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EviLDeD & Ryan Interview
Friday, Nov 22, 2002, at 06:35 AM
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IRC conversation between Ryan and EviLDeD. Wed Nov 20 00:54:51 2002

[10:00pm] -> *evilded* you really that bent about
[10:13pm] EviLDeD: Hello, and bent is an interesting way to spin it. but I guess so..
[10:15pm] Ryan: why?
[10:16pm] Ryan: honestly?
[10:16pm] EviLDeD: I guess it was the way it was used? Im not sure exactally. I thikn that I labled it out pretty solid in response to being dead ;)
[10:16pm] Ryan: Im not here to fight, not here to argue, I am well past that, just curious... lots of hostility in your post, mostly about the domain/link... and I cant quite grasp where it all comes from, or the purpose of letting it bother you that much.
[10:17pm] EviLDeD: I guess in some respects it is how the user based of runuo being used many times to convince people where the real emu is.
[10:18pm] EviLDeD: Small petty things like this get in the way of people using uox3, or even using it hating it and moving on.
[10:18pm] Ryan: RunUO users that asked about UOX were always pointed to uox3dev, not by me, but by other users :)
[10:18pm] EviLDeD: ALL of runuo's user based is from traffic.. and its being used to stangle uox3.
[10:18pm] Ryan: thats not true at all bud :)
[10:18pm] EviLDeD: well
[10:18pm] EviLDeD: percetion is mine in this one on alot of bases..
[10:18pm] Ryan: I've got the statistic data to prove it :)
[10:18pm] EviLDeD: man well at least I still cant spell huh
[10:19pm] EviLDeD: then please share some of the base that uox3 help build.
[10:19pm] EviLDeD: seriously
[10:19pm] EviLDeD: find some way to give people teh choice.
[10:19pm] EviLDeD: im not here to fight with you either.
[10:19pm] Ryan: accounts for approximately 1% of the traffic
[10:19pm] EviLDeD: you know that is a lie. :)
[10:20pm] Ryan: i can show you if you'd like :)
[10:20pm] EviLDeD: 2500 accounts, at least 1500 of those were
[10:20pm] Ryan: no accounts were converted
[10:20pm] EviLDeD: traffic bro
[10:20pm] EviLDeD: you think that all those people just stop surfing to
[10:20pm] Ryan: of 3 million hits or so last month
[10:20pm] Ryan: 30k were hits
[10:20pm] EviLDeD: well alot might have by now.
[10:20pm] Ryan: this month its under 1k :)
[10:21pm] Ryan: the initial day of's opening nearly all traffic came from SA
[10:21pm] Ryan: :)
[10:21pm] Ryan: and
[10:21pm] EviLDeD: so the 1500 some odd people that used to just surf to just stopped
[10:21pm] EviLDeD: sigh
[10:22pm] Ryan: remember how long was down first
[10:22pm] Ryan: before you think about that
[10:22pm] Ryan: :)
[10:22pm] EviLDeD: yea yea
[10:22pm] Ryan: I know it is hard to believe but its so minute it wouldnt matter
[10:22pm] Ryan: and, if your friends havent told you
[10:22pm] Ryan: uox3 gets linked nearly all the time
[10:22pm] Ryan: :)
[10:23pm] EviLDeD: then forward it back here then if there is no real traffic..
[10:23pm] * EviLDeD shrugs
[10:23pm] EviLDeD: what what do you mean by linked ?
[10:23pm] Ryan: when they ask why we moved to RunUO instead of uox3 or something along those lines
[10:23pm] Ryan: they get a link to uox3dev
[10:23pm] EviLDeD: I still dont see it that way at all..
[10:24pm] EviLDeD: 1500 users are just wiped form the face of the earth..
[10:24pm] EviLDeD: suddenly runuo gets a push so large from uox3 users.. :)
[10:24pm] EviLDeD: dood
[10:24pm] EviLDeD: I might be terrible, and all those things but I am not that bad that 1500 people just stop showing up
[10:25pm] Ryan: hrmm
[10:25pm] Ryan: this is what I dont LIKE
[10:25pm] Ryan: suddenly a .AU
[10:25pm] EviLDeD: what is that ?
[10:25pm] Ryan: ip is posting shit about this on forums
[10:25pm] EviLDeD: smithys seems to have that effect on people man
[10:25pm] EviLDeD: where you been :0
[10:27pm] Ryan: thats not really a fair thing to say
[10:27pm] Ryan: :)
[10:27pm] EviLDeD: omg..
[10:27pm] Ryan: if you notice, RunUO users arent posting things on the uox3dev forums :)
[10:27pm] Ryan: and nearly all of the users
[10:27pm] Ryan: are users
[10:27pm] EviLDeD: im sure one of the whole 107 of them does
[10:27pm] Ryan: :)
[10:27pm] EviLDeD: :)
[10:28pm] EviLDeD: then lik epoint back.. humor me, prove to me in the only thing that means anything the people that surf that url
[10:28pm] EviLDeD: Ill GLADLY put a big link back to runuo fopr those that might still surf in on
[10:28pm] EviLDeD: if I cant handle it
[10:28pm] EviLDeD: you get to laugh your ass off, adn get the "See I told you"
[10:28pm] Ryan: not in it for that
[10:29pm] EviLDeD: if not then I get at least some of the people back that may or may not work for, work with uox3
[10:29pm] EviLDeD: im just looking at the common denominator man
[10:31pm] Ryan: [10:26pm] *Ryan*
[10:31pm] Ryan: [10:26pm] *Ryan* #uox
[10:31pm] Ryan: [10:30pm] ˇUnseenˇ thanks, found it
[10:31pm] Ryan: see, I dont deny uox3 users uox3
[10:31pm] Ryan: :)
[10:34pm] EviLDeD: ?
[10:34pm] Ryan: he didnt know where uox3 was ;)
[10:34pm] Ryan: or so he said at least
[10:34pm] EviLDeD: you lost me on that one..
[10:34pm] EviLDeD: ah still..
[10:36pm] Ryan: look, ill be honest
[10:36pm] Ryan: im not going to forward ->
[10:36pm] Ryan: its not out of spite
[10:36pm] Ryan: its not out of anything other than
[10:36pm] Ryan: I pay its 35 dollars a year
[10:36pm] Ryan: We dont have links to any other emulators on
[10:37pm] Ryan: so adding a link to you, would mean we would have to add one to everyone else
[10:37pm] Ryan: and, im sorry but I am not clustering the links section with 25 other links
[10:37pm] Ryan: if you think its personal, im sorry again, its honestly not
[10:39pm] Ryan: you there?
[10:39pm] EviLDeD: yea just reading how you write that off :)
[10:39pm] EviLDeD: personal is eactally what it was, and still is...
[10:40pm] EviLDeD: wolfpack had a link on there Punt told me till last night I guess
[10:40pm] EviLDeD: been ip locked since it went up :0
[10:40pm] EviLDeD: stop fuckign with me :)
[10:40pm] Ryan: wolfpack has not had a link on there since like after week 1
[10:40pm] Ryan: it was wolfpack and uox classic
[10:40pm] Ryan: and they were both removed
[10:40pm] Ryan: like after week 1
[10:52pm] Ryan: soryr, back
[10:52pm] Ryan: not that it matters it looks like
[10:52pm] Ryan: hehe
[10:53pm] EviLDeD: well
[10:53pm] EviLDeD: not sure how to react..
[10:53pm] Ryan: well, I hoped, you would understand, what I was saying, and not be upset :)
[10:53pm] EviLDeD: heh all serious things aside :) I see that the faithful puppy cooter still reside in heel :)
[10:53pm] EviLDeD: well im not upset but you haven't made any real sense
[10:54pm] EviLDeD: you kinda have come here in a sense fed me a bunch of shit like your on some danmage control mission...
[10:54pm] EviLDeD: I just want uox3 to get some of the traffic it created
[10:54pm] EviLDeD: that you so perfectly used to kill the project.
[10:54pm] EviLDeD: you cal tell anyone else something, and they might believe you man, and maybe you know you didn't mean to .
[10:55pm] EviLDeD: but I think we are both smarter than that :) and know better.
[10:55pm] EviLDeD: im not trying to be angry either
[10:55pm] Ryan: Im not on damage control
[10:55pm] Ryan: I have no reason to be
[10:55pm] EviLDeD: just trying to paint it as black and white without gray
[10:55pm] Ryan: I have done nothing, to anyone
[10:55pm] Ryan: and yes
[10:55pm] Ryan: cooter is a moron
[10:55pm] EviLDeD: Ryan you have done lots...
[10:56pm] EviLDeD: I was actually going to leave that you might take your fucking cock tight grasp on her neck...
[10:56pm] EviLDeD: no matter what you tell me, and I think you know deep inside thats what you are doing
[10:56pm] EviLDeD: done
[10:56pm] EviLDeD: and will continue to do
[10:57pm] EviLDeD: all under what , the blanket of "Its not what you think. Im sorry you think that, but" kinda of premis :)
[10:57pm] EviLDeD: at least like archie bunker things like cooters not changing are kinda of refreshing :)
[10:57pm] EviLDeD: sometimes when they dont gives more secutiry :0
[10:57pm] EviLDeD: Security
[10:57pm] Ryan: I dont get was around long before went down, and you made it the home page, was the home page of uox3 for years, you said yourself hundres of times that is a "fansite" however disgusting that was.
[10:58pm] EviLDeD: disgusting ?
[10:58pm] EviLDeD: was around 7 days before you took down
[10:58pm] EviLDeD: cause I knew something was gonna happen.
[10:59pm] EviLDeD: you know gut, paranoid like instincts
[10:59pm] Ryan: I dont remember time lines to be honest on that, so I will take your word for it.
[10:59pm] Ryan: whatever it was, it doesnt matter
[10:59pm] Ryan: you said yourself that was a fansite, if thats the case WHY is it so important?
[10:59pm] EviLDeD: what are you fishing for ?
[11:00pm] Ryan: im not fishing for anything
[11:00pm] Ryan: just trying to understand, I dont get it.
[11:00pm] EviLDeD: my question back to you coudl be equally why do you have a fear of forwarding the domain back to where uox3 seems to be now..
[11:00pm] Ryan: fear?
[11:00pm] Ryan: I pay the bill
[11:00pm] Ryan: :)
[11:00pm] EviLDeD: you pay nothing :)
[11:00pm] Ryan: theres no fear in that
[11:00pm] EviLDeD: it was donated to you
[11:00pm] EviLDeD: for life
[11:00pm] EviLDeD: over and over I heard you tell me that :)
[11:01pm] Ryan: Record expires on 19-Jul-2003.
[11:01pm] Ryan: Record created on 19-Jul-1999.
[11:01pm] Ryan: Database last updated on 20-Nov-2002 00:01:29 EST.
[11:01pm] Ryan: expires 2003
[11:01pm] Ryan: :)
[11:01pm] Ryan: I pay the bill
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: Oh the 25$
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: 35
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: here I thought you meant the hosting ..
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: oh then fuckign bill me :)
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: if its as elemental as that.
[11:02pm] Ryan: and give up my very first domain?
[11:02pm] Ryan: never
[11:02pm] Ryan: :)
[11:02pm] EviLDeD: yea yea..
[11:03pm] Ryan: thats like selling your virginity :)
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: how you use the traffic against anyone that may come looking for uox3 is wrong..
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: period
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: and even more so for 35$
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: the fear comes from not even being able to acknowadge the fact that uox3 traffic is used to push runuo
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: why would you want to lose that
[11:03pm] EviLDeD: in fact I dont blame you
[11:04pm] EviLDeD: you tell me it isn't but like you can log me all you want, its bullshit :0
[11:05pm] EviLDeD: 1200 some odd dedicated people looking for uox3
[11:05pm] EviLDeD: you get a bone in your nose over me, and there is no way that any traffic will go to some project that evilded is running not as long as I am alive
[11:05pm] EviLDeD: the damage is already done I imagine, so not sure why you ever come this way?
[11:06pm] Ryan: well, we will have to aggree to disagree on that one, its less than 1% of's traffic, and the fact of the matter is that I wont ever give that domain up, its my first domain, and I just wont give it up. You can call it what you want.
[11:06pm] EviLDeD: dont give it up
[11:06pm] EviLDeD: make a head page then something
[11:06pm] EviLDeD: I dont care how elementally stupid or degreading it is
[11:06pm] EviLDeD: but when they come to
[11:07pm] EviLDeD: give them a link choice to or
[11:07pm] EviLDeD: or even a choice to ANY emu that used to have links for
[11:08pm] EviLDeD: I can ask you as I guess a bro, even if we never got along...
[11:08pm] EviLDeD: I coudl ask you as the developer that seems to nto want to see uox3 die like this
[11:08pm] EviLDeD: or even the asshole that things your a fucking punk ass kid still that like nothing but control :0
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: I mean there are all kinda of spins this can take
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: im taking this one face value
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: im not adding in yesterday
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: or 1 year ago
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: im looking at the future
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: uox3 did a lot for you to man, even if I got in the way sometimes..
[11:09pm] EviLDeD: what your doing is unfair.
[11:09pm] Ryan: evilded, seriously I want you to understand something
[11:10pm] Ryan: if you ever took the time to listen to me before
[11:10pm] Ryan: take the time to listen to me now
[11:10pm] Ryan: and let this sink in
[11:11pm] EviLDeD: you tell me, and I will try to let however you spin this to be ok, in. :)
[11:13pm] EviLDeD: actually if you listened to me there is nothing to wrong with what I suggested about a link portal for all comming in to, no need to mess with a good thing and linking on runuo. I never asked that, nor would or ever could ask for that. but I can, and will ask for something at least fair..
[11:13pm] EviLDeD: however not personal this is then help fix the issue. and thats find someway to get the people that are looking for uox3 that are too shy to ask or make waves in runuo business have a chance to get here
[11:13pm] EviLDeD: stop taking them or denying them from teh project..
[11:13pm] EviLDeD: that *IS* what you are doing even if its not personal...
* /extcolonin...: line too long
[11:14pm] I despise what happned to uox3 probably 3 years ago. Abaddon as an addition to uox3 was in essence its downfall, NOT Evildeds control, not the evilded vs. Ryan wars, not any of that bullshit... you I know will never see this, because you chose Abaddon as your prodigy so to speak. I disagree with a lot of things you did with uox3 while in control, and I have had the chance to do things as I see fit with RunUO... which is in essence everything I ever dreamed of for UOX3 and any other Emulator out there. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont wish the best for uox3, everyone else, but most importantly RunUO. I dont hate you, I dont have any problem with you... I have a problem with your *friends*, but that does not reflect on you. I want you to understand that I am not going to link to not as a stranglehold on uox3 like you think, but because I am the one that built into what it was... Yes,
[11:15pm] EviLDeD: SO then this is kind of a "why abaddon, not me" thing ?
[11:15pm] EviLDeD: cause like for years man I have been wondering wtf...
[11:16pm] EviLDeD: things you did with uox3 while in control, and I have had the chance to do things as I see fit with RunUO... which is in essence everything I ever dreamed of fo
[11:16pm] EviLDeD: this was the last that I saw
[11:16pm] EviLDeD: looks like you were cut off
[11:17pm] Ryan: dreamed of for UOX3 and any other Emulator out there. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont wish the best for uox3, everyone else, but most importantly RunUO. I dont hate you, I dont have any problem with you... I have a problem with your *friends*, but that does not reflect on you. I want you to understand that I am not going to link to not as a stranglehold on uox3 like you think, but because I am the one that built into what it was... Yes,
[11:18pm] Ryan: I had help from different webmasters over the years, but it was always done in my *vision* so to speak. I never wanted uox to die as a whole, yes, I wanted uox3 to die because it was stigma'ed beyond belief as a piece of shit. I wanted things to move on to 1.0 and when you came back I was happy as hell, I thought thats what you would do.. HOWEVER we chose different paths. There is nothing wrong with that. I dont appreciate the stuff about me supposedly attacking your servers and shit cuz you really know better, thats a waste of my time, and I wouldnt settle for DOS attacks :) I truthfully hope that you can turn uox3 around, and if you do great. its not a matter of IF in my opinion, just WHEN. I know, you have more tenacity than your average person, I have seen it first hand.
[11:18pm] Ryan: where (if it did) did that cut off?
[11:19pm] EviLDeD: understand that I am not going to link to not as a stranglehold on uox3 like you think, but because I am the one that built into wha
[11:19pm] EviLDeD: the second paragraph was fine
[11:19pm] Ryan: and I hope that you will keep pushing, I just also hope that you dont let it eat away at you like it obviously has been for a long time. You should have talked to me about it directly in the beginning, rather than bitching through others :) it would have worked out much better I think :)
[11:20pm] EviLDeD: you may have made the site there and built up things as you saw in your vision just rememver why they where there....
[11:20pm] EviLDeD: your refusal to even provide a positive soultion to this just really proves my point man..
[11:20pm] EviLDeD: no one is taking your baby from you
[11:20pm] EviLDeD: but I mean that baby is and was ALWAYS fueled by the people looking for uox3, not runuo..
[11:21pm] EviLDeD: you just felt it in your best interest cause it suited you to use those people to your own needs.
[11:21pm] EviLDeD: how can anyone see it differntly than that ?>
[11:21pm] EviLDeD: how can YOU see it any differantly than that and keep a straght face.
[11:21pm] EviLDeD: *your friends*
[11:21pm] EviLDeD: you fuckers were my friends.
[11:22pm] EviLDeD: so use that *your friends* lightly :0
[11:22pm] EviLDeD: you might offend of you you :0
[11:22pm] EviLDeD: one of you
[11:22pm] EviLDeD: even in engerish
[11:22pm] EviLDeD: you tell me
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: what is wrong with a link page just on with links to all the emus, and a big red RunUO button
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: how does this hurt your baby, or your dreams ?
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: uox3 is my dream
[11:23pm] Ryan: one sec, im compiling new RunUO for test center
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: and has been for years, so in alot of ways sinece builc 69.04 you have lived from my dreams
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: and you are raping them, because you built them, you built what is today...
[11:23pm] EviLDeD: sure
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: could you have done that alone? I dotn mean your webmastersI mean could you have done that with wp ?
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: Or even pol
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: sphere?/
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: some of what you claim as yours somehow belongs to uox3 too
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: cause without uox3 you woludnt' have it
[11:24pm] EviLDeD: and if you would have then I will accept being wrong
[11:25pm] EviLDeD: but I mean you never can go back and take away the effect,
[11:25pm] EviLDeD: I still see more wrong with you not understanding what you are doing to uox3, than I see wrong with me unable to see why its ok cause you pay the bills..
[11:27pm] EviLDeD: I see no reason to effect anyone thats comming to FIND but I mean some if not all of the people that come in to deserve the right to find uox3 or at least be able to choose.
[11:27pm] EviLDeD: why you cant see that I dont get..
[11:27pm] EviLDeD: adn what you haev to loose I will never understand.
[11:28pm] EviLDeD: cause obviously take 15 s3econds to make a page with some links on it.
[11:28pm] EviLDeD: then takes 15 more to upload it, and make sure its working, then 45 to change the to link that page first..
[11:28pm] EviLDeD: so like in less than 5 minutes
[11:29pm] EviLDeD: you could have solved alot of issues. Actually come out looking a little better over all, give people a point to maybe choose
[11:29pm] EviLDeD: shit as its going everyone will more than likelly click the runuo link so you have even less to be concerned for
[11:30pm] EviLDeD: but you would rather spend more time trying to get through to me, explain to me why you are doing whats right in your best interst to achieve your goals, which are not to kill uox(which is whats happening cause there is no (0) traffic looking for uox3 getting sent to uox3..
[11:30pm] EviLDeD: but this is whats happening, and you still cant see a way to solve it.
[11:31pm] EviLDeD: question is what do you have to loose, cuase if there was nothing then you would have no problem doing this...
[11:31pm] EviLDeD: shit make it aut forward after x second(resonable) and send them to runuo anyhow
[11:31pm] EviLDeD: but give people a fucking chance.
[11:31pm] EviLDeD: and like let go of uox3 and the control over it you have with
[11:31pm] EviLDeD: it put the fucking uox in uoxdev , not runuo
[11:32pm] EviLDeD: :)
[11:34pm] Ryan: ok im back
[11:37pm] Ryan: you didnt even think about what I wrote, you just reacted to it
[11:37pm] Ryan: :(
[11:38pm] EviLDeD: of course I thought
[11:38pm] EviLDeD: but I mean I have to respond.
[11:38pm] EviLDeD: whats missing is your thinking.
[11:38pm] EviLDeD: look past yourself here..
[11:39pm] EviLDeD: I feel personally responsible for some of that traffic you know..
[11:39pm] Ryan: You always say that, and I am looking past myself
[11:39pm] EviLDeD: how are you looking past yourself ryan ?
[11:39pm] EviLDeD: in refusing to release some control over people looking for uox3
[11:39pm] EviLDeD: umm maybe its because its your first domain, and etc..
[11:39pm] Ryan: people looking for uox3 that know what it is know where to find it
[11:39pm] EviLDeD: thats just it
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: not all people comming in on
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: knew what they are looking for
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: and your taking people looking for uox3, and making them runuo
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: at uox3 expense..
[11:40pm] Ryan: not true
[11:40pm] Ryan: not true at all
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: totaly true
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: you tell me where it isn't true, past just cause you say so
[11:40pm] Ryan: your "boys" "friends" or "lackeys" whatever the hell you call Cav and the others
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: actions speak louder than world man
[11:40pm] EviLDeD: period
[11:40pm] Ryan: that spammed my website
[11:41pm] Ryan: with uoxdev is not uox3's home
[11:41pm] Ryan: is
[11:41pm] Ryan: is
[11:41pm] Ryan: over the years
[11:41pm] Ryan: constantly
[11:41pm] Ryan: proved my point
[11:41pm] Ryan: uoxdev was nothing to the developers
[11:41pm] EviLDeD: of course
[11:41pm] Ryan: now suddenly you want to say it was valuable to uox3 and that I should point to it.
[11:41pm] EviLDeD: look what I had to look forwardto
[11:41pm] EviLDeD: an attack from you or one of your people like chaos, cooter, or someone else
[11:41pm] Ryan: can you please read the hipocracy in that.
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: I learned LONG time ago that it was not a safe place for me to try to do anything
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: I never stopped people from going
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: when I wanted the devoppers on their own site I wanted something to unify them
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: period
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: you took the ip banning over the top
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: and fucked me over.
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: and your still willing to
[11:42pm] EviLDeD: as I see it with lots of nice well meaning thoughts
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: the simple point I have is this, if there is nothing to loose, or worry about. then what is so wrong with trpping traffic and giving them a choice?
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: it will help uox3 alot..
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: it wont hurt runuo any
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: part of that traffic belongs to uox3
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: not just you
[11:43pm] EviLDeD: even if you think so
[11:44pm] EviLDeD: and trust me I understnad dreams ryan
[11:44pm] EviLDeD: even my old school ass still cares in this project..
[11:44pm] EviLDeD: dead end maybe
[11:44pm] EviLDeD: fire at the end of the tunnel never now.
[11:44pm] EviLDeD: know
[11:45pm] EviLDeD: I find it hard to respect your dreams and direction and faith when you apparrently have lost sight of where you come from. how long we have known each other, how many times I have even though I have been an ass
[11:45pm] EviLDeD: made way for you to be part of something
[11:45pm] EviLDeD: I have seen, heard and would hope past some of the paranoid bullshit you call concern abo9ut things
[11:46pm] EviLDeD: alot, and have at least nutured some things..
[11:46pm] EviLDeD: what I ask for isn't alot
[11:47pm] EviLDeD: yet you make it out to sound like its taking from some tresure chest, garter belt catching trip on your dreams and needs.
[11:47pm] EviLDeD: when I dont see your needs hurting for anything, but I see the needs of a project that basicaly put you where you are today like me...however good bad we might think that is..
[11:48pm] EviLDeD: are cause of very vaugue reasoning..
[11:54pm] Ryan: back
[11:54pm] Ryan: phone call
[11:54pm] Ryan: sorry
[11:54pm] Ryan: heh not ignorin ya
[11:54pm] EviLDeD: its all good on that front..
[11:56pm] EviLDeD: G:\virtual_servers\\htdocs\skr\tile_try_8.jpg
[11:56pm] EviLDeD: ewps
[11:57pm] EviLDeD:\htdocs\skr\tile_try_8.jpg
[11:57pm] EviLDeD:\skr\tile_try_8.jpg
[11:57pm] EviLDeD: Duhr
[11:57pm] EviLDeD: now I have to move the dam directory :)
[11:57pm] Ryan: lol wtf is that
[11:58pm] EviLDeD: 1, and 2 are my favorite
[11:58pm] EviLDeD: something I have been working on
[12:00am] Ryan: wierd stuffs
[12:01am] EviLDeD: what ever..
[12:01am] EviLDeD: that smooth scrolls too :)
[12:01am] Ryan: hrmm
[12:01am] Ryan: i wonder
[12:02am] Ryan: ooh
[12:02am] Ryan: im not banned
[12:02am] Ryan: ':)
[12:02am] EviLDeD: your old home ip was
[12:02am] EviLDeD: 2 level3 ranges
[12:02am] EviLDeD: somewhere geographically in the east
[12:02am] EviLDeD: and ca
[12:03am] EviLDeD: I have no reason to ban you really
[12:03am] Ryan: hrmm level3 :) I need to get back to them, I havent used them for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time
[12:03am] EviLDeD: the reason for the home ip banes I made pretty clear on sa
[12:04am] Ryan: LoneWolf 12.8.10 beta has been released:
[12:04am] Ryan: LB found a fix for the ancient (=pre LW) icon-description-mismatch bug on buy menu :) Dozens of emu-devs have been searching for it without luck ;)
[12:04am] Ryan: lol
[12:04am] Ryan: I love that
[12:04am] Ryan: he got that out of runuo
[12:04am] Ryan: :)
[12:05am] Ryan: so anyway
[12:06am] Ryan: wierd stuffs on those tile jpgs ;) and its obvious we arent going to agree on the domain issue, but... ill think about it. I will at least give you that much.
[12:06am] EviLDeD: why wierd stuff ?
[12:07am] EviLDeD: scalable isometric merspective 3d map :)
[12:07am] EviLDeD: perspective :0
[12:07am] EviLDeD: not to weird :)
[12:07am] Ryan: lol
[12:07am] EviLDeD: those screens are math generated :)
[12:08am] Ryan: btw, in case you havent heard new Krrios' client released
[12:08am] Ryan: :)
[12:08am] EviLDeD: oh its not for uo
[12:08am] EviLDeD: :)
[12:08am] EviLDeD: actualy kinda far from :)
[12:08am] EviLDeD: so no worries :)
[12:08am] EviLDeD: krrios client has no competition looming.
[12:08am] Ryan: lol, trying to jump into that realm would be a tough game ;)
[12:08am] Ryan: hes so far ahead its scary :)
[12:12am] EviLDeD: Idealy I guess I shoud like thank you for taking the time to "think" about what I said.. I mean on that topic we can differ all you want, but my arguments are pretty valid. Im sure there is something that can be worked out, just think if you have nothing to loose, then there is nothing stopping you from doing something like I suggested. Otherwise the only thing that I can do is take it perosonally, and have to wonder just what you will be missing out on.
[12:12am] EviLDeD: On teh krrios issue. not everything is as it seems to the most part.. :) so like
[12:13am] EviLDeD: I have the best in mind for runuo, and whatever he does. Just how youused uox3 against uox3 to push runuo
[12:13am] EviLDeD: that was harsh, uncalled for and rude :0
[12:13am] EviLDeD: :)
[12:13am] EviLDeD: no matter how nice we can be about it :0
[12:15am] Ryan: I didnt use uox3
[12:15am] Ryan: i used uoxdev
[12:15am] Ryan: as you said many times uoxdev is not uox3
[12:15am] Ryan: despite what I thought
[12:16am] Ryan: so you need to pick, its one or the other
[12:16am] Ryan: when its working for uox, your happy with it being there for uox, but its not uox
[12:16am] Ryan: when its working for me, your pissed, and it isuox
[12:16am] EviLDeD: ohh the sarcasim :) lol trick is that uoxdev was drive by uox3 with 2 exceptions. so in alot of ways uoxdev was uox3 not uox3 being uoxdev
[12:16am] Ryan: hippocritic :(
[12:17am] EviLDeD: you decided to prove to me that uoxdev WAS uox3 and turn it someplace else.
[12:17am] EviLDeD: so no matter how you cut it you hopped on the plane you built and told the pilots to fly someplace else.
[12:18am] EviLDeD: based on 2 shell ip banns
[12:19am] EviLDeD: you were even going to pass it on to someone that wanted to take over, found someone
[12:20am] EviLDeD: then got evne more pissed at me for something
[12:20am] EviLDeD: and closed it down completly
[12:20am] EviLDeD: :0
[12:20am] EviLDeD: well first it was "not going to deprave the community that build uoxdev" and leave things for historical
[12:20am] EviLDeD: purporses
[12:20am] EviLDeD: you closed it down
[12:21am] EviLDeD: obviously as I can tell to "Show me a lesson"
[12:21am] Ryan: no denying it, that was part of the idea
[12:22am] Ryan: and no, it wasnt just you
[12:22am] Ryan: it was
[12:22am] Ryan: you
[12:22am] Ryan: cav
[12:22am] Ryan: and everyone else
[12:22am] Ryan: that said stupid shit
[12:22am] Ryan: yeshe
[12:22am] Ryan: abaddon
[12:22am] Ryan: all of them
[12:22am] EviLDeD: I never said stupid shit there
[12:22am] EviLDeD: so like fuck you
[12:22am] EviLDeD: :
[12:22am] EviLDeD: :)
[12:22am] Ryan: oh, but you did :)
[12:22am] Ryan: you didnt say it there
[12:22am] Ryan: you said it elswhere
[12:22am] Ryan: ABOUT IT
[12:23am] EviLDeD: yea someplace that unbiased posting coudl be made
[12:23am] EviLDeD: without, banning, deleting or infymus like paraphrasing :0
[12:23am] EviLDeD: and if stupid shit is the truth as I had lived it then well shit :)
[12:24am] EviLDeD: you have been full of alot of that yourself :)
[12:24am] Ryan: One other point I would like to take up,! UOX3 is not, nor has ever been We are an independent group that has used the tools provided by to help solve problems of users, and other UOX3 server related things. However the point I'm trying to make here is that the UOX3 DevTeam does not call home, nor does anyone in control of speak for anyone in the DevTeam! In fact if anyone wants to be truthful, many times has been the place you go if you want your idea crushed into a flame war, or have your ideas swallowed up and shoved into the website. If you have an opinion that someone in control of doesn't like you are banned, or your posts removed!
[12:24am] EviLDeD: was I wrong ?
[12:24am] EviLDeD: first time that site went up
[12:24am] EviLDeD: have punt fuckign me all over with glp crap
[12:25am] EviLDeD: or the time you flipped out about someting about me and went off "this isn't a uox" site
[12:25am] EviLDeD: !
[12:26am] Ryan: Remember, i gave many chances, extended my hand to unite the two of us and get rid of the BS
[12:26am] Ryan: every time you cut my hand off
[12:26am] Ryan: :)
[12:26am] EviLDeD: the only thing i have ever made you acountable for is why a friend(which you were at one time) would tell me one thing and do others....
[12:26am] EviLDeD: thatsthe plain of it..
[12:27am] Ryan: finally, I ran out of hands :)
[12:27am] EviLDeD: nah I even let you fuckers(said with effection) talk me into showing abaddon teh door
[12:27am] EviLDeD: then turned on me
[12:27am] EviLDeD: cause I wasn't cranking shit out on yoru schedule
[12:27am] EviLDeD: I was so wrapped up in how happy you guys were to see me back, I figured it was cause shit "evilded my bro back" but it wasn't :0
[12:28am] Ryan: BUT it was
[12:28am] Ryan: we were happy to see you back and doing well
[12:28am] Ryan: but
[12:28am] EviLDeD: the stupid shit I have said if you see it that way, then you have to some how take responsibility in why I am saying anything in the first place.
[12:28am] Ryan: I got pissed off, that nothing was being done for uox
[12:28am] Ryan: :)
[12:28am] EviLDeD: I wanted direction solid end goals
[12:29am] EviLDeD: I didn't want to commit alot of people to work on uox3 till they were back in school
[12:29am] EviLDeD: figured where they were standing
[12:29am] EviLDeD: before makign commitments they wouldnt or unable to keep
[12:29am] EviLDeD: so sept 1 things started
[12:29am] EviLDeD: then when things were starting to get momemtum,
[12:29am] EviLDeD: and you could have been there along with it..
[12:30am] EviLDeD: there was no need to flip out..
[12:30am] Ryan: nah, i couldnt
[12:30am] EviLDeD: close down
[12:30am] Ryan: i watched you try to destroy what uoxdev was ;)
[12:30am] Ryan: uoxdev isnt our home
[12:30am] Ryan: is
[12:30am] Ryan: blah blah blah
[12:30am] Ryan: pissed me off
[12:30am] Ryan: and rightfully so
[12:30am] EviLDeD: after 2 seperate time you try to take the irc out from under me
[12:30am] EviLDeD: I wanted someplace to get the devs to focus on
[12:30am] EviLDeD: and I was only going to do it that way
[12:31am] EviLDeD: you forced the hand to be more..
[12:31am] Ryan: lol, and had it not been for us
[12:31am] Ryan: you wouldnt have had the hand to force
[12:31am] Ryan: :)
[12:31am] EviLDeD: and without us you the body to move the hand
[12:31am] EviLDeD: you = ',' :)
[12:32am] EviLDeD: so no matter how you cut it one part of uox3 moved another body part of uoxdev
[12:32am] EviLDeD: and vice versa
[12:32am] EviLDeD: you over stepped your bound on a couple occasions
[12:32am] Ryan: and you likewise
[12:32am] EviLDeD: one of them was the bahamut upgrade while I was out of town
[12:32am] EviLDeD: name one.
[12:33am] EviLDeD: I dont count taking 5 to 1 a good way to keep score :)
[12:33am] EviLDeD: im not fuckign innocent
[12:33am] EviLDeD: but I mean bro
[12:33am] EviLDeD: "!"
[12:33am] EviLDeD: who you think you are talking to
[12:33am] EviLDeD: ?
[12:33am] Ryan: coming back, knowing damn well I have had an irc server for over 8 months before you were back and trying to take over everything after we forced everyone out of your way, and then building an irc network after I already had one
[12:33am] Ryan: you should have spent time working on uox, rather than the community, because the community was there
[12:33am] EviLDeD: 1 month ryan
[12:34am] EviLDeD: and it wasn't up when I told stratics to fuck themselves.
[12:34am] EviLDeD: period
[12:34am] Ryan: oh but, it was
[12:34am] Ryan: even frostbyghte knows that
[12:34am] Ryan: :)
[12:34am] EviLDeD: you had every chance to run that fuckign show but once again it would have fallen pray to "fuck eveil ded ill teach him:
[12:34am] EviLDeD: so I wanted it shared so there was no single handed control
[12:34am] EviLDeD: for anyone
[12:35am] EviLDeD: and to say I knoew anything about 8 months before I got back would be fooling you self man
[12:35am] EviLDeD: seropusly
[12:35am] EviLDeD: I was internet less
[12:35am] Ryan: yah well this argument is useless, because you focused too much on having your cake and eating it to :)
[12:35am] EviLDeD: the email I sent abaddon to release to code cause I didn't know when I would be back, that I would be back though
[12:35am] EviLDeD: was in feb-march
[12:35am] EviLDeD: and was from my cell phone
[12:35am] EviLDeD: before they shut that down
[12:35am] Ryan: im not interested in the past any more :)
[12:36am] Ryan: ill think about what I am going to do with and I will let you know on that.
[12:36am] Ryan: On a brighter note, nice to see your releases for uox3
[12:36am] Ryan: :)
[12:36am] EviLDeD: you know the only person that has his cake and eating it too is you
[12:36am] EviLDeD: you swpied the cake I helped build
[12:36am] Ryan: right now, your right, I am having my cake, eating my cake, and baking more
[12:36am] Ryan: and yes, I enjoy every bit o fit
[12:36am] Ryan: err of it
[12:36am] EviLDeD: at uox3 expense.
[12:37am] Ryan: and smithysanvil's
[12:37am] Ryan: and eveyrones
[12:37am] Ryan:
[12:37am] EviLDeD: nah
[12:37am] Ryan: you dont hear infymus bitching :)
[12:37am] EviLDeD: without the uox3 traffic you would have had nothing :)
[12:37am] EviLDeD: why would he bitch
[12:37am] Ryan:
[12:37am] Ryan: lol
[12:37am] Ryan: [12:37am] ˇEviLDeDˇ without the uox3 traffic you would have had nothing :)
[12:37am] Ryan: thats such bs
[12:38am] EviLDeD: you literally like a some child took the people away from teh emulator cause you could
[12:38am] EviLDeD: now your gloating about it
[12:38am] EviLDeD: im meaan like
[12:38am] EviLDeD: dood..
[12:38am] EviLDeD: people that eat as much cake as you choke.
[12:38am] EviLDeD: Im bitching that what you did was wrong
[12:38am] Ryan: or get fat and happy
[12:38am] EviLDeD: and you know it
[12:38am] EviLDeD: and the fact you tpyed it proves it man :)
[12:39am] EviLDeD: so you do have lots to worry about :) I just never saw how much :)
[12:39am] Ryan: Im happy as fuck right now, and I think its funny that you would even post that its bad of me to use MY DOMAIN to do what I want :)
[12:40am] EviLDeD: even without the help from you for someting that you would be 0 without it will stay there. I just hope that one day things dont cave in on you.
[12:40am] EviLDeD: you would :)
[12:40am] Ryan: I love everything about my life, and EVERYONE loves RunUO, that is involved or uses it.
[12:40am] Ryan: oh and you know what else..
[12:40am] Ryan: we dont have nearly the fights that had :)
[12:41am] EviLDeD: still doesn't change the fact that obviously from what I have read here runuo would have been nothing without uox3 too :) its traffic, its inspriation to be if nothing more than better than :) lol
[12:41am] EviLDeD: and your laughing :)
[12:41am] EviLDeD: has no fights.
[12:41am] Ryan: and 1/10th the members
[12:41am] EviLDeD: and prolly woudn't had the true userbase been alowed to grow with the changes, not fucked over by a put out power trip :0
[12:42am] Ryan: and in truth, 70% of our users are sphere converts
[12:42am] Ryan: :)
[12:42am] EviLDeD: ah if even one % of the people haed a chance to know that uox3 still existed and had lots of work going on
[12:42am] EviLDeD: you would be talking out the other side yoru face :)
[12:42am] EviLDeD: I assumed that
[12:42am] EviLDeD: its the 30% that you forced to convert from uox3 cause you were put out
[12:42am] Ryan: actually have you looked @ uogateway lately?
[12:43am] Ryan: there are not very many uox3 shard
[12:43am] Ryan: s
[12:43am] EviLDeD: man you to scared to even let people have a chance that would be looking for uox3 to find uox3.. thats what it has to be....
[12:43am] Ryan: 6 to be exact
[12:43am] Ryan: over 100 spheres
[12:43am] Ryan: over 50 POL's
[12:43am] EviLDeD: yea I understand that
[12:43am] Ryan: uox3 has had for the past 2 years
[12:44am] Ryan: maybe 10% of a share of emu use
[12:44am] EviLDeD: anyone that would have been looking for uox3 have been swept to runuo and told basically that uox3 is dead
[12:44am] EviLDeD: smithys too
[12:44am] EviLDeD: so when people are lied to
[12:44am] Ryan: anyone looking for uox3
[12:44am] Ryan: goes to
[12:44am] EviLDeD: not to surprising.
[12:44am] Ryan:
[12:44am] Ryan: and types
[12:44am] Ryan: uox3
[12:44am] Ryan: poof
[12:44am] Ryan:
[12:44am] Ryan:
[12:44am] Ryan:
[12:44am] Ryan:
[12:45am] Ryan: fact is your hurting yourself
[12:45am] Ryan: by not having
[12:45am] Ryan: point to
[12:45am] Ryan: and by having this:
[12:45am] Ryan: If you are looking for tools or worldbuilding issues please point your browser to UOXdev to find all you need.
[12:46am] Ryan: you should get uox3 organized before accusing me of strangling it :)
[12:46am] EviLDeD: should have pointed here since the day you took uoxdev.comdown
[12:47am] Ryan:
[12:47am] Ryan: go to it
[12:48am] EviLDeD: you cant hide with those lame asssed "well dont blame me" crap you took 1500 accounts that looked for uox3 and basically turned them into runuo. you did it with out any class, but not even giving peopel a choice, and playing the whole uox3 is dead game..
[12:48am] EviLDeD: point is that uox3 wouldnt be in its 0 traffic state if you wernt trying to show me some lesson
[12:48am] EviLDeD: period
[12:48am] EviLDeD: its pretty unbecomming really :)
[12:49am] EviLDeD: its just a shame that you had to use uox3 to get there, and thats what you did :0
[12:49am] Ryan: its a shame that you really think that
[12:49am] Ryan: ;)
[12:49am] Ryan: we got there, because we are the best
[12:49am] EviLDeD: then when you didn't get what you wanted, you took it like a kid guarding his ice cream cone..
[12:49am] Ryan: and thats that
[12:49am] EviLDeD: yea yea
[12:49am] EviLDeD: without uox3 yo uwoul dhave been 0 :0
[12:49am] EviLDeD: its a shame that your to into yourself to understnad that :0
[12:49am] Ryan: if that helps you sleep at night, believe that ;)
[12:50am] EviLDeD: you needed to use traffic to push a project that would have been nothing :)
[12:50am] EviLDeD: you did it deliberatly and malisiously
[12:50am] EviLDeD: :0
[12:50am] EviLDeD: all because what :)
[12:51am] EviLDeD: this is the funny part ..:) loss of a little control..
[12:51am] Ryan: got 200k hits a month
[12:51am] EviLDeD: I really really hope that you doint fuck krrios over like yo have everyone else
[12:51am] Ryan: gets almost 5 million a month :)
[12:51am] EviLDeD: with your track record :0
[12:51am] EviLDeD: I imagine hes already waiting
[12:51am] Ryan: I wont ever fuck over krrios or zippy or sicklab or duckhead or tim or alkiser or any of them.
[12:51am] EviLDeD: now its gone up from 3mill to 5 :0
[12:51am] Ryan: and they know that
[12:51am] Ryan: because they love me
[12:51am] Ryan: 3 mill last month, on track for 5 this month
[12:52am] Ryan: ive got stats to back it, i still have uoxdev.coms old stats... stats cant be denied
[12:52am] EviLDeD: [23:50] and they know that
[12:52am] EviLDeD: [23:50] because they love me
[12:52am] EviLDeD: people aren't as unlike you as you think :0
[12:52am] EviLDeD: just remember people that want something that you ahve to offer, will tell you what ever you want :)
[12:53am] Ryan: lol play your games all you want, thats whats always been your downfall, im leaving, and ill leave you with this epiphany in hopes that it will help you.
[12:53am] EviLDeD: as long as you dont step out of your box with runuo I imagine krrios wont say a word :0
[12:53am] EviLDeD: just wait :0
[12:53am] Ryan: You are right uoxdev dying killed uox... but it was on its way out anyway, and runuo has nothing to do with that and runuo would be right where it is if uoxdev was still there :-)
[12:54am] EviLDeD: Im just glad I was able tp put you over. cuase undoubtedly you would have been 0 with out me :)
[12:54am] EviLDeD: and when you took what you needed and it wasn't enough you fucked me over :)
End of evilded buffer Wed Nov 20 00:54:51 2002
Fri, Nov 22, 2002:
EviLDeD & Ryan Interview
EviLDeD & Ryan Interview
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