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UOXC:NS is a break off emulator from UOX-Classic.
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UOX-Classic:NS Final Transmission
Monday, Aug 25, 2003, at 06:31 AM
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From UOX-Classic:NS:
This is my final entry at the UOXC Artisan's Guild. It was a sweet run while it lasted.

I plan on leaving the downloads available (at least for a little while). The message board has been removed.

I toyed with the idea of fixing a few final bugs before closing the UOXC:NS chapter, but why? I gave UOXC almost everything I had over the course of 2 years for very little in return. My hands are washed clean of it as far as I am concerned.

While I have pretty much burnt all bridges with UOXC, I may include UOXC support in the upcoming .Net version of UOXBox. Only time will tell.

Anyway, thanks to the folks over at UOXC for the memories, namely Sargo, Kiff, and Lord Clay (yes there are many others).

Last one out, turn off the lights.
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UOX Classic:NS Last Updates
Thursday, Jun 26, 2003, at 06:33 AM
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First off, I will try to get the UOXC:NS CVS updated by the weekend. SourceForge has instagated a new project deletion policy so I can't promise how long it will be there.

Second, to let everyone know, I will probably be turning this site into a repository for the RunUO scripts I use on New Sosaria. I will definetely keep the current downloads here, as the UOX world files seem to be extremely popular.

Again, I want to thank Sargo and the rest of the UOXC community for putting up with me for two years.
UOX Classic:NS.
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UOXClassic:NS Ends Development
Friday, Jun 20, 2003, at 06:39 AM
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In addition to UOXBOX no longer being developed, UOXC:NS is also being scrapped. From UOXClassic:NS:
It has been a pretty big day for UO stuff.

First of all, I cancelled my OSI account after almost 4 years of play. The "offical" cause? I am blaming it on OSI's monthly fee increase. As a casual gamer, I just can't justify paying 13 bucks a month. It sucks being poor...I don't suggest anyone try it if they can help it.

I also want to take this oppurtunity to announce that I am converting my shard, New Sosaria: The Second Coming, into a RunUO shard. What does this mean? I will no longer be developing UOXC:NS and will most likely scrap UOXBox. I realize this won't affect a huge amount of people, but I really want to hope there are a few UOXC:NS users out there. While I apologize for leaving you in the lurch, most of my changes have been "borrowed" and ported into the "official" UOXC anyway, so you should be able to seamlessly make the transition.

I debated on going into a long dissertation into why I am "quitting" but I just don't want to bore any one with the details. If you want to know, please email me and I will be more the glad to ramble on ad nauseum. Heh. Short and to the point: I severely burnt myself out.

I do find it surprising at how easy it is to just scrap all the work I have done over the last 2 years and go for a new emulator. I really want to think that I made some small contribution to the UO Emu scene. Anyway, it's been fun.

Catch you on the flip side.

Sargo made the following comments about this over on UOX-Classic:
would personally like to that you Cyberspud for ALL your work on UOXC and sharing your UOXC:NS work with us! And youre name (as far as I'm concerned) will be added to the one of the legendary coders for UOXC. LoL

Yes there are those that are going to be upset by your decision, but they will just have to deal with it. You know I support any decisions you make, cause I know you always have a good reason for your desicions.

And I would like to mention to the rest of those out there who may be thinking that Cyber has 'betrayed' UOXC and UOXC:NS ... Thats total horse manure! Neither of these projects would even be around if it wasnt for Cyberspud, and I know this for fact. He just wants to move on and be a shard Admin for NS. (And I'm sure we will still give him all kinds of problems to fix! LoL)

So, I would like to wish you, Cyber, the best of everything in everything you do, and I will be checking up on NS often. Thanks again for all the work, help, ideas, rants, critisms, and expecially for the silver french bread and hairy apples!
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UOXC:NS 0.9g Scripts Released
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 11:33 AM
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UOXC:NS Version 0.9g Scripts have been released:
  • All the bugs have been worked out of the NPC Lists (LIST.SCP). They should now be fully functional.
  • Fixed the Travel Gump (GUMP.SCP) so it uses the multi-map format of the TELE token: TELE [X] [Y] [Z] [MAP].
  • Added a few example Ethereal Mounts to ITEMS.SCP.
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UOXC:NS 0.9d & 0.9e Released
Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 06:43 AM
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UOXC:NS versions 0.9d and 0.9e released:
Version 0.9e contains one fix by request. After a major banging-head-against-the-wall session, I fixed up the walking code. I fixed it up real good.

NPC's will no longer be able to step OVER the marble, wood, and stone blocks, but they (and players) can step UP onto them from stairs, ladders, and other "climable" tiles.

I apologize for the inconviences this caused, but after seeing NPC's in Wind walking over the city boundaries and off into the caves, I wanted to get this fixed. I have to get points for at least trying. :)
Version 0.9d:
  • Fixed : Age old bug of dead character's not logging in or resurrecting correctly after server restart
  • Fixed : Player's getting stuck in trees
  • Fixed : Item Strength requirement showing as "Lower Requirements" in PopUp data
  • Tweak : NPC's can no longer step up on the blocks of stone, wood, and marble even though the are tagged as "climbable" in the MUL files
  • Tweak : NPC archers (using Archer AI) won't try to move so far away before firing
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UOXC:NS Full Updates
Monday, May 19, 2003, at 06:37 AM
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Quite a few updates here from UOXClassic:NS:

Version 0.9c:
  • Yet another maintenance release. I pledge the following...I will never release after midnight again.
  • Tweak : Loading of MORE and MORE2 tokens from ITEMS.SCP (now recognizes MORE w x y z)
  • Fixed : "Old" scripted (MISC.SCP) books (did these ever work?)
  • Fixed : Item[-1] errors when "possesing" an NPC wihtout a packback
  • Fixed : NPC's with low maximum hit points spawning hidden
  • Fixed : NPC's hiding even when hit points are not below FLEEAT
  • Fixed : NPC's hiding without any hiding skill
  • Tweak : Attempt to stop players from attacking each other even after "Tabbing Out" of combat
  • Remove: Blank line console spam when a hidden NPC is on screen
Version 0.9b:
  • A quick release before I head off to bed tonight:
  • Fixed : An item's fire and energy resistances "decaying"
  • Fixed : A few more fixes and error checking to spell casting and targetting (per OSI)
  • Fixed : An item's "Lower Requirements" (PopUp data) displaying incorrectly
  • Added : Combat Damage Toggles (PvP, PvM, MvP)
  • Added : MODREQPERCENT token to ItemMod system (modify item's stat requirements by percentage)
  • Added : SETITEMXPTAG token to ItemMod system (to be used by the ItemXP system)
  • Added : Strength requirement to item PopUp data
  • Added : "Two-Handed Weapon" to item PopUp data
  • Tweak : The SETELECOLOR token (ItemMod) now has higher requirements to color an item based on its elemental values
  • Remove: "Belch" debug spam (oops)
The Damage Toggles probably need a little explanation. I have read requests in a few different places that led to the addition of these toggles. Basically, you can have greater control of the damage done during combat without having to edit all the NPC or weapon scripts. These tokens go into SERVER.SCP in the COMBAT section and take a percentage:
  • PVP_DAMAGE_THROTTLE X : were X is the percentage of damage done from one player to another
  • PVM_DAMAGE_THROTTLE X : were X is the percentage of damage done when a player strikes a monster
  • MVP_DAMAGE_THROTTLE X : were X is the percentage of damage done when a monster strikes a player
Hopefully, this will satisfy the requests I have been a shard admin can tone down the amount of damage done in PvP so that battles can last longer. Or, tone down the damage done from a monster to a player to make things a little easier.

NOTE: The defaults for these toggles are 100%.

Version 0.9a:
  • Fixed : Hidden GM's becoming visible on attack
  • Fixed : Becoming "frozen" when trying to cast another spell with a spell cursor already up
  • Fixed : Renaming runes did not refresh PopUp data
  • Added : NPC's can now use bandages and attempt to heal themselves
  • Added : NPC's can now use the HIDING skill to hide when they are hurt
Version 0.9:
  • Fixed : MAJOR spell casting exploit (no regs, mana, scrolls, or spell book needed)
  • Fixed : Skill could be gained even if a spell target was not selected
  • Fixed : Spell cast delays as defined in SPELLS.SCP are now applied correctly
  • Fixed : Casting animation during spell cast delay now plays correctly (looks MUCH better)
  • Fixed : Cast failure now happens after cast delay, not right after cast
  • Fixed : Spell books not displaying the correct "learned" spells in AoS clients
  • Removed : Character variable NEXTACT
  • Removed : Character variable SPELLACTION
  • Added : Fizzle effect when spell is ruined during combat
  • Added : Groundwork for ItemXP System (more to come)
Version 0.9 Scripts:
  • LOCATION.SCP : Updated with Ilshenar locations (thanks to Sargo)
  • TELEPORT.SCP : Upadated with Ilshenar teleport points (thanks to Sargo)
  • LIST.SCP : The comments that were rendering the NPCLists unusable have been removed (thanks to -sk- for pointing this out)
  • ITEM.SCP : All shovels and pickaxes can now initiate the scriptMining system (added TOOLTYPE 100)
  • NPC.SCP : LootLists and mItems added to a few NPC's
  • ITEMMODS.SCP : Item Mods tweaked to work with new tokens
  • SPELLS.SCP : Few minor tweaks
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UOXC:NS Version 0.8 Released
Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 06:42 AM
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UOXC:NS Version 0.8 and 0.8 Scripts have been released:

The latest version of UOXC:NS delivers a new magic item random generator...the mProperties System. Also included are a handful of user requested bug fixes. But first, the obligatory change log:
  • Fixed : Client lock up during login caused by noisy NPC's on screen
  • Fixed : Chars[-1] errors caused by fire fields
  • Fixed : Client freeze when opening paperdoll while meditating
  • Fixed : Gaining HP's even when STR is at stat cap
  • Fixed : Invalid ">>WARNING: Elemental Attacks for is greater then 100%" console spam
  • Fixed : Explosion Potions killing invulnerable characters
  • Added : Support for magic properties in combat..."use best weapon", "hit chance increasers", "leech attacks", and "area attacks"
  • Added : Support for mProperty ITEMMOD scripts and numerous new tokens
  • Added : Support for mProperties - for holding an item's magical properties
  • Added : Support for mSlayerBit - for displaying a slayer type in an item's PopUp data
  • Added : Support for mDislayBit - for displaying various properties in an item's PopUp data
  • Believe it or not (you may want to sit down) there is actual documentation for the mProperties System!
Please check out the Documentation section for a decent description of how to use the new system.

Below is a list of the magical properties currently supported:
Physical Resist
Fire Resist
Energy Resist
Cold Resist
Poison Resist
Strength Bonus
Intelligence Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Physical Damage
Fire Damage
Cold Damage
Energy Damage
Poison Damage
Damage Increase
Swing Speed Increase
Hit Chance Increase
Hit Slayer
Hit Stamina Leech
Hit Mana Leech
Hit Life Leech
Hit Cold Area
Hit Fire Area
Hit Poison Area
Hit Energy Area
Hit Physical Area
Best Weapon Skill
I realize these aren't all the magic properties as defined by OSI, but I think it is a pretty decent start. Check out the documentation for the tokens used to define these properties as well as a few examples. Enjoy!

In addition, the following was posted:
So you want magical items, eh? I have pretty much finished the ground work of the "mProperty System" ... a totally random magic item generator. Now, it isn't linked to luck yet (due to the fact that loot is created when a monster is spawned, not when they are slain), and it doesn't have all the magic properties that OSI has ... but it can take a list of magic properties (ITEMMODS) and randomly apply a scripted amount of properties to a base item randomly chosen from a list (ITEMLIST). PopUp data is added (or summed, if neccessary) and updated ... I've been testing this system pretty heavily and it is rather great seeing the variety of items you can get...all from one base item in ITEMS.SCP. Stay tuned!
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UOXClassic:NS 0.7a Released
Wednesday, Apr 30, 2003, at 06:44 AM
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UOXClassic:NS 0.7a has been released:
  • Fixed : Ethereal Mount Item being placed outside the bounds of the player's backpack
  • Fixed : Tried to fix various instances of items being "bounced" outside the bounds of a player's backpack
  • Fixed : Numerous client lockup bugs caused by the Party system
  • Fixed : Numerous client lockups related to the trade window
  • Added : MAXITEMS X token to loot lists where X is the maximum amount of items to be spawned from the list
  • Tweak : RESID token in ITEMS.SCP now takes a hex number instead of a decimal number (less confusing)
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UOX-Classic:NS 0.7 Released
Tuesday, Apr 29, 2003, at 06:30 AM
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UOX-Classic:NS 0.7 has been released:
  • Fixed : Client lockup caused by death of onscreen players
  • Fixed : LootList system totally overhauled
  • Fixed : Rare crash related to concealing a mount
  • Fixed : Issue with huge delay to conceal a mount
  • Fixed : Items[-1] errors when Treasure Containers or In Town Containers are filled with non-existant items/lists
  • Fixed : Items that reference ITEMLIST's are now added correctly when using the 'ADDITEM command
  • Fixed : Items[-1] errors when region spawning non-existant items/lists
  • Fixed : 2 instances of NPC's (using advanced pathfinding) standing still if they couldn't reach their target
  • Added : Ethereal mounts
  • Added : NPC's can now deal "radius damage"
  • Added : Scriptable Mounts using MOUNTLIST in LIST.SCP and MOUNTABLE token in NPC.SCP
  • Added : Runebooks with over 1000 charges (MOREZ) are considered "GM Books" (unlimited charges)
  • Added : New tokens to ITEMMOD system
  • Added : RADIUS_RANGE token in SERVER.SCP (Combat) defines the range of radius attacks (default is 2)
  • Added : RADIUS_SPEED token in SERVER.SCP (Combat) defines the speed (in seconds) of radius damage
  • Tweak : ATTACKSTAMINA token in SERVER.SCP now defines how much stamina is used per swing
  • Tweak : MAX_ABSORBTION token in SERVER.SCP now defines the maximum limit of a player's elemental resistance percentage (default is 70%)
  • Tweak : Consolidated all Item and NPC lists into LIST.SCP
  • Please see the post on the "Versino 0.7 Release Notes" above as there are some pretty major changes that need be addressed before upgrading to this version.
In addition, 0.7 scripts have also been released. Visit UOX-Classic:NS for details.

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UOX-Classic:NS Future Updates
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2003, at 06:25 AM
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From UOX-Classic:NS:
The next version of UOXC:NS promises a few "by popular demand" features and long overdue overhauls. Here are a few things to look forward to...

There will be a new script file (LIST.SCP) that will contain the following SECTION's:

Loot Lists (LOOTLIST)
Random Name Lists (RANDOMNAME)
Treasure Lists (TREASURELIST)
Item Lists (ITEMLIST)
Item Menus (ITEMMENU)

What this means is that all of these lists will need to be moved into the LIST.SCP script for them to function correctly. Believe me, this is much easier then it sounds...and the benefits include much leaner ITEMS.SCP and NPC.SCP files which are much more managable.

Probably the biggest thing is the completely overhauled loot list system. Instead of a huge loot list littered with phantom "10000" items to handle percentages, here is what a new loot list will look like:

LOOT 25 1 1 50
LOOT 25 1 1 51
LOOT 25 1 1 52
LOOT 25 1 1 53
LOOT 25 1 1 54
LOOT 75 1 1 5057
LOOT 100 3 10 428
LOOT 100 3 10 429
LOOT 100 3 10 438
LOOT 100 3 10 439
LOOT 100 3 10 440
LOOT 100 3 10 442
LOOT 100 3 10 446
LOOT 100 3 10 447

Not too shabby, if I may say so. Loot lists will now be comprised of LOOT x y z item tokens:

x - the percentage of the item showing up
y and z - the amount of the item (randomly chosen from this range)
item - the actual item from ITEMS.SCP

You may also notice the BAGSTART and BAGSTOP tokens in the above example. This will allow loot to be placed in bags in the NPC's pack. And these tokens can be nested, so you can have bags of loot inside bags of loot.

Stay tuned!
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UOXClassic:NS Updates
Monday, Apr 21, 2003, at 06:50 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
I am nearing completion of my pass through NPC.SCP...just going through the animals. Every creature will have OSI values complete with Elemental resistances and damage! Again, hats off to Sargo for doing a majority of the work. I also plan on going through ITEMS.SCP and updating weapons and armor to work with the new AoS formulas...shields and weapons are too powerful as it stands. I will make the updated scripts available as soon as I am done.

I am sure some of you noticed the "Documentation" link that has mysteriously appeared on the site. Believe it or not, I am going to try my hardest to get some docs and FAQ's posted. All I ask is for a little are not my forte.

On a side note, there will most likely not be a UOXC:NS release this weekend. I am living out of a hotel for the next week or so as some extensive water damage in my home is repaired. While I do have most of my stuff in mobile form (writing this from a laptop at the moment), some of the stuff is just firmly planted on my workstation. A tad annoying, but I appreciate your patience.
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UOXClassic:NS 0.6 Released
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2003, at 06:26 AM
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UOXC:NS version 0.6 has been released:
  • Fixed : Advanced Pathfind works correctly again (whew)
  • Fixed : Numerous runebook caused client lockups
  • Fixed : Blinking NPC's during combat caused by incorrect ID lookup
  • Fixed : NPC's spawning with "String Errors" in their PopUp data
  • Fixed : MaxHP set incorrectly when using an advancement gate
  • Tweaked : "Simple" pathfinding now uses advanced pathfinding variables
  • Tweaked : Fixed creature initialization...corrected "no blink" setting on numerous NPC's
  • Added : Wandering NPC's randomly pause and perform various "fidget" animations
  • Added : PROJCUSTOM and AMMOCUSTOM tokens to weapons can use custom ammo and projectile ID's
  • Added : NPC's sound is now scriptable using SOUNDBASE and SOUNDFLAG in NPC.SCP (SOUNDFLAG defaults to 0 and will work 99% of the time)
  • Removed : Character variables associated with simple pathfinding
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UOXClassic:NS Updates
Monday, Apr 14, 2003, at 06:38 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
Here is an update on what has been going on around here this week:

Complete NPC Script Update: Sargo has already completed a single pass through the NPC scripts and tweaked every NPC, bringing their stats and skills up to OSI standards. This is a huge accomplishment in its own right! Now I am making a second pass through the scripts, tweaking a few things, adding the AoS Elemental damages and resistances, and removing unused or invalid tokens. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the elemental stuff rocks! Anyway, I think everyone will agree that this is something that is long overdue.

Sargo and I have worked out some "standards" for the NPC scripts, and I am going to try to set up an online "repository". This will basically be a database of NPC's available from the Internet where NPC scripts can be uploaded, downloaded, and tweaked for the benefit of the entire community. I realize this isn't "coding" or "bug fixing" but I feel it really needs to be done .

Fixing Advanced Pathfinding: I noticed the other day that "smart" NPC's were not acting as smart as they used to. After adding all the optimizations to the advanced pathfinding system...specifically the pathfinding timer that allows an NPC to only search for a new path every 4 seconds (to eliminate CPU load)...NPC's were getting stuck on objects, going the wrong way, or just plain standing still.

The pathfinding AI itself is still working...the NPC's can still find paths around objects and through mazes, but they are having trouble following those paths. After going through the code, I discovered that the "simple" pathfinding was conflicting with the advanced pathfinding. So I am tearing out some of the "old" stuff and making it work together. I am hoping to have this done (along with some other small bug fixes) this weekend.

After all this, I hope to get pack to work on the PackAI system and a few other new features.

Well, that's it. Sorry for rambling, but I just wanted folks to be aware...just becuase I don't update the site, that doesn't mean that progress has halted. Thanks!
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UOXClassic:NS version 0.5b Released
Friday, Apr 11, 2003, at 06:35 AM
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UOXClassic:NS 0.5b has been released:
  • Fixed : client lockup bug caused by full rune books
  • Fixed : incorrent items being assigned damage during combat
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UOXClassic:NS 0.5a Released
Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 06:48 AM
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UOXClassic:NS version 0.5a has been released:
  • A client lockup bug when using the WHOLIST OFF command
  • Item's LAYER values are loaded correctly on spawned items
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UOX-Classic:NS 0.5 Released
Monday, Apr 7, 2003, at 06:48 AM
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UOXClassic:NS Version 0.5 has been released:
  • Fixed : pathfollowing NPC's no longer leave a "ghost image" when they walk out of range
  • Fixed : packet flooding due to pathfollowing NPC's
  • Fixed : item's layer value is no longer corrupted when the item is equipped
  • Fixed : multiple items can no longer be stacked on the same layer of the paperdoll (3D Client)
  • Fixed : client lockup bug when using the TWEAK command on items
  • Fixed : Corpses no longer show an amount in the PopUpData
  • Fixed : MAXHP token now accepts a range
  • Added : measures to prevent client lockup issues in the craftmenu and custom gump system
  • Added : Elemental damage and resist support for characters
  • Added : Elemental damage and resist support for items
  • Added : Elemental support in combat
  • Added : Elemental tokens to ItemMod system -- different ores can grant different resistances
  • Added : new AoS combat formulas
  • Added : Damage and Luck display on status gump
  • Added : Elemental resistance is now displayed on the status gump
  • Added : Item PopUpData now displays Elemental damage and resistance as well as luck
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UOXClassic:NS Updates
Friday, Mar 28, 2003, at 06:13 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
There are some rather large plans on the drawing board right now. I don't want to go into much detail or give anything away at this point(until more of the nuances are worked out), but there is a new system in the works that I hope will add quite a bit to any shard.

But before work can begin on this new system, there are a couple of support systems that need to be added. This week I am working on the new NPC PackSysetm.

This will allow NPC's to work together in "packs" or "parties" to add a new dynamic to player vs. monster. NPC's in packs will also gain a bonus to their attack damage. Like NPC path following, the PackAI is performed even if there aren't any players on screen, so that packs can form when no one is around. Each NPC can be assigned a PACKID and they will only interact with NPC's of the same PACKID...that way Orcs and wolves don't join together (unless you want them to). There are currently 5 different PackInstincts:
  • "Basic" - the basic pack instict is most appropriate for animals like wolves. The first memeber in the pack assumes the role of "alpha". All the other members follow the alpha, attack the alpha's target, and defend as neccessary. If the alpha is killed, the next NPC in line will assume the role.
  • "Minion" - Minion's seek out leaders. When a minion finds another solitary minion, they will not interact, but if the minion finds another minion in a pack, they will join that pack. Minion's follow their leaders and attack their leader's targets.
  • "Chieftain" - Chieftains "recruit" minions and lead them into battle. Chieftains will fight along side their minions and propogate their target to the members of their pack. When the chieftain is killed, the pack will "disband" and any minions will scatter in fear.
  • "Overlord" - Overlords "recruit" minions but do not fight along side them. Instead, the minion's attack the overlord's target while the overlord stands back. If the overlord is killed, the pack is "disbanded" and any minions scatter.
  • "Medic" - Medics will join any pack they can and heal as neccessary.
Please note, these are subject to change and more will be added as needed. I am still deciding on whether to add a new script file for this where admin's would be able to define phrases for NPC's as they join a pack, attack a leader's target, or flee after a leader is killed. Stay tuned!
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UOXClassic:NS 0.4a Released
Tuesday, Mar 25, 2003, at 06:12 AM
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UOXClassic:NS 0.4a has been released:
Yes, two releases in one day. I apologize...a few bug fixes:
  • Characers are correctly re-listed after deleting a character
  • Fixed a client lockup bug with the CraftMenu descriptions
  • Removed some rather annoying debug messages I left in (oops)
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UOXClassic:NS 0.4 Released
Tuesday, Mar 25, 2003, at 06:10 AM
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UOXClassic 0.4 has been released:
  • Overhauled client login handling
  • Added support for 4.0.0e client (and beyond)
  • Rewrote container opening functions to utilize more recent packets
  • Increased number of Starting Locations to 12 (to mirror OSI)
  • NPC's with NOLEAVE set will now only be deleted if the NPC was spawned
  • Fixed a crash when summoning creatures
  • Fixed a rare Chars[-1] error in Bladespirit/EV AI
  • System Broadcasts will now display correctly in the 3D client
  • Restructered ToolTip data queries
  • A few optimizations to reduce uneeded packet flooding
  • Optimized CraftMenu, HouseMenu, and CustomGump packet flow to the client
  • Exectuable is now smaller by about 300kb
This weeks credits:
  • Krrios : for answering my questions (in the RunUO forum, no less!)
  • Lord Binary : this would have been impossible without UO:Pro
  • Sargo : for logging in 634 times to test the changes
A few details and other digressions:
I am very pleased with this version. In the back of my mind, I've always been worried that a big change by OSI would render the server useless, and I would be unable to fix it. And while it was rough going, this latest client led to a rather needed update to the login handling code that should keep further updates from messing up access to the server (at least for a little while). What do I think happened? I was reading over OSI's client change log and they were talking about fixing "black hole" issues. All I can figure is that what ever they did made the client much more sensitive to buffered packets. I had to go through the code and sprinkle "FlushBuffer" after most of the critical "xSends". And while I think I got most of them, I am sure I didn't get all of them. Please let me know if you have problems with the client hanging. The server won't crash, you will just have to restart the client. One thing that did not get fixed is logging in after deleting a character. For now, you will just have to restart the client after a character is deleted. I'll try to get that fixed this week.
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UOXClassic Client 4.0.0e Updates
Monday, Mar 24, 2003, at 06:23 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
Well, after a bit of help from Krrios (thanks again!) and a healthy dose of divine inspiration, I am actually making progress on the login issue.

As of now, you can almost completely log into a shard...all that remains is to figure out how to perform the final synch between the server and the client so you can actually walk without locking up. I am hoping to have this wrapped up this weekend, but I won't make any promises. Stay tuned...
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UOXClassic:NS - Problems With Client 4.0.0e
Friday, Mar 21, 2003, at 06:32 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
Well, what can I say. This login problem is kicking my butt. After spending that last two evenings banging my head against the wall, I'm not really any closer to a fix (it seems the last 15% is the hardest part, heh). I won't say I've given up, but I am feeling rather defeated at the moment.

If someone in the Emu community has any information on the correct login packet sequence for AoS (more specifically, what exactly happens between the 0x5d and 0x55 packets) I would be eternally grateful for any help offered.
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UOXClassic:NS - More Client 4.0.0e Problems
Thursday, Mar 20, 2003, at 06:17 AM
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From UOXClassic:NS:
It appears that OSI's latest client (4.0.0e) has issues logging into the UOXC:NS server. I am focusing on getting this resolved and will issue a fix as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

It appears that a UOGateway update fixed the problem for RunUO. Unfortunately, it didn't rectify the situation as far as UOXC:NS goes. After some intense packet logging sessions, I am completely stumped as to what is causing it.
As Hogie over on EQEMu states, if you update your client before the Emulator gets a chance to update theirs - then don't fucking whine when you can't play...

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UOXClassic:NS 0.3a Released
Tuesday, Mar 18, 2003, at 06:26 AM
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UOXClassic:NS 0.3a has been released:
  • Fixed numerous highlighting issues
  • Fixed numerous player "redraw" issues during combat
  • Successfull attacks will now do a minimum of 1 hp damage (instead of 0)
  • Damage rate to bows reduced (double of melee weapons, since damage can also occur on miss)
  • Fixed a few bugs in combat where item damage messages were sent to the wrong character
  • More multi-map support...NPC's will no longer target or cast magic on players on a different map
  • Added -sk-'s summon creature update
  • Increased limits on guild structures (thanks Sargo)
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UOXClassic:NS 0.3 Released
Monday, Mar 17, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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UOXClassic:NS version 0.3 has been released:
  • New House Sign Gump System. A much needed update that includes:
    • The ability to successfully rename houses
    • Updated gump to mirror OSI's latest
    • Simplified--everything is displayed on one gump
    • The ability to make a house "private"
    • ToolTip data for house signs show the name, owner, and status
    • All the security functions work correctly
    • Lock downs, secures, and visits are saved correctly
    • All characters on same account are "auto-co-owners"
    • Gump displays when the house was built and traded
    • No longer need to be on the property to view sign
  • Fixed an ancient bug that made placing a house almost impossible
  • Fixed a packet flooding issue during logon
  • Tweaked the logon packet sequence to mirror OSI
  • Basic particle system support...use PARTTEST command to test
  • Fixed NPC highlighting...not all aggressive NPC's are red
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UOXC:NS Screen Shots
Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003, at 06:33 AM
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UOXC:NS has put up some great screen shots:
I know I promised this a while back and I apologize it hasn't appeared until now. But after quite a bit of trial and error, here is a screen shot of the very first particle based effect in NS. Never mind that I am harrassing an offline character. :) It will be some time before all the spells have their appropriate effects, as I will have to log which effects go with what spells. I hope this is a decent start, though. Stay tuned!
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UOXC:NS - New Housing Gump
Tuesday, Mar 11, 2003, at 06:41 AM
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Introducing a long over due (and slightly unscheduled) update. I really wasn't aware of the issues with the housing gump system until recently...when a few of the NS testers had aquired enough gold to buy a house (thanks mostly to Garog). Combining pieces of Axenation's recent update from the UOXC code and a handful of custom tweaks, the gump is an exact mirror of OSI's current system with almost all of the same functionality. The gump is no longer was just too it is now hard coded. All the housing values, like Visits and Lockdowns, are now saved correctly. You also no longer need to be on the property to view the sign. And no, you can't build custom houses. :) Here are a few highlights:
  • Updated gump...everything is now contained in the main gump including the sign selection and register listings.
  • Changing the house's name now works. Yes, finally.
  • And by popular demand...other character's on the same account are automatically made co-owners
  • A house can be "private"...only the owner, co-owners, and friends may enter the house and use the house sign.
  • The sign will show when the house was built and traded (if appropriate).
  • The sign's ToolTip data will show the house's name, owner, and current public/private status.
  • All the security features (add, remove, clear, etc.) now work correctly.
  • Fixed an ancient bug in the house placing code that made it almost impossible to place a house.
Look for this update in next weekend's release!
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UOXC:NS 0.2a Released
Monday, Mar 10, 2003, at 06:39 AM
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UOXClassic:NS version 0.2a has been released:
I felt the fix for the "dissappearing stabled pet" issue was important enough to get out, so look in the download section for the 0.2a version. The only difference is to the "savechar" code...if you were using the "warp away" feature of stabling, your stabled pets were not being saved correctly. This release should take care of it.
UOXClassic NS:
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ScriptMining Added to UOXC:NS
Tuesday, Mar 4, 2003, at 06:56 AM
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Well, one of the most requested features (at least that I can remember) has finally been added. It is my pleasure to present the new scriptMining (that is like strip mining, without the stripping) system! Took me about 9 hours of straight coding, but it is finished.

-Ore types are scriptable.
-Ore regions are scriptable (think ore veins ala OSI).
-The system has you can have prospector's tools and gargoyle pick axes.
-Smelting has been redone complete with big, medium, and small ore sizes.
-The new GM command "listore" shows complete ore details for the given region.
-The code that validates mining targets has been re-written from scratch.
-Each map can have its own mining regions completely independent of each other.

All of this is conveniently contained in the new and aptley named is a sample:

{//default type
PRENAME a pile of
NAME iron
COLOR 00 00

PRENAME a pile of
NAME dull copper
COLOR 09 73

I'll try to get some documentation thrown together after I heavily test the system. I also want to whip up a UOXBox tool that can randomly generate the mining regions.
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UOXC:NS 0.0.1 Available
Monday, Mar 3, 2003, at 06:01 AM
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UOXClassic:NS Artisian's Guild is reporting that version 0.0.1 of UOXC:NS is now available:
Version 0.0.1 of UOXC:NS is now available in the download section. I debated on how to handle releases and for now it is going to be source, executable, and scripts in three seperate zip files. Yes, I plan on releasing an installer and "all-in-one" but not until I am satisfied with the code. I am hoping to have a release a week, to keep things fresh. And yes, I realize this is extremely confusing with UOXC at version 2.0 and UOXCNS at 0.0.1. I apologize, but while they are very similar, UOXCNS is not UOXC...I am a schmuck and branched off.

Note that while this is the exact code I use to run New Sosaria, it is still considered "beta". I am releasing it hoping to get some bug reports and feature requests.

A few rounds of "thank you" are in order:
  • Lord Binary : for the updated packet listing and the ever important UO:Pro
  • -sk- : for carrying on the UOXC legacy
  • Moriarty : the grandmaster bug hunter
  • Sargo : because he will hit me with an iron gauntlet if I don't mention him
Please use the bug tracking features of the UOXCNS Sourceforge site if you feel so inclined.
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UOXC:NS - New Housing Gump
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UOXC:NS 0.2a Released
Tue, Mar 4, 2003:
ScriptMining Added to UOXC:NS
Mon, Mar 3, 2003:
UOXC:NS 0.0.1 Available
UOXC:NS 0.0.1 Available
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