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Dawn Of Light is a Dark Age Of Camelot Emulator.
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DOL New Automatic CVS Builds
Tuesday, Jun 15, 2004, at 06:48 AM
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From Dawn Of Light:
Finally I managed to set up an automatic build process for the newest CVS Versions. Read here how it works and how to get the absolute latest binaries ... stable or not ...
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Dawn Of Light Patch Warning
Monday, May 3, 2004, at 07:33 AM
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From Dawn Of Light:
GOA is patching to 1.68 encryption too now. So take care and don't patch anymore. We are working highspeed to get 1.68 into DOL :-)
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Dawn Of Light Updates
Monday, Feb 23, 2004, at 07:29 AM
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From Dawn Of Light:
Hello everyone!

As many of you might have noticed, I added a new section on our homepage ( on the left side, called "Debug Builds" This section will contain debug builds of the DOL Server software. Those builds are the most up to date versions. This means, they contain all new features we are working on and they are brand new. However this also means that they might be buggy and that we have included new bugs in the things we are working on.

What use is this now you will ask? Well, since now DOL is going into a phase of lots of functionality, we (the few developers) can not test it thoroughly enough anymore. This means we have to let YOU ALL test the software and submit your bug reports. On the page ("Debug Builds") I also included a link to detailed instructions on how to send us your bug-reports! The more the better!!! Whenever we have fixed some bugs, we will make a new debug-build with a minor version increase (eg 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2 etc.) and release it in this section again for you to download. This way we can keep testing the software and you can actually see your bugs being fixed!

Included with every version you can download from there we will include a file ("history.txt") that will detail the changes that have been made and the bugs that have been fixed!

So if you want to test the newest software and help us find bugs and fix them, go and check out this section of our homepage!

Once the code in this section becomes stable I will make a release build which will be added to sourceforge and be made the official stable release and we will move on to the next major step (eg. 1.6.0)

Thanks, and I hope you like this news!
Dawn Of Light.
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New DOL Developer
Thursday, Jan 22, 2004, at 06:58 AM
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From DOL:
Welcome Thrydon! He is another addition to our development team. A professional programmer that will help DOL a great deal.
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Dawn Of Light Updates
Monday, Jan 19, 2004, at 07:48 AM
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From Dawn Of Light:
Hiya everybody, the Dataloggin Team did it again with a wonderful DB release, v1.1. This release features more mobs for Hibernia and Albion and some mroe for Midgard. We have also added scripts for TOA traveling and TOA dupe zones/regions for each realm. More information is included inside. We thank everybody who made this release possable.

Download it here:

Dawn Of Light.
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DOL Updates
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2003, at 07:18 AM
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From DOL:
I added a new menu item called "CVS-History" Clicking there you can see what's new on the CVS. Click on the DOL-Banner to get your menu back afterwards.
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DOL 1.4.1 Released
Tuesday, Dec 9, 2003, at 07:08 AM
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DOL 1.4.1 has been released:
  • This release is primarily a patch for version 1.4 but it also includes a few extra goodies.
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Dawn Of Light IRC Development Meeting
Thursday, Jul 31, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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From DOL:
The 1.4b dev meeting will be taking place in #dol on From now on this will be the official DOL IRC channel. Starting time is 11:00 a.m. EST (GMT - 5) on July 31st. Sorry about the short notice but this works best for the current active dev team. Any and all are welcome to attend but those of you who want to work on the emulator as a core developer are encouraged to show up. Copies of the dev meeting will be available afterward for those of you who miss it. I hope to see you all there!
Dawn Of Light.
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DOL 1.3b Released
Tuesday, Jul 29, 2003, at 06:09 AM
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DOL 1.3b has been released. From the DOL site:
The DOL development team thanks you for choosing the Dawn of Light DAoC emulation package. We appreciate the support of our community will continue to bring you the best in DAoC emulation solutions.

For those of you who don’t already know, I (Corillian) have not been shipped off to boot camp yet. I have been delayed until January or December and will continue to work on DOL until then.

A dev meeting is planned for sometime later this week and will be held in #dol on This will be a long meeting and may encompass 3-4 hours plus. Many important issues will be covered including:
  • Porting DOL to a new framework based on pure managed C++
  • Databases - the war between XML, MySQL, and flat file formats continues
  • Restructuring of the DOL team and organizing it
  • Redefining tasks and handing out assignments
  • Writing up an official design doc
  • The design of DOL and future subsystems
  • Tutorials and related documents
The time of the meeting will be announced shortly. Everyone is welcome to the dev meeting but those of you who want to become core developers will want to make a point of showing up.

What’s New

1.3b marks the 5th release and 2 months of active development. DOL has come a long way since 1.0a and I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed or shown support for the project. There are a lot of new things to play with in this release and they include:
  • Viewing other players within the world
  • GUI for account management
  • Groundwork for Remote Administration has been laid and will be made fully available as a patch or in 1.4b.
  • Sitting
  • Many misc. bug fixes
  • Telling
  • Expanded script API (as usual)
  • Morphing
  • Groundwork for NPC’s and player inventory. Will be made available in 1.4b.
  • Emotes
  • CFACC has been fixed!!!!
  • Anything else that I forgot because I’m sure there is something
Known Bugs

None that we know of, please report all bugs in the Support forum at

The Future

A lot of things are in the works for 1.4b. In fact, when finished, 1.4b might be the largest and most feature filled release to date. Some of the things “planned” are:
  • Remote Administration
  • A more streamlined and better organized GUI for all 3 servers
  • For those of you who will run all 3 servers on the same machine there will be a centralized control panel so you don’t have 3 consoles and 3 application windows to deal with
  • A web UI
  • New 3rd party utilities
  • A GM tool (not 100% certain on this one yet)
  • New data management system
  • Re-organization of the script API and better documentation
  • Player inventory
  • NPC’s
  • Tutorials
  • Working service builds
To stay up to date on new features I recommend you attend the upcoming dev meeting as outlined above and frequent the DOL IRC channel.
Dawn Of Light.
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DOL Sources 1.3
Monday, Jul 7, 2003, at 06:10 AM
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From Dawn Of Light:
Corillian has released the sources for version 1.3 of DOL! And he uploaded the sources to SOURCEFORGE and there alone!
Dawn Of Light.
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Dawn Of Light Updates
Thursday, Jun 26, 2003, at 06:06 AM
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Posted on DOL (DAoc Server Emulator):
Well, I know I am supposed to be gone but things worked out kind of funny. As it turns out, my recruiters made a typing error on my paper work so I have been delayed. I am on day by day call now. This means that at any moment of any weekday I could get a phone call to tell me I am shipping out that evening. 1.2b will probably be my last release unless I get delayed again. The uncertainty of my departure date is causing some problems when it comes to giving anyone a definite timeline. That said, you can understand why it has taken me a bit longer to get out 1.2b.

Details on 1.2b:

Most of the differences in 1.2b are in how world data is managed. I have moved most of the world management module to managed C++. Due to my inexperience with managed C++ it took me an extra day or 2 of debugging to get everything satisfactory. There could still be some bugs that are hiding due to my inexperience with managed C++ but luckily it is easier to debug managed C++. If you find one of these little "easter eggs" please let me know so I can immediatly fix it.

Unfortunately, I still havn't written the routines to allow players to see each other but that's next for 1.3b. The script API has undergone a decent number of changes. I have expanded on the script API with a few more classes as well as moving a portion of the data management subsystem directly into ScriptMgr.cs. This is extremely powerful for you hardcore scripters. It allows you to write your own Character derived classes and you can control how they're read from and written to disk. The console output from compiling scripts is now much more informative and helpful. It's still written to compres.txt so you can save it.

Overview of changes:
  • World management moved to managed C++ and exposed by scripts
  • Script API expanded (Too many changes to list here, check the API documentation)
  • Debug packet added. If you enable it for your player you can turn it on/off by hitting F12.
  • Installer created so it's easier for people to install/uninstall DOL
  • Ported fyck's patchserver to the DOL network core and GUI theme. (I have his permission to release his parts of the source)
  • Changes to the types and amount of information the console displays - this includes better feedback when compiling scripts
"Some" of the things planned for 1.3b:
  • The ability for players to see each other
  • Expand the script API some more (always)
  • NPC's
  • MySQL support? (not 100% sure on this one)
  • World thread for calculating AI etc...
  • Account management for the game server
I know we're currently in the process of moving to but I re-opened our old forums so I can get some feedback on 1.2b until we've finished the moving process. Thank you all again for your support.
Dawn Of Light.
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Dawn Of Light Updates
Monday, Jun 16, 2003, at 06:43 AM
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ArchAngel sent me the following:
Well as most of you know DOL (Dawn of Light) has been beating hard on the Dark Age of Camelot Emulator community. We have made ALOT of progress within the past month. Scripts for commands are being added constantly.

We have new Administrators along with Developers the now are Administrators are:
  • Corillian
  • ArchAngel
  • Small Horse
The new Developers are:
  • MakoAngel
  • Rekun
  • Rjover
  • WolfMan
We have a new website moving on its way sometime at the end of this week. The new website is We are very active on our forums as we are a community based Emulator. We are on IRC alot if any of you need to ask a question or just want to talk the IRC server is and the channel is #dolserver. 1.2 will be released coming up this weekend. And for those who haven't heard Dawn of Light is registered with check it out:
Prior DOL:
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EvilDeD Takes Over DOL
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 10:20 AM
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Total suprise to me this morning, EvilDeD has taken over the DOL project and has moved the site from to his personal server where it now resides at

DOL is a Dark Age of Camelot Emulator. It was brought to my attention by Corillian - who was about to go into military service. He asked me to post a blurb inviting someone to take over the software. Looks like someone did.

From DOL site:
It is with a heavy heart that I announce this as my last news update. In 11 hours I will leave for the state championship in division 1 track. Tomarrow the meet takes place. On sunday I graduate from high school and I may be around briefly later that evening (if anyone has any last questions and/or comments). The following morning I leave for a week long vacation and then I immediatly leave for 7 months of military training with the US Marine Corps.

I greatly appreciate all of the support the community has given me and I only wish I didn't have to leave DOL in such an unsatisfactory state. Special thanks goes out to smallhorse and spinoza, who have helped me a lot in the last week or 2 with various programming tasks. EviLDeD will be taking over the hosting of this website (Note: EviLDeD will only host the project, he will not be actively developing it) so anyone who wants to officially take over the project please contact him in #uox on

Details about 1.1b (beta):

Unfortunately, I did not accomplish half the goals I had set for what was supposed to be 1.0r (release). Trying to get the service builds and trying to squash the cfacc (client freeze after char creation) bug sucked up all my time. Documenting the entire project (which I did not finish) also took up a lot of time. Thus, 1.1b isn't a whole lot different from 1.0b. The majority of the changes are in how the solution is now structured. I am truly sorry about this but there's not a whole lot I can do at this point in time. The changes include:

  • I moved asynchronously sending packets to the client (I am not sure if this will affect anything but it's worth a shot)
  • Restructuring of the DOL project and load sequences
  • Character deletion (has the same freezing problem as character creation)
  • Service builds of the login and game servers (Note: These do not properly load their respective dll's and thus do not work)
  • Added some more script support (not much, check the API docs under GameServer->Player and GameServer->CScriptInterface for details).
  • The default chat handler hows how to handle the quit message
  • Starting position "should" be fixed now (still cannot be changed unless you recompile server, sorry)
I had hoped to add player movement (so you can see other players) as well as fleshing out the scripting API but alas, it was not meant to be =(. With the source code I will include multiple todo lists so anyone who is taking over the project can have some idea of what needs to be done. I will also be including a how to doc with the binaries so ppl have some idea of how to start their servers and run them.

I have documented most of the DOL solution using the VS.NET comment documentation tools. This means that my source code is better documented as well has having a nice set of web pages to look at. I replaced the FAQ link with the Documentation link, where you can view the online version, or you can download it in the downloads section.

Once again I greatly appreciate all of your support and am sorry that I could not get more features implemented before I had to leave. It is now up to the community to decide the future of DOL and I only wish you the best. Hopefully, I can come back in 7 months to see DOL as one of the more dominant emulators available.

Sincerely, -Corillian, DOL project lead
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DOL 1.0b Released
Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 06:02 AM
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From DOL:
We now have an official DOL IRC channel on channel #dol. I'll try to be in there as much as possible but i'm pretty busy this weekend so I may or may not be in there.

DOL 1.0b has been released. I've updated the downloads page to include the new source and binaries.

Read the readme for an update on changes and what's planned etc... Post any bugs and/or suggestions in the forum please.
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Last Call For DOL (DAoC) Emulator
Monday, May 19, 2003, at 06:09 AM
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From DAoC Server Emulation Package:
This is just a reminder to everyone that I will be gone as of May 30th (less than 2 weeks). The earliest I will be available after that would be between september 13 and september 26. After september 26 I will not be available again until late december early january. Before I leave I will release a new build of DOL and its source. At the moment I have only managed to track down some minor bugs, but I hope to find the big one soon enough for me to at least release a beta version (DOL is still in alpha). Once again, I am still looking for people who would be willing to develop DOL while i'm away.
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Dawn Of Light (DAOC) Made Public
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2003, at 05:57 AM
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Corillian from the Dawn Of Light - Dark Age Of Camelot Emulator sent me the following:
It is, unfortunately, in a very unfinished and unpolished state but I am releasing it. You probably have not heard anything about it. It's been a one man show for the last couple months but it's gotten to the point where I have become too busy with graduation, the military, and sports to continue developing it on my own. My hope is that it can provide a roadmap for all of those peeps out there who want to develop their own emulators and aren't sure how to start. The base code (more importantly the core network code) should be almost 100% reusable by anyone who wants to start their own emulator, be it DAoC related or not.
Tue, Jun 15, 2004:
DOL New Automatic CVS Builds
Mon, May 3, 2004:
Dawn Of Light Patch Warning
Mon, Feb 23, 2004:
Dawn Of Light Updates
Thu, Jan 22, 2004:
New DOL Developer
Mon, Jan 19, 2004:
Dawn Of Light Updates
Tue, Dec 23, 2003:
DOL Updates
Tue, Dec 9, 2003:
DOL 1.4.1 Released
Thu, Jul 31, 2003:
Dawn Of Light IRC Development Meeting
Tue, Jul 29, 2003:
DOL 1.3b Released
Mon, Jul 7, 2003:
DOL Sources 1.3
Thu, Jun 26, 2003:
Dawn Of Light Updates
Mon, Jun 16, 2003:
Dawn Of Light Updates
Tue, Jun 3, 2003:
EvilDeD Takes Over DOL
Tue, May 27, 2003:
DOL 1.0b Released
Mon, May 19, 2003:
Last Call For DOL (DAoC) Emulator
Tue, Apr 15, 2003:
Dawn Of Light (DAOC) Made Public
Dawn Of Light (DAOC) Made Public
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