UOX3 Site
Friday, Mar 7, 2003, at 06:42 AM
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Cironian posted the following message over on the UOX3EvilDeD site:
Since a search for a cached version of my first UOX3 site turned up nothing useful on Google or for me yesterday, I decided to get what I had of that from my backups and throw it up somewhere. So now you can head over to if you want to see the old, old (and oooooold) news for some reason. All the news entries from September 1997 to May 2000 should be there.

This is probably only of interest to a few old-timers, but I thought telling you here couldnt hurt either. Enjoy!
Cironian's Site:
topic image Back Again?
Tuesday, Sep 10, 2002, at 06:43 AM
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Posted on the site: reopening 9/13/2002

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UOXDev's Last News Post
Friday, Aug 30, 2002, at 06:00 AM
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UOXDev's last news post:
Thu Aug 29, 2002 2:55 pm
by Ryan
Well, its come to this...

I hate to be so happy in a time that everyone seems to be so solemn but please remember everyone. UOX is a game.. games are great for a whie. There are other things out there that are more fun like learning new programming languages!!

I'd like to take the opporitunity to thanka list of people from over the years:

I have no message for the following.. theres no reason to give one to them because they are still around every day:
Bryan (Zippy)
Mike (Chaos)
Sean (Sephiroth)

The following people are contributors to UOXDev and or UOX over the past 5 years that I would also like to say thanks to:

Infymus - you are right alot of the times, even when we'd rather think not :)

Zadius - Thanks for taking the time to teach me things back in the day.

Zane - Thanks for helping make a success. A major part of its success rests on your shoulders. Your a good guy and are missed.

Tauriel - Hope things are still going good for ya... take care bud.

Crwth - Heh... if you read this ill be amazed but I miss ya :)

Seank - Thanks for everything man.. I await my slideshow script!!!

EvilDeD - Even though your not my favorite back in the day when you did contribute something you made uox and uoxdev a success.

Xuri - All I can say is THANKS. Nothing else to say, you have done alot of work to make uox great, and specifically uoxdev great.

Punt - You are the greatest developer in this little community. You have handed out so much knowledge and time and I dont think I can ever repay you for everything... I know your sick and I really hope you are doing better. You are truely a great friend.

Shep - Shep if your still around at all, I miss ya bud. You are absolutely one of the few that took the time to do things right... I have modeled some of what you taught me in "other aspects" of what I am doing now.

In closing I want to say this:

The UOX Development Network has always been the home of UOX. It has also been the home to many great sites and emulators. We have hosted everythign from player run shard sites to The Smithys Anvil. We have always centered this network around one thing, that was providing the users with above average availability, and a community that could provide answers when the developers couldnt and didnt have time.

Over the past two years, the developers of UOX have basically secluded themselves to an IRC channel. If you werent part of that group then you really couldnt get help from them. You could spend months on IRC and become an accepted memeber into their 'upper echelon' if you will, but you know thats really not what UOX was about.

UOX was founded on a single principal. To be able to log into Ultima Online on your PC and not pay OSI(EA). Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. UOX quickly grew, gaining popularity and thats when people started going for multiple users on a server, adding functionality and features and it eventually blossomed into what it was two years ago.

Along the way we would have anywhere from 20 to 30 people contributing code to the program at a time, and releases two to three times a day. These were the days when UOX was great. Some people will disagree on that point saying that it was unorganized and no one had control. But the fact of the matter is this... if control lends itself to what UOX3 is today, which is totally in the hands of someone whom has proven they cannot handle power then why is control needed.

UOX was about being open and free to everyone. No one used the Official bullshit until roughly two years ago and thats when everything went down hill. The UOX Development Network has never recognized the 'Official' title and has often been mocked here. I was hoping that we could encourage some people to push forward with UOX's source base and make it into something great... but you know what.. that has already happened.

UOX is basically the grandfather of the UO Emulation/Server community. It has had many spinoffs... Wolfpack being the most notable. Wolfpack has itself had many spinoffs (LoneWolf, Nox). So in the end UOX has done good. UOX was great a couple of years ago. At this point though, UOX is dead. The UOX Development Network is closing its doors and locking everything down. I have discussed with others what we need to do with uoxdev and we have decided that we should archive it so that people can still come and search things if they need to.

There is a lot of good information contained in this site and it would be beneficial for the users and other webmasters if they could still access it from time to time, be it to build an archive of UOX's past or be it to build a new site the caliber of uoxdev and take the good stuff, leaving the bad stuff and build on it.

I want to say that if I missed someone dont be hurt... I want to thank all 1500+ members of The UOX Development Network. You have all made me proud to be a part of UOX.

Thanks again, every single one of you. I cherish the time we have all spent together and the knowledge that we have all gained. I hope you too can walk away from UOX with a sense of closure for lack of a better word.

Warmest Regards,

Ryan McAdams
Owner and Operator - The Dead UOXDev Tavern
UOXDEV: Website no longer exists.
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UOXDEV... Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
Monday, Aug 26, 2002, at 07:06 AM
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UOXDEV is again the topic of flame inside all of the Ultima Online EMU communities. A little over a week ago, EvilDeD took control of the UOX3js CVS on SourceForge and proclaimed himself self appointed tyrant. In doing so, he locked out all of the current developers and tossed out just about everyone else. In addition to this he set up his own #uox3 irc channel on another network and told everyone it was the new meeting place, rather than the correct appointed irc channel -,6667. He also pointed UOX3 SourceForge to Weazy's now dead UOX3 site.

The fallout in the UOX3js community had already begun with developers and admins leaving UOXDEV months ago. Today UOXDEV is nothing more than a web board and a chatgroup on irc. The last release of UOX3js was in April, and previously in February. In many ways the UOX3js project is on indefinate hold and many in the community say it is totally dead.

I've been asked by many in the UO community why I haven't taken up my "dick as a pen" (as EvilDed has said) and write something. I haven't had anything to say. I made my predictions about UOXDEV earlier this year. Some have come true, some have not. I think that I'll leave the comments up to the community at large and post them here. Truth of the matter is, is that I just don't care. UOX3 has been a point of controversy since day one. While UOX3 sits and fights over who is in control of the software and what direction it should go, other emu's such as WolfPack, LoneWolf, UOX-Classic, NoX-Wizard (although it has been on hold a few months now), Sphere, POL, Revelation and Epsilon continue to make giant strides leaving UOX3 so far behind that the project may never EVER catch up.

Paige over on PaigeLore writes:
Well many here probably are already aware of the fighting ensueing over in UOX land. Its suddenly come to many peoples attention that perhaps a 3rd party with nothing baised towards either side of this conflict might be able to point some fingers properly. Suddenly several people have asked me to do a historical record of where its been, where its at, and whats to come for the UOX3 emulator.

I have removed UOXDev.Com from the Affiliates section for afew reasons. Mainly is the lack of a link back. Thats a rule to be affiliated. Also I am going to point out something that will certainly piss off a select few but oh well. A webmaster must always consider who they link with. Whats on the links is directly considered to be of interest to the person who has the link on their site. Link to a porn site, and everyone thinks you a porn fan. Link to a profane site, and everything things the same of you. Link to a site that continually attempts to instigate fights, and well, it lessens everyones opinion of your site. And at this time, thats what UOXDev.Com is doing. I am sorry but continually posting opinions about a subject you claim to no longer be interested in what-so-ever is kind of contradictory. As webmasters we must hold a certain standard within the community. We must be above openly targeting others with insults and commentary that is so obviously baised. Some might thing what I write here is just that but its not. This is me explaining why I am removing a link to my community and fanbase of Paigelore.Com. I respect my viewers enough to not subject them to such petty bickering and fighting. I feel they have better things to do than to view such crap. Such as playing the game my site covers. I am sorry if this makes an enemy of UOXDev.Com but I simply cannot endorse and recommend such a website to my viewers. Sorry.
Chaos, over on Legions of Chaos writes:
EviLDeD: My old friend, has shown his true colors.

EvilDed writes:
Wha5t did chaos ever do :)
cept start and stop, start and stop
when it got tough, he qquit
then whe it looked safe he come bak3
its funny the freedom to hear when given the chance to listen :)
I'm not going to argue that I left and came back at least 3 times, but it wasnt because things got tough. I've always jumped in on every flame war to help defend people that work hard, show compassion, and generally care about their friends and UOX3.

I want to clear up exactly what I've done, and this is just for EviLDeD. When he came back, he had a computer that was barely cutting it, this made it very difficult for him to be present and be the Lead Developer for UOX3. I called him and he called me numerous times to chat about random shit, and basically just check up on each other, and make sure we were both still sane. I sent him 256 meg PC100 RAM to help him get back online and into the scene, and when he got back fought THE person that taught me EVERYTHING I know about UOX3 and C++, Abaddon. I fought relentlessly because I felt the real person in charge was back, and deserved to be allowed back in.

I fought with people on AIM, via Email, via ICQ, etc to help him get his title back. Hell, I played a large role in Abaddon leaving, along with a few of his friends - whether someone reading this cares to believe that or not is up to you.

A lot of people don't know my story and here it goes.

I got sick and tired of the constant bickering and bullshit in the community, especially between developers, and I wanted my own project (this was in 1998). So Legions of Chaos was born. I had extenuating circumstances in life - getting a new job, moving back from England, busting ass in college night classes, etc - and I was ready to put aside all the bickering. I started LoC for a reason, I chose its fate. It was mine, and I had some TRULY AMAZING people working their asses off for me...this was my style, I loved to not be a dictator, and yet still have amazing people helping me. Soon it got to the point where I brought on some boneheads and decided I needed a break, so I left. I am free to choose my own path, and I did.

I came back after about 6 months (around Feb 2000) and started back up with a new few coders, and again LoC was in swing. LoC made more progress in one month than UOX3 has done in the last year. You can argue that all you want, but go ahead and windiff the code changes in that time period, and youll see we produced over 6,500 lines of code (finishing factions, rewriting 80% of combat, adding new script changes like Multi-Items, and more). We were never as stable as Wolfpack, but we were definitely on our way. We were a tight knit band of friends, and we worked very hard towards our own goals (totally aside from UOX3 and its bickering).

Around May 2001 I set LoC aside to help Abaddon and EviLDeD get the .95 edition working. I was one of the few (I believe there was 4 of us doing it) working on the project, and I was in charge of combat. I rewrote combat almost entirely (using my extensive knowledge of PvP and PvM from OSI) and bickering began in the community (everyone wanted us to go open source. Abaddon disappeared for a good 3 months and I set aside my combat stuff for LoC once again (thinking for sure Ab was gone for good this time). When he returned I sent him my combat work, even though it was only about 80% finished. When he received it, he told me it was obsolete. I then left UOX3 for good.

LoC began catching flak from certain people, and I soon saw I was headed straight into huge flame wars within the LoC community (this was early 2002). Instead of joining the arguments, I stood aside watching, and decided I didnt like where it was going, so now LoC is gone. No longer do I have a team, nor have the time or care to continue its development.

In closing I want to make my point, so everyone understands I am not writing this to make EviLDeD look bad, or saying I did amazing things with UOX3 and his statement is false.

I just want everyone to know, EviLDeD really has no right saying I did nothing except start and stop. My work on LoC speaks for itself, and my sole dedication to him with the numerous phone conversations and what not should show that I have just been stabbed in the heart.

I warn everyone interested in UO, to start looking for a new emulator, because UOX3 is nothing but problems.

Michael A. Weis
Ryan, UOXDEV administrator writes:
This post started out simply as a post to shut off the big paranoia switch that EvilDeD threw, coming onto and bitching and moaning that I was doing some underworld renegade project. This was not true. Quite simply everyone here that replied to this post took it way off course. Sean really delivered a kick in the nuts on this post (to me) and since friendship comes before anything else with me, I didnt say a word. I let him vent how he feels and let it be.

The thing that kills me, and the thing I will never understand is quite simply this. What has EvilDeD done in the last 2, maybe 3 years that deserves your unbridled loyalty? EvilDeD back in the hayday of UOX did provide some good support for this project, he did some solid work, but he hasnt done anything over the last 2-3 years except pick and choose who he thinks should be in UOX and who he thinks shouldn't. As if he has that kind of control.

I really hope everyone will remember who was there when he came back, stood by him 100% unwaviering and called Abbadon, and then DarkStorm every name in the book in order to get control of the project back into EvilDeD's hands. That was me and Chaos, soley because we were EvilDeD's friends and we were going to do whatever we could to help him. That wasnt Cooter, that wasnt Sean that wasnt anyone other than Chaos and Myself. The sad fact of the matter is that we probably killed UOX at that moment. So no, I dont abolish myself of any blame in UOX's impending death. I realize the role that i have played in it.

EvilDeD has constantly brought his personal life into UOX and that doenst help the project either. He is constantly telling us how bad he has it at home, that his child died, his wife hates him, someone broke into his house and stole everything, and he cant ever find steady work. There have been numerous occassions where the UOX community has helped him by sending hardware, love and anything else we could, and this is what we get. Why does this matter? Its simple... we provide him with whatever we can, to help him and nothing is ever good enough. Some of you I am sure will criticize me for posting about his personal life, but bear in mind when you make it public, it shouldnt bother you if someone re-iterates it to the public.

I want you all to understand I am not telling everyone this because I want to slander EvilDeD or UOX, I simply want you all to know what has gone on in the past. I shut UOXDev down I believe it was twice, not once, but you know what I didn't dissapear for a year without telling anyone what was going on, come back feed them a line of shit, expect them to help me without reserve and then cut their throats as soon as I was done with them.

So in the end what does everything thats happened in this thread mean?? Well its simple... everyone is choosing sides (wheather or not they want to) in EvilDeD's eyes... all I ask you to do is take his. I am not doing a Rouge version of UOX, I am not involved in the UOX community any more, I simply make sure that this website does not go down, and occasionally post. I have made Xuri the site moderator and Administrator again so hopefully he can keep it updated. Its really not that hard considering we have programmed nearly complete automation into it.

So... what does this mean for Ryan and Chaos? Not much... I wont speak too much for Chaos but I will speak for me. I am working on a new project. Something that does not have, nor will have these big need to be fed egos. I know that a lot of people have been wondering what I am up to, I do get your emails, I just dont have the time to respond to all of them.

I wish you all well, and I hope that everyone is doing fine, and I truly hope that you have all moved on to other more healthy projects.
The following was also posted:
Obviously this clarification is needed:

UOX3 is still moving forward. After an enlightening display of intellect tonight, EvilDeD came to the ColdFront (UOXDev) irc server (which is NOT the UOX3 DevTeam's irc server) and started spamming about someone trying to steal the DevTeam's thunder or something.. Either way if your looking for EvilDeD and his UOX3 Official Dev Team you can find them at

If your just looking for general chat your welcome to join us over @ - #uox or #irchelp is where we hang. We are not UOX3 developers, just friends.

Just wanted to clarify that for the people who need to make things a soap opera to feel important, and flaunt their powers.
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"Spring Cleaning" Or Delaying The Unavoidable?
Friday, Aug 16, 2002, at 09:44 AM
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Well I was bouncing around the irc world the other day and I noticed that in Evilded's UOX room there was a topic pointing to:

Coincidentally I saw this article entitled "Spring Cleaning":

Well everyone it has come to that time again. Seems that there is a reduced feeling of support for UOX3. I personally do not see this however some fear that UOX3 on a whole is not progressing well or its managment is having issues that twart the positive direction it could be taking. Well in some cases these are true issues that are based on people working together that for whatever reason refuse to or cannot However keeping good coders that are willing to do the work as well as be famous is a very hard thing to accomplish for the long haul. Most just seem to want to be famous, to get in and get out, without much responsibility for their contribution. This has and will continually be the main reason that UOX3 suffers in my opinion. Now this has in turn brought some very much needed things for UOX3 but in the wrong way, and usualy not very well supported. As with everything its hard to balance the needs of the many and a lot feel that we should conform to the few. Well I will not submit to this way of thinking be assured of that.

All cvs developer access permissions have been removed from all inactive developers, and all other admins removed. Basically there were 10 admins, and 9 developers, the majority of which have either moved on to other projects, or been inactive for an extreme period of time. So they were removed plain and simple. If you feel you were removed in error please contact EviLDeD on irc @ channel #uox.

Currently we are looking to recruit a few good coders, to take on some important tasks ranging from linux compatibility issues to upkeep and maintenence. Some of the areas briefly are as follows:

1) Filenameing convention changes to be the same over all the project. At this stage this means all classes conform to the CClassName convention and all structures conform to the struct __TAGNAME__ convention,
2) Networking re organization, and potential rewrite.
3) Skiills/Stats need to re reassed, and completely redone. Most shoud become javascript
4) Walking, and Map class processing needs to be re thought and re implemented.
5) the list goes on and on.

Please note that only serious applications will be reviewed. Simply put we are looking for coders that can follow a plan, communicate well with others, and handle assignment like duties. A successfull candidate will posess the skills to set to task with little guidance once the end result is understood. For those of you that feel you were removed for no reason I urge you to come speak with me on in #uox and explain to me why I was wrong in removing you and I will re add you. For those that wish to become developers please grab a copy of the source and famililarize yourself with the code before asking to become a developer. When you are ready, come talk to me. There is ALWAYS somethig to do if your willing to do it..

Thanks for all your support over the years, things will be getting tight, but uox3 will prosper for it..

EviLDeD DevTeam Community Project Leader
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Cooter Gets Boot In Ass. Weazy Takes Over UOX3 Development?
Tuesday, Jul 23, 2002, at 07:23 AM
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After my post yesterday concerning the rampant abuse Cooter has shown the Emulator Community, UOX3 notwithstanding, Ryan posted a message summing up pretty much most of Cooter's actions over the last few months. After that, a lot of support poured into UOXDEV and Cooter felt a boot in his ass and finally stated in a message, "You win .. I quit"

Cooter emailed me the following yesterday afternoon:
"Have you ever thought that i didnt start the matter between Ryan and I . Ryan and I were friends..for a long time. Then the rift started .. all of a sudden i was the but of every IRC joke. Without smearing peoples names .. or posting logs .. i will just step down gracefully from any official role i hold for the good of UOX . This is a project bigger than any one man , but one man can cause it harm. I apologize to Tim and Ryan. Even though i know it means nothing to them, i am sorry. "
Meanwhile, Weazy who used to run the Weazy.Net web site dedicated to Ultima Online (who then gave up and went to some music format page) has jumped into the frey and started up a new UOX3 site. There he seems to have taken over the project and is working on the code - more particularly the .DFN files. He writes the following message concerning recent events:
Recently in the uox community there has been alot and i mean ALOT of political bullshit going on. Tim leaving uox and because of cooter, ryan talking shit about cooter and cooter talking shit about ryan. I have seen alot of crap go down in the over 4 years i have been apart of this project in some form or another but i think the time for now for uox is now or never. Either you are with uox or you are against uox and if no one is with it and wants to continue acting like a fucking child i might as well just hang it up now. If there are people who still care and want to see a working 0.98 or 1.0 or whatever the version maybe and want to see uox as the premier ultima emu then i will bust my ass to get the dfn's finished and add to this site. The choice lies with you if your going to be a little political bitch leave now your not wanted or you can help make uox the best fucking ultima emu EVER!
Today Weazy announced the new format for the UOX3 .DFN files and apparently UOX3 development core is now over on Weazy's site? Well, with UOX3 staff dropping likes flies one by one, I suppose now that UOX3 has to move in some direction, even if it is outside the UOXDEV network.
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Tim Leaves UOXDEV
Monday, Jul 22, 2002, at 06:42 AM
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Looks like UOX has lost another developer. With Ryan gone, Eagle off to work on Sphere and now Tim has left, it seems now that Cooter and his childish friends can take UOX in whatever direction they choose.
"Bye." by Tim

Well, I suppose we all chose our time to leave. Some may rejoice, most others may not care really, but I'm leaving. I woke up today after taking a break from all the bustle of my daily life, what with moving and a second job, to stop in IRC for a bit and maybe catch up a little. But I found #uox denoted to:
(@Cooter): fuck Ryan :)
(Odindin): ryan likes small boys
(Odindin): :)
(@Cooter): hehehe
(@Cooter): wait we are talking about tim's gf
(@Cooter): :P
(Odindin): dont you think i deserver and opping for that?
(Odindin): lol :-P
º Tim smacks cooter and odindin both
ººº Cooter is now known as Infymus
º Odindin gets out a flash grenade...and sticks it into tim's mouth...then shoots it all resident evil syle blowing of tim's head!
(Odindin): off^
(@Infymus): people never knew that i was infymus
(@Infymus): its kind of funny actually
(Odindin): people never knew i was damian
(Odindin): heheeh
(Tim): *!*Cooter@* -> doesn't look like an xmission mask to me hehe
ººº Odindin is now known as Ryan
(Ryan): watch me crack his pass
(@Infymus): thanks taken :P
(@Infymus): i own Retalin :P
(Ryan): bleh
(Tim): right, so we're not on ryan's server any more, so now it's okay to talk shit?

>.... some useless nick changing

(@Cooter): and i got tired of being badmouthed by him
(Tim): and honestly, wtf do YOU need an OP in #uox for cooter?
(@Cooter): im a dev
(@Cooter): :)
(odindin): hehe
(Tim): bullshit, all you ever did was whine about people being mean to you
(Tim): and i had to listen to it, now you badmouth ryan?
(odindin): tim: ryan=idiot!
(odindin): if (rand(5)==1 (odindin): RYAN=idiot
(Tim): odindin: i don't even know who you are or how you would even know shit
(odindin): nobody know sme
(odindin): im the most mysterious person on the internet
(odindin): some say i could even be a dog
(odindin): :)
(odindin): RAND=1
(odindin): :)
(Tim): oh, i see
(Tim): -> *!*Cooter@*
(Tim): same mask
(Tim): =P i have two isps, only mine has two different masks
(@Cooter): =from illinois
(odindin): =from minnesota

...and other useless crap. But do take into account, most irc is useless rubbish ^.^
Any way, nothing personal to any one, it's been great working with you all. But if around every corner is yet another childish excuse to be... well, childish, than I don't think I'll find any good reason to to want, or need, to put for effort for ingrates. I don't want any one to think I'm badmouthing the community in that sense, other than those few who pull the occasional crap, it's mostly the lack or gratitude.

In any case, hats off to those of you who continue your work despite the lack, I respect you for it. And I am eternally grateful for the hard work that many have poured into UOX be it code, script, leadership, keeping the emu on it's feet and every other bit of dedication to even the lowliest of us scripters. Many hours have been spent wasting time the way it should be spent. Among friends. And it's because of these people and their dedication.

People bicker, complain, whine bitch moan yeah yeah. But you keep coming back for a reason. And do you honestly think it would be the same, without the hard work of all these people?

For those of you who bothered to read this, take it easy. I'm out.
Editors Note: Personally, whoever is left in charge at UOXDEV needs to stamp the foot down. UOXDEV has it's great points in helping users get the emulator up and running, but the likes of Cooter and Odindin only serve to chase people away to different emulators. Messages such as this one from "Sum Yung Guy" wherein he writes, "this shard is soo horrible! DONT GO YOU WILL TURN GAY" looks like Cooter in yet another alias.

Is UOX an emulator for the 8 year old? Cooter and Odindin seem to make it such. Anyone coming in for help are met with childish antics instead of actual help. And whoever in God's name made Cooter an OP in IRC needs to be slapped.

Hello UOXDEV... Time to put the foot down and clean up the mess.
Far as I am concerned... Tim is god and Cooter can blow him. -Ryan
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Retalin Quits UOXDEV Again
Monday, Jun 17, 2002, at 09:57 AM
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Looks like Ryan is quitting the UOX Emu for the second time. Here's a copy of his message:
Fri Jun 14, 2002 1:29 am

Its time for a farewell… and a farewell it is time for... (so cliche).

First let me start by saying I would like to take the time to thank everyone for their years and years of support. It has become increasingly obvious over the last couple of months that the interest in Ultima Online and the emulators that surround it is decreasing. This is allowing for some things, but it also means that it is lacking in the area of developer interest.

I had a very long talk with a friend of mine (Westy) from the SPHERE development team a couple of days ago and we both were in agreement that things are just not like they used to be. If I were still interested in Ultima Online as a game, I surely would keep moving forward with UOX/SPHERE/Wolfpack… all three of which I love. However my interest in this game is dwindling down to nothing, therefore my support and my attentiveness to this website is lacking in tandem.

What does this mean, and what does the future hold? Well its time for me to step down and out of the UOX Emulation scene as anyone of importance. I think if I stay around and people are relying on me for any kind of input that all it would do is burden the progress of UOX. In easy terms, I am leaving. I admit this is literally one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, and it comes at a time that could provide me with something to walk away with and into.

As a lot of you know, I was working on a server project with Punt before he fell ill. The project was called UO Gamers. UO Gamers was designed around the premise of a shard, not an extensible emulator that others could use. The server had been totally stripped down of all Win32 support and we had moved over to support only Linux as our operating system. The server part of the program had a lot of keen features, namely a MySQL database for storing accounts. We were moving in the progress of Berkley DB for the storing of scripts and or world files to make reading/writing to them even faster than any of the current server programs out there are (including binary saves). Alas with Punt falling ill, things have slowed even with this project. So I am moving it to the back burner and offering it to Chaos if he wants to continue. The team of guys working on this shard was (Zippy, Punt, Chaos and I). If any of those three want to continue I do not have a problem with that and will give them my blessing. As for the server program itself, I will be making the source code available for download for everyone to have. Keep in mind there is NO Documentation, and NO Database layout provided. The source doesn’t even compile because there is still some work to be done so it is by no means ready for anyone to use. I am just making it public because someone may want to see how we did MySQL and any of the other changes that we made.

My next project… and what I am moving on to. At this time I really can’t say. I am not really looking forward to anything other than perhaps getting into playing some Neverwinter Nights, and who couldn’t be excited about that.

What’s going to happen to UOXDev, the site, the users, and the people? First things first, Tim gets to decide what he wants to do with the site. Tim has put all kinds of time and effort into this site and I will not see that effort wasted. If for some reason Tim does not feel like continuing the site I quite simply will offer it to the first Development team that contacts me regarding it. If UOX Classic wants the site they can use the site, if the current UOX3 Development team wants the site they can have it too… all of this is contingent upon Tim deciding weather or not he wants to continue with the site. Tim keep in mind, the host of UOXDev is not going anywhere and its free hosting for as long as I am alive! You won’t pay anything out of your pocket. (That goes for whoever takes it over too if Tim doesn’t decide too.) I’m not going through the same thing I did last time where I offered the domain to people because that only lends to problems in and of itself, where I get criticized in the end…

Basically it boils down to this… Tim build yourself a staff of guys and make good friends with both factions of UOX and make this site great… and support both UOX Classic and UOX3. That has always been the mission of this site, to support anything UOX related be it UOX3, UOX Classic, UOX Gold, UOX 20398409, or a UOX script site…. You have done a great job in this already, keep it up if you wish.

Is this the death of UOX? One of the most important questions I think that can be asked is, “Is it possible for UOX to die?” The answer is quite simply NO. UOX is an open sourced application thus it can be continued in any little fracture that people so desire. That was the reason that Cironian GPL’ed the program in the first place. I am proud to have been part of such a successful project and am looking forward to working with some of you guys on something else in the future.

There really are so many things to say about this, and so many things better left unsaid that I cringe at the thought of posting this letter to you all. I wanted to take the time to post a message here thanking the closest friends I have in this community, as well as the individuals who have helped with this site in the past.

Thanks to you all!

If you think I’m going to take the time to type a list of names, your crazy! That list would be overwhelming. One person in particular that I want to take the time to say thank you to is Punt.

Punt I know bud that you are going through some tough times and I know how stubborn you are… you will be back here and there is no doubt in my mind about that. I cherish your friendship, honesty and willingness to always help in any way you could at any time. After you get well I better hear from you bud!

The only other individual that I have anything to say to specifically is Evilded. Im glad you ended up coming back and I hope to check out sourceforge in 5 years and see that your still here chugging away and making UOX3 what you dreamed it would become. You’ve told a lot of us your plans for UOX3 previously and when it gets there EA might have to put UO down like a sickly dog.

Now for the UOX crew, that would be those of you that would be the regulars of the IRC Channel… You guys all are the greatest… I hope that we can get you guys to hang out somewhere mutual because one thing that is for sure is I will miss those times of Chaos spamming IRC channels with ‘pnwed’ like he is a hacker of some sort, or Zippy’s quote robot that I would love to kill every single time I see someone do !quote.

I’m sure that I am missing something or someone is going to think I am doing something wrong, and if that’s the case, I apologize in advance for the mistakes. I don’t know if there is really anything else that I can say at this point, my brain is tapped, I have been up for like 70 hours and I am sitting on an airplane next to a beautiful young lady (in first class thank god) waiting for this 4 hour flight to end.

Good luck to all, I wish you nothing but prosperous futures, good health and good luck in whatever your endeavors are both UOX and personal. You are the reason I have been here so long, and without your support and ideas we.. . I guess I should say “I” instead of we… would have never made it this far.

Farewell to you all….

Ryan McAdams
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UOXDEV Changes IRC Servers
Friday, Apr 26, 2002, at 06:50 AM
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Due to conflicts of interest with the Stratics Network, UOXDEV is moving off the IRC.STRATICS Servers. EviLDeD mentions that some of the Stratics Operators believe that UOX3 is illegal and is against OSI's (makers of Ultima Online) TOS Agreement. This has been one of the worst stumbling blocks for the entire Ultima Online Emulator Community. There are hundreds if not thousands of players who have long since become disenchanted with OSI's servers, but are too afraid to look into an EMU because they feel they would be doing something illegal.

I've been around the EMU community since UOX was founded and Cironian handed me a copy of UOX. The Smithys Anvil in 1998 reported on all OSI activity including updates to servers, news, and House Of Commons Chat through the Stratics Network. On many many occasions I asked OSI directly (either through Raph Koster, Designer Dragon or other representatives of the OSI Network) if UOX was illegal. OSI's position was then and has always been that UOX or any off-shoot emulator is NOT against the TOS as long as EMU Developers and Shard Operators do not charge any fees for service. In fact, Raph Koster was mildly pleased that UOX actually worked and could support a playerbase.

Any Ultima Online EMU is NOT against the TOS. By running a shard for your own players, you are NOT cheating OSI out of money. You are NOT stealing from OSI. Considering the number of operating shards and the OSI player base, the Ultima Online EMU community is not even a blip on OSI's radar.

Keep the Ultima Online EMU community alive by spreading the word that it is not illegal, immoral nor is it against OSI's TOS. Don't charge for your emulator - don't charge fees to play on your Shard.

With the Stratics Network decision to prevent UOX EMU from holding meetings and having a development channel, other EMUs that use Stratics could also be in jeopardy.

Here is the message from EviLDed concerning UOXDEV's decision to move off the IRC.STRATICS Servers:
Well everyone after a very long haul with Stratics IRC. We are moving. Some of you will be asking yourself why this would be happening and especially after all these years. It was a long time in comming, and well we might have some initial problems. However I feel that this is the best route to take at the present time. Just to clear up for you why all this is happening now I will explain some things to you that has taken place over the last week.

About 2 weeks ago or more(not sure), there was some issues with Stratics opers changing our channel topic in #uox due to some images that we were posting on the topic as urls. Well honestly I can only see my picture being of the unwanted type on stratics(it was of some dildoes wearing military hwlmits). So because the channel was not +s (which is secret) on the channel list and the Stratics Opers were boared our topics were being changed from out side, to small little "Behave or your in trouble" witty topics. This was not only an outrage but just plain silly. Now you have to understand that this was not the first time this has happened but one of the first times that it totaly seemed inaporopriate behaviour on the part of Stratics. So I guess you could say that after a couple hundred times over the last 6-7 years Stratics has taken liberties regarding our channel this combination is what made "Strike #1" a reality.

The other day the channel #uox3hoc became free again so I registered it with Stratics again. Now we have always used this channel for meetings regarding releases, and developer chats. Getting this right wasn't a wonderfuly pretty story either as I remember. About 2 years ago it was decided that Stratics had a good thing with their hoc(house of commons) meetings, and that UOX3 DevTeam would make an attempt to see if this concept could help with the flow of communication between user and developer regarding UOX3. Well to make a longer story just a little shorter, we were turned down. By turned down I mean we were kicked out, and our channel made unusable by anyone, in the name of "It being a Stratics Only thing, and that no one else was permitted to use this concept on thier servers". This however didn't sit well with me so I took the oper head on, and well basically won! We were given the right to have the #uox3hoc channel and meetings as long as we were to keep them on topic and ensure there was no way anyone could confuse UO with UOX3. This along with the stipulation that we had no Stratics support, and that we kept the channel +s. We were more than happe to do this, and even after time were getting Stratics Opers (OFFERED) announcments a couple hours before our meetings would start. All was happy for what I think was about a year and a half. We didn't always have them regularly, and there were a few months there wern't any at all. However it was always working for both Stratics and the DevTeam, and DevNetwork. Well this changed I guess over the last year I have been away.

After being away for about a year I return, and due to things that happend end up in the position to hold hoc meetings again, and start to get things started. Abaddon had the ownership of #uox3hoc so I had to wait for it to become avaialble again! This happend 3-4 days ago. I at this time took the liberty of making the channel, getting the stage area ready, and set topic, and gather the best times to have the meetings. The next day I awake a couple mornings later to being kicked out and banned from #uox3hoc, from the events manager at Stratics with the position once again "Its kind of a copyrighted thing" and other reasons why it was not approriate for us to use that channel. Well the conversation ensumed. I took my best effort to explain our posiotion and what we expected. and well basically we were at a standstill until I guess a glint of reason broke in somehow on the Event Managers view. and realized in stead of thwarting us why not try to support us. At this point he basically told me that as long as we booked events through him and followed Stratics policy regarding how a hoc was operated we would be once again allowed. Lets just say that this banning and such for the second time was "Strike #2". What are they thinking....

Anyhow as the story winds down, after long talks and such we had finally a deal hammered out that seemed to make everyone envolved happy! However this is where OSI/EA and a couple of thier Stratics Channel managers comes into play. I guess to them for whatever reason, believe that the UOX3 emulator is illegal, and that operating the emulator breaks the law. Well quite simply put, they decided to cause trouble not only for us, but Stratics as well. Basically causing a 2 day set of disscussions to begin surrponding how legal UOX3 was, and what Stratics and OSI's official opinion was. So letters and emails were sent and well I never got a copy of the emails that were sent I was told that basically OSI's take on UOX3 is they have no take, however they felt that by Stratics offering to support UOX3 that would suggest that users break their TOS agreements which is concidered a bad thing. So escentially Stratics was told that if they support us, OSI will pull out. Stratics like any scared puppy with a large wet rolled up newpaper aimed at its nose reacted just like I expected by cowering in the corner whimpering. Which brings us to "Strike #3"

It is in my opinon that this is just the starting of more things to come. The closing of #uox3hoc is only and can only be taken as the beginning of something that will only get worse potentially. First its #uox3hoc, then its #uox3dev and then what #uox? I didn' like this perspective on it at all, and was moved by something that Ryan had mentioned and started. Regarding a irc network of our own. At that time 3 weeks ago or so I thought it to be premature and possibly silly. However it wasn't as silly or premature as I thought!

I hope that explain, or helps explain why this move is taking place now.

I would ask those that are making the move to the new irc servers that will no longer be visiting Stratics servers take the time to message the #oper channel on Stratics and mention your thanks for what they have offered over the past years, however due to recent Stratics choices that it is no longer comfortable to call Stratics home and to bid them farewell.

Now I only ask you to do this as a protest, from us to them as we embark on a new horizon. If anythig let us feel better about leaving and them informed that maybe they have made the wrong choice. Which ever, and however I look forward to seeing you all on the new server network..

UOXDev Irc Network
Server1: Soon to be announced
Server2: Temp)

Thank you for your time, and patience. All channels on Stratics will be set to Kick all joins to help make sure that ALL respective people will know of the change.. Tell your friends, your coding buddies, other emulation projects, and or game development projects! All welcome!
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UOX 0.97.0 Released
Friday, Apr 26, 2002, at 06:42 AM
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UOX 0.97.0 has been released:

Known Bugs:
  • The new DNS code requires a local server loopback for when you arn't on the net and wish to run the server
  • Spawn bug exists in 0.97.00 with the sweet dreams inn and the default package spawn script, Devs currently investigating
  • As of the 0.97.00 release we have a new CVS re-organization thanks to Duckhead.
  • The layout is MUCH better now, and alot more logical. You will be required toaquire the entire package, but once you have it all you only need update the files that were changed since your last update. Alot of files were renamed, and moved into more logical directory structures. Module name is UOX3 and current development is on the rel-0-97-patches branch.
  • Corrected a Dictionary issue where out of range attempt would crash the server.
  • Moved the dictionary files out of scripts and put them in thier own directory
  • Removed debugging information for gumps
  • Removed SetMovable( 1 ) for all AddMenu items
  • Fixex char-id/colour properity changes now id/colour,x~,org~
  • Fixes Major region checking issue (fixes lots of visibility problems)
  • Updated a few console display annoyances
  • Re arranged the console commands, and change them to more logical keys
  • Added the console command '7' - Load DFN's.
  • Number of random server crash bugs fixes!!
  • Fixed a problem with Linux servers creating directories with proper attributes
  • Fixed the scripts directory tag to work properly and point to the JS directory eliminating the scripts dir
  • Fix for some binary save tags(Binary saves may not be stable)
  • Problem with the directories changing after a day of running or so has been resolved.
  • Startup has been made more stable. Detect more error conditions and shutdown in case of failure.
  • Cleanup shutdown bugs that would cause a seg fault if startup wasn't completed successfully.
  • Teleport.scp locations validated and fixed (Thanks Norfic)
  • Increased spawn regsions to 4096
  • Force server to output GM cpmmand level for superaccount 0
  • Corrected some minor typo with CreateCharacter and Account0 GM privs.
  • Changed account directories to 3 characters instead of 3. You might need to copy yoru information over appropriatly
  • There have been a number of fixes that were written in a text file that was lost in a system crash. Sorry!
  • Fixed a problem with dfn's in some places(there are more!) and added a trainling space strip for newbie item creations specifically
  • Implemented account isolation system to seperate access, and account data
  • Included cross platform string functions, and classes(mstring.h/mstring.cpp)
  • Added command line options +add:username,pwd,email and +import:filename.txt for importing accounts
  • New Gump class to simplify gump window creation
  • World now includes OSI doors and signs, and the start of spawn areas.
  • Current areas spawning, Destard 1, Hythloth, Covetous 1, Wind Park Healers in Healer's Huts.
  • Wandering healers by dungeons.
  • Added bit15 flag in Access.adm FLAG tag. Implies that that access it a GM access account.
  • Added DNS resolution for ShardList servers.
Script Fixes:
  • At this stage were are finally comming full circle with the DFN files, thanks to
  • a number of very hardworking, and dedicated scripters over at
  • Lots of new items. Includsion of some LBR/UO:TD item id's
  • Item menu checked, and various item links, and menu corrections
  • Some items with layer issues have been fixed.
  • Added 3 missed jse_fileassociation.scp links(Thanks Norfic)
Script Changes:
  • Renamed the JS files to reflect thier purpose more. candle01_on etc.
  • Renamed the envoke.scp and and scpTrig.scp files to jse_objectassociations.scp, jse_fileassociations.scp respectivly
Script Additions:
  • onItemDropOnNPC(srcChar, dstChar, item) event added(Thanks kot_Leopold and crew)
  • KillTimers functionality added (Thanks
  • Char and Item methods added to get part 1 to 4 of serials
  • CalcItemFromSer returns the item obj in JS now instead of int
  • Added Item.SetCont()
  • Timers are reset on every worldsave to avoid erros
  • Added maxhp / maxmana / maxstamina values to the JS Character properties
  • Preliminary docs for a JSE Referance have begun. (
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UOXDEV Not Living Up To Promises?
Thursday, Apr 4, 2002, at 07:11 AM
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Last month, UOXDEV sponsored a contest and in it planned to give away several copies of UO:LBR. Later on, UOXDEV announced the winners and told them to look for emails.

Several weeks later, some of the winners still have not received their copy of UO:LBR.
"PLEASE, I am not trying to be whiney, but I have to ask...on Ryan says if we haven't gotten our LBR copy to ask him so he can check on it. I never even got an email, so I just want to know if I should be expecting one. If not, I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH IT! I'm just asking!"
From another message posted there, Sargo writes:
"Well, to be honest.. I dont think hes going to honor it. I have reason to believe that it wont get sent. Sorry. The reason for my saying this comes from a statement Ryan had sent to me in an e-mail some time ago. It stated that he was extending the contest to us here at UOXC and he was also going to add a link to us here on's site. It has been nearly 2 months since then and still no link."
In a message on UOXDEV, Ryan asks those who have not received their copy to "Please email me to let me know so that I can check on it for you."
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Fark It Up!
Tuesday, Apr 2, 2002, at 09:30 AM
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UPDATE 04/03/02: UOXDEV users have put up a "Fark Infymus" page. Go photoshop Infymus. My wife got a kick out of the current Retalin and Infymus pictures. And to Ret, her comment was, "He's cute!" To which I replied, "Yea, he kinda looks good next to that cow."

Over on UOXDEV, Retalin posted a picture of himself.

Must... Resist... Desire... To Fark It Up...

Must Resist...

Photos moved to Photo Fark Sectional.
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UOXDEV Continues Trying To Control Everything
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2002, at 02:23 AM
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Word has it that Ryan (Retalin) of whom hosts UOXDEV is again trying to absorb every other Ultima Online Emulator into the UOXDEV collective. Even UOX-Classic was recently asked if they wanted to be hosted by UOXDEV. Hopefully the Admins at UOX-Classic denied the request and will stay out of the clutches of the Twins.

Last time that UOXDEV hosted the world, Ryan decided to give up and 100% of the UOX community collapsed. For reasons unknown - other than the fact that EviLDed came back, Ryan decided to re-host everything once again. And the more sites that are hosted by UOXDEV will come under the influence of UOXDEV and once again become tainted with the controlling power of the Twins. In Retalin's parting message he wrote, "I am leaving so that I can change my lifestyle, and spend more time with my girlfriend and hopefully do some things that I have been wanting to do." No lifestyle change? Dumped by the girlfriend? Who knows.

It is this author's hope that any other affiliated sites (WolfPack, LoneWolf, etc) will NOT be hosted by UOXDEV and keep their anonymity. The sole reason that the Smithys Anvil broke off from being hosted by UOXDEV was due to fact that I could not write what I wanted. As UOX began to fall apart while Retalin brought forth his plans for a UOX Council, I knew I had to get out. Ret figured I was pissed because I lost my hosting, however I had already left UOXDEV a month before it collapsed.

Sites outside the UOXDEV network keep your anonymity. UOXDEV's pHaT bandwidth may be tempting as hosting fees are expensive (even the SA uses re-directed URLS to save $$$). You are no longer UOX. And even now while UOXDEV's few contributing members continue to pat themselves on the back in the lamest fashion, you have made a difference just as much as they have. Your emulators are just as stable if not more stable than UOX is. Your contributions are equally appreciated. Keep up the good work and stay out of UOXDEV.
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Tuesday, Mar 5, 2002, at 07:37 AM
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I love it when posts like this one cause an uproar in the UOXDEV community. Of course, the entire UOXDEV community consists of (not including the developers) Jediman, Cooter and Dreoth. And yet between them all they clicked refresh on UOXDEV a million times so Ryan could tout his PhaT BandWidTH.


The domain "" was purchased by Ryan McAdams February 15, 2002. Early this morning he routed the site to UOXDEV - the whore of anything UOX3. It just goes to prove my point that Ryan has to own everything and have it all under his control.

In an earlier post Ryan stated that UOXDEV had reached over a million hits in only 15 days with nearly 70 gigs downloaded. Ryan must have put his child pornography collection back onto UOXDEV again. Meanwhile, UOXDEV's tiny community of 20 users hits refresh 200,000 times a day. And Ryan who hates the Smithys Anvil continues weekly to berate the Smithys Anvil as he tries as hard as he can to be funny.

Administrative Contact: Squirt Ltd.
Ryan McAdams
327 Miller Ct. Harrison,
OH 45030 US
Phone: 513-367-2180

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UOXDEV Toots Its Own Horn
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2002, at 07:25 AM
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In a recent article over on the UOXDEV forums, Retalin (Ryan) felt the need to write a post wherein he states, "I admit I get a good laugh out of the political games between the UOX3 spinoffs, and waht they like to call thier progress. Everyone looks at Lonewolf, Wolfpack, Nox-Wizard and the many others that come and go and laugh because you know what they are doing? Bug Killing on an old ass system. The new version of UOX3 is not as stable as they are, however its well on its way. " Retalin was of course commenting on Lord Binary's message written on the Lone Wolf Forums (You can find that post here on the Smithys Anvil under header "The UOX Wars").

He goes on to state that "UOX3 and its spinoffs as a whole dont really last." Seems to me most of the emulators are still out there and still running. Indeed the likes of AUOX, UOOS and some others are long gone, but WolfPack, Nox-Wizard, Sphere, LoneWolf - all of these continue to be updated regularly. UOX3 on the other hand, gets updated and ends up fucking up worldfiles and more just because someone decided to change formats. UOX3 has no direction - it completely changes every four months into a totally different emulator. Worldfiles, saves, scripts, triggers, items - and more - all get fucked up every four to six months, making the UOX3 emulator totally impossible to run even a half-assed decent shard on.

I don't have a lot to comment on this. UOX sucks. Out of all the emulators out there, it's the worst. It is not stable. It can't handle more than 5 users at a time. It can't run for more than a day at a time without crashing. And Retalin has the gall to spout bullshit about other emulators when his emulator after four years still is not off the ground.

Even sites like DMBDev have caved into the Twins and have joined their ranks. Retalin is working on absorbing the entire UOX community once again, just as he did before. That way he has complete control over what everyone says and does in the UOX community. And just like before, when he gets tired of running it all, the whole thing will once again collapse - leaving the whole community dead. Of course UOXDEV is the only thing that Retalin has. When he quit, it left such a vacuum in his life that he had to be back in control of it again.

The Smithys Anvil does not report on UOX news. There are more promising emulators out there. I didn't even want to comment on Retalin's latest post, but he is such an arrogant sonofabitch. A lot of you email me with updates to UOX programs and utilities only to find that I do not post them here. Sorry, not going to do it. If you want updates on UOX, go to the site that owns the whole UOX community, UOXDEV.
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The UOX Wars
Friday, Feb 15, 2002, at 06:34 AM
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Lord Binary posted a forum message over on Lone Wolf's forums concerning the UOX wars.
Sometimes it's entertaining, most times sad.
Sometimes to a bigger, sometime to a lesser extent.

probably it's a bad idea to pour oil on the flames.

Just read SA
or this one

actually "uox3 war" has been ALWAYS going on since day 1 I entered uo emu scene - 1999

difference to today: it hasn't been known.
only to insiders = certain coders.
if one of those insiders dared to speak up - they have been flamed to death and nobody believed them.

that's the reason why I've started a uox3 spinoff and left uox3 team, joining Wolfpack.
Being sick of fighting.

We don't fight, we code (instead).
Should this get our (LW) slogan ?

apropos spinoffs:
I don't like the spinn-off o-mania "trend" starting lately. might sounds a bit ... strange from "Mr spinoff" (that's me)

uox3 official - big leaders without coders
uox3 new - darkstrom, yeshe, ... ???
ALL of them based on uox3 code.
just imagine all coders working together "in harmony". (ex falso quod libet)
Last but not least:

A mystery I NEVER understood apart from all fights.
Beosil has expressed this extremely good.
read here

virtually NOBODY of UO emu coders seems to be interested in the very basics of UO :-(
namely encryption and uo protocol.

insight to all that stuff came from OUTSIDE.
(=ppl not in uo emu teams)
e.g. Beosil, Jerrith, Alazane

more or less nobody understands that without their help there would be no uo emus. it's as simple as that we owe them a lot - thank you !

I've recently written a tool to log packets on OSI AND free shards. asked for help interpreting new packets.

NO reaction whatsoever. NO help.

that's NO motivation to help if OSI changes encryption or packets in a major way.

If OSI decides to change encryption+packets again in a major way, who will fix it ? Fixit ?

I probably COULD do it, but it's possible that I do not WANT. [anymore]

feel free to post comments on discussion board, but please keep it civil

regards, LB
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UOX3 SourceForge Hacker Identified
Tuesday, Feb 12, 2002, at 06:53 AM
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Update: has been wiped.

Word in the UOX community has it that the person responsible for hacking the SourceForge UOX Forums was infact, Chaos. Chaos's motivation behind the hacking is unclear, however, it has also been rumored that with the soon return of, that the forums were hacked in order to move the community over to
In Washington, a debate on a new law concerning some forms of illegal hacking would be punished by life imprisonment under a proposal that Congress will debate on Tuesday. A House Judiciary Subcommittee will consider the Cyber Security Enhancement Act (CSEA), which ups the penalties for computer intrusions, funds surveillance research and encourages Internet providers to turn over more information to police. CSEA, sponsored by Crime Subcommittee chairman Lamar Smith, is one of Congress' more recent responses to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Smith introduced the bill in December 2001, saying that it will "combat cybercrime and cyberterrorism and send the signal that if you engage in cybercrime or cyberterrorism, you will be punished."
Both sides of the UOX community are on fire. The decision to split the teams in two, with one half having 2 or 3 Developers, and the other half having 1 Developer, all the Scripters and Support People may shortly be made - once is back and running.

Recently, EviLDeD accused me of "[using] your pen like it was your dick and neither are really all that big in reality." Insignificant that EviLDeD knows the actual size of my cock and the need to comment on it, but I find that it shows the continued abuse that both Retalin and EviLDeD will provide to the UOX community. With people on their side like Chaos who deliberately sabotage the UOX community for their own shits and giggles only proves that the plan that the Twins have for UOX cannot be anything more than a continued deterioration of what UOX really is.

Evil and Ret - the Twins - have come into UOX and completely taken over. They could care less that there is already a development team in place, forums in place and a particular way about proliferating the UOX project. Instead, they take over #uox and #uox3 channels, again tell people they are going to force them out of #uox3. They send in Chaos to deliberately sabotage well established community forums. They bring back UOXDEV in order to completely control UOX in all it's aspects.

This leads me more and more to believe that the Twins are not interested in a consummate relationship with current Developers, but are in an all out ploy to completely take over the UOX community and stomp on anyone else who gets in their way. From talk with current Developers - aside from the self appointed Twins - frustration may turn to abandonment of the project, leaving the Twins in full control. Rather than fight or join them, it seems like they may simply walk away.

It is yet another sad day in the history of UOX, however, it goes to show exactly why UOX cannot stand up to other servers such as POL and SPHERE.

And of course: "[UoxDev] would like to thank Infymus for showing us how not to help the project. If anyone wants to make a website to help the cause, all you have to do is take what Infymus does, and do a reversal of it, and act the exact opposite to help us. The trash talk that goes on, on his website does not help anything except his ego. The users that have the access to post news on this site will not allow this site to become anything like what his site has become."
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UOX SourceForge Forums Hacked
Monday, Feb 11, 2002, at 07:13 AM
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The UOX forums over on are down. Apparently someone hacked into SourceForge and destroyed the Forum Tables. It is not known how long before the forums are back up.
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UOX On A Different Angle
Monday, Feb 11, 2002, at 06:57 AM
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With Abaddon leaving the Dev team and Retalin and EviLDeD "taking over" #uox, some sites are reporting that Abaddon "has left leaving EviLDeD in command by default". This is completely erroneous as Abaddon turned the keys to SourceForge over to DarkStorm. Because of continuing conflict between the current team and the "Twins" (Evil and Ret), we still have yet to see which direction UOX will be taken. There are but three possibilities. One - Ret, Evil, DS and the rest get together and continue the UOX project. Two - Ret and Evil branch off and two separate UOX projects are born, or... Three - one side becomes fed up with the tyrannical grip the other holds and completely leaves the project. Even so, over on uoxdev, EviLDeD has crowned himself the "UOX3 DevTeam Leader" once again.

We will just have to see how things work out. But considering Retalin and EviLDeD's past performance and attitudes, it would seem as if option two or three will take effect.

And to quell the rumors abounding concerning Abaddon's departure from the UOX development team, let Abaddon speak for himself:
"As far as my reasons for leaving, most of them are well known and public. I got tired of doing a lot of work by myself. I was originally involved as an exercise for me to learn large scale program issues, including development, maintenance and performance enhancement. I was involved for friends, who finished working on UOX and using it long long ago. But as for the reasons that caused my final abrupt departure, that's mostly personal and private. I won't slander anyone or cause a big hullaboloo over it, I've just left. My work and what I stood for stands for itself, and people can make up their own minds."
Over on, the following was posted by EviLDeD (it has been posted here in it's entirety in case it becomes removed from uoxdev).
To Whomever feels it applies, Last night something happened between Abaddon and myself. From what I can see it was a misunderstanding of my intentions being considered by Abaddon to be undermining his goals. This was not the case. I have poured countless hours into this community over the 5 years that I was here before my rapid departure. Some will consider what I poured into the community less than adequate, but then again these would be the same people that were causing the most trouble for ANYONE that stepped up to the plate, so it wouldn't have mattered if it was me or someone else. I have been through the tragedy of losing my eldest son to a water accident, I still come here put on the best face I could and helped anyone that was willing to help themselves, and or be patient enough to know that people have lives that are past this community, I through bad choices financially and taking to many risks lost a house, a marriage, and friends. So in the 5 years(6 technically even though I wasn't here this last year, and I had health issues that forced me offline) I have done what ever I could to put aside my personal life to provide something for the rest of you. To the extent that I would have killed to be connected, to make sure I was here for those that really needed it. For the main part I have been ridiculed, attacked, slandered, you name it, but I still came back.

Have none of you ever asked yourselves why? Is it the false sense of control this place gives, would it be the ego trips that people have here cause they are gods, would it be the power tripping and arrogance that causes me to return? If you do then your nuts and I will be the first to tell you to your face you are. Do you think that day in and day out attacks, being put down, told that your the reason a project will die, or that you are responsible for driving some of the most important people away from uox3 is a good reward for pouring so much more of me into this project? For those that are still wonder why I will break it down for you. I am here because of the people that I have grown to love here, and at fault leaving my real life to suffer sometimes to be here for people that need it as a friend, to talk as a coder, to help the with their html, asp, name it. If you ask around not to many can say that I haven't tried, and the ones that say I haven't are lying to themselves and whoever they tell it to. I love being here, I love the people even the ones that think I hate them I just wanted them to stop fighting with me and put their money where their mouth was, this never happened. Who's fault is that? My other goal was to do whatever I could to shelter Abaddon from the heavy hands of the communities lynch mob mentality, as well as make sure that trouble makers (regardless of coding ability (you could have been a coding god)) were kept at bay.

People that cause trouble just seemed to do just that cause trouble, which in turn caused the friction to start and the eventual slowing down of the project. Most of these trouble makers just wanted to see things slowed down from my best observation. Of course this is equal only to the He said/she said mentality of high school sophomores. What hurt me the most was I was number one target for other peoples reasons to feel better about themselves. If only you all knew the sacrifices I made to be here, to be accountable, to be shit on. Something no one else has or will ever do. What I am thinking is sometimes its easier to condemn, ridicule, and cause hassle to a project than work with someone or exchange ideas. All because of what? Your ego? Since coming back I have been barraged with people that seem to be happy I am back (trust me this surprised me the most on my return) asking me to get things happening, to listen, make plans, and make those plans happen. The one thing that I was most overwhelmed with was how many people asking me to listen to their suggestions cause they were not listened to by Abaddon.

Well in all honesty I was like that too before I left, I was willing to listen but only to those that wanted to be constructive, which was very seldom back then anyhow. Over my time here I never told someone that I wasn't going to listen. I have asked for it to be explained to me before I will listen but that never happened either very often. My philosophy here is that I am not here to hold you hands or to tell you how to behave unless you ask me to. I am the kind of guy that just accepts how you deal with things, and only expects you to be responsible for what you say or do. Is that a bad thing? If you think so then I apologize for your failure to see the real life here. I am here to set out a path, if that path isn't the right idea then I expect people to explain WHY it wasn't a good idea or what would be a better alternative, but what most people were only capable of was slagging on me calling me names, and telling me I was a bad guy never once to sit down with me and try to be intelligent about it. I would dare anyone of you to find one dev in the past or the future that has stayed here like I have, and through the things I have gone through, or sacrificed as much as I have to take the communities shit like I have and will continue to do. I think that my over all track record speaks for itself. Sometimes I made bad decisions , we all do. Despite what you guys think I think I never said I was perfect, I just stood up for what I believed in until someone could convince me what I believed in wasn't the right way to see it.

I will continue to be here as long as someone needs me, I will also never change how I view this project. I love uox3, for the better part I love the people that I have met over the years cause I have met some friends here that are better friends that in real life. I guess what I am getting at once again in this long rant of mine is that things need to change here. I have changed in ways that might surprise you, in some ways I haven't changed at all that might not surprise you. However after a year of being gone, between heart trouble and being admitted in and out of the hospital, I come back to a community that for the better part seemed happy to see me return but at the same time not even 12 hours from joining Infymus was calling me names, and tying me to Ryan as his pet. Like will you guys ever grow up? I am also not going to take the responsibility for Abaddon leaving, he was looking for a reason and conveniently choose me. In my defense all I did was start to close #uox3 because #uox has ALWAYS been the main channel, and #uox3dev for years and years was always the home of the devs. I also asked Cav if he would put some priority on the Add menus in the dfn's. And the last thing was I asked Abbadon if he would/could ask Swami to come talk to me for a password to the dfn directories on the TimeLapse shard so that he could upload scripts and they could be tested in a real environment. Doing it on your machine at home is only the best case scenario. However Abaddon saw it as me making unreasonable demands on him and Swammi that I could be like everyone else and get the dfn's from the cvs (in All honesty I can! but in the name of productivity do you think it would have been that hard to drop a copy on the TL shard too as the cvs was being updated). However Abaddon was unable to see this or any merit in it (Maybe there wasn't but at the same time explain why its not a good idea, don't just split telling people "your on your own" cause I asked for these things).

Now it might be taken as my being Ryan's pet seeing as some of these things Ryan has been very vocal about being changed however if anyone wants to be honest with themselves, I don't do anything cause Ryan says so, I don't do anything cause Abaddon says so. I do things cause I feel them to be in the best interest of all those involved. Until all involved can explain to me why its not in their best interest any longer. Sometimes this leaves special treatment out for those that feel they deserve it me included, however at what point do you draw a line in the name of getting past where your standing right now? I am a dreamer, I am a problem solver. And I love UOX3, and the friends that I have been lucky to gain from being here. I will miss Abbadon more than anyone here. If you think otherwise then give your head a shake. I am sad to see him go but I am not going to kiss his ass either. I was the Lead Dev, I was forced offline and he knew that as I SMS emailed him from my cellular phone before it got shut off. When I come back I was lucky to even get a how are you (which I did but it went no further), and I was just like everyone else. "The keys to the Castle" as Abaddon put it (and it is his own words not mine) technically belong to me. I read Cav's post about how 95 is solely Abaddons doing, well once again misinformed. But I am not going to argue. The one thing that I will state and I expect no one to take the wrong way is that Abaddon was an integral part of the team I started, it was US against them, but to come back and become one of them in his eyes was presumptuous, and wrong. Abaddons services here were and are invaluable, I can only hope that some how he will see as I did being away from it all that he really does love it, and maybe deflate the ego he has grown a tad . I know it deflated mine. In short Abaddon is one of a very small list of people that have contributed all they could for what ever reason be it himself, the community or Lady Erotica and her shard.

I have never ONCE in all the time that I have known Abaddon ever gone behind his back, or stopped supporting his decisions to do something. This to the extent that I have lost friends (if they were really) because Ab could do no wrong and I would hear of no one saying otherwise. We come a long way to get here, and all of how I felt for him and treated him was in vain from the display I saw last night. I love Abaddon like a brother, I trust him emphatically however I guess he feels my importance is dimmed in comparison to his, and that like it would to anyone hurts. I have given WAY more into this projects being father, nursemaid, damage control, friend, sicko, demented and as funny as I could be to make others happier about themselves, but some people just can only be happy if they tear me down. I'm just glad that I have the ability to bring the fire, and drive out of people. As long as people hate me things get done.. Its kind of funny how almost no one ever noticed how much things really did change with me around from what it was before due to all the time they had to spend making me look stupid, putting me down or wasting my time with their fights, and in a lot of cases selfishly motivated. I think zippy was the only one that actually noticed. Well I don't know what to say anymore. Abaddon is gone from what he said to me, and he will be missed more than most will understand. However I am here/back whatever I have a game plan, ideas, and I want to share them with all of you.

I am not going anywhere to soon, and I will help as much as I can to anyone that needs it. For the rest of you that think that your so special with your rants, your bullshit rumors, and the like you all can take off, and waste someone else's time cause I will guarantee to you that I have no time for your crap, nor will I stand for it. Say what you will about me, but the one thing that NONE of you can ever change is I care about this project, and a lot more than most around here and will never stop. Infymus stop being a child on your little rant site putting people down that scare or intimidate you. Tell news, don't make trouble. Your site has always been a bastion of news for the community however you use your pen like it was your dick and neither are really all that big in reality. The trouble you try to start really only serves to hinder the project even more but I don't expect you to see that. Ego would be the first thing that comes to mind. Anyhow to all that it matters to, lets get this thing happening. Lets take uox3 into the next stage. I look forward to hearing suggestions, and input from everyone as long as its constructive, I will be ignoring those that just want to fight, and be a problem. Old devs or new let get together and do something for real instead of fighting about who's smarter, who did what for who, or who isn't sharing something someone else feels they have a right to because we all think we have been the most important around here. None of us are larger than UOX3, and it should stay that way. I would hope that I have done my best at explaining my position here, and what my goals are. My new motto is "We don't Project all have to like each other to get things done". So like lets put the past behind and try to learn some new skills called working towards the same goal. Lets talk about the best course of direction. Lets GET INVOLVED:) Stop the fighting its getting really tiresome after 6 years. I'm willing to try are you?

EviLDeD UOX3 DevTeam Leader.
Perhaps I should have written the topic as, "UOX News - Infymus Uses His Dick As His Pen". :p
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UOX3 Rumor Mill Keeps On Chuggin
Friday, Feb 8, 2002, at 06:37 AM
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Rumor has it that there are big changes coming up for UOX3. Already Retalin's plans for UOX3 from last year are starting to take shape. EviLDeD and Retalin (the "Twins") are closing down #uox3 just as Retalin wanted last year, forcing everyone into either #uox or #uoxdev. has returned and will be run by both EviLDeD and Retalin. This of course leaves out there rest of the development team. With Retalin's "pet" EviLDeD in tow, UOX3 will be ruled by an iron fist pushing out anyone that is not to the Twins liking.

I have also heard rumor that the UOX3 team is splitting and a huge war is soon to erupt over who is actually the real "development team" for UOX3. This could cause the teams to split and we could have two UOX3 projects. At the moment, the Dev team is split. With Retalin, EviLDeD and Chaos on one side, and DarkStorm, Abaddon, Shaolin, Swami and Cav on the other.

Also noted over on the UOX3 Forums, Abaddon has left the UOX3 team.
"Tonight has brought about Abaddon's departure. Abaddon made this project what it is today. He is almost soley responsible for the .95/.96 series. Abaddon has devoted countless hours in the pursuit of something that has made this project enjoyable for more people than many of you could imagine. It would appear that some people have no appreciation of what Abaddon has done for this project. For the time being, these people will remain nameless. They know exactly who they are, and I seriously doubt they can comprehend what they have done.

Brother, words can not describe the terrible feeling your departure has brought upon myself and the others who knew, respected, admired and even loved you.
There will be more to come, I am sure.

"[EviLDeD] I think im becoming public enemy # 1 again"
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UOX Config 1.1
Monday, Feb 4, 2002, at 07:01 AM
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MR_Fixit has released 1.1 of UOXConfig. UOXConfig is a small utility to help beginning users to UOX. UOX3Config is a utility that maintains your UOX3.INI file, including file paths, IP address and more.
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UOXDEV Is Back... Somewhat
Monday, Feb 4, 2002, at 06:59 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid- is back up this morning, although nothing but the Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80 screen is showing. Now for a little paint, some curtains...
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Monday, Feb 4, 2002, at 06:53 AM
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Get it here:

UOX3 0.96.01 Build 0
  • Deleting a spawner will no longer crash the server if the spawner has spawned items/creatures
  • Visibility range for invalid races is now 0 and not 18 (may fix visibility issues when using a file with no races dfn)
  • Fixed vendor buy window so that pictures and text will order correctly
  • Reading scripts will now cope with an end of section (the }) that has trailing characters after it
  • Creatuer dismount code is cleaner and should work faster (ensuring creature is visible)
  • Krrios' client now can change worlds
  • Fixed a wholist bug where the world wouldn't update correctly
  • Offline PCs and the speaker will now no longer be considered in responding to vendor commands
  • Fixed a display message associated with bad x/y coords in region spawns
  • Summoned monsters should be effective in combat now
  • Fixed a crash bug with regards to colour on Linux
  • Updated DecayItem code so that items should decay correctly
  • The JS function MakeMenu and MakeItem should work correctly now
  • Console cleaned up, including white borders
  • Console displays if a script is prioritized
  • Slight optimizations to item duping
  • Header includes changed for scriptsection so that adjustment to the scriptsection header won't force a full recompile
  • The where command now mentions what world the person is in
  • Added the spawnobj and spawnobjlist tags for spawners
  • Script Fixes:
  • The OpenPlank command for JS items properly set to take 0 parameters
  • Dyes, map and keys fixed
  • Bow references fixed
  • Shields fixed
  • Wandering healer and necromancer fixed, along with spawners
  • Most coloured armour fixed in add menu
  • All spawners fixed
Script Changes:
  • More generic MOTD and tips
  • Commands dfn cleaned up and tidied up
  • Create dfn spread out over multiple files
  • All vendors use shopping lists now
  • Regions now use default names and have weather applied
Script Additions:
  • Weather entries made
  • Recall runes added
  • Tinker tools added
  • Gameboards and other decorations added to 'add menu
  • Freeze/Unfreeze added for JS character objects
  • Added maxhp property to items
  • Added IsMulti to JS item objects (eg if( house.IsMulti() ) )
  • Added IsInMulti to JS item objects (eg if( house.IsInMulti( mChar ) ) )
  • Added IsOnOwnerList to JS item objects (eg if( house.IsOnOwnerList( mChar ) ) )
  • Added IsOnBanList to JS item objects (eg if( house.IsOnBanList( mChar ) ) )
  • Added AddToOwnerList to JS item objects (eg house.AddToOwnerList( mChar ) )
  • Added AddToBanList to JS item objects (eg house.AddToBanList( mChar ) )
  • Added RemoveFromBanList to JS item objects (eg house.RemvoeFromBanList( mChar ) )
  • Added RemoveFromOwnerList to JS item objects (eg house.RemoveFromOwnerList( mChar ) )
  • Added CastSpell to JS char objects
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Infymus Interviews EviLDeD
Friday, Feb 1, 2002, at 08:24 AM
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After watching Retalin pull the old UOX3 Development Team together, I decided to step in and hear what EviLDed had to say about things. The following conversation between EviLDeD and I took place on channel #uox3 on 1/31/02. EviLDeD asked that I run the script through a spell checker before posting it.

I was impressed with the current OPS in both #uox and #uox3 in that immediately upon my arrival I was not instantly kick-banned with a boot in my ass. To me it shows that the team is willing to talk and explain their actions and motives concerning the further development of UOX3, both with source code and with team members.

The following is an edited (for spelling and punctuation) copy of that conversation:

--- Begin ---
EviLDed: Fuck you Infymus. Zadius was an asshole

Infymus: Thanks Evil :)

EviLDed: And as for being in another project with him he backed out before anything took, so fuck you and your bullshit. Even after a year your still the same moron. Makes you wonder who the over all control freaks are.

Infymus: Same 'ol Evil.

EviLDed: The ones that silently force others to their whims like you, you fuck - or those like me that stood up for something. They believe in how hide behind a foul mouth web page. At least something its good to see never change. I read you Smithys Anvil bullshit. Ya want the truth to come out make sure the person that can most explain it with the best clarity is not around.

Infymus: Evil you haven't been around the last year.

EviLDed: I know.

Infymus: And I haven't talked with you since '98.

EviLDed: Between real life health issues and mental things the stress just from people like you just about put me in the grave. Should make you all proud to be the same asshole still a year later. Pet EviLDeD.

* Infymus shrugs.

EviLDed: Bawhahaha! I see that you are still the same ole. Well I have changed lot as for my fuck you attitude to those that don't deserve much time. Well shit I would never dream of being different there. but rest assured you will have me to gripe on once again to make up for either your tiny ego, penis or just over all envy of who I am for real and who you would like to be.

Infymus: So Evil, tell me... Are you here to start a new dev team with Retalin, or are you here to join the existing team?

EviLDed: I am here to work with the existing team remember I started it :)

Infymus: Fine.

EviLDed: Don't confuse the team with the uox3 project. We know that's not what I mean. What I think is funny is that dejevue seemed to come walking in on other people's coat tails as always.

Infymus: If you mean with the "existing team", does this exclude Abaddon and DarkStorm?

EviLDed: Just glad that I am not the same ole that other will get a clue fast.

Infymus: Evil, if you can bypass the need to personally attack, are you interested in writing an article for the SA concerning your return? I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.

EviLDed: Personally attack? Seems to me that I hadn't been the one to personally attack. I would read your diatribe and see why anyone normal human would be pissed off let alone me - "control freak." Hey good things were done.

Infymus: I never talked about your penis size, just your tendency to be a control freak.

EviLDed: And they will continue to.

Infymus: Still - ...

EviLDed: As for being a pet - I was never Anyone's pet. And trust me will never be anyone's pet. As for the history if you were willing to tell it honestly... Retalin and me spent most of my 5 years fighting and were never close except at the beginning.

Infymus: So I've heard (only the last couple hours).

EviLDed: But my question is why should I? Like what do I have to clear up?

Infymus: Because I want to hear your side of things.

EviLDed: Ok I will tell all of you - and you can quote me. Use a spelling checker please :))

EviLDed: I am not here to force anyone out. I am not here to take over. I am here to resume where I left off, and I will take back over the project if Abaddon wants me to now, or when he decides to move on with his real life like he so deserve and I was never able to learn :)

Infymus: Ab has been talking a long time about leaving. What about current team members?

EviLDed: but I am here now.

Infymus: Like DarkStorm? And Cav?

EviLDed: Maybe he stays waiting maybe not I will never know and don't care I just respect and appreciate how he kept things on track. [DS/Cav] I don't know them, and from what I have seen on the boards cav is either not cav or has become just as mean and evil spirited as most everyone around here. So we will see. Regardless of how anyone has screwed history into my being a tyrant (bahwhahah seems to be word of the year now).

Infymus: Yes it does ;)

EviLDed: I was always open to people thoughts feelings AND code. I was against people being larger than the project or not being happy and slagging on others cause maybe their idea didn't meet with approval or what have you. What I did and I will say it bluntly was do my best at keeping the people that just wanted to cause trouble in spite of themselves away. Anyone else willing to no cause trouble was in.

Infymus: And there has been plenty of trouble over the last four months here.

EviLDed: Problem was everyone but a few just wanted to cause trouble cause they would get their way or didn't express themselves well enough to be heard. What you said about me in regards to Zadius was wrong, and from what I remember he went to California then come back with some kinda of attitude I asked him for his phone number to talk to him voice, and I got this you'll just harass me bullshit. And then he dropped the bomb that he bought t4g and was cutting me out because I was offended that he wouldn't even call me or allow me to call him.

Infymus: Evil, the stuff about Zadius is what Zadius personally told me (Zadius lives a couple miles from me).

EviLDed: I know that. But I will say that in my defense that I just tried to be on top of the game project we were doing and get it done. Moving. Well define set of objectives - he didn't want to communicate cause I was an internet freak and then treated me like shit when he went out and bought t4g. I didn't want to call him over uox3. As for not respecting the triggers - it had nothing to do with him or anyone. Those triggers had to go - no matter who made them. Now listen here...

Infymus: Right, the triggers did have to go.

EviLDed: They are one of the most important things to uox3. Without them there would have never been a reason to see past what they already opened for the server. And they were good for what was there and what anyone needed at the time or at least to the confines of how far they wanted to envision being able to. I have never ONCE put down Zadius past saying that I felt he screwed me in how he treated me instead of being honest and just saying look I don't want to do the project with you. he gets all pissed off starts a fight with me, and then flashes the 5g he paid for t4g and how I would never have anything to do with it.

Infymus: And he never did anything with t4g... In fact, he dropped it and picked up the Lead Dev position with Firearms.

EviLDed: I heard that. I was proud of him

EviLDed: Even though he hates me I don't really hate anyone I just never forget what people say to me and how they come off treating me.

* Ryan chuckles @ Infymus
* Infymus smiles at Ryan.

EviLDed: Now I will warn I am not quite the same guy I once was. I see lots of things differently, however I do see something very much the same. lets stop this infighting shit. let all go back to picking on me and start getting the fuck along. ok? like what do I have to do?

Infymus: I appreciate the response Evil. And I have more respect for your position here now.

EviLDed: The fuck you still stands for getting personal like that :)

Infymus: That's ok :)

EviLDed: you want to say what ever about me uox3 related feel free but I think that the side project and the lack of anyone but me and Zadius knowing what happed should give merit to that personal attack

Infymus: No, I think this clears up most things, and it will be interesting to see how this old dev team and the current teams merge. I think that people will just have to start communicating. as it stands cause lots of people seem to think that now I am back source forge stuff will get all boxed up and tossed That's not going to happen.
--- End ---

So there you have it. At the moment EviLDeD plans to join the existing team and work with Abaddon, Cav and DarkStorm. We will just have to wait and see how UOX3 turns out over the next couple of months.
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UOX - Another Turn Of The Worm
Thursday, Jan 31, 2002, at 06:31 AM
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In an Article written by Retalin over on the UOX forums, he stated "To all of you that decided to go off and step on toes... *oops*.. With out further adue... let me welcome back... EviLDeD."

And suddenly my stomach soured. One control freak is enough, but now we have two.

In 1998 Zadius and I worked on the UOX Trigger System (only recently removed). Next to UOX being so totally messed up, the second and furthermost reason that we both left was due to EvilDeD. Retalin has nothing on this pyschopathetic control freak. EvilDeD had to have his fingers into everything and control everything. He would set up situations inviting people in - only to power-trip out trying to control every aspect of the project. Even side games he was working on that Zadius became involved in were the same. Disgusted, Zadius left first, and soon I followed.

And of course, today in #uox on, the topic was set by Ryan and is as follows:

"Welcome back my friend :) EviLDeD :) Goodbye to the jerks :)"

Again UOX is going to suffer not from one control freak, but two, and the second is ten times worse.

And so now, I would suppose, that Ryan has his old pal back in the UOX scene, and both of them together - Ryan with his pathetic and continued tyraid against former members of UOX and his dwindling power - and EvilDed, with his psychopathic ways will once again take over UOX. I was beginning to think that UOX was on it's way up, but now with EvilDeD back and Retalin changing the UOX topics to "Goodbye to the jerks" and his post in the forums "To all of you that decided to go off and step on toes..." only proves that Retalin still carries a vendetta against all former UOX members (except those who enjoy kissing his ass [Chaos]). Now he and EvilDeD can chase away the rest of the community.

Retalin, get out of UOX and take your pet EvilDeD with you. Your childish antics with posts in the UOX forums and idiotic topic settings on IRC only make the situation worse. Let UOX grow without worrying about who is going to be banned next - or who is going to piss off you or EvilDeD. Take your vendetta elsewhere.
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UOX3 & Retalin Debate - Part 2
Tuesday, Jan 29, 2002, at 06:58 AM
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The debate on the original purpose of DMBDev continues in a thread started by the web admin at DMBDev. In the message, John offers an apology:
"- We at UOXperience did understand the UOXDev was only a web-site and did not have full control over UOX ...
- But when we got in contact with Retallin he wanted us to carry on and create a replacement web-site for UOXDev
- After creating the basic layout and publishing this layout on the web ... Retallin replied and said that he wanted us to continue with what we were doing ...
- So we did continue, but after Retallin did not reply back to our e-mails .. another web-site appeared at UOXDev with the forums...
- And given the information that we received from people, about UOXDev and #UOX and #UOX3, we came to our opinion
- If you only have bad experiences people you are likely to have an opinion of them which isn't very high and if you recieve further information on these people which is negative, this would further affirm your opinion on that subject."
Retalin, browsing the community looking for anyone that might tarnish his good name, and holding onto any vestige of power he may think he still has, spouted off that "UOXDev was not in 'control' of uox persay, however being it that it was the main community playground so to speak it did have a major amount of influence on uox's direction." You mean Retalin had the major influence over UOX's direction...

But continued, "Since uox is about the users and the users make up The community I would say thats very much a fact. I did tell you to keep up the work. I liked what you had done (except the forum choice)." Like it was Retalin's choice as to what DMBDev did with the Forums. Then of course, Retalin again runs off paranoid that everyone is out to slander his good name; "I would say that doesnt even do justice to the current situation that you have tried to create... this little 'coup' of trying to get everyone to slam me and hate me and destroy me and in the process take's name and shove it through the mud is absurd."

Of course, when somebody offers some constructive criticism to Retalin, he immediately reacts with "Hey... go back to the McDonalds counter. Your manager is going to get mad that your using your lunch break to play on the internet."

It seems to this Author that the only person defending Retalin right now is Chaos. And both Retalin and Chaos approach the entire topic with childish posts and personal attacks. Neither of them can seem to debate the facts concerning the outcome of UOXDEV and vast influence and hold that Retalin had on the UOX community. Each time someone posts facts about what really happend, Retalin comes in writing that it's all bullshit and Chaos follows up by telling everyone to go to hell. It only goes to prove that both have lost control. And Retalin can't stand the fact that he's lost nearly all power and he is into every forum out there attacking anyone who even mentions his name. And of course, along comes his sidekick Chaos - the only one backing him up.

What a shame.

I support DMBDev and hope to see it grow. Who gives a damn what Retalin and Chaos think about it - we have already seen the outcome of their control over UOXDEV. Let DMBDev continue to grow and become a site where future users of UOX can go and find the resources they need.
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Contributors to UOX3
Tuesday, Jan 29, 2002, at 06:51 AM
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Retalin, over on the UOX3 Forums has posted a message asking about who has contributed to UOX3. He lists the following:

Tauriel, Cironian, Crwth, Punt, Ripper, Jagermeister, Xuri, Abaddon, EvilDeD, Myself, Chaos, Rainman, JustMichael, Chaos (the original CGMT chaos), Zadius, Homey, Beosil, Anthracks, Zippy-, Sephiroth, Thyme, Spacedog, Revana, fur, Weazel, Westy, Krrios, Unseen, Seank, Crackerjack, Antichrist, Fafinir, Tracker, Aagorn, Morac, Myth, Dupois, Moongraven, McCleod, Drax, Jason Koon, Jonathan Henry, Genesis, Thunderstorm, Mr_Fixit, Sheppard, Zane, Eagle, Lord Binary, Duke, Decius, Fallo, Ridcully, Terry Denham, Mark A. Pelletier, Danny Thomas, Jerrith, Krazow, Correa, Infymus, Skyfire, Alkiser, Cav, Bud, Fizz and Vagrant.

Continue the thread here.
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Everyone Is A Tyrant
Friday, Jan 25, 2002, at 10:46 AM
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All I seem to hear these days is "tyrant". Oooo, Ret's a tyrant. Oooo, DS is a tyrant. Oooooo, Cav is a tyrant. Oooo, Chaos is the tyrant of all tyrants.

Ret once had the community in mind, but it would appear that one or two recent actions were not the best choices for the community. That would include the council. If I took your attitude that would simply be an attempt to take over UOX3. Those decisions do not include the closure of Ryan is free to do with his own property what he wishes.

What I have been objecting to is the whole idea that UOXDev is the whole of UOX3 and there is nothing else. Period. This was almost enforced by whoever the new forum admin was, with the banning of many people for no apparant reason. Rumors abound that this admin may have been Ret. Which I suppose leads to DS' problems.

UOX3 is not being claimed by anyone, in fact we are now recieving more community input then ever. I get several emails a day with people sending me their personal fixes. These get commited and the correct people get credit (the users, in case you would like to think otherwise). The people who show original work and are prepared to spend time with UOX3 are offered a spot within the devteam which grants them CVS access. This ensures that regular updates are made available to the users. I think you need to have a bit more of a think about what is actually happening.

The people at this site are also UOX3 users. They may be thinking about branching off, but until they do they are still users of UOX3. That means they are as welcome as anyone to contribute to the project, even if they do slander a fallen Old One. Denying people access to the project because they have an opinion based on experience could very well be against Freesource policies...

As for being a dev, I didn't give myself that title. I didn't claim to be writing any code, godly or not. If you think the title is wrong, have Ab and/or DS change it. I am quite happy to be a scripter or documentor. I will still be a part of the devteam no matter what title I have. I suppose that being a coder makes your contribution so much bigger though? Last time I checked UOX3 wouldnt run without scripts...

I suppose what this will come down to if it goes on as usual is the real old timers (you fellows) vs the old timers (people like me and Infy) and the community won't have much of a clue (as usual...).

I, unlike you Chaos, could not be bothered resorting to flames. If you really wish for me to, I could. If you feel some need to defend your freind, I don't blame you, I would too.

A solution. Hmm. The perfect solution is to give nobody related with UOX3 in any way the control of the project. That means a completely independant third party that is not mates with anyone that works with UOX3. This person will need to have a fair amount of knowledge that might only be gained by being associated with the project. So we could end up coming back to another power struggle.

The correct solution for the time being would appear to be leaving the users at the board. They can ask questions there and get a prompt response from Ab, Joe or myself. The question would be whose hands the board control falls into.

If you fell a need to become Dictator, go ahead. It would kind of be like the pot calling the kettle black though, no? All it would take is the domain to mysteriously reappear. Although, I could have sworn you were working on LoC these days?
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UOX3 & Retalin Debate - Part 1
Friday, Jan 25, 2002, at 07:22 AM
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The debate over the rightful place and ownership of UOX continues over on the DMBDEV Forums, including the thoughts on Retalin's "percieved" control over the UOX community.

A small quote:
"Bullshit. Cav, what the fuck right do you have? You are the biggest shit talker of all time...and now you are a developer? Lets see some of your code big dog.

Now, for Dark Storm. You got something coming, Im really sick of your mouth towards people who bust their nuts working for the players. I saw some shit in IRC about you speaking badly of Retalin and the old team, and you are saying hes power hungry? Well excuse me, but what exactly are you then? "Hold on, Retalin sux balls, let me be the righteous one and declare myself dictator" if you were actually around and contributing in my day, youd know Retalin revolutionized the UOX scene, making it more user friendly, and making it revolve around what we should be (THE FUCKING PLAYERS, NOT YOU, OR ANY OTHER BITCH ASS WANNA BE DEVELOPER)"
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Retalin's View On UOXDEV & UOX3
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2002, at 06:46 AM
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Retalin sent me a heated post in response to my news item "UOXDEV and UOX3 - The Rumors Continue" wherein he stated that he was "pretty damned disgusted" by what I posted concerning him and the future of UOXDEV.

Retalin states that he has not been a part of the uox community since he left (yet he is always in #uox on and is a semi-frequent poster on the current UOX3 forums.) Retalin tells me that the UOXDEV hardware was sold to person who works for the same company that he does - a friend. In fact, the hardware remains on the same rack that it was before. Sorry Retalin, I just can't see you keeping your hands out of UOXDEV if the hosting is still done through your company.

You see, the main reason that the Smithys Anvil moved out of UOXDEV hosting was due to the iron grip that Retalin kept on the community. The SA just could not be the site it was because it was under constant threat that if I said something to piss Retalin off, I could loose my access. And the SA needed to be out of the hands of everyone at a secure site where the news could be written without fear of reprisal. I saw so many problems with UOX3 and so much of it centered around Retalin and his ideas on what UOX3 was supposed to be. He could be totaly cool with things one moment, and then a complete tyrant the next. Nobody in #uox or #uox3 ever really knew how to read Retalin and could not guess what he would do next.

Much of the UOX3 community was getting sick of the way Retalin was running the show. He would make drastic changes to the community and outlay of what UOX3 was all about. Rather than gathering votes from the the majority of the users, we would come back in the next morning to find the entire ruleset had been changed by Retalin and his so-called "Council". A vast majority of people in the UOX3 community did not agree with Retalin and a lot of people left. Some of the best fucking people in the UOX3 community were gone. And just before Retalin dropped UOXDEV there was going to be such a massive split in UOX3 that THREE new versions of UOX3 were going to come forth as people branched off to get out of the tyrannical grip that Retalin had on the community as a whole. He even went as far as kicking everyone out of the conference #uox3 and forcing them to #uox - because he wanted UOX3 to change it's name back to UOX.

What can I say? Nearly 90% of the entire UOX3 community was hosted by Retalin - FOR FREE - on his company servers. We all must give Retalin credit for doing this. He kept UOX3 alive for a considerable amount of time and expended a great deal of his own resources (his own out of pocket) to keep the development sites going. His company experienced tremendous loads as UOXDEV and it's affiliated sites had tens of thousands of hits a month, with a range of downloads exceeding thousands of gigabytes. Most companies would require you to sign your mother away before allowing such heavy bandwidth.

But as the years rolled by and Retalin hosted more and more of the UOX3 community - that absolute power over all the sites and content of UOX3 changed things. And Retalin alone is not to blame here, the UOX3 community as a whole shares just as much of this. Too many people wanting to take UOX3 in too many directions. UOX3 has never been stable and may never be stable. As I wrote in 1997 and in 1998, UOX3 is nothing more than TOY for a handful of users to play on. If you want a serious shard, I would suggest you use Sphere or POL. And here we are nearly FIVE years after UOX3 was first created and it's still just a TOY. One could download UOX3 and run a shard only to find the next month so many drastic changes had been made to the scripts or the worldfiles, that most all of the utilities became obsolete. Too many fingers in the pie and everybody was "driving the bus". The introduction of SourceForge greatly helped, but too many people have access to the CVS and can change code. One small change to a worldfile format and you just fucked everyone who is trying to run a serious shard. Retalin saw these problems and in his own way and by his own means began warping the UOX3 community in what he saw as a "postive effort" to get UOX3 to become the product he felt it could be.

Retalin goes on in his email to try and clear up the DMBDEV deal. He states, "They were one of the first to ask about hosting the site. I told them that they could develop a page and I would look it over and see what I thought. They did some good work on the page I liked it and then they basically fell off the face of the earth. I never got a response from them. They did however keep working and eventually developed their site into which is fine and dandy. However I dont appreciate them slandering my name and at every chance they get. They claim to be here for the community, yet they are slamming the site that has supported the community unconditionally for the last how many years?"

I believe the UOX3 community gives Retalin credit supporting the sites for several years, but he cannot state that it was unconditional. It was conditional depending upon what he felt UOX3 should be and he changed those conditions often - sometimes over night.

Nobody is trying to destroy any of the work that Retalin has done. In fact, most of us greatly appreciate the time, effort and money gone into the UOXDEV community hosted by Retalin's site. But in the end, Retalin took away the creativity and supporting efforts of the UOX3 community. He imposed his own rule sets and because he had the power to do so, he enforced them. When people reacted, Retalin burst out in angry messages that he only had the "good" of the UOX3 community at heart and everyone was against him. In the end, most of us were already walking away from UOX3 when Retalin finally took it all down - causing over 90% of the UOX3 community to crash and burn.

So when rumors abound that Retalin is coming back to the community and will be hosting UOXDEV again, yes, it is time to worry. And now to hear that his friend could possibly be hosting UOXDEV - in the same company that it was before - UOX3 has much to fear. Retalin is free to contribute to the UOX3 community but it is time that he steps down and stays down. The UOX3 community needs to find it's own path without councils, without tyrannical rulesets, without one man controlling all the reins.

Can UOX3 become a stable Ultima Online Server Emulator? This author has hopes but looking back at the track record I can only shake my head and wonder. If Retalin or Retalin's company once again hosts UOXDEV, then it is time for yet another branch-off of UOX3 to be made that he can work on, leaving the original UOX3 code to the public. This way he can have total control over the code and the product (so far as listed in the GNU and GPL governing open source) and do what he pleases and rule the development team as he pleases.

Update: See Retalin's Reply Post Here.
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UOX3 0.96.00 Build 0
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2002, at 10:09 AM
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UOX3 0.96.00 Build 0 has been released.

Download it here:

  • Fixed a bug where name2 was returning the name property instead
  • Hopefully fixed %playerrace in HTML
  • Fixed client crash relating to pentagram deeds
  • Creating houses now works correctly
  • Creating houses with invalid items will no longer crash the server
  • Using 'gochar on non existent socket will no longer crash
  • Player's cannot 'deletechar themselves
  • FindMulti takes 1 or 4 parameters (ie an object or x, y, z, worldNumber)
  • SE function SpawnItem now OO friendly, taking a string instead of a number for section number (so make sure it's "0x0EED" not 0x0EED)
  • DoTempEffect now OO friendly
  • Fixed a 'makeshop bug where new buy containers weren't sent out to other clients around
Script Fixes:
  • All houses and house deeds should work properly now
  • Multi item deeds like pentagrams should work correctly
  • Many creature spawners should be fixed
  • The harvest JS scripts should work correctly now
  • A lot of the 'add menu works more now (forge and resources, footwear, spawners)
  • The race property visRange has changed in purpose. It's no longer the distance that can be seen, but the addition to the normal range. So if you wanted it to be longer, set it to 2 (sees 2 more than "normal")
  • Unknown world file tags are now warnings, not errors, and shown in blue
  • Range checking for characters and items have been updated, hopefully resolving the disappearing items/characters problems
  • Quite a bit more error reporting
  • Console streamlined so it doesn't print so many blank lines
  • Dictionary loading will report on dictionaries it doesn't have
  • Code cleanup, to reduce the complexity of some SetLocation calls
  • After a 'rename, statwindow packet sent
  • Map loading routine streamlined and simplified
  • Reloading accounts from console will tell you about it's success or failure
  • onLogin on the global script fires if there is no assigned script to the PC logging in
Script Changes:
  • More vendors use shopping lists now
  • Some SE functions now removed, as they have equivalent JS properties
  • SE functions removed: CheckSkill, CustomTarget, SetLocation, SetSkill, DoSoundEffect, InRange
  • FindItemLayer added to JS char as method
  • StartTimer added to JS items and characters, taking 2 parameters (delay in MS, timer ID)
  • Added setscptrig to area comand support
  • Krrios' client is now recognized as such
  • Update Range packet works now, we assume Krrios' client is correct, and that normal OSI clients are range - 3 for validity.
  • Binary save mode added, still experimental only
  • The CheckSkill() method added to JS characters, so mChar.CheckSkill( skillNum, minSkill, maxSkill ) will return true or false if the check passed
  • OpenPlank method added to JS Item
Script Additions:
  • Added all 192 known creature statues (98 normal, 94 UOTD)
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UOXDEV & UOX3 - The Rumors Continue
Monday, Jan 21, 2002, at 07:16 AM
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Rumor has it that UOXDEV is offline until new hardware can be found and put into place. It is also rumored that Ryan/Retalin - the previous owner of UOXDEV - and host to (previously) 90% of the UOXDEV community hosted on his sites - will be the new owner of UOXDEV.

If you remember correctly, December 28th, Retalin wrote the following "I am leaving so that I can change my lifestyle, and spend more time with my girlfriend and hopefully do some things that I have been wanting to do. For those of you that feel upset or shunned by this I apologize and I mean that with the utmost sincerity." Afterwards, Retalin shut down the entire UOXDEV network, including all sites that were hosted by his company, and he walked away.

Now rumor has it that Retalin is coming back and will be hosting UOXDEV once again. But darker rumors abound. It seems that there are still several factions in the UOXDEV hiarchy - each claiming that UOX3 is their software base. From what I hear, Retalin is coming back to the UOX project with a completely different development team.

I will not reveal my sources, but here is a direct quote:
"The new anonymous owner of does not approve of the [current] devteam. They seem only to have the good of in mind, and not the project as a whole. I was banned for forwarding users to, and others were banned for disputing my banning. I am told that others have also been banned for forwarding users to the SF site. It has been suggested by many long time community members (including myself) that this is merely a continuation of the attack that made on the devteam many years ago."
UOX3 the project still continues strong at, which is for now the "official" site of UOX3 as well as the official home of the UOX3 Development Team. is a site created by DarkStorm (a devteam member) to help rival (to prevent abuse of the userbase as was beginning to occur). It is no longer meant for this goal, as the site has been opened for development by the devteam (previously only Abaddon had access to it). It now contains the latest CVS updates, several useful links and a daily shot of the CVS. or "UOXperience or" is not the official site for UOX3. They were meant to be a replacement for, but they misunderstood what the UOX3 project was about and assumed that was UOX3. Full stop. They have since been informed this is not the case, and they are now considering whether to work on a side project (uoxperience, a port of UOX3 designed for Windows XP) or to assist the UOX3 devteam in any way they can.

So... The rumors continue and who knows what paths UOX3 will take in the future.

Of course, over the last couple of days, everyone has been moving back to #uox3 on stratics ( port 6667), but somebody deleted all the OP privs for everyone so there are no ops. Funny though, Retalin still has his OP privs. If you remember right, Retalin kicked everyone out of #uox3 forcing them to use #uox.

Sounds like he has future plans for UOXDEV once again.
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Status of the UOX3 1.0 Docs and Scripts
Friday, Jan 18, 2002, at 12:12 PM
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Cav posted the following about the status of the UOX3 Docs and Scripts: UOX3 manual:
  • main part - almost done, just need to get the uogateway info in and complete the features list
  • Scripts part - dual undertaking between Abaddon and myself
  • Worldbuilding - not started
  • Coding - started by various people, notably Abaddon
  • Lists and Tables - just added, collecting info and creating files
Other Stuff:
  • HoC logs - done, converted to the new format
  • FAQs - being undertaken by swamihajjijoe
  • Tools docs - not started
  • Tutorials - started and searching for others
  • Updates - up to date
  • Links - started and searching for others
Status of the Scripts:
  • Shoes and skill tools have now been fixed
  • Statues have been added
  • Javascripts are being fixed. Abaddon has completed the harvesting stuff. I will be working on a reagents gathering script as soon as I finisht the create.dfn rewrite.
  • Some armour has typos (causing them to have wierd ids, high/low ar, things like that)
  • Abaddon is working on multi-resource stuff. This will allow things like multiple types of logs being able to be used for carpentry instead of just the one type (as in the current system).
  • Quite a few misc items missing (goal was to have almost every item in UO scripted)
  • Add menu links are being fixed (it is questionable whether there are very many wrong, i think it was more missing items)
  • Create.dfn needs some major rewriting - it always has. This will be my first major scripting project with the new system, along with the addition of new armour types (stuff from everywhere, afterall, we arnt OSI).
  • Abaddon is doing much bugfixing, and for that I thank him (I am way too lazy to do it all by myself )
You can read the post and follow up.
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Useful links for UOX3
Friday, Jan 18, 2002, at 08:59 AM
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Cav posted the following links for everyone. Most are already here on the SA, but just in case you have missed any of these links. - The site that hosts this board. Home of the UOX3 devteam. - Hosted by DarkStorm, this site contains daily CVS snapshots as well as the latest CVS updates. - The German UOXDev fansite. - A new fansite designed to replace - An old fansite. - Player run Shard resources, but also a good source for UOX3 stuff (Paige is a good friend of many of the older UOX3 community members). - Home of Ignition (connection tool) and its packet sniffing plug-in, Sniffy. - Home of the connection tool UOGateway. - A general emulator news site. - A general UO news site. Also the home of Weazy.

By the way, somebody tell Weazy to fix his site.
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Tuesday, Jan 15, 2002, at 06:43 AM
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UOXperience/ states that has gone down possibly for good. I haven't been able to get into UOXDEV for several days now, even the forums are gone.

Found on UOXperience:
"Ok, the plan so far. If your visiting us you probably know that has gone down, we don't know if this is for good or anything whatsoever about the circumstances surrounding it. It isnt realy affecting UOXperience any more as we have severd all connections with UOXDev. As for UOXp, we are still looking for a Dev team, but not for UOX3, the dev team that is working on it currently is sufficient :D We would like to get a team together to work on a range of apps to make UOX3 easier to use for noobies, and log into for gamers. As before If your interested e-mail me "
I have also heard that the system has been taken down while they wait for the new hardware to get in. I'll keep you up to date.
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New UOXDEV Site?
Thursday, Jan 10, 2002, at 07:53 AM
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Found on
"Now that the OFFICAL uoxsite has gone (almost) live, we will begin working on forming the support site into a fully working alternative to Our aim will not be to do exactly what does i.e Stratagise, work on new code, and organise the uox emulator. Instead we want to do exactly what I have stated.. Support. You will find, many alternative aplications and tutorials here, and hopefully use our forums for asking more n00bie questions than you should trouble with. Over the next few weeks we will be getting in contact with the folks doing the grand work on and hopefully turning this site into something valuable to the community."
So add it to your links. We will.
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UOX3 Release 0.95.11
Thursday, Jan 10, 2002, at 06:33 AM
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Ok, some small, but vital bugs in 0.95.10 forced forth a new release with some fixes to both scripts and code. Head over to to download 0.95.11 now!

Here's the list of stuff that changed in this release:

UOX3 0.95.11 Build 0:

  • Houses and boats save out and load correctly
  • Installer creates the dfndata\html\tpl directory
  • Default accounts.adm is now numbered
  • Default uox.ini contains corrected SCRIPTSECTIONHEADER setting
  • Updated commands.dfn to get rid of the warnings
  • Fixed a bug in the regions.dfn with bad section headers for regions 1 and 2
  • Updated UOTD mounts
  • Removed amount2 property from items as it's never used
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Uox3 0.95.10 Build 0
Tuesday, Jan 8, 2002, at 06:52 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid-
The latest uox build is up at it contains these changes:


  • Fixed a bug where 'killall would kill PCs
  • Standing harp (0x01B1) has proper sound effects on failure and success
  • Fixed a bug relating to killing a pack
  • Fixed bug where attacking monster in guarded area without default npc.scp would crash server
  • World save text is forcibly displayed on clients when it starts
  • Fixed a bug where the day timer would go nuts
  • Fixed a bug where calcItemObjFromSer with INVALIDSERIAL would return valid object
  • Multi related events should fire more frequently
  • Fixed item creation code so it spawns less serials
  • for loops and such should work on JS scripts now
  • Fixed a bug where logging would occur even if not turned on
  • Fixed a bug where shop layers were not showing up with 'gmopen
  • Fixed dropItem bug
  • Fixed linux freezes
  • Fixed char creation with 0 intelligence
  • Fixed a bug where spawn serials and owner serials were not properly set
  • Fixed bug where SpawnRandomMonster would fail
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed NPCs killing themselves when casting area spells in combat
  • Meditation fixes
  • Fixed a reload JS scripts bug
  • Fixed shutdown crashes
  • SetSkill updated so that it updates skill values to the client
  • Fixed a bug with SetSerial where it would put an itme in the hash table twice
  • Smithing only works on valid ingot IDs
  • Fixed repair tools as they would do the wrong action
  • No longer forced to have skin colours > 0x8000

  • Updated repair code
  • Smith action on non-ingots attempts a repair
  • server.scp doesn't reload from R, as it no longer exists
  • 'tile and 'tilew now support single field ID, eg 'tile 0x0EED
  • Tweaks/clean up in CheckEquipment
  • Temperature changed from UI08 to SI08, for Krrios' client support
  • Switched over to the DFN system
  • Switched to a new HTML page template system
  • Changed the JS system from a functional one to an object driven one
  • Prepared code for an update to the spawner system
  • Performance updates
  • Murderer and creator is now SERIAL based not STRING based
  • JS scripts that ship converted to newer object format (no compilation errors)

  • Added skill delay when successfully targeting with mining
  • Added onSpellTarget event, fires on a character or item when it's targeted by a spell. Also triggers before the server does damage effects.
  • Added CV_KRRIOS to client types
  • Added STRIPOFF tag in command level description to tell 'make whether to remove items in pack and hair/beard
  • Added 'reloaddefs command to reload definitions
  • Added 'temp command to find the temperature of a curretion region
  • Added a script error reporter, detailing what went wrong if scripts don't succeed
  • Added colour coding for success / failure of startup stuff
  • Added the areacommand command, it works on all the items in an area. Valid syntaxes are:
    'areacommand dye ####
    'areacommand wipe
    'areacommand incx ####
    'areacommand incy ####
    'areacommand incz ####
    'areacommand setx ####
    'areacommand sety ####
    'areacommand setz ####
    'areacommand settype ####
    'areacommand newbie ####
    Where for newbie, if it's 0, not newbie, if it's 1, it is
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Temporary Home of UOX3?
Monday, Jan 7, 2002, at 06:47 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid- apparently states that they are the temporary home of UOX3. is back up and running even if all they have are their forums. Go take a look.
topic image
UOXDEV Updates
Friday, Dec 28, 2001, at 07:52 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid-
The latest on UOXDEV from IRC ( - port 6667 - channel #uox):

" will be up within the week, thanks to for donating the resources! UOX Sourceforge = | UOX German = | Upcoming Codechanges: JavaScript Objects + HTML Templates + Full DFN Support + Fixed SpawnRegion."
So stay tuned for more information on UOX.
topic image
Retalin Quits UOX
Friday, Dec 14, 2001, at 09:38 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid-
UOXDEV has been updated: Ryan McAdams (Retalin) just posted the following:
"Over the last half of a decade I have done a lot and seen a lot. I have also had the privilege to be involved with a wonderful project in UOX. UOX has taken the good majority of my time and there is no doubt about that. I have maintained for somewhere in the arena of 4 years and been involved with UOX for at least 5 years if not more. My departure should come as no surprise to anyone. I have been withdrawn from the UOX community for the last few weeks for various reasons of which absolutely do not include any kind of personal quarrels or any kind of trouble with the government or OSI. Some rumors are flying around that this would be the case and I am not even going to further dignify them by going into it any more. I simply will not do it because they are not true. I am leaving so that I can change my lifestyle, and spend more time with my girlfriend and hopefully do some things that I have been wanting to do. For those of you that feel upset or shunned by this I apologize and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. It was not my intention to harm anyone, nor to upset anyone but to merely let you all know in the most blatant and easy way that I was leaving and needed someone to takeover UOX will go on. Offers are popping up all over to take over and get it going again so I am sure the site will live on.

In leaving I would like to outline some things that I think could benefit this team.

- Organization

- Rules and Guidelines

- Structure

If you all could just pull together and stop the arguing and the bickering and the worrying about the past and push forward for the future you can do so much. You guys are great people working for a common goal with different aspirations and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that it breeds hate in this community. We all want to see UOX prosper but we all want it to happen different ways. This community is a rather young one and until it starts acting like a grown up community I don\rquote t forsee UOX\rquote s progress being anything astonishingly further than what it is right now. It\rquote s a sad day when I am ready to hang up my lab coat and move on but you must realize this is for a selfish reason. I want to move on for myself. I am not doing this for the community at all, I am doing it for me. I want to better myself and my life and therefore I am going to go ahead and do everything I can to make that happen. Its nothing personal against UOX, its just that I invest too much time, money, love and anger into it. It strains my relationships with the people that I love and that\rquote s not healthy in any way. Im not blaming it on UOX at all.

As for my personal differences with people over the years, all I can say is We made it this far. I'm glad to have known everyone and enjoyed my time here. Many thanks to some very special people I want to say a personal thanks.

Seph: What can I say? You\rquote re my friend - You\rquote re my m0m0cita

Zippy: Thanks for always being there - Even when I was the outcast you were there by my side. Its appreciated.

Punt: You know you\rquote re the man - Im glad to have known you

Rainman, Xuri, Zane, Chaos, Evilded, Tauriel, Zadius, Crackerjack, Crwth, Ripper, Lord Binary, Infymus, Cironian, and to the many names that I don\rquote t have time to type. Feel this heartfelt thanks! All of your contributions are what kept UOX going this long!

Ryan McAdams (Retalin) just posted the following in (#uox):
" is being handed over to a new owner. In the meantime use sourceforge site. Thanks for the last 5 years! Its been great."
Right now all UOX info can be found here:
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UOXDEV is officially FUCKED
Friday, Dec 14, 2001, at 07:22 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid-
Posted on this morning:

"UOXDEV has officially shutdown. Thanks to all for your support and good luck with whatever you do in the future. I know that people are going to trash me for this and such is life. All sites hosted by uoxdev will be going down with this, along with email and everything. It is time for me to move on. If you are interested in the domain and would like to continue a uox site with it email and I will be glad to pass it over to someone to take control of it in the future. The site will no longer be alive after December 15, 2001."
I would think this brings a cramp to the whole UOX community. Now without hosting, what the fuck is going to happen? As I get news on where people are spreading out to, I will post it here for you. No word yet from Ryan on what's happening.

And as for other news in the UO EMU community, apparently it seems like the whole thing is going to shit. The VBEMU teams have split up into two parts as they can't get along with each other. posted today that "It seems the inevitable has happened. Some of our "team" had to be dropped. This is due to stubborn attitudes, unwillingness to promote uniformity, and a pig-headed melodramatic display of jealousy and the need for trivial power."

Whats new. This is how the whole UO EMU community works. Nobody can seem to get along. Everyone thinks their ideas are the shit. And on teams like UOX, those kind of people rule the the development, shunning out anyone who opposes them.

Personally I think the whole fucking community sucks hind teat. Even so, there are some gems out there (NOXWizard), but even there I have not really observed the dev team and their community.

Is it time for Ultima Online Emulators to die? Time to start up an alt.uo.emu.die.die.die group I suppose. We all know that UO is now 4 years old (perhaps 5 if you count the year of online beta testing). Because the EMU community could never get its SHIT together and make a decent emulator. And so here we are, almost four fucking years since a UO EMU hit the scene. And still, you have nothing but shit to run your own shard.

Well, only time will tell, but this author believes that UOX has been a rotting corpse for quite awhile. Time to bury this piece of shit and move on.
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UOXDEV - the turn of the worm
Monday, Dec 3, 2001, at 07:03 AM
Filed Under UOXDEV - UOX3js.   -Guid-
In an article on UOXDev by Rainman he writes, "From now on I don't want to hear anyone bashing any new\idea\thoughts or just wondering about new emu's or variation of emu's. If somebody says, hey I wanna start so so bla bla I will get really pissed at anyone who flames them just for the idea. I don't care if it is starting a emu in qbasic, DO NOT flame other peoples idea's."

This seems to be a far cry from what the rest of UOXDEV is doing - including this comment by Ryan (the UOXDEV administrator) where he writes "wanna post about the vb emulator? Feel free to do so. Go to geocities or go to somewhere that I am not going to have to read about it and post there." It still appears to me that UOXDEV still can't let anyone else have ideas about a different approach to UO Emulators.

Of course, ten seconds later when nemesys777 asks for VB programmers to email him, he gets the typical bullshit from a typical UOX reader "Ok well then, think about what you wrote here. This is a board for a UO Server Emulator and i really dont care what you're doing with your vb stuff." Really now, I think it's always been this way. Guys like DarkStorm who have never really contributed to the UOX project (or any real project) post crap like this.

I still think if UOX would get it's shit together and fix UOX, perhaps people would stop thinking about writing their own emulators. Most people do not have enough money to host a site somewhere. I surely don't, and I really don't have the time either. So a lot of people come to UOXDev to bring their ideas to the table. People like DarkStorm with their biased opinions chase them all away, so that the little tiny UOX following can stay a little tiny UOX following.

I don't know. I suppose it will never change and the clock on the wall clicks over 4 years now that UO has been around. Personally I haven't played on an OSI server in nearly six months. I walked away from a tower, millions of gold... I just didn't care anymore. And it's been four years since UOX started and it STILL can't run a decent shard.

Well... You decide.
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Temporary Home of UOX3?
Fri, Dec 28, 2001:
UOXDEV Updates
Fri, Dec 14, 2001:
Retalin Quits UOX
UOXDEV is officially FUCKED
Mon, Dec 3, 2001:
UOXDEV - the turn of the worm
UOXDEV - the turn of the worm
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