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UOX3 CVS Updated
Thursday, Jun 17, 2004, at 07:05 AM
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From UOX3:
There have been a couple CVS updates since the last news post. Some really useful fixes, and such. See the change log in the cvs repositor for exact changes made to the source.
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UOX3 CVS Update 0.98-1.6
Thursday, Jun 10, 2004, at 06:44 AM
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UOX3 CVS Update 0.98-1.6 released:
The CVS has been updated! Version 0.98-1.6 or 0.98.01(6) is now in effect. Please consult the following document, which will walk you through downloading and compiling the source code: CVS How To

Also for those looking for the Inside UO with AoS support, here is the link:

I found that today, and figured people could use it!
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I'm Not Dead! I Feel Fine!
Friday, Jun 4, 2004, at 06:44 AM
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From UOX3 Development:
Just thought i'd say a few words here....ok i'm done!
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UOX3, Rest In Peace
Thursday, Jun 3, 2004, at 06:55 AM
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Gone, but not (quite) forgotten...

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Madalok's Ego Bigger Than EviLDeD's?
Friday, Aug 29, 2003, at 06:40 AM
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Looks like some private emails have come out of the woodwork concerning Madalok and his thoughts concerning EviLDeD. Here's a few quotes from the email:
"EA didn't tell you, but for nearly two days he sat on a dozen issues he COULD have fixed, while he messed with trying to make UOX compile for you Linux users. My view on that is pretty negative and I know you don't want to hear it. But I had EA in the "fixit" mode, and it took a lot to get him there, and then it got wasted on Linux. Now he is in the frustrated mode, and I can't get much out of him. So we lost valuable time on something that I feel should be handled by somebody who can program in Linux.requirments."

"Still, we have managed to make it to build 5j and several issues were fixed. Lots of little things. And TONS more to be fixed. The problem with UOX3 Dreoth, is that there is no one there testing. I am doing more for UOX3 right now than ANYONE in that group except Evilded. I sit at this fucking monitor all day from 7am until 11pm locked in a private chat with EA while the two of us comb through the code and I go in and test for him on the spot as it is needed. In the four days I have been doing this, more has gotten done to fix UOX than has been done in the last six months. And I already knew there were issues - I just had no idea HOW MANY issues there are!!! The lack of adequate testing has been UOX's worst problem and CAUSE of problems. Dude - do you love UOX3 or not? Fuck EA - I just want to know if you love UOX3?"

"I would love to see Evilded proven wrong. But it isn't going to happen and aside from the games, I am a realist. What I actually came here for was to ask you as an ally to help me achieve a goal that is separate from EA's goals. I am not a pawn being used by EA. He is 33 years old and I am old enough to be his dad. To me, EA has some views and perosonality traits that I view as "immature" by my own standards. But not for his age. He is right on track for his age."

"UOX3 has had some big setbacks. If WP is ahead it is because UOX3 was down for a year. It is because Ryan McAdams (may his soul rot in an Iraqi prison camp for eternity) stole the UOX domains and redirected the users to his own project. Well, Krioss' project. Still, when Ryan owns the hosting and the domains, it is HIS project, whether Krioss knows it or not. And if Krioss crosses Ryan, he will do the same thing he did to UOX. He will take the project away from him. Ryan is a treacherous, vengeful bastard and not to be trusted at arms length. I truly hope that some of what he has dished out comes down upon his own head. I will have to keep secrets from EA, and you will have to keep secrets from WP. But I won't tell your secrets and I hope you won't tell mine. :)"

"You can't SHOVE Evilded around. You have to nudge him gently. He is one of those people for whom a gentle nudge is as effective as a violent push. But a violent push will just make him stubborn."
You can read the rest of the email and the replies here.
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Madalok Pulls Words Outta His Ass
Monday, Aug 18, 2003, at 11:10 AM
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Madalok has chimed in to the current UOX3EviLDeD fray with this latest email. As to EviLDeD's reply to "Infymus Not Pulling His Own Chain", I am not going to quote it here nor respond to it. I am not the owner of the post and do not feel the need to respond.
I decided to make this post when I saw the latest uninformed garbage posted by Infymus on his tabloid website. You all know what a tabloid is right? It is unprofessional reporting that has no other purpose than to stir the curiousity of those who are gullible enough to read it, so that they will spend their money on the trash. It is unprofessional, and unsubstantiated FICTION. There is very little truth, fact or honesty in tabloid reporting.

When you visit Smithy's Anvil, you are visiting a UO Emulator Community Tabloid website run by a person who is really too lazy to go out and gather actual facts and will say anything he likes because he firmly believes in the right to ABUSE free speech. And on top of that, Infymus has some bone to pick with EvilDeD that makes him just about the most biased reporter (and I use the term "reporter" VERY loosely) on the planet.
So suddenly the Smithys Anvil is a tabloid website? I post one article on EviLDeD every three months and suddenly I'm a tabloid website? Do you even know what a fucking tabloid is? And don't even get me started about abusing free speech, that's fucking bullshit. The shit that EviLDeD does makes up LESS THAN 5% of this website, so go get a fucking clue. If you click the UOX3 link on topic header of this post, you'll find that I have been very fair in reporting on ALL of the UOX3 CVS updates (except the last couple).

I have spent countless months now gathering information on the RIAA, the MPAA, the DMCA, the TNETA Act, the US Patriot Act. Not only that but I have reported on Spyware and Adware removal, P2P news.

I have spent hundreds of hours scouring the Emulator Communities and posting news directly from their site to the Anvil. That saves YOU time. 99% of the posts are UNBIAS direct posts. Out of all those sites, UOX3 is the ONLY FUCKING SITE I've ever commented about.

But yep. The Anvil must be a tabloid site.
Now, I am all for free speech. And the expression of VIEWS and OPINIONS. But to print the kind of trash he prints on his website as FACTS is stretching free speech beyond tolerable limits. And doing so also falls into the realm of legal slander.

I won't mislead you folks and tell you that I know everything there is to know about EvilDeD, but I *have* known him for several years (almost seven years, in fact) and I do know that he *can* be a real jerk if you give him justifiable cause. But then, I don't know anyone who can't be a real jerk when you give them cause :)

EvilDeD is the project leader for a very good reason. Have you ever heard the very old saying that "too many chefs ruin the broth?" Well, that applies to virtually anything. Too many CHIEFS ruin a project. In all things, there has to be a dominant voice, or there is chaos. Most of you will not have been around to remember the days of many chiefs on the UOX project, but I do. Back in those days, there really was no chief, and the project was subject to every whim that came up. And as a result, it was tugged and pulled in every concievable direction and it NEVER GOT ANYWHERE! And it would have stayed that way until you were all old and gray and had grandchildren old and gray if somebody hadn't finally taken the reigns of UOX and turned it into an orderly project.

You can thank EvilDeD that UOX3 is where it is today - with a very sophisticated server engine and user-definable aspects that exceed the wildest dreams of every UO emulator on earth. It's not perfect yet - far from it, but it is better than it has ever been before, and while a lot of people don't like to admit it, UOX was always the preferred emulator. It has always had the most potential, if not always the most functional at any given time. But potential takes time to realize. UOX3 is bearing fruit these days and it is not bearing fruit with the HELP of Infymus or the other malcontents that spend all of their time harboring grudges because they weren't able to yank UOX3 in THEIR direction. No more yanking folks! UOX3 has a program and it is staying on course.
Fucking stupid shit... From DAY ONE if you wanted to run a UO emulator, you NEVER RAN UOX3. POL or SPHERE were far better as well as FUSE. Nobody could run a serious shard on UOX3 because it was so fucking full of bugs.
Folks, it is a simple, common-sense fact of life that a project has to have a leader and a defined direction. When you go sailing out on the ocean do you just start making random turns and stops? No - you'd be lost and you might NEVER see land again. By the same token, UOX3 has to have a defined and projected course, and it has to stay on that course or it will get lost somewhere out there in the murky waters of "I want this" and "I want that." Sometimes THIS and THAT just will not work together. Sometimes they are in direct opposition to each other.

A lot of what has been rejected over the years came from people like Infymus who just could not live without having it his own way. Those rejected items were in the minority though. The project has catered, all along, to the majority of users. It offers the broadest appeal to a general user audience. And to top it all off, it has become very configurable for individuality and customization. In the long run, it is a far better emulator for staying on course. The FACT of staying on course has, in the long run, led to far greater scope and versatility than could otherwise have been achieved.
What in the fuck are you talking about? I have been in the UO emulator scene since DAY FUCKING ONE when Cironian first showed up on the UO shards in multi-colored garbs. I have watched UOX grow into UOX2 and into UOX3 all the way to the present day. Since the Anvil FIRST started in February of 1998, I have never bitched about "not getting my way". If I wanted my fucking way I'd have started my own emulator long ago.
For the past six or so years, there has been only one person at the prow of the ship to keep it on course. EvilDeD. And he has done ONLY that.
Ok, now I know you're talking outta your ass because UOX3 hasn't been around for "past six or so years" you dumbass. EviLDeD didn't even come onto the scene until LATE 1998, almost a YEAR after UOX3 was started (regardless that he used other emulators, such as FUSE). I have personal friends who think that EviLDeD is a insane fucking idiot to the point that they left the team. Not because Evil was insane, but because Evil's psychotic presence scared them off. Ryan WAS UOX3 long before Evil ever came around. Ryan ran the whole community and irregardless that Ryan is a good friend now, I gave him just as much shit as I gave Evil.
There's a lot of trash out there being tossed around for you to choke on, and a lot of people out there who just want to shove it down your throat, even if it does choke you. Amid all that trash is the constant claim that EvilDeD is a power-monger who ruthlessly throws out every idea that is not his own.

You know where that comes from? It comes from people who have had their ideas revoked because the idea just didn't fit in with the planned course of UOX3, or the suggestion was for such a minority of users that it wasn't worth implementing and risking the integrity of the emu to squeeze in yet another useless feature that almost nobody wanted.
Another load of shit. I could ask for it right now from the emulator community and those who have left the UOX3 team directly because of EviLDeD. And all of them would say the same goddamn thing - that EviLDeD IS a power-monger.
It is understandable that those people feel a bit put-out because their little gimmick wasn't incorporated into the project. But let's get realistic here: How many users are there? Well, at the time a course finally had to be set there were over 4,000 active users. All putting in their concepts of what the game emulator should do. 4,000 new features!!! Hmmmm - I don't know ANY game that just wildly accepts everything that comes along and dumps it into the code stew. The project simply would not work. It would never be stable.

I've heard it said repeatedly "forget new features!! I just want an emulator that works!!!" That is the majority view. Most people are tired of waiting for a stable emulator. Features are absolutely WORTHLESS when they don't work!!

This emulator doesn't reject features. It has oodles of wonderful features. And it works fairly well, and as you can all see, it has been worked on constantly and progresses almost daily.
Ok, now I'm really starting to think you are lying and have absolutely NO clue as to the history of UOX3. Anyone who has watched the emulator from the beginning knows that there is far more to what UOX3 is today than this. 4000 users all wanting their concepts in UOX3? (rolls eyes side to side) What in the fuck are you talking about? Every six months since DAY ONE UOX3 has had a different development team until the last section where EviLDeD took over the project. Every set of developers sent UOX3 down different paths, different format methods, different idiology and different tactics. Each of these were so large they presented more bugs and problems than existed beforehand. Nobody was interested in sticking with one thing: Get it fucking working. It had nothing to do with features, it had to do with internal constructs. Why do you think Lonewolf, Wolfpack and UOX-Classic appeared? Because nobody could agree.
You know people, this post isn't about what emulator is the best. It isn't about what is best for the emulator. It is about a lot of unsubstantiated claims that "UOX3 will never go anywhere" and "UOX3 is a dead project" and "EvilDeD is a greedy power-monger who gets off on throwing his weight around."

I've been with this project longer than most people - followed it from the early, early days, to the present. Contrary to all the tabloid fiction (mostly generated by Infymus at Smithy's Anvil), UOX3 *is* going places and making new leaps in progress all the time. And very much contrary to the popular tabloid fiction, EvilDeD has no interest in his so-called "power." You probably don't know this, and he may kick my ass up around my ears for telling, but he LOVES the UOX3 emulator almost as much as if it were his own child.

Yes, he *is* protective of the project. And a good thing. Otherwise it would be floundering out there in the land of "gimme, gimme," and it would STILL be going nowhere.

Yes, there would probably be 80 programmers and 150 scriptors and 300 dfn writers, and 25,000 users.

All of them frustrated. All of them pulling each other's hair and knocking out each other's teeth. There would be a "general tabloid bullcrap and gossip column" instead of a useful, helpful forums. And you would all be holding an emulator that STILL doesn't work!

Give this project a little more time. And give EvilDeD a fair break. He has the good of the project, and the MAJORITY of users uppermost in his mind. This project is for YOUR enjoyment, and it is worked on with that - more than anything else - in mind.

And above all, use your head when you visit a place like Smithy's Anvil. Ask yourself "what is with all this overwhelming animosity this guy has?"

Maybe it's personal......

If it is personal, it doesn't affect you. It is between Infymus and EvilDeD. And it doesn't belong on the airwaves. EvilDeD usually keeps to himself; he sees and hears and prefers to just keep his mouth shut. You will note that he does NOT spend all of his time broadcasting hatred for Infymus all over the internet. Only Infymus is still childish enough to wave his bare ass around in the air for all to see, and he does it with practiced expertise.

Why Infymus hates EvilDeD - even Infymus no longer remembers. He's admitted that from his own mouth. But while his memory is not any longer than his other body components, his grudge bearing capacity seems to be just about endless. So when you visit his tabloid website, keep in mind that it is Infymus' opinions expressed there, and know also that he doesn't research anything he states as fact. I have verified that myself. Infymus and his website are the gutter of the UO emulator community.
Ok, quote me where I state that I HATE EviLDeD. Quote me where I have admitted that I hate him. Quote me where "why I hate him, I no longer remember." You know for somebody who states that the Anvil is nothing but a tabloid site, you sure the fuck are spewing shit out your ass like it's tabloid. In the last fiasco with UOX3, someone from the UOX3 team presented an idea. EviLDeD rejected that idea and that is EXACTLY what I posted. Suddenly I'm a fucking tabloid writer?
Can you imagine what UOX3 would be like......where it would be now, if all these whining children could put aside their petty bickering and follow the plan and stay the course? If they all unified and joined the team and were willing to work within the prescribed boundaries of the project, UOX3 would already have been LIGHT YEARS ahead of UO.
Can you imagine what UOX3 would be like if Evil was not in control of it? LIGHT YEARS ahead of where it is now.
Ask yourself WHO it is who is REALLY holding up UOX3. It is not EvilDeD. Anything that crosses his desk that works within the prescribed bounds of the project goes in. He's EAGER for the help and always has been. He is not the one holding up the project. It has always been the petty bickerers like Infymus that has held up the project. And truth be known, Infymus would say ANYTHING that he thought might be the death-knell of the UOX3 project. That is how BADLY he itches to KILL this project.
So now the reason that the UOX3 project is being held up is because of Infymus? Me? I never realized I had that much power over the UOX3 development team and project. Truth be known, after being in UO for over five years (six this October), I don't play UO at all. In fact, I don't have UOX3, RUNUO, or even the UO Client installed. My focus has changed from the Emulator Community to new formats and eventually I hope to completely phase out the emulators completely. If you want to place blame on UOX3 project mishaps, I would point the finger directly at EviLDeD.
Anyone with half a brain would realize that killing an emulator project hurts the whole community. We all benefit from each other's work. Every project out there has benefitted in various ways from the innovations of the UOX3 Dev Team. And UOX3 benefits from the other emulators out there. So why KILL a project? Does Infymus HATE the entire emulator community? Does he secretly want to destroy ALL of the emulators? Hmmm- methinks he must be an implant from OSI....Only OSI could want the whole emulator community to fall apart.

Whatever he is, that's not my concern. He is welcome to be as much of a moron as he wants to be. And you are all welcome to visit his site and open wide and swallow all the putrid crap he has to offer. But when you go, go with your eyes open. Don't just swallow the vile stuff of Smithy's Anvil without first smelling it and tasting it and analyzing it to see "what is wrong with this picture." Most of you are intelligent enough to figure it out.
Do this... Bring up your browser, find the link you have saved for the Smithys Anvil, and delete it. If you don't like it what you read, then get the fuck out.

And last but not least, EviLDeD emailed me assuming that I had written the article "Infymus Not Pulling His Own Chain" when in fact it was an outside writer. EviLDeD wrote the following:
UOX3 is not on the sidelines, and I guess if you were any amount of informed at all you would have known that all of UOX3 users base was hijacked, and moved to runuo.
To which Ryan has responded with the following:
Evilded, I wish you would grow up and realize no one hijacked the UOX3 user base; you drug me into this one all by yourself. I had nothing to do with it until now. First off, I want you to know this is not personal; I just want to lay it out for you so that there is no question.

The users of UOX knew that was going down, in fact there was a countdown to the date of being shut down.

Everyone knew where your site was, and what is REALLY funny is that when I put up it was on the same webserver had been on therefore pointed to the box, and thus hit apaches default website, Not that it mattered, I owned the domain and had to listen to you slander me constantly rather than shut the fuck up and deal with the fact that YOU for once in your life didn’t control something.

I guess, if this upsets you I am sorry. But you need to fess up to the fact that it was my domain and it was mine to do with what I wanted.
UOX3EviLDeD Thread.
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Infymus Not Pulling His Own Chain
Monday, Aug 18, 2003, at 06:46 AM
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I typically am not one to stir up trouble. I have been around the UO world since its inception. I love Ultima Online and like to play on all levels. There isn’t a profession in the game I don’t enjoy. I discovered UO Emulation shortly after the release of Ultima Online in the form of Fuse. I have played with UO Emulators ever since. I recently quit paying to play Ultima Online and am enjoying playing on a local UO Emulator server with my sons. Sure, we miss the massive player base, but the game is too expensive for the three of us to play and you know what, with UO Emulation its possible for me to keep playing with them.

My point is this... UO Emulation has until recent times been a cluster. No one has organized anything, it was always a mess and full of kids who wanted to learn to program, or power hungry adults. Recently some of that has changed. My local server here runs on the Ultima Online Emulator RunUO. Its great, it does the job and it doesn’t require me to know anything about programming or any configuration stuff. I download it run it and it works.

This is something UO Emulation has been missing for quite some time. I am glad to see that it has it. You see I was around back in the Fuse days, the beginnings of UOX3 and things were not so grand. We had a bunch of people competing to put things out faster than everyone else, trying to merge a bunch of code from 50 different developers at one time and you know what things just didn’t work out. Then we had to watch the *adults* in these worlds fight and argue.

We've watched sphere go from the most dominant UO Emulator to second best, UOX3 from the best to the most unused and Fuse from the most used to the non-existent all over the course of a few years. What really boggles my mind is why it has to be a fight. I came to the Smithy's Anvil yesterday as I do most days looking to see about anything new in the UO Emulation Planet, and the Digital World as I like to call it and I see this big post about things that aren't even related to UO Emulation.

This guy that is running UOX3 needs to get a clue. Does he know that kids use UOX3? Does he not get it that people don’t want to see that kind of stuff? I mean I went to their website, and read their forums a couple of months back when they started doing CVS releases because I am more of an open source person than a closed source person and all they are doing is cursing and crying about things that happened in other Emulators or the "past".

Its really funny to me to see what held the most potential as the most popular and fastest growing Emulator end up on the sidelines because of the egomaniacal man. I really hope his primary language is something other than English because every sentence he writes butchers the language. The guy curses and slanders more than anyone I have ever met. This is why I keep my kids away from knowing how this works. You can’t expose children to this stuff, yet we all know there are children using the website of his program.

As I recall, Abaddon who is getting cursed out on your website by this man, is a developer that used to work on UOX3? I think this guy should just walk away, there is no use in him getting pummeled by someone who cant even put together a coherent sentence. I hope for the sake of UO Emulation someone keeps UOX3 going, because at one time it was the 'Daddy' to a lot of UO Emulators, but now its just the old senile dad sitting in a nursing home while his kids are out in the world surpassing it.

Thanks for hearing my opinion, and if your looking for a new reporter, please feel free to count me in!

P.S. - I don’t write my opinions with an extremity, just with my keyboard.

- Marc.
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EviLDeD Responds - Infy Still Pulling His Own Chain
Friday, Aug 15, 2003, at 06:48 AM
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Evil wrote back pretty quick on this. I think I'm going to take an infinite break on anything that UOX3 does and give Evil what he wishes. UOX3 in the hands of Evil is a dead product. Regardless of the overwhelming status of RUNUO, and the fact that once RUNUO 1.0 comes out, running any other server will be substandard - UOX3 has no future under the direction of Evil. I've said it before, dozens of members in the community have also stated it. Evil continues to clutch the last vestiges of power in an otherwise dying community.

Considering the direction that The Smithys Anvil is moving - more towards digital rights, RIAA/MPAA, Free Speech, and expanding of knowledge to those who do not know what Spyware and Adware is, I find no problem in dropping UOX3 off the daily news list.

Here's Evil's reply, and the last time that the SA will post anything on UOX3 or EviLDeD.
Since you are once again bored enough to take up with your penis in hand once again be assured to at least present the facts to people. Yea I know something you have a hard time being able to do, but I mean keep trying with practice comes at least ability.

If you read very carefully for what that post of mine says not what you want it to say the problem is not with the idea at all. The problem stems from the hasty, and secretive nature to which it was presented. I am all for the definition of structure, and development goals for UOX3. In fact I am more than willing to support such a movement in full. Should that movement be done in a proper manner, including the documentation of current structure (yes despite your inability to see there is a structure, it just as strong of one as it could be) which in my eyes is one of the most important places someone can begin when undertaking something of this nature, and in reality huge proportions. How can some simple doc based around a plug-in system, and a re arrangement of files into directories really accomplish.. The one thing that was worth a lot in that document and I guess I should have made that more clear, but then you wouldn't have a reason to get off your ass and do something with your brain. Either way the class hierarchy should be revisited, but once again I have to concede that the existing systems even as bad as they are need to be documented, and well laid out long before anyone, especially anyone that has no idea of the code structure (good or bad) is to comment on what needs to be approached, first, or ever to know what's wrong past the simple problems that they encounter trying to get their shards running.

So as I explained in the post that you so carefully clipped for need to sensationalize my problem was not with the idea at all, but how it was created, distributed, and presented to the community without ever once asking me my thoughts, my contributions. Regardless if you guys like it or not I am the project manager here, and something of this nature should have included me. There was no reason for this, and this was what my over all message was. Far be it from you to understand that Infymus but the fact is that they went over my head, on something that I would have been 100% in support of if don't right.

One thing you also leave out was my welcoming of Abaddon to get together and start getting what we do have documented, and laid out so that there was something of substance to work with when deciding future goals. Without this step it is all a waste of time, and as I said in the post, I will tell you and everyone else reading, should you want to get together form a game plan to document the existing structure to reasonable completeness and then start an adhoc means to contribute design ideas, and future development goals I am 125% behind this, and welcome you to come help get this started. If you are not willing to do this right, then you have no room to speak, and its that simple. For those that will argue that this is not one of the most important steps to systems analysis then you obviously do not know what you are talking about and also do not apply.

A document like Abaddon put out only really serves no one purpose including his own it just sounds good in a time that popularity and support are critical game pieces for those involved..
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EviLDeD Continues To Shoot Down Ideas
Thursday, Aug 14, 2003, at 06:05 AM
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Recently a document was created to help the UOX3 community by Maarc, a UOX3 member. Within hours of it's release it was completely shot down by EviLDeD. Very little has come out of the UOX3 community since Evil took over, within the exception of a few CVS releases in the last year. I believe EviLDeD's approach as shown here is indicative of that reason.

Maarc wrote the following:
I've started working on a document which is designed to mostly stimulate debate and bring in fresh ideas.

The purpose of this document isn't to delineate a be all and end all solution but to provoke discussion and ideas in an attempt to bring out greater influence by others and to determine a course of action for future work. Ideas in this document may be discarded entirely or embraced wholeheartedly, or manipulated to suit a purpose. It will detail some ideas and thoughts that may be useful for the future development of UOX3. This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, nor should they be taken as gospel. Please note that just because it is being discussed, does not mean that it will end up being used. It is purely designed for conjecture and ideas, a way of stimulating developers and users alike, with the ability to provide feedback and input. Not all parts will be applicable to developers, not all parts will be applicable to users. It is just a mechanism by which people can ponder and debate the merits of systems and potential future implementations.

Any feedback or ideas are welcomed, as they try to teach us in creativity "There are no bad ideas". Frankly... I don't entirely believe it, but it is definitely applicable when it comes to brainstorming :)
Within hours, EviLDeD shot the idea and document down:
I feel that at least the current specifics be documented well, and then commented upon. Instead of such a vauge first attempted that is only backed by passaged in a book that no one else owns. Not withstanding that this is a great idea, one of which I have had many years and moons ago, and requested help not only from you Maarc, as well as Xuri. I am just glad that somehow the same idea has taken fondness and found its way to making it into frutation.

However, I still feel that not only is this document vaugue, and no more planned out than uox3 it self is, it also serves to give the community the wrong idea of what is truely being asked of them when it comes to stepping up in the first place to comment. Ultimatly I was and still am kind disgrunteld on how you went about getting this started Maarc it is a good idea, one of which I will support. What I do ask however is that the doc you have posted be removed, and either sit down with me over the next few days hammering out a doc that does a good job oof documenting the server as we have it. and then once I am happy with its detail release it to the public for as much feedback as humanly possible(that is constructive of course).

Ultimatly what you have done is loosly made place for your current push for a PLUG-IN nature in uox3 in teh form of dll's that replace core functionality of the server(of which I have made quite clear I do not like at this time) and little else, except a very poor explaination of how the system needs to work. The class reoganization is a good idea, but is it truley required? I see this only benefitting those that do not have an IDE that provided project customization, which loosely implies linux, an OS which you could care less if it was supported or not(which I partially agree with, but what I want and what is right for uox3 are always different things). Either please honor my request to remove that half assed doc, and encourage you to take the time to sit down with me, and get the current plan, and state of the code documented before we start opening pandoras box with some *healthy* discussions externally regarding what would be good for uox3.

I appologize for my harshness on irc last night in PM, both Maarc, and Xuri, as once again it was something done behind my back, and then I was expected to just bend over and accept.

So with that said, Xuri, Abaddon I request that the links, be removed, and that the THREE of us get together, and spend a very concentrated effort dealing with the issues I have outlined here. If neither of you are willing then I don;t think there was any right to provide this document to people in teh first place..

Please email me, or talk to me on irc so we can plan out the time we can start this process..

I also ask that you do not do something like this again without at least talking with me for a couple seconds first...(I am sorry for my sternness last night please do not confuse my rashness with my ability to get to the job as it needs to be gotten to)

I also ask you that next time feel the need to do something that effects the official development of UOX3 that you present it in a fasion that represents just that, the official development. A document of this nature should not come from a 3rd party, and should only come from If there wasn't access then a request to have the document posted should have been made.
Well, if you can't get a word in over at UOX3, at least you can get a coloured nick over on Xuri's forums.

UOX3 EviLDeD thread.
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UOX3 Released
Monday, Aug 4, 2003, at 06:23 AM
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From UOX3:
The files page has been updated with the most recent versions of UOX3, both executable, script-package and sourcecode. The older 0.97.00/0.96.01 releases have been removed, as it they are redundant/ancient/too old/unusable :)

The page has also been reorganized so that the most important downloads(UOX3 itself) are listed at the top of the page instead of near the bottom.
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UOX3 CVS Updates
Monday, Jul 28, 2003, at 06:15 AM
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From UOX3:
Due to various reasons, the CVS updates from the 20th and the 24th weren't posted here until today; Sorry about that.
  • cPBuffer now has an internal packed buffer, as well as an internal Pack() routine
  • cSocket::Send adjusted to use the cPBuffer packed buffer/unpacked where possible
  • cPBuffer's packed implementation means that if the packet is sent to multiple sockets, only one pack is needed And consequently, runtime performance should be slightly improved (only affects removeitem sort of packets)
  • Updated version number
  • getTileName updated to behave like in singleClick()
  • singleClick now calls getTileName for name lookups rather than basically reproducing the code
  • singleClick slightly optimized to only do a character lookup if required
  • whitespace cleanups
  • Fixed long packet problem
  • Fixed possible problem with create skill window
  • Converted more things to use CPSendGumpMenu
  • Fixed item refresh bug for items created after server load
  • Optimized code size for cGuild gumps a touch
  • SendVecsAsGump uses CPSendGumpMenu - note, we should be trying to get rid of all uses of SendVecsAsGump
  • Commented out a call to Gumps->Open() that locks up later clients (see cstatstarget in cTargets)
  • Optimization note for CPSendGumpMenu reuse - look at moving some of the processing from Finalize() to AddCommand()/AddText() Implemented CPSendGumpMenu, an attempt to write a packet class for 0xB0 outbound
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UOX3 CVS Updates
Monday, Jul 21, 2003, at 06:37 AM
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From UOX3:
There have been some more CVS Updates, but no updated download-packages as of yet. The list of CVS Updates in recent days follows:

July 19:
  • Fixed a problem with WhichLoginPacket, as it would ignore some valid packet IDs
  • Implemented CPSendGumpMenu, an attempt to write a packet class for 0xB0 outbound
  • CPSendGumpMenu works for part of wholist and is implemented for 'howto
  • However, the size of the packet is bigger than our largest buffer.... and that means that it tramples all over memory
  • A fragmenting version is implemented, but the client is more likely than not to lockup
  • Real answer? Crypt and send a buffer big enough to hold the entire packet
July 18:
  • Created a WhichLoginPacket function, to deal specifically with logins only
  • WhichLoginPacket will throw an exception if it receives a request that it knows nothing about
  • This request is caught and swallowed, via new cSocket::FlushIncoming
July 17:
  • Reduced a number of flush locations
  • Books updated to packet classes
  • Fixed a bug with reading predefined books
  • If cannot wear an item, returns failure (only prints in debug mode)
  • Removed some commented code
  • Updated spellbooks to use packet classes
  • Slight spellbook speed up
  • Removed some dead variables
  • Some messages now only print in debug mode
  • Packet 0x98 (allnames 3D) moved to packet class
  • Game server list moved to own packet class
  • Added Add() method to CPItemsInContainer
  • Turned outbound 0x66 into CPBookPage
  • Turned outbound 0x6F into CPSecureTrading
  • UseDoor SE function now supports objects not indexes
  • MAXLAYERS reduced to 30
  • Fixed crashes related to system speech and npcs
  • Edited changelog to explicitly mention the month, not using a numeric (not everyone is an American)
  • CPDrawContainer model changed from SI16 to UI16
  • Updated to version 1g
  • Replaced almost all instances of a++ and a-- code with ++a and --a, without breaking semantics
  • Implemented a basic boost tokenisation on account parsing of v3 files (ifdef'd out by default)
  • Saves approximately 100 lines of code and is more readable
July 15:
  • Should fix deleting characters
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UOX3 CVS Fixes & Patches Part IV
Tuesday, Jul 1, 2003, at 06:22 AM
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From UOX3:
Ok here the newest installment of fixes, and patches. Thanks for Abaddon for the hard work on this one. With this release there is another step forward for current client support. As well as a number of smaller fixes, and egacy network code converted to packetclasses. For those that were waiting for fixes to the JSE in regards to item spawns they have been changed.
Visit UOX3 to see the changelog.
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UOX3 CVS Fixes / Patches Part III
Friday, Jun 20, 2003, at 06:41 AM
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From UOX3:
Ok one last time hopefully. Fixed a couple things *cough* that I have left out :) SpawnItem should work as explained now. Specifically if Nichodeamus, and or Madalok could find the time to go over it to make sure its working as they require. It would be greatly appreciated.

Just a fast note, I guess I forgot to update teh release exe, so the src_exe build has the 1d exe in it not the 1e.
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UOXDEV.COM Redirected - CVS Fixes/Patches Part II
Thursday, Jun 19, 2003, at 06:23 AM
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From UOX3:
Well today there are two items of news that I would like to mention today.

First off in a very unexpected private message on it was asked if it would still be desired if was redirected to So would like to take this time to thank Ryan for making it possible. As well to extend a welcome to those that may have reached this page from the redirection. For those of you that are looking for RunUO but have never updated your links, now might be a good time to update them. None the less welcome to uox3dev, and hope you enjoy your stay.

The second bit of news it yet another update. This update has only a small fix to make the SpawnItem() JS item meathod that saw the addition of 2 more usable but optional arguments. The argument list for SpawnItem has not change for the 4, and 9 argument variations, however a 5, and 6 argument veriation has been added. For those interested the 5th argument is the count of items to create, and teh 6th argument is a true/false value indicating if the item should be spawned in the owners pack or on teh ground at their feet. Abaddon mentioned that he would be changing the names of the Spawnitem methods to more better reflect their use so expect those changes soon.
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CVS Fixes And Patches Part I
Wednesday, Jun 18, 2003, at 06:35 AM
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From UOX3:
Ok well my apologies, as usualy the summer time I become exceptionally busy. Ok currently I dont have a complete list of what went into this build, but I can tell you that spells should work correct now. There has been a number of other little tiny fixes and corrections that I have lost track of. Once again please accept my apologies.

One thing with this release you will realize is that I have finally gotten the time to put the new source code branch into the cvs. For those of you that wish to get the current source you would do well to grab it from the 'pre-0-98-patches' branch.
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UOX3 CVS Fixes/Patches Parts IV and V
Monday, May 19, 2003, at 06:42 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
UOX3 CVS Fixes and Patches Parts IV and V have been released:
Thank to some hard work on Rynet, and Jediman's part some of the spells are now working more correctly. This update contains yet even MORE STL fixes for some of the more serious crashes, as well I by mistake left a pretty bad exception loop when it come to checking an item for its existence. I haven't really been keeping a changelog with the changes and fixes that I have been doing recently as to me they really are all the same thing. The effect is just more realized over important areas of the server's

Well here goes another run of the Pre CVS source. Thanks everyone of you that have joined the TestServ to help us test things. We had a slight problem and the world file was lost, but there is a very good explaination as to why in teh forums. Thanks for Madalok for leaking some of the story. Currently the most recent source can be found at the following link:

Soon as I get some spare time I will branch the CVS with this line of code. Thanks to all of you that had faith in what I aspired UOX3 to be and not run off cause you could not perform within the strict structure set down. All I have to say is it come pretty close. A few of you have won my respect. To you small few I am truely indebted. Thanks everyone! For the rest you know what I am gonna tell you so I will spare the readers.
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Punt Responds To EviLDeD
Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 06:05 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
From Punt:
I would like to respond to several aspects of this post, starting with the part that directly referenced me. Let me say, that as far as I am aware, no one on UOX3 requested any help from me on this subject. So if someone claimed Evil did that, they are incorrect. However, as the post goes on to cast an assesment on me, let me give you mine:

Starting with this paragrah: "Not to solicit code from punt? ......."

This sentence in that paragraph:

" Dreoth asked him, I just told Dreoth basically that I wouldn't go chasing after punt like punt thinks I should."

I personally don't care or think anyone should ask me anything. I do think, if they want my help on a project that I am not a developer on, it would facilitate one to ask me (or the person they want help/data from). From the sentence as stated, it would almost seem that the expectation is all are to come running to UOX3/Evil to assist whenever one can. Hopefully it wasn't intended that way, so I am at a lost on what was meant by this statement. But I don't expect anyone to ask me for anything. Obviously by asking, it helps focus me to that subject so I can make a decision, such as Slasher did with the gump return data that I added, or Abaddon did on the warning cleanup. In both those cases, as that was also an area I was interested in, I was able to honor the request.

This sentence: "I have asked him for information cause as it seems most would prefer to be children than share information with me."

Again, it almost seems that people owe it to provide everything we know to Evil and UOX3. I rarely see anyone from UOX3 or Evil going to other projects to share information. I am sure if asked it would be provided, but not actively offered. I would also offer that Evil doesn't sit and offer me information in irc. When I am aware of the project on an issue I do have information that I think uox3 may want to hear, I do offer it (to a uox3 project member, perhaps not always Evil3. But then, I feel it is safe to assume that UOX3 does not equate to Evil, but is a "project").So again, this would almost seem as if one felt all should go to UOX3 as if they are special, which as previously stated hopefully isn't the case. So either everyone is a child (by this assesment, including uox3 and Evil, or the sentence doesn't really have much meaning).

These sentences:

"Which I am glad, because as it was presented to me Punt's only means to fix the problem would be to move to a much more inferior system rather than to see why what was there didn't work. That is not a solution, that's just an easy way out. "

The sentence acknowledges it was third hand information, so first let me clarify what I actually said. What I stated to Dreoth who made the request to me, was I had looked at the new account informtion. I felt the design rather poor, and it did not interest me to "fix" a rather poor design ( I did not comment one way or the other on if I could fix it). Obviously, to "judge" a design, one has to understand the tradeoffs, for if the tradeoffs are different, the design may be as well. In this case, as I say few areas where the current implementation was better (memory, versatility, etc) then what what I intended to do, so I had little interest in it. What I told Dreoth, and later Slasher, was for me to allocate my time to work on this piece of code, I would put forth a different design. Otherwise, it didn't interest me to work on it. I also stated I did not believe UOX3 was looking for a new design, so the code I would do would stay as a fork. Given this, would they want me to still consider working on it?

The reference to the "easy way out", perhaps may be applicable for a member of the dev team that has "bought" into the design, but definitely not applicable to a person who is not a member, with the implied responsiblity nor the inferred sense of accomplishment, who is deciding how to spend their time. Obviously one could have "made" the previous account code before this current design to "work" as well. We can start to carry this "easy way out" to the extreme. One is always faced with deciding to replace versus "extending". In this case, the current design I didn't feel warranted fixing or extending, but should be replaced. My opinion obviously, but recall, I was deciding my time as well.

Now although there are many things in this post I could comment on, there is only one that I feel warrants a public response (the rest I will keep as my own thoughts, that if people care what I think, which why they should I have no idea, I will be happy to share upon request):

EvildeD acknowledges he doesn't keep up with other emu source bases, or their developement. Yet, he makes the following statement: "Ad for doing it right, WP/LW are legacy servers that have the potential to have 30-50 users and not vision." That would seem to indicate some level of understanding of the current project, its capabilities, goals, and plans.

Wolfpack has undergone more of a major rewrite then UOX3 did. WP has less ties to its old base, then the current version of UOX3 (even a quick perusal of their current cvs will indicate that). I know of no feature that UOX3 has that WP does not, but am aware of a few that are WP has that UOX3 does not (built in web server) for one). I am not trying to compare the two, but point this out to indicate, that if Evil's statement is felt to be valid for WP, then it is even more valid for UOX3. Obviously that isn't his intent, so his opinon dosn't seem to be based on any tangabile difference between the two emu's, so I for have one have to assume that it is an emotional response. Each reader can assess or judge for themselves.
- Punt.
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EviLDeD Responds To Current UOX3 Issues
Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 06:16 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
EviLDeD sent me the following:

Like I assumed, and was almost assured of is your uncanny need to sensationalize whatever goes on with UOX3. You are well trained to say the least. Now I guess please forward these emails to my correct email, and I would be happy to respond to them, but be careful in telling people that you sent emails that you never sent. The one thing about journalism is that at least for the most part it is told truly, not just to ensure a few extra reads. Now while everyone has read the logs, and of course has their opinions the one thing that reads most clear, is that at the current level( after 2 solid weeks of hard work on my part, countless hours on Xuri's part, and some almost exceptional cleanup and restructuring on Zane's part) UOXC, and UOX:NS are really behind. Now while I will not argue that I am not one to delve into OTHER source for answers, either to push the learning curve of myself, or the people involved so that at least there is a higher level of understanding of the problems and the code that is being used to correct the issues. What is just sad is that people really can be that shallow, and low. Now while I have Lots to say, I will answer some of your more prudent claims/accusations.

-- From your website. UOXDEV is again the topic of flame inside all of the Ultima Online EMU communities. A little over a week ago, EviLDeD took control of the UOX3js CVS on SourceForge and proclaimed himself self appointed tyrant. In doing so, he locked out all of the current developers and tossed out just about everyone else. In addition to this he set up his own #uox3 irc channel on another network and told everyone it was the new meeting place, rather than the correct appointed irc channel -,6667. He also pointed UOX3 SourceForge to Weazy's now dead UOX3 site. --

First off, at NO time was UOX3 ever changed to be called UOX3JS, at no time did UOX3 itself change at all except in the direction and power goals that it actually may reach now. Which at that time included a new means to "dictionary" items, and characters, but as well a new scripting engine, because it was more and more being said that triggers just didn't cut it. I am not about to go into WHY JavaScript was selected, it just was, and people didn't have to be happy with that. Some weren't others were, and well of course the loud mouths, and trouble causes all being the same people would of course cause all the grief they could. You being one of them I assume to believe you know the rest, so the rest will remain nameless.

Regarding the HOSTILE take over. That is laughable, considering that the only people that were cleared out of the developers list were those that sereg said needed to be trimmed, and then sereg for being an ass. In fact I believe that when it comes down to it, the people removed from the project were those that had already left or were just told to leave. So what I suggest to you if you are that ignorant as to think that I should add every coder that expresses an interest in the CVS, and or UOX3 to allow write access including those that have a deliberate mean streak in them, then you are truly that ignorant. You should also start a midnight sabbatical making sure that EVERY other well structured opensource project that restricts, and or somehow controls the quality of submissions be told how you feel and to drop their pants, and let the glory seeking morons mount them and really give it to them. Not to much unlike a couple of the people that I basically asked to leave, and then when the hint wouldn't present itself to them making I all that more the clear for them.

One more thing that I would also like to address, is that at NO time was ever the server that we used, and anyone that was part of leaving stratics will tell you, was the server that we went to. If you did your home work instead of allowing Ryan's hand to be shoved up your ass to move your lips, you would have realized that it pointed to the very same IP that (what move to) does today. However you might wish to continue to lie to everyone and tell them that I took everyone FROM You greatly have that mistaken (as most of what you write about). I left for a family reunion for the long weekend, and Ryan took it upon himself to restructure the network, and messaged everyone all weekend that the server would be restructured, and moved to the new Not to unlike the weekend I was at my sons funeral and Ryan decided to try his first take over of UOX3. Isn't timing critical with this kid, or is that called coincidence? Not to forget that he messaged everyone telling them that I was going to be down and updating software. Will the truth ever come from you guys? To remind you ONE more time just in case you haven't gotten it yet, I wasn't even here nor knew what was going on let alone that Ryan one more time screwed me cause he could. I returned home to a running, empty server with a couple people going "You didn't move servers did you? Ryan messaged me to tell me you were updating. Were you even here this weekend?". Just one more time that Ryan tried to take UOX3 over. I can only hope that he is different now, as age, and responsibility(let alone duty) seem to change your perspective. I can only hope that he has begun down that road of life as it can only make him a better person.

To answer the point of forwarding to Weazel's now gone web site, I did that because Weazel said that he would host the page, the of course pulled his very classless exit, leaving it pointed to some personal needful crap of his own just to make yet another ego trip(his ego trip) feel better about itself.

When you talk about my tyrannical, and control needs I think you honestly confuse me with Ryan, yourself, and the little posse of intelligence that you frequent with. If my tyrannical, and power/control trip is what fuels your engines, while at the same time turns out a fine(better than self proclaimed "production level emulators") emulator product that is not only simple to use, but rich in depth and playability then so be it. Just never confuse my control the same thing as the names listed above. After all I didn't need to hijack a website to push another project just cause I was bitter. I helped build the community in the first place, so if I have to again I will so be it. Ryan was just put out, and like all spoilt children acted just like they should. Cry, stomp their feet around and do their best to make sure that they are the only ones heard till someone finally gives them what they want cause they are sick of listening to them. I'm not the one that goes onto my website like a hurt puppy to whine and kick up trouble cause my feelings are hurt. I do however once being given the reason to say something speak my mind, tell the truth as best as I know it, and refuse to listen to a bunch of whining shit from a bunch of people that just get what they ask for or at least in this case treated like they treat others. Not to much unlike your need to feel better about yourself by making posts that essentially demean, and belittle me. For those of you that fit into this category I can only wonder what the rest of your lives are like(Dog kicking, Wife beating comes to mind).

Quite simply put I have kept my toys in the same sand box they started in, I have allowed countless people use them. Some I have not liked, others I have loved, some I never met but the truth here is that I am not some ego trip looking for a petting like the rest of you bunch(people concerned know who they are). Sure I would like to have heard, "great idea", or "I will do that!", or "Wouldn't it be better to?" or even the odd "good job" which honestly only has come in the form of someone I never expected it from(He knows who he is). Looking back on it I am starting to think, that even though some code didn't come from me, with out my innovative thinking, desire to do what has not been done. Most of the crap you all are so proud of having you would still be smoking, doing led, and deadly poison. Many things I have contributed have given birth to many ideas, and inspired a lot of the main stream thinking when it comes to UO emulation. I am flattered when it really comes down to it, because when it comes right down to it, the innovations that Abaddon, Xuri, and myself fought against the rest of you about, seems to be all the things that the OTHER projects and people claim makes them different than us(well me, UOX3, what have you). I have the balls to say it, and mean it. Anyone that is offended, you should be. Not easy having it told to you straight out the truth.

-- Also from your website While other Ultima Online Emulators continue to thrive, UOX3 has shown no significant changes since EviLDeD took over. A few CVS updates here and there, but really nothing at all. A large part of the reason is EviLDeD's evil grasp on the CVS code. Instead of having a real open source project, EviLDeD keeps all access for himself. Because of this problem, this site and this site appeared. What kind of open source project forces all source code to be emailed to the Tyrant rather than go directly through the CVS? Evil doesn't even know how to code and yet he bitches about how everyone is breaking the code --

I know how to code just fine, and honestly a lot better than the rest of you, but alas even I cannot be the best, nor do I want to. However as your nice editing prevails you left out that I am not a LINUX coder, and that I do not have LINUX coding skills that would solve the problem that Dreoth, and other Linux users were/are having. As always, and like the ENTIRE history of UOX3 some Linux issues have had to wait till someone that can code instead of talk about when it comes to Linux comes up and says, "this is what's wrong" or fixes it. Seems to me there is to much talking and not enough putting up just like you are right now. Few already built libraries, and C# does not make you a coder. Just cause you can feed some packets through code that someone else probably wrote, doesn't make you a game programmer. As to respond to the whole "grasp on the cvs" thing, I explain that above, get your nightie warmed up Infy cause it will be a LONG assed night for you on that little sabbatical. As to answer to the code problems let me note that the windows version which is the primary version, and always has seems to work rather stably(sure there are some other problems, man the whole insides have been ripped apart and rearranged). SO I would hope that now things are better structured internally that obvious errors, crashes, and issues will arise. Why are there no users on the CVS(which will be changing again real soon) was since you need to know was because I had said NO to a third party account validation system. For starters it was only a C# solution(where is your bitching about Linux support there-right forgot you had no idea what you were talking about) and there was no making it an option, in fact I was told at the time that there was no point making it optional, as it was the only direction the server could go. Well I did not agree, and to stop the inevitable insertion of this code, ALL access to write was removed till I had talked with those that it affected. Why do I still have the source coming through my email, well honestly because in the pursuit of a finer life I have obligations, and constraints that really don't leave a lot of time. Now pair this with the fact that the source code right now from Zane's restructure, really is a lot different, and I have been going over it with the other testers just to make sure that obvious errors and problems that make people like you crawl out from your perches, in your cages to squawk, and complain, and point fingers aren't present as best as possible. You live and learn. Sorry that I have taken some of your entertainment away, but at some point you have to grow up too. Why do you always seem to come to me for these kinds of lessons?

For the rest I will answer to each paragraph as per your site

-- Well first of all I would like to say this. I had been using UOX3 since I've actually been playing UO itself. That would go back to about a month after T2A was released. For the longest time now it has sat there and struggled to become a production level emulator (which it is still not). Now, within this week, it appears that Linux support is going to die off due to EviLDeD's lack of knowledge in linux. In order for EviLDeD to get the latest client to work, he is having punt email him the code to do it (which isn't bad, until you consider the following.) --

First off I have no problem asking someone for help, I am not above asking when I need it, along time ago(5 years maybe) I was proud too. Not near as proud as the rest of you need to be, but proud none the less. Now to ask Punt to fix anything. That is an out and out lie. That was Dreoth that did that. And I told him like I have before made perfectly clear that I am not going to run and chase after this source or that source, and grovel like you all seem to think that I should. I have given you ALL countless hours of my time. To expect me to walk up to your self declared "bird feeders" of help bullshit. This is where all your problems are. If that's what it takes to get you there, then I am happier in an empty room with you getting your lip service from someone else. Now when anyone has wanted to be professional about their position, to not come off like some child that "has dropped their ice cream cone that daddy wont buy another one" like temper tantrums, or shifts of power. I have ALWAYS been there to get the job done. I am for doing it right even if I have made mistakes and taking time than crank out version after version just to look like there is activity more than a number here changed or there. Am I ashamed I asked punt for some information? Not at all. Should I be? If you think so I have some tube steak for you.

Now to solicit code from punt? Never! I have sent him code(in the past), and asked him for help, I have asked him for information cause as it seems most would prefer to be children than share information with me. All because of what? I have standards, and a back bone to stand up for what I believe in? All in all the direction of this specific response is that I never asked punt to fix anything for me, Dreoth asked him, I just told Dreoth basically that I wouldn't go chasing after punt like punt thinks I should. Which I am glad, because as it was presented to me Punt's only means to fix the problem would be to move to a much more inferior system rather than to see why what was there didn't work. That is not a solution, that's just an easy way out. I have pride too, sorry if that bothers the rest of you ego monkeys, but I mean I'm real are you? Dreoth asked me if I would be against some code if he asked punt to do it, and like every other thing that punt has found it in his gracious self has give to be contributed has been accepted, and used. Sure it has changed some, but primarily it was used. To add Punt would have been responsible enough to say that I wouldn't like the move back and that he wont waste his time on it. So once again the comments you make just sort of ensure that you look even more stupid because its mostly out your ass.

-- It's a known fact in the emulator community that Evil _HATES_ other projects for being branches off 'his' project. Now, these branches have progressed to become production level emulators, (Wolfpack, UOXC, Lonewolf to name a few). Evil does not recognize this and the following logs will show this fact. The best way to learn how to do things right is to learn from how others did things right. Wolfpack is to my knowledge the best open source UO emulator, they have great documentation (even though its slightly outdated at the moment) and the source is very easy to read. Evil can't even drop his 'pride' as he calls it far enough to learn from his successors. --

I do not HATE any other project. I hate a few people that are behind a couple projects. Then even HATE is a strong word, I am just not willing to be taken one more time. Ad for doing it right, WP/LW are legacy servers that have the potential to have 30-50 users and not vision. Now that is a great feat, I mean it also covers a very small section of UO players that do not WANT more than this level of service. I dissagree, and soon many others will see the same. To continug as humans tend to do. I put them out of reach, and all is well. It is laughable that you can even use "production level emulator" and wp, LW, and especially UOXC(these guys forget that v0.70.3.24b the version they branched from is the one that I had most to do with being stable. Another thing to be flattered for_ I guess, look how much more UOX3 is now! LOL). Now please I am not putting anyone down here, I am just being realistic, I know that UOX3 will be a production level emulator, and I know that POL, and Sphere are also very production level emu's but WP, LW, Even RunUO? Sure I might not be running out to get every source to steal every solution from OLD limited code, as some of the fun here is figuring that out for myself with some help, or without. Production level Emulators? Then you really don't aim to high in expectations(which is not surprising). That was a good laugh.. Thank you for the humor. Hopefully now that you have put them all on the spot they will get off their ego's and actually become production level EMU's. I know if it takes a week, or takes a year UOX3 will far surpass OSI, and already surpasses many expectations of an emulator in peoples eyes. Something that the rest of the emulators past a very small few will never achieve. I blame this on short sightedness, and ego trips.

As per the normal Infymus you have performed well. This is only the beginning. Seems to me that the old days of UOX3 are returning, just wont have the same faces, and UOX3 will more than likely kick a lot of emulator ass. I don't expect it to be yesterday, or today, but you never know about tomorrow. I am very positive that UOX3 has nothing to worry about.

What is ironic, is that in all the years of UOX3 development with the "NutSackPack" as I will refer to you guys(you again know who you all are). is with you guys GONE, fighting amongst yourselves, causing petty shit cause your weren't top dog(s) some REAL work has actually taken place. Some serious work on the DFN's made by Xuri. Makes you wonder why and how with all you NutSackPackers around before why it took so long. Zane has as I mentioned out done himself with a clean up and reorg putting many of the globals and unneeed variables where they belong. I have gone over alot of the STL and brought them more into the correct frame of use. Might seem to be few and far between to some of you, but when it does happen its usualy a good step forward. I can tell you, you are all only good at talking. When you cannot perform when the light is on you, you start a fire, fan the smoke and point fingers. What's sick is that I summed the NutSackPack all up in almost a single paragraph.

Please if you would be as so kind, and at least professional about it send me the emails that you claimed that you sent to me. There was no more need for the email addresses, as everyone was happier with their own, and I just haven't had the time to update the contact page. What you should do is get off your ass, Zippy, Ryan, any number of the NutSackPack know what my email address is.

Keep up the good work, I knew that you would be back...
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UOX3 Pre CVS Fixes Patches Part III
Monday, May 12, 2003, at 07:04 AM
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From UOX3:
Ok everyone here is the newest source. Currently with this build fixes for weight, lost items in bank boxes, as well as most of house re-deeding(sign seems to remain for some reason still). With this release comes another positive step forward in the correct use of the STL containers. In this source all CHARLIST, and ITEMLIST vectors have been changed to use their respective iterator, and now are for the most part checked against the stand STL container member CONTAINER.end() which is the typical STL invalid object response.
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UOX3 - EviLDeD Continues To Go Down Hill
Friday, May 9, 2003, at 06:00 AM
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EviLDeD was recently quoted as saying:
[EviLDed] I wasnt going to ban him or he would have had no time to say shit
[EviLDed] what a fuckign child
[EviLDed] now I feel like getting linux workign and making him a fool
[EviLDed] bahwhahah
[EviLDed] any of the rest of you are welcome to leave too
[EviLDed] take your chance now
[EviLDed] cause there is gonna be a huge fight ensuing soon
[EviLDed] yea well its how hes going about it now
[EviLDed] posted on his front page
[EviLDed] that means that infymus will run with it
[EviLDed] just more shit
[EviLDed] and Im sure thats why he was here
[EviLDed] cause I mean
[EviLDed] ill take to slahser but expect him to leave too
[EviLDed] and that will be a los s cause hes the one that really does any jse work
Back in August 2002, EviLDeD completed a hostile takeover of UOX3:
UOXDEV is again the topic of flame inside all of the Ultima Online EMU communities. A little over a week ago, EviLDeD took control of the UOX3js CVS on SourceForge and proclaimed himself self appointed tyrant. In doing so, he locked out all of the current developers and tossed out just about everyone else. In addition to this he set up his own #uox3 irc channel on another network and told everyone it was the new meeting place, rather than the correct appointed irc channel -,6667. He also pointed UOX3 SourceForge to Weazy's now dead UOX3 site.
While other Ultima Online Emulators continue to thrive, UOX3 has shown no significant changes since EviLDeD took over. A few CVS updates here and there, but really nothing at all. A large part of the reason is EviLDeD's evil grasp on the CVS code. Instead of having a real open source project, EviLDeD keeps all access for himself. Because of this problem, this site and this site appeared. What kind of open source project forces all source code to be emailed to the Tyrant rather than go directly through the CVS? Evil doesn't even know how to code and yet he bitches about how everyone is breaking the code:
May 07 20:41:19{Dreoth} learn how to cross compile and run with mingw ?
May 07 20:41:24{EviLDeD} fuck you
May 07 20:41:26{EviLDeD} learn how to code
May 07 20:41:30{EviLDeD} thats what I mean abotu you people
May 07 20:41:33{EviLDeD} just fuckign take and take
May 07 20:41:37{Dreoth} why don't you learn how?
May 07 20:41:46{Dreoth} obviously its your changes that are breaking it more and more
May 07 20:41:56{EviLDeD} learn how what ?
May 07 20:42:05{EviLDeD} seems to me that my changes have made a server stay up
May 07 20:42:06{Dreoth} all changes have to go through you, and your email. It should be cvs
May 07 20:42:09{EviLDeD} accounts work flawlessly
May 07 20:42:17{EviLDeD} server crashes in some small parts
May 07 20:42:28{EviLDeD} but I mean yo uneed your head read and your linux pride needs some help
May 07 20:42:50{EviLDeD} cause I am pretty suire that sits proly somethig really stupid on the server side, or something that you have configured pooryly that uox3 doesn't like
May 07 20:43:06{EviLDeD} dreoth take your bullshti and fuck off.
May 07 20:43:10{EviLDeD} this conversation of over.
May 07 20:43:15{EviLDeD} seems to be workign well you fuck
May 07 20:43:29{EviLDeD} yoru just bitter that its not doing it for you in linux, and I am tired of yoru bullshit attitide
May 07 20:43:30{Dreoth} Well, tell the uox3 lunux users to go to lonewolf, wolfpack, or uoxc then. Because those all work.
May 07 20:43:41{EviLDeD} and do half what we do
May 07 20:43:46{EviLDeD} and I would never do anything of the kind
May 07 20:43:54{EviLDeD} why send people to less standard emu's
May 07 20:44:00{EviLDeD} buh bye dood
Yesterday, the following was sent to me:
Well first of all I would like to say this. I had been using UOX3 since I've actually been playing UO itself. That would go back to about a month after T2A was released. For the longest time now it has sat there and struggled to become a production level emulator (which it is still not). Now, within this week, it appears that Linux support is going to die off due to EviLDeD's lack of knowledge in linux. In order for EviLDeD to get the latest client to work, he is having punt email him the code to do it (which isn't bad, until you consider the following.)

It's a known fact in the emulator community that Evil _HATES_ other projects for being branches off 'his' project. Now, these branches have progressed to become production level emulators, (Wolfpack, UOXC, Lonewolf to name a few). Evil does not recognize this and the following logs will show this fact. The best way to learn how to do things right is to learn from how others did things right. Wolfpack is to my knowledge the best open source UO emulator, they have great documentation (even though its slightly outdated at the moment) and the source is very easy to read. Evil can't even drop his 'pride' as he calls it far enough to learn from his successors.

Anyways, this is leading UOX3 even further downhill than it is now. Linux support is now officially dead, as I was the Linux support of UOX3. I've left and am leaving to Wolfpack and Lonewolf to finish our shard. And my personal advise to ANYONE using linux to run their shard is to switch to one where it can be supported.
The full log can be found here:

With other emulators such as WolfPack, UOX-Classic, LoneWolf, Nox-Wizard, UOX-Classic:NS and of course, RUNUO, I am suprised that anyone still works on or uses UOX3. From the looks of it, EviLDeD will soon put the final nails in the UOX3 coffin. I can't believe that anyone actually works with this guy.

Emails to EviLDeD went unanswered.
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UOX3 Pre CVS Fixes and Patches Part II
Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 06:34 AM
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From UOX3EvilDeD:
Pre CVS Fixes, and Patches Pt II

Ok thanks to almiller1963 from the forums for posting the fix for linux seg-fault on server shut down. Following you will find a link to the most current source, until I have time to get it into the cvs.


Join the UOX3 TestServ Today! If you wish to join please have a look at the page up at

NOTE: This is an automated system, and may have some bugs. Please allow up to 60 minutes for your account to become active. Feel free to try sooner, but please do not be concered until at least 60 minutes from the time of sign up. Another thing to take note of this server is being offered to you in the hopes that you make only one account so please be fair.
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UOX3 Pre CVS Fixes / Patches Part 1
Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 06:46 AM
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From UOX3EvilDeD:
Pre CVS Fixes, and Patches Pt I

Ok there were some issues with linux compiles and such which thanks for Dreoth have been stomped out(hopefully). We have a new set of configuration scripts, and makefile files(lol). Following you will find a link to the most current source, until I have time to get it into the cvs.

Windows: (Updated)
Linux: uox3_v0_97_5_2e_src.tar.gz (Tks Dreoth)

Please note that this zip contains not only the source, but a debug, and retail exe for those that need it. Enjoy the server, and please report any problems with the server to the forum that best suits. Thanks to all of you that have contributed to the most recent release, with out you guys, and the rest of you that have stood bye we would not have come this far.

Once again I would like the mention that the UOX3 TestServ is up and running. Seems to run fairly stable, and we are welcoming anyone that wishes to join to take the step into the realm of UOX3 and see just how different UOX3 can be. If you wish to join please have a look at the page up at

NOTE: This is an automated system, and may have some bugs. Please allow up to 60 minutes for your account to become active. Feel free to try sooner, but please do not be concered until at least 60 minutes from the time of sign up. Another thing to take note of this server is being offered to you in the hopes that you make only one account so please be fair.
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UOX3 Updates
Monday, Apr 7, 2003, at 06:50 AM
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The following was posted on the UOX3 Forums:
Greetings inquisitive one! It is my belief and policy that information stems the tide of unrest. UOX sometimes looks to the casual observer to be fast asleep, dormant, hybernating or otherwise not moving at all. To which the response is usually a swift kick to the groin or ribs to see if there is any life in it at all.

My purpose here is NOT to generate false hopes but to inform.

UOX is moving forward daily in several areas:

DFN rewrite: If you have followed the course of events over the past weeks you already know that the DFNs are undergoing a very thorough and complete rewrite. Some would prefer not to think of this as a rewrite "from the ground up," however, I differ from that view. The new DFN is an astounding contrast to its former self. There is no comparison between the two. The old DFN's were a conglomeration of hastily rescribbled and reorganized scripts, mostly copied from original material dating back three or more years. Misspellings and typos were rampant and there was no consistency. If you look for the "ToTame" item in each NPC definition, you rarely found it in the same place on any two npcs. To be honest, my own scrutiny of the old DFN produced waves of despair and frustration - if the DFNs were this bad, what was the code like?

By contrast the new DFN's are the picture of perfection. Xuri has been hard at work on these for weeks and has combed through every aspect of them from top to bottom. They are rebuilt from the ground up. New features have been implemented to make working with them easier, reduce the sizes of the files and eliminate the duplications. The result is a set of DFNs that contain necessary attributes only, no duplication, and very solid organization. And perhaps the best news in this is that the ITEM side is pretty much finished. Xuri is now working in the NPC side and has already made good progress there. Contrary to my worst nightmares, this rewrite is going well - indeed, VERY well.

I cannot begin to convey the enormity of this process. The only way to even BEGIN to understand is to take a good and thorough look at the changelog Xuri has committed so far. The overall project is a daunting task for any TEAM of people, let alone for one. But the attention Xuri has given to the minute details of the DFN are astounding.

No, the new DFN's are not finished. But they are not far off either.

The Scripts:

Xuri was working on the JS scripts before he embarked upon this latest adventure. Some significant progress was made there too, and I know Xuri well enough to know he will be right back at it when he is finished with the DFN rewrite. The progress thus far includes several rewrites (all are improvements) and added functionality and detail to existing and new scripts, plus a series of new scripts that add new features to the game. Something to look forward to, and also not a "distant dream."

The Server Engine:

The Devs (primarily Zane and EvilDed) have continued behind the scenes doing their jobs. No one wants to build false hopes, so they don't say a lot about their work. Instead, they quietly poke and prod and do surgery on the beast behind closed doors. That doesn't help people to realize that the work goes forward, and I feel that it is necessary to convey to those who hope to one day use UOX3 for their public shards that the development process continues, whether you see it or not. I've tested four builds this weekend (so far). Each one has changes and improvements and reorganization of the internal structure of the machine. Old crap is rooted out and chopped away. Misplaced organs are shifted and moved and put where they belong and arteries reattached with painstaking attention to detail. New functionality is added. Improved functionality is traded for less efficient elements. Surprisingly, there is a great deal going on behind the scenes that you never see, and the work continues night and day, so that I sometimes wonder if these guys ever get any sleep!!!

UOX is an amazingly complex machine. Like the human body. I won't mislead anyone into thinking that the new beast is almost ready to take its first solo steps, but the work progresses, and UOX is being refined daily. Along with the refinement will come NEW glitches, but the long range outlook is very, very good. And I want to clarify my definition of "long range." When I say that, I mean that for ALL future work, the outlook is greatly improved by the work of the present. Sloppy code is a nightmare to comb through even in a simple program and UOX3 is anything BUT a simple program. How many elements are built into this monstrosity? And yet, the devs have it well in hand. The housecleaning and reorganization is similar to that of the DFN rewrite - clearing away the old, and the unused and replacing it with something useful and practical with a definable sense of organization that will make tracing bugs and glitches easier as the progress continues.

Without instilling false hopes in anyone, let it be said that UOX3 is moving along nicely and continuously. Quietly, for certain; the devs unheralded for their valiant works and achievements. But I've seen the progress and can practically FEEL the strength of the beast growing almost daily. When I start it up and run a test it FEELS more vibrant, smoother, faster and stronger. Increasingly, it is taking more and more to crash it.

The project is on track and is moving forward. Be patient, and help in the testing if you can and don't expect miracles today. Expect them tomorrow. But give it today to get there; when tomorrow finally comes, the miracles will be that much bigger and better.
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UOX3EvilDeD CVS Update Part VI
Monday, Mar 24, 2003, at 06:25 AM
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From UOX3EvilDeD:
Ok, well lots was submitted this time. Might I also stop to take this time to thank Zane for finally getting to the dirty work of moving the global varaialbes around, organize them, as well as remove or move them to a more appropriate location in the source. From what I have witnessed so far this alone should reduce compiile times when changing files. Cudo's Zane, and thanks.. Past that I posted the change log as the description for the commit in the CVS. So I will not post it here. Zane will be gone this week, and asked that everyone get a good run at this new source. Soon Madalok should be back, and can update the list of issues he has going in the forums.

I have compiled this against VC++ only at this time, and it compiled, I have not had the time to run a server to test the other issues. Sorry for any troubles. If I messed up the linux make files, someone please email me a correct set of files and I will commit them to the CVS asap.
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UOXEviLDeD - CVS Update Part V
Tuesday, Mar 18, 2003, at 06:28 AM
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From UOXEviLDeD:
There were just a couple of small fixes that were submitted. As well the make files were also updated to reflect the missing files for linux users. The general fixes were in teh forms of warning removal under GCC compiles. Thank Philanthrop, and Malketh for these updates.
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UOX3 CVS v0.97.3.1h Released
Monday, Mar 17, 2003, at 06:07 AM
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UOX3 CVS v0.973.1h has been released:
Ok the cvs has been updated. Current version is v0.97.3.1h. A number of things have been taken care of with this release. I would also like to apologise to those that use the cvs for the failures over the last few days. The long and short of it is that I had no time, so I just slap dashed the merge, and stuff so that the cvs would get updated. However seems I was a tad to hasty, and never tried to compile here before I committed. Hope this didn't cause alot of troubles.
Current changes include:
  • Fixed an issue allowing the server to not have a dictionary.ZRO (which would cause a crash when a dictionary entry was called with no language)
  • Fixed an issue causing the server to puke when it attempted a restart
  • Moved SpawnRandomItem() into cItem class
  • Moved SpawnRandomMonster() into cCharHandle class
  • Broke necro.dfn into fishing.dfn and digging.dfn
  • Made better use of SpawnRandomItem() and SpawnRandomMonster()
  • Moved many global vars into the CWorldMain() class
  • Cleaned ResetVars() in uox3.cpp as ResetDefaults() in CWorldMain() now handles much of that
  • Added a check to ensure text wasn't sent twice in talking(), should fix double-speech
  • Cleaned up cmdtable.cpp removing a couple duplicate entries, etc
  • Changed target() to only require 4 values (as the first two were always 0 and 1)
  • Removed many unneeded typedefs and globals
  • Went through cServerData() and noted unused server.ini entries
  • Moved title1(), title2(), and title3() to cClick.cpp since that is their only usage, made use of MAX_TITLE to ensure we wouldn't overrun the buffers, and renamed them matching what title they were
  • CPOpenGump and CPSpeech packet class to remove some global vars (Note these are pretty basic classes and someone with a better understanding of how we handle sending/recieving packets could probably expand these to make better use of them)
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CVS Update For March Part II
Monday, Mar 10, 2003, at 06:42 AM
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From UOX3EvilDeD:
At the time of this cvs commit it was pointed out to me that there were still some issues with accounts. So if you were having problems with accounts before this, then you still will. Currently this cvs update contains only small fixes, and some touchups to the source code.
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CVS Update for March Part I
Friday, Mar 7, 2003, at 06:39 AM
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From UOX3:
Well finally I got the time to go over the changes, and such that I had been wanting to get done, as well as merge in all the changes that have been sent to me over the last couple months. Currently we are working on an all in one, however still some spawner, and other issues that keep me from giving the greenlight. So without to much more typing I will post the change log, and be done with it..

PLEASE NOTE! Some fixes may or may not be listed, as there were so many changes made that it become increasingly difficult to keep track of... Sorry for the trouble..

As a side note, and because I cant find the change log I was doing while I was updating accounts. Accounts *SHOULD* be working as they should now. I will be doing up a document regarding accounts here as time permits, but past that many changes have been made. Some things to keep note of is that uox3 will now no longer convert accounts from UOX3 v0.70.3+ builds, only post UOX3 v0.95.1+ builds will be converted. This in my opinion is the responsibility of the worldconversion tool. With that said, for those converting from v0.95.1+ build accounts and you have characters in the world file that you wish to keep, you will need to do a "find text in" search with the names of the characters you wish to keep and assign them to the correct account block in the accounts.adm file. For those of you that do not have characters that you wish to keep then the process is simple. Make changes to your accounts.adm appropriatly before starting your server, and UOX3 will do the rest.

NOTE: For those people that are using UOX3 v0.97.1+ builds you will need BOTH your access.adm, and accounts.adm files for the conversion to work correctly. So make sure that all path, and other settings are correct before starting.

As stated above a xRFC document will follow shortly describing in great detail the changes to accounts, and how they will effect the server, as well as tricks to fix broken character associations, and other character <-> accounts related issues.

Thanks to all the contributions from everyone! Especially Abaddon, Zane, Xuri, Jediman, Thyme! Thanks for helping out guys.
For a complete changelog visit UOX3:
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UOXEviLDeD Still Alive?
Tuesday, Jan 14, 2003, at 06:35 AM
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EviLDeD the following message wherein he states that UOX3 is still alive:
Just time hurdles mainly. A pretty bad release was put put in the form of the UOX3 v0.97.00 build. Trying to not make this mistake again, and yes I will admit it has been a couple month. There are only a hand full of people that have the time anymore, and its not large amonuts of it. I will try to get a good solid update to the cvs asap. Its not a dead horse, just a wise, and careful one :)
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EviLDeD's Contined Verbal Rampage
Friday, Nov 29, 2002, at 11:45 AM
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I received quite an earful from EvilDeed the other day in irc concerning my post. Log attached for any interested.

Let me state, he asks a few questions, that do warrant an answer.

1. "Punt you tell me what part of that post of yours wasn't at my expense"
Simple. All of it. One thing that has apparently been lost, I for the most part post on what I think are one of the following: What I believe to be bad decisions by a project, or areas that upon examination might benefit a project. No question I am sure I have allowed my emotion and perception flow into posts in the past. For that, when it occurred, I apologize to all affected. On the post in question however, that is not the case.
2. "where was the neutrality of it"
First, never said I was neutral, or claimed to be. So one shouldn't have that expectation. The reader should judge that one on their own, as when anyone posts. Again, in the post in question, it isn't neutral, it is geared toward what I think the project needs to examine. There are no sides (this post is not part of fights made from other posting. It is intended to stand on its own). The project should do a self examination. Period. I don't even say that changes have to be made, but if possible, identify what the cause of the issues are, and see if any modifications can help.
3. "I never saw you post in your post once that maybe there are issues with the developers"
Well, not a question, but a point that is a valid thought, for it is a theme that was apparently lost. I did not post other reasons, for it isn't relevant to the point. I am suggesting the project focus on what it has control over, not what it does not. If the reason each developer left was due to poor developers or developer issues, that is a perfectly acceptable answer (and not under the projects control). The trend however of losses seem percentage wise high, thus the opinion that an examination is warranted, to see what if any can be done on keeping developers. If after that examination, it is still determined that the spike for that period was totally due to things beyond the projects control, again, a perfectly acceptable answer. I am stating however, that to dismiss it out of hand, with an examination, is in error. Also, the project might consider how it may better miminize those developer issues, since the developer loss may be representative of the supply.
4. "cause when I explain my position and why, I am "whining"
If anyone took my post to say the project is whining, please reread it. I stated "It makes the project sound like a whining project". It is the perception that I was referencing. The project might have been dealt bad hands, but usually people don't want to associate with one that just "complains" about them. Valid or not. The attempt was to offer how it can be perceived.
Note: For many, the reference of "not seeing a way to win" references a discussion I had with EvilDeed about the redirection of I stated in that discussion, I felt it was misleading, and "wrong" (in my sense of right or wrong). However, as I didn't see a way to effectively change it in a way that would be constructive, I did not see any gain in having a rant.
5. "you will keep on going off about me"
If anyone took this post as a slam on EvilDeed, please accept my apology. It was not my intent. It was my intent however to give some food for thought, that the project should take a careful examination of itself. Again, I did not voice what, if any changes should be made. I trust the project is quite capable to do that. Stimulus for internal examination usually come from outside, not from within. I truly am at a lost how to have made those points any plainer, short of not stating any critical assessment on the project at all. So the best I can do at this point, is to ask all to not interpreted this as a personal slam on EvilDeed. It is meant that project should take a critical look at itself, and how it conducts business, to see if any thing can be done under the project control to make itself more attractive to developers.
6. "selective battles"
Well, yes, I do believe in selective battles. We all do, we just use different selection criteria. My battles I try to keep on project decision oriented ones. The open source one of years gone by, which I believe started this " I am against EvilDeed", was never a statement again him. I stated many times in my original postings, that I thought it was a bad decision, and was not good for the project. Not the person, but the project. No doubt, that battle of long past, did spell into emotional ones, with myself being guilty of degenerating into personal attacks. Is unfortunate that it is that past context that all future posts are looked at. As for the redirection "battle". It wasn't a "project" one, but an individual person with individual url (the uox3 project had made it clear many times in the past, that uoxdev was NOT the "official" url, but that of a fan site). So even though I spoke with Ryan, stating I felt it wasn't what I felt "right", no, I didn't believe it warranted more then that. I offer this only to give insight into my "selection criteria" for battles. I am not going to debate it, as it is my criteria. Each can have their opinion, that is perfectly fine, as I am sure each have opinions on others "selection criteria".
7. "seems that you can only comment on uox3, or me"
Quite true. I actually would like to see the project prosper. Thus, from my perspective, what some take as "attacking the project", is an attempt to move the project to a forward direction. As for commenting on EvilDeed, I do try to keep that out of public forums, and focus it on the project. No doubt I have not on the past, and any personal comment on you, I apologize now for.
Long post, but since it seemed to have evoked such a response, I felt it was warranted. Please, anyone who reads my original post on, take it for what it is. A suggestion for the project to look at itself in a different light. Nothing more, nothing less.

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UOX3 Updates
Monday, Nov 25, 2002, at 06:21 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
Posted on the UOX3 website:
  • An updated JavaScript Document can be found on the Documents link on this site. Added were the onLogout, onClick event, and OpenUrl event functions.
  • Moved some of the documents from the old site and put them under the documents menu selection here on They are very simple documents but some may find them usefull.
  • A new download package has been added to the source forge website called "UOX3 Maint Builds". These are windows builds, and come in Debug, and Retail builds. There is also a source archive as well. If you are not into the CVS then this is your first step when looking for new builds to work with. Please note that these archives are meant to provide updated, and compiled EXE reflecting the source code in the CVS. Any exe's that are down loaded from this area are concidered very experimental, and not recomended for production shards.
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UOX3 To Remain Active - EviLDeD Stays
Friday, Nov 22, 2002, at 06:23 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
EviLDeD posted the following message on the SA forums:
I will be staying. As long as there are people out there that will use uox3, and have faith I cant let them down. Like I told Jedi, to walk out on them would be like walking out on myself.

DarkStorm, I would say grow up, but I mean thats enevidable. I write things how I see them. If they seem long winded, thats becuase I have learned to express more than conceal. Easier to type 200 more words and get my point accross once, than in 20 words, and have it misunderstood 2000 times.

Ryan, Lol the ones that left, left for good reason I am sure. Many of them treat fed from you, others tired of my need to unload your shit on them, in need to displace all the weight. Others well loyalty is a hard thing to keep. Easy to win. Like I said when your freebie, and other bobbles end, they will leave. You will be leaft holding your scrotum.

Jedi, thanks man. They cant leave things alone. Especially whey I was able to capture the truth so well. My chat with Ryan on was not much different over all that trying to work with my oldest son to get him to do his homework. Spitefull, problematic, and almost typcal.

Why do people leave? Mainly cause I don't take their shit, stand up to them, and never really piss around with their games. Not hard to see first hand why some left. As they were more than likely expected to leave. The rest? Well they will eitehr come around, grow up and realize there is alot more out there than UO emulation, or even at the basic lower level instinc level find some hottie that consumes thier time and move on.

For me to take the blame as you indicate, for a couple of them I will honlestly have to take the blame. As for the rest. Are your asses still sore from when I kicked you the hell out ? You get what you ask for.

Moral of the story. Ryan knew that there was no way to beat me honestly, so he used the very bandwidth that uox3 created for him and did the only thing that a greedy little yuppie would. Resort to some of the lowest tactics around to horde what he could, find some project that was on its way and put all that he could into it. After all he owns it.

"Bwhahahahah" isn't in the dictionary silly:) So like only a fool would have looked in the first place...

Yes infymus I am staying.

The call is out there for people that still would like to work on uox3. despite the blatent attempt to prove to a uo emulation community that uox3 is dead, we are not. We could use some fresh faces, scripters, people that are good with JS, etc.. But what else is new.
The Smithys Anvil supports the UOX3 project under EviLDeD - and has long since changed all UOX3 links to point to
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EviLDeD Responds To "Bowing Out"
Thursday, Nov 21, 2002, at 06:27 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
EviLDeD posted the following article on the SA Forums, mostly directed at myself and Ryan (Admin of RUNUO):
Yes Ryan, like Jediman posted on his website, I like you a million times opted to quit. Leave! move on. But alas I could not. The truth being something that was said to me about why I would let someone like you, that really has no other quest for anything but glory and conquest could effect someone like me? This truth was nothing. For years like alot of these other people that follow your lead blindly. I guess I was in fear of your self proclaimed wrath, or how you could damage a community to the point of being proud of it. I guess this says alot about you personally that I would never have believed until recent. Well what I am getting at is that I am not nor ever really have had the need to fear you, and that has always been your problem. The one parental figure that would stand up to your bullshit, and not tolerate it, send you to your room, etc. Which history has proven I have had to do with you OVER, and OVER. I finally got tired of it Ryan. Poor you! However like all Parent, disgrunteled teenager relationships the parent usualy takes the loss in the form of holes punched in walls, and things thrown and broken when it doesn't go the way of the teenager. You have proven that you were barron of all the internet space called . That you can crush UOX3 with a single ahost change. Congradulations! I will be the first one to pin the medal of "Big Man" on you and set aside my defeat. Bahwhahahah. As an adult I have to sit back and wonder Ryan just what you are affraid of? Obviously it has to be me. That I am flattered about really.

Some of you will wonder just what I am talking about, and just what is going on here. Well a few months ago the and irc network (well 2 machines) were packeted to death causing the server to be forced offline. Through the progressions of attempting to stop this attack I was forced to mask of certain ranges of IPs from 2 Level3 isp sites, and as well a few other ip address. The corrective actions taken proved to get the servers back on line, and data flowing again. This coincidentally effected a couple of Ryan's shell accounts and he was denied access to the irc server @ . This is all simple secutiry people, and not intended to imply that Ryan ever had anything to do with the attacks, and may possibly have been effected with out reason. Point is the solution solved the problems and the data started flowing. Shortly after that someone had private messaged me to ask me why the irc server was moving yet again, and that Ryan had been the one that mentioned it to him. That was it for me, the last chance for you Ryan, so I made sure that I masked your home connections, and any other connections it seemed that you would bounce from, or use. Over reaction? Possibly but even a parent can loose their cool sometimes.

So for all of you that read this, basically this is what started this whole problem. The soul reason that was taken down. The main reason that Ryan has to take almost hostage the traffic that UOX3 has built up over the years. Sure there are rights, and sure there are things that have to be done. I will be the first to stand up for those needs, however what has been done with the domain was and is nothing more than a childish attack personally on me from Ryan. For the most part bandwidth was donated to Ryan for free. As I read someplace on here before I think that it was Infymus himself that Ryan even collected over 2000$ on the donate/paypal button. You provided a great service, you got people to make some pretty kick ass sites, and did your best to make sure that was always available for that I would never tarnish or even attempt to take away. At the same time you made sure to collect every thing that would or could be concidered uox as best that you could. Natural for a good thing to expand, however now the very project that basically PUT your site on the map even is now at the edge of possible extinction because you have a problem with me? I mean bro wake the fuck up! You, and your friends stomp around and tell everyone how inevitable the death of uox3, or EviLDeD is, but you fail to give anyone the choice to choose, or even the chance to see there its progress. Sorry from a personal stand point you can hate me all you want. From a community standpoint which this really used to be before you, during you, and after you (which I will gladly replace with me for those that think I am being to specific). I question just what you are affraid of? Why will you not at least give people a means to come to where they looking for when they look for I have heard all the excuses Ryan. First it was "Can you handle the load?", then something else, then what I outlined above. I mean you have made it perfectly clear to enough people that you are DELIBERATELY making sure that peopel do not go to uox3. All becuase you dislike me. Is there anyone else that sees something wrong with this picture? Basically those people that come in from deserve the choice to go to where uox3 is not used to fuel Runuo. Which would quite possibly not be half what it is now without the traffic, or the misleading sense you get when you go to and find People deserve a choice, and all those comming in looking for are not being given one. Do you really need to take the uox userbase hostage? Do you really, really need to use them to push Runuo over the top, and crush uox because you can not move on, or grow up, let alone keep personal issues out of the realm of emulation?

Now im sure there are lots of excuses? There are lots of reasons why? Then all the crap about who has what right to do what. Lets cut the shit, if you want to play then at least play fair. UOX3 doesn't attack Runuo. UOX3 in some ways could be competition, and maybe not? Maybe Runuo will be the greatest, maybe it wont. What I am getting at is that no one is doing anything to warrent your attack, your deliberate turning of people away from the very project that helped you get where you are today(uo'ly speaking that is). You know I have talked to krrios(at least thats who I thought it was) and asked him about a link back to uox3 at least give people the chance to come back if they want to. Apparently it wasn't that bad of an idea however he didn't control that side of things. Others have asked me about this, and even someone that I would have never thought could see something wrong with this whole bullshit come to me and noted his dislike for it, but unless there is a positive to saying something that wouldn't cause you Ryan to become volitile or heat the community up and be effective. So because there is really no immediatly thought out solution no action can be taken. However I could not sit back and just clamp my meyboard buffer shut much longer. The longer I do, the more people you fool, the more you get away with, and the more you think you can get away with. So with that said I guess I have blow the cap once again open on the whole forum wars that used to ensue at some post you, or infy, or someone else would make from your clic made. Someone one has to say something sometime.

The truth of the matter is that your statement may be true, and personally and professionally I may not like the invevibility of UO/UOX3/EviLDeD demise, but then again if uox3 was going to die then it should be for the real reason, not one that you have against me personally Ryan. You can toss all the "He's just paranoid", or slant off my misfortunes like family deaths as excuses, or whatever may put your points accross to those that are never willing to do more than eat from the baby food jar, something that you are good at dishing out. The people comming to find UOX3 deserve to know where we are, the deserve to have a choice. If after these people have decided, this including people just new to the emulation scene that runuo or some other emulator suits their needs then so be it. This is a loss that I am willing to take, but to watch uox3 die at the hands of a malcontended, and miss ajusted young adult just sickens me. Whats almost worse is that some of you that know whats going on, and have taken the time to tell me in PM just how screwed up it is, but tired of fighting to say or do anything about it. These are the true people that you have beat Ryan, the very friends, and allies, the people you just meet, and the ones that used to have your back. You will end up alone, and when the websites, hdd space, filez, freebies all end you will see just exactally where you are. Alone.

I guess for me people like Jediaman, Xuri, Kot_Leopold(which by fairness moved on to runuo) there is a real reason to stay here. For those that I do no know personally, or haven't talked with I don't intend on leaving you out, but sometimes you have a hard time seeing whats not in front you. Jedi as I told you last night I will stand by UOX3, and that means I will stand by you and your server as well. This goes for anyone that still uses, or will use uox3 inthe future. We have lots of issues, some are old, some are new. Others hasty. They are getting worked out, and after a long summer off, and a very nice fresh start(in my opinion has been crushed by the all powerfull, and all controling UO/UO Emulation community Power man Ryan) the project finds its self strangled from the userbase that is created so as to starve it to a slow and un called for death from the very person the community allowed and entrusted to point them in the right direction. Now Ryan you may feel that Runuo is the ONLY solution of a small subset but no offence that is your perspective, and might not be everyone elses. In all fairness take your childish strangle hold from the next of the very project that put you on the emulation map. You might not like me, and I might not approve of you, or your methods, but the over all important issue here is dont make uox3 suffer cause I still happen to lead its direction. If your happy you have from what I can see scarred off Cav, and a number of others that were all gung ho and ready to do with the strangle hold you have. You have reduced the team to just a few people, and almost ingle handedly closed this chapter on uox, or maybe you are affraid to link people back to and or uox3 cuase these people might not stay with runuo. Either way what you are doing is wrong, and I don't care how much people tell me that you owned the domain, blah blah. If you fail to give people a choice which you have done before then you are the punk kid that I have always thought you were. Selfish, and unable to do anything for anyone but yourself, and when its not workign you way set it on fire, jump boats, and do what you can to make sure the fires burn down the walls. I think that EVERY emulation project that has spun off from uox3 has seen you try this on them as well. Many have fallen to the same lions as uox3 is heading. I will do what I can at all costs, and levels I can to keep uox3 going in a positive direction towards the so called dream called v1.0.0.0 and then I will concider my logical next step in the realm of spending my free time and enjoyment time. Until then Ryan, you just keep hiding. The ip ban on me for runuo, fair enough. I guess an eye for an eye, I banned ip's for DOS/Packetting the server, and put an end to someone pulling things behind my back to better his game. So for that OK, ban me all you want (yes people I have been ip banned from before it even went public. never posted anything, never did anything). What you are trying to do to me using UOX3 though Ryan just shows to me at least just what kinda of asshole you really are. You have no respesct for anything or anyone unless its feeding your ego. Those of you that think othewise, give it time. Soon you will become useless to Ryan and tossed aside. many in the community know just what I am talking about. Anyhow the point being that what you are doing to uox3 to hurt me is wrong, you know it just to stupid or proud or something to admit it.

I once again apologise for wasting your time reading, but I mean have you people just not had enough of this shit already that you have to keep making stupid childish comments about people that are no more than a single line or bullshit?

For the rest of you out there is still alive at heart just it has been renamed, alot of things happen on irc at channel #uox . We are far from dead like some would think. They only think we will die because they are the ones that are crimping the flow of oxygen to uox3's brain in the form of neglecting people that are looking for and uox3 the right to come to

Infymus over the years we have not gotten along, who the hell cares. What I would like to do is thank you for finally listing updates to uox3, even if it has only been one of the last 8 that have been made.. I do appreciate the steps forward this implied.

Not to mention Infy without EviLDeD trash to post you wouldn't get any hits ))))))))))

You all can argue amongst yourselves about how wrong I am, and how mean, bad, shitty, whatever all you want. I have said what I have said, and there is not much that can be answered for. Personal attack, shit I dont have time for them anymore. For the rest sorry that things have turned out this way seems that crap like this is the only enevitable thing around here huh Ryan?
As well as posted the following:
For Ryan or his new pet project Runuo it was all a spitfull deliberate game.

It is an absolute shame that Ryan being all that he is and all that apparently Runuo is has come from the traffic that is indended for uox3. The premis to show "evilded" a lesson. That Ryan controls uox, and everything uox3. He has countlessly told me and others that all of the hosting for was free, and all the bandwidth was free for life. So like sounds like the donation button bought good ole Ryan a new lap top, and all the claims of 10gran hosting bills. How can that be when you have told people that its donated space for life. But I bet that story changes pretty fast.

I could see that your only real goal is to swipe other peoples cake, and eat that, when you can bake out own cake you break others ovens, and when you find some comefortable spot undetected under some new stove you will gladly use what tools were given you to bake more cake that technically you stole from some other kitchen...

Bwhahahah Show me a less. Does time not get old. I guess as long as there is even one person that can see just what kind of person you are there is a winner here. Cooter, keep up the good work man! Ryan, you just keep slamming down the cake. People like you choke. Question is just when will you choke, and will your friends be there for you when you do.

I am just glad that UOX3 was a great push for all of you to take off from, and forget so fast just why any of you are anything in the uo emulation community at all. Like rats on a sinking ship but more like a mutiny

I just hope cause I have taken the time to say "Watch out for Ryan, soon as he gets boared or it doesnt' go his way, look out" will somehow force him to make sure he never does for the fear of people really seeing just how right I have always been..

Past that Expect to see alot more of me in the future. Infy, get your dick, errr Pen ready man..... Cause you are gonna be alot more busy in teh future I think...

Ryan thanks for the time in chat man.. To bad that you are the same.. Ungreatful, and classless. Be happy you use the traffic uox3 built for you and your great empire that is what you are after right... to push your needs. Like I has said just one more thing that uox3, and myself feel almost proud being able to provide for you. Without Projects like Uox, Sphere, and Pol projects like runuo would be nothing.

Its just to bad that you are to full of yourself to beable to admit that.

Never reallized just how hurt you were by me choosing abaddon over you Ryan. And well damn, I can only apologise to uox3 for telling things how I see them, and making sure that I stood up for her. This just got nothing but the wrath of Ryan, and his "I built this" bullshit. Have I learned my lesson? Lol. I dont take lessons from punk children with a chip on their shoulder. Im am not gonna start now. UOX3 will survive, and in alot of ways what concerns me is that runuo's life might be short lived.(cake gets stale) Where will you be Ryan? Eventually uox3 will gain back its small market share, people will become less clouded by your control... You will be where again ? Back to barking at sargo and uo classic? Maybe Wp? not more more you can do to uox3 that you haven't already consoulsy done. Way to go man.. I bet that makes you special

I have been there in teh begging of things when they were gonna be great.. Man I so feel bad for Krrios, and the people that are working hard when you have had your fun.. Or someone doesn't see things your way. People dont love you forever Most times they are already lying to you...
Just remember that the 1/2 million hits The Smithys Anvil received last month were users looking for dirt on EviLDeD. This article was posted here for archival purposes, but the conversation continues in the forums. Click the "Comment" link to continue reading.
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UOX3 Dying - EvilDeD Bowing Out?
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2002, at 06:48 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
JediMan posted the following:
Today, EviLDeD has informed me via irc, that he will now be leaving UOX3. While I have stood bye uox3 this entire time, its sad to say he WILL be missed. This was my first and only emu that I have ever used, and have made it my own hobbby and a passion to bring together the best shard ever immaginable! Now I am a stalemate between staying with uox3 or moving on to runuo, and making it full time. I alone cannot decide, so I shall leave it up to you all to make that decision. I will still make a map update around thanksgiving and i will work even quicker to rebuild what I have already done.
We have yet to hear from EvilDeD.

Realms Of Valor:
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UOX3 CVS Update
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2002, at 06:43 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
UOX3 CVS Update! And maintrelease Pt VIII:
  • FIX: vendor training bug will no longer crash the server when you pay them
  • FIX: corrected some file handle issues, as well 2 memory holes. Thanks Thyme for pointing it out
  • FIX: changed the allowed speech length to 255 from 96. Should fix a number of potential crashes - TeHb
  • FIX: skill gain was broken. Should increase normally now - TeHb
  • FIX: when calling to make arrows, you will get the fletching menu not instead of the bowcraft menu - TeHb
  • FIX: correct npc will now respond to training - TeHb
  • FIX: updated the makefile.ln to include the 2 new files - Thyme
  • ADD: Swords will not cut up fish - TeHb
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UOX3EvilDeD - Show Me The Money
Friday, Oct 11, 2002, at 08:46 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
EvilDeD is at it again - trying to squeeze his dead community for even more now with a PayPal donation button. If you remember back in the day, when Ryan was leading UOX in the right direction, he got a couple thousand dollars donated to him via PayPal. EvilDeD, who we already knew isn't very well liked - can't even get a buck.

EvilDeD posted the following in #SphereServer last nite:
EviLDeD: cant even get one person to donate a buck to the uox3 donait paypal thingy
EviLDeD: :0
EviLDeD: hehe
EviLDeD: prolly doesn't work
EviLDeD: should be over flowing ;))
EvilDeD has continually destroyed his community - and he really expects donations? Think about it... This guy has had his community online for - how many months now? And something like RUNUO that has been online just a few short weeks has over 900+ members - compared to Evil's 74... Few weeks vs. few months and RUNUO is 12 times bigger?

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EviLDeD Responds
Tuesday, Sep 17, 2002, at 06:13 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
The following was posted on EviLDeD's UOX3 site and then later deleted:
OK well. I am not one to really censor anyone, but honeslty can anyone see this topic going anywhere?

I resent the Ranting every day comment. Sometimes when you get to sit in front of your work and there is a group of people doign their best to apparently undermind that I will take the time to set things as straight as I can to those that are being missinformed, or if nothing less at least be informed of my side of the trouble. What mosts peoples problems are is that I seldomly deal with Forums battles, I never post Hate mail, or forum posts casue I am feeling less than myself, or not getting my way.

I have consistantly ALWAYS had an open mind, until people force it closed. Its not my problem that someone cannot deal with what they start. But rest assured the flaw in my character is to not stand by and let someone else choose my future or carve out a mind set against me with out me envolved.

In the past history of uox3 I have done some stupidf things. I have kicked and banned people simply cause I could see the troulbe they were starting before they did. and for that in some cases I was wrong. That was then. Over all I would like to think that I have always done my best to be professional, when I rant its well worded and not left with much to question. I dont set out to control anything, I just want this project to move forward. This time I have just put an end to most of the people that have caused trouble. And ya know its working. At least so far.

You are right though, here I sit one more time wasting valuable development time ranting. But now ask your self why? Just cause I feel like it, or cause im tryign to damage someone else? Or maybe once again someone has comments to make about me that are basiucally unsubstanciated and uncalled for. But like I said I will waste that time defending who I am and why.

The server didn't screech to a hault just cause abaddon left. It screeched to a hautl cause the people at the time that seemed to think they were invol;ved were only about doign what they wanted. Man If I got to to what I wanted before what needed to be done there would be threading and all kinds of neat little things added. But thats not the case.

We all have points. as chaos stated as long as everyone keeps their heads on straight things will be just fine. I have been doing that. So I am not worried at all about how UOX3 will turn out. I really dont have the time to be worried about RunUo, and like I have said manytimes before All the power to Krrios, and zippy. I love both those guys, for helping, listening, and other sorted details. I can and will only wish them luck and like if ever asked would more than likely help where I could. I have some personal ideal reguarding things, but i mean. Where do I even draw the line.

I will let this thread go a little lfurther. I think its a bad thread personally and not much is comming from it. But I mean we are all intitled to our opions, and people dont have to like them, however people no one has the right to tell someone else to keep their opinions to themselves when everyone else seems to jam their down the throughts of everyone else.

When I am asked I tell. I am long winded, and honest. if I am wrong I will stand up and apologise, or take it as that and do what I can to correct it. This to me is teh human goal to become more than we are and to learn from previous mistakes.

I will continute to keep my as I have been told my paranoid, uox3 killing, person using, screwing everyone, hate everyone do nothing self working towards the goalds that the new team are getting hammered out.

How many times do I have to hear this from the same people before it gets old. Just remember when I come back it was "the twins" with infy, and how hated and tyrantical ryan was. Well I am just glad that I could come back get teh project moving again in a good way, while giving Ryan, and infy the critical time to heal their wounds and start to focus on me, and this hooped up bull**** abotu UOX3EviLDeD, and uox3js, adn all the othercrap that comes from taht site.

Now some may take this bad, some may not take it at all, the the moral of this post is that this kinda talk and threads in the forums are the primary reasons that troulbe happens.

If it continues I will be forced to kill the threads and take a more tyranical approach, something that I dont think really is needed if people just act their age, think about what they spout off abaout or even take the time to ask questions first.

Sorry for the post, but I mean this is going no where.
Because EviLDeD wants to be considered the one and true development site of UOX3 I think it's time to give it to him. No other site is currently working on the JS version of UOX3 except Evil. I've removed the original UOXDEV header and replace it with EviLDeD's logo. Let EviLDeD's site be the current home of UOX3. Recently EviLDeD deleted all posts pertaining to rants and himself posted the following:
I would like to take this time to apologise to those that have taken the time to express their points of view, and their thoughts regarding the whole Infy, Ryan, and other issues. However the basic fact is that this is a DevTeam server and is meant for support, and news, and event planning in regards to the uox3 project. I have removed a certain post that some may be angry with, and I do apologise, but I see that the post even though moderated, and kind of low on the flame side, could at any time encite into large mud slinging match that I really don't want to happen here, or will allow here. History speaks loud enough on how these always turn out.

What I ask is that everyone that has a personal opinion on any of the issues that have been going on as of late be directed to express those points on Infymus' Anvil, or another rant based site. It seems to me that thats what these sites are there for. This one is soley for the distribution of DevTeam information, and server releases as well provide direct support from the community and the DevTeam in the form of unbiased forms.

Please I hope that this makes sense to everyone. If you are with us or against us, I make the personal request that you please help keep things focused and on track with these forums by taking personal thoughts and opions based on me, ryan, runuo or anything not specifically related to UOX3 to a more appropriate place.

Thanks again for the support in this issue, and hope that everyone can see where I am comming from.

Original post deleted on UOX3EviLDeD:
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You Have Got To Be Kidding
Monday, Sep 16, 2002, at 06:24 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
EviLDed posted the following:
Well this was once a large and long post, that was really no better than what has been going on. I found myself once again being almost forced to lower myself the the level of Ryan, and Weazel, Infymus and of course now cooter. Cooter word to you man. I will be your friend man, when they are done using you again. Weazel, lol your dissapointed. Hmmmm. Zippy, bro im sorry I listed you, however my suggestion to you is to stand up for something sometime. Infymus, lol you just keep up the good work, without you this last couple months, I never would have smiled as much as I have. Ryan, you just keep lieing to yourself, and eveyrone else. SOon there will be no one else left to listen to you and you will be where you started. On the outside looking in.

I typed out this super huge rant about this and that about these people. what I have really done for them and how they have really honestly paid me back for it, but it was pointed out to me that I was really only doign what they have done. So I have removed the post, and basicaly replace it with this word of advice to the community. Most of you has all say back and watched who has done what. Who has banned who from forums, channels, talked shit about people. Thrown tempertantrums, and obove all when their lives were not up to spec for them they tried their hardest to hurt uox3, and well honestly me. As uox3 is a side effect. I mean people grow up. If you read over smithys anvil and even remotly think that hes "on target" then I have to tell you then you belong there. I never put down the benefit of but I also know that 60% of the peolple that can help wouldn't post on that forum for fear of being banned, or cooter, or ryan, or someone openning their big mouths to speak what they had to say, but when someone said something they of course couldnt afford the community to know about, it was banned. Moderated. or they were banned from teh site.

In short I would like to thank Cooter, for enlightening me to just what kinda person you really are. While your kicking back with yoru buddies, just remember what brought you to me in teh first place. Geting scrwed over by them. I would also like to take the time to thank Cav, Kirre, Norfic, Fyck, and a few others for actually working, doing the right thing and actually working on something that the rest has deemed for their own needs as dead. You guys make the difference. Kirre and Cav I would like to thank you much for stopping me from posting my oringial post. Even though I think they deserved it. No one wins when you reduce yourself to their level.
Meanwhile, this topic is being discussed over on UOXEvilDeD.

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UOXEvilDeD - The Shit Hits The Fan
Friday, Sep 13, 2002, at 06:14 AM
Filed Under UOX3-EvilDeD.   -Guid-
Those of us that know anything about UOX3Evilded all know that it is bound to fail. Is it because its run by evilded? No... of course not... err.. duh.. yes what else did you think would ruin it? Examples you say? Cooter messages me on IRC last night, (paraphrased) "I should have listened to you, you were right, evilded is only out for himself". I was shocked when I read that... I mean Cooter... promiser of all do'er of none... admitting Ryan was right?? As if that wasn't enough I went on to read the Official DevTeam website... it was another outstanding display of grammar and insight.

So... after deciphering what was written there... I am pretty sure it said "Weazel was joining Ryan on a project called RunUO???". Flabbergasted was I... I went on to read more and sure enough he blasts Zippy's name out there as the one who told him about this 'top secret' project. Now keep in mind Zippy and Weazel are both my friends, and honestly when cooter is being legit... and not promising shit, he's my friend too.. I guess. So over (what was seemingly) one night evilded alienated three more people. I discussed it with Weazel who I might add is NOT part of the RunUO team, and he said "I wasn't taking sides at all until now". Zippy flat out told evilded he's an asshole for what he did... "if he already knew there was no reason to put my name up there in flashing fucking lights".

I flat out told the guys last night, that I was sick of seeing my friends "hurt" by him (cliché yes, but its how I felt). Weazel straight up hit the nail on the head... "Its not hurt, its more disappointment". I was in awe at what I was watching happen. Another 'confidant' of evildeds who is still with him told me that he will stay until the final remnants of the project are driven into the ground. Hey ya know what.. if you got that kinda stomach... I say you go for it... it could be funny the closer it gets to the end... delusion and paranoia have powerful effects on people.

As for the rest of his barrage, in typical evildum fashion he goes on to knock the programming abilities of the RunUO team, and slam home some bullshit about us convincing the world UO is dead... NEWSFLASH UO IS DEAD... If you didnt know that, please come out of your cave, the nuclear threat is over... the world has moved forward (leaving UOX3Evilded in the dust). I think the funniest part of this little tirade is the "were gonna steal everyone we can, and screw UOX3, and EvilDeD"... all this is, is a cop-out because he finally woke up to the truth that we all knew over a year ago, nearly two... UOX3EvilDeD is just that... UOX3DED. We didn't steal anyone from UOX3evilded, and in fact we did our best to deter anyone from coming away from uox3evilded to try to work on RunUO... this is a prime example of why evilded will never make a good leader... he always shifts the blame for his problems.

So... what was the point of this news article... I guess the cold hard reality... its a big fat "I TOLD YOU SO", to the world. I wont say that to Zippy/Weazel/Chaos or any of the other guys that actually still hang around with evilded for the sole fact that they are my friends. This is the definitive reason for the vanquishing of the UOX Development Network. Those who go there today though will be greeted with a pleasant surprise. I think what I find most disgusting about the whole thing is his prefacing the whole article with a "Well today I awoke to find the world still intact" referencing one of the darkest days in humanity... how sad of him to be such an insipid human being... I apologize to everyone that had to read his lackluster approach at paying homage to the individuals who lost loved ones from all over the world... I cannot convey how disgusting and despicable I think this act was.

In short I say this representing only me, not RunUO, not not anyone but Ryan... Your a sad man in a sad state... I truly wish you would snap the fuck out of it... its quite depressing to your friends around you (and no... think again... because I am not one of them).
[quote - unedited, source = as of 2:20 AM EST 9/13/2002] The day after.

Well today I awoke to find the world still intact. However there appears to be some underlying shifting still going on withing the DevTeam. As most know a week ago Cooter stepped down from his position on the team as a Script/DFN'r. Now it appears that even after being asked directly Weazel has quit as well. He has Placed a general "Screw you!" in place of his web page and dfn support site. At first when I saw this I figured he must have been hacked, and doesn't know. However since then I have been informed to Weazel's move to Ryans new uo server RunUO. Sorry Zippy, didn't mean to tell everyone else that knew already, that I knew too. Didn't mean to spill the proverbial beans. Well in response to this I can only feel hurt by Weazel's inability to talk to me, or be honest and straight forward or professional with me. Professionally speaking, Weazel I know that RunUo can only benefit by your knowlage, and abilities. So I extend my support for your choices, just not your methods. As a friend I am personnaly hurt. Either way you have your own reasons for doign what you need to do.

This brings me to the point that Cav has been made Manger of the Scripts in place of Weazel's hasty, and radical departure, and I have removed Cooter from the staff list as well, and listed nfs_demon as missing in action. If I have made an error here please email me and let me know I will fix it. Soooo. This brings me to the next topic. There are currently 3 positions open on the DevTeam. Two scripting positons, and one coder position. If you are interested in joining please email me at or come seem me on IRC on #uox.

It was truely sadening to see Weazel leave in such a manner, as well to see that's meaning of quit, close up shop and finished with a dead game actually meant, "were gonna start a new emulator, and steal everyone that we can, and screw UOX3, and EviLDeD". This is nothing new. Moral of the story is that UOX3 is still very much alive and ready to go, looking for solid programmers, and thinkers to take it where UOX3 should go. Another UO emulator, even if its from the people that spend the most time convincing everyone UO is a dead game is a welcomed sight. I just hope this one stays, unlike the others this group has tried to start before. The UOX3 Official DevTeam wishes you the best in your emulation goals, after all its not just the experience in programming that should be your focus, but building the skill you need to get you past yourselves. This will be interesting to watch as this emulator grows. The programming experience is last of my worries, and should be yours.

With that said, if you feel you have the skills and talents to become a member of the ONLY real UOX3 DevTeam we welcome, and expect you!
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UOXEvilDeD Hostile Takeover & Smithys Anvil Updates
Thursday, Aug 29, 2002, at 06:43 AM
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The UOX3js sourcecode has undergone hostile takeover by UOXEvilDeD. This means the code base as it stands from previous development of UOX3js will soon dissapear. EvilDeD states, "You all have a week before I make the request to clear out all the modules and forums, and lists, bug trackers, everything." Thus completely ending an era of what UOX3 is. From then on, the new code base will be EvilDeD's version of UOX3 based on the UOX3js code (although EvilDeD states that it is NOT the JS version - and if it is not, he will have to go all the way back to UOX-Classic's version). Hopefully someone out there will keep an archived backup of what UOX3js has become.

Many of you have written to me stating that UOXDEV never was the home for UOX3, and that EvilDeD's takeover was simply one of "thee" Development Team getting the project back on track. This is complete and utter bullshit. UOXDEV has been the central focus point of UOX3 development since 1998. It has contained all aspects of the community from forums to files to links. Indeed SourceForge was where the UOX3 source was maintained - and using this as your excuse that UOXDEV was not the central UOX3 hub - is just plain wrong.

EvilDeD plain and simple pulled a hostile takover of UOX3. He locked everyone out of the UOX CVS on SourceForge. He created a new development site and proclaimed it the home of UOX3. He created a new IRC channel and proclaimed it the home of UOX3 IRC. He wiped out all of the admins, developers and moderators out of SourceForge and set his own lackeys in charge. Plain and fucking simple, it was a hostile takeover. And to tell you the truth, it really doesn't matter right now. UOX is a completely dead product and there is an incredible new UO emulator on it's way that will put the nails in the UOX coffin (not at all based on UOX or even UOX sourcecode).

So fine, EvilDeD, have your cake and eat it to. The Smithys Anvil will continue to report on the progress of the UOXEvilDeD project and we all just have to see what becomes of it.

The following sites are going to be dropped from The Smithys Anvil unless I hear word that they will be supporting UOXEvilDeD's project and then will be re-listed under EvilDeD's version of UOX.

Accomplice is a GM tool designed for UOX3js... However, it is not just another Button after button interface. Accomplice is designed to be FULLY scriptable. No more missing or hard to find commands. No more outdated and useless buttons. No reason to use anything else.

Xuri's UOX3js Guide is thee best UOX3js command guide out there. How to do everything in UOX3js from the GM standpoint.

UOX3Config is a utility that maintains your UOX3.INI file, including file paths, IP address and more.

DFNWarrior helps you find and edit items and npcs. For UOXjs .9x and above. Requires Java2 Platform 1.4.

If you plan to support UOXEvilDeD, then please email Infymus and I will list you as a tool under UOXEvilDeD. Please email me - I want to continue reporting on your site or your tool. But if it supports a dead product, there is no use wasting time researching daily news progress on a defunct site.
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UOXEvilDeD Updates
Thursday, Aug 29, 2002, at 06:36 AM
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Posted on the UOXEvilDeD Website:
Well seems that we have had a most effective day, on a whole!

First off I would like to welcome rihards, the newest member of the DevTeam! He will be holding the position of Quality Assurance Tester, and I feel he will bring a new dynamic to how testing is done. With Norfic, Laocaourn, and rihards handling Q/A I think that it will keep the rest of us pretty busy, and the bug reports consistent, and responsive.

ATTENTION: DevTeam Members! If you can make an August 30th, 2002 Impromptu meeting of staff please do attend. It's not imperative to take in the meeting, as we will just be covering some pre-work start issues, and kind of warm the ball before we start rolling it. Now the meeting will be held in the later part of the evening on Friday between 8pm-9pm MST (GMT -7). If you would like to make this meeting and this time schedule is bad for you please accept my apologies. However a log will be take and saved if you cannot make the meeting. Make sure to see SDiddy if you are unable to make the meeting and need a log. Once again that's Friday August 30, 2002 @ 8pm-9m MST (GMT -7)! Hope to see you there!

If anyone needs or wants anything from the CVS then please get it now. You all have a week before I make the request to clear out all the modules and forums, and lists, bug trackers, everything. It has become entirely too messy, and disorganized from an admin point of view, as well as a developer. So basically a week from this date I will be making the request to have it cleaned out. So grab what you want before it's gone for good. Please understand that we will be repopulating the CVS with a fresh module, as well as trackers, lists. So like we will not be loosing anything, were just cleaning house and some things will not be put back.
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UOX3EvilDeD Now Up And Running
Wednesday, Aug 28, 2002, at 06:20 AM
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UOXDEV is nearly dead and will be shut down within 48 hours. EvilDeD and his lackeys have branched off and formed a new UOX EMU based on UOX3js from UOXDEV - although EvilDeD states that it is indeed NOT the js version (java). Meanwhile, UOX continues to be a dead product - even if it is now in the hands of a control freak. There are new emulators out there that are not based on any existing code base - one of which I've seen will put the nails in the UOX coffin. So fine, let EvilDeD sit down on his little empire and gather up the remnants of a long-dead emulator, UOX - there are far better EMUs on the horizon.

Of course, EvilDeD in his psychotic mind thinks that his new site has always been UOX and that UOXDEV never really existed or had anything to do with the UOX3 project. Hello EvilDeD, get a fucking clue dude - you haven't even been around and you haven't done jack shit in the last three years - now you come back, take complete control, set up your own website and proclaim yourself the fucking king? And not only that, EvilDeD states that "UOX3 is not, nor has ever been We are an independent group that has used the tools provided by to help solve problems of users, and other UOX3 server related things. However the point I'm trying to make here is that the UOX3 DevTeam does not call home, nor does anyone in control of speak for anyone in the DevTeam!" Holy fucking shit this guy is fucking delusional if he thinks that UOXDEV is/was not the home of the UOX3 development team. Hello - UOXDEV has been around since 1998 and has ALWAYS been the home of UOX3 since Cironian left the scene and shut down.

Ryan who has consistantly provided top notch availability for the UOX community is not official, but evilded thinks he can run the whole community of his pidly DSL line WITH an IRC server ont he same line? gimme a break!
Error connecting to
The Web server may be down.
The Web server may be too busy.
The Web server may be experiencing other problems, preventing it from responding to clients.
The communication path may be experiencing problems.
I'll bet you that EvilDeD and his lackeys (ie. Xuri, Paige, JediMan and that fucking idiot, Cooter) won't be able to come up with a new version of UOX that does jack shit before Christmas. Personally I do not consider EvilDeD's version of UOX thee real version of UOX and I will consider it yet another break-off EMU from the UOX codebase.

Meanwhile, the following first and very long post was made on UOX3EvilDeD website:
Welcome to the home of the UOX3 Official DevTeam!

First I would like to address some of the issues that have gone on as of late. Regarding the slam/flame/slander trip that went on (and finally deleted) over at basically about only me. Some people decided that it was their right to further slander me with my personal life. Well in response to them, do you feel more mature now? Did you point out anything that I haven't already? To put it short and simple, I explain my predicaments to people because they for one asked, and second deserved to know why, and thirdly I guess I needed friends to talk to when I didn't have people I could talk to on the real life side of the monitor. Some of these people were not my friend but the main stay of people I told I had considered my friends, and friends sometimes assume they can talk to other friends about things. Well obviously I was wrong, cause all it really piled up for them was excuses, bullshit, and just more ammunition to use against me when they see fit. After all this is just UOX3! It's not about the people. Well I will be first to say I won't, bar none can't think that way.

Over the years I have been with UOX3 many people have helped me personally, I will never take that away from anyone of them, cause without them things would have been a lot more tough. I have had spare hardware sent to me from a couple people when I needed it (Thanks Chaos (32MB single sided DIMM not 256), Ryan for another stick of ram that he had sent years back old EDO stuff he had, and especially Yeshe for a MB, and some processors). Others have provided me kindness, the ability to say what I needed to, and listen for what it was, past how it may have offended them, cause I needed to talk. I respect all that these people have EVER done for me, and even if not mentioned I have not forgotten, nor will. I have spent nights up, when friends were goign to throw it all away as they said, and written reference letters, and job placement request, as well as resumes to an odd couple, and even one for Chaos. I have to be hurt personally at Chaos' reaction to this all. I have called HIM numerous times. He has called me on record twice, maybe three times! Friends do this yes they do just like he said. He has been a sounding board for my problems like any friend would or could be for that I am grateful. The others that claim to have supported me 100% since my coming back, to the extent they blame their poor behavior to others on forums, and on IRC on me as them standing up for me. Thanks for the help! However when you abstract my personal life from this, as well as everyone else's, and we look at it for what it always has been. You will see that some of these people have never been much help with the Core uox3 team, lots of fighting, lots of complaining about who doesn't do what, or who's saying what to who about someone else. Some may take that poorly, but how was it said, "The truth hurts".

One other point I would like to take up,! UOX3 is not, nor has ever been We are an independent group that has used the tools provided by to help solve problems of users, and other UOX3 server related things. However the point I'm trying to make here is that the UOX3 DevTeam does not call home, nor does anyone in control of speak for anyone in the DevTeam! In fact if anyone wants to be truthful, many times has been the place you go if you want your idea crushed into a flame war, or have your ideas swallowed up and shoved into the website. If you have an opinion that someone in control of doesn't like you are banned, or your posts removed! The DevTeam does not at any time condone this kind of behavior, and one of the many reasons why I myself personally have never spent much time there. However I don't get in the way of a good thing, it has server as a stable point for many years, offering general help for everyone in the UOX community, along side of the bad things mentioned. Just time has come where what goes on there no longer reflects the standards that we would like to achieve with the DevTeam, and UOX3 as a whole. So it was decided that a new website would be created that would deal with ONLY DevTeam information and related business. Releases, news, support are going to are only goals. A flame will be put out immediately, and off topic posts deleted. Tired of this crap, and as long as people let it go on it just gets worse. Lets stay focused on why were here right, UOX3. Some people think that its a power struggle, or that it is I that and a control freak. However if you were at all part of what went on over on and of course then you will see just who is in the battle for control or wishes they were in control. What I am doing is simply taking UOX3 and the DevTeam out of a bad situation before it gets worse. As well put some power back into the community instead of having it seemingly gobbled up into what I call the effect. I hope that most of you can see where I am coming from and understand why. For the rest I am not sure what to tell you, so I won't try anymore. We have what looks to be a solid new team, and as soon as we had it, seemed others didn't like that, and are doing what they can to destroy it, and convince people that UO, and UOX is dead. If you really love the game, or the emulator you know in your heart this isn't true, and where the real path lies ahead of you, and you are welcome to join us!

Now I apologize, but if you have gotten this far its time to unleash some good news! For one I would like to thank everyone for your support, as well welcome you to the new home of the UOX3 Official DevTeam support server. Already you will have been part of the IRC move to from Just a fast note the official UOX3 Chatter channel on IRC is #uox, and can be once again found at Other channels on other servers do NOT at anytime speak for, or represent the UOX3 DevTeam so we ask you to not confuse the two. One other point to take note of is that we are not the "UOX3JS" edition, we are UOX3. Just we have evolved into using more technologies that are readily available to better the emulator.

Now with that out of the way I would like to take some time to introduce the new DevTeam and give some background as to their selection, and or interest to become part of the team. So without anymore waiting here they are:

EviLDeD - Project Manager/Lead Developer
Xuri - Asst. Project Mangager
SDiddy - Administrative Assistant

Weazel - Manager of Script/DFN Development
TBA[Cav] - Asst. Manager of Script/DFN Development
Cooter - Scripter
Ravatar - Scripter

Coding, and Development:
Fyck - Asst. Lead Developer
nfs_demon - Developer
Jediman - Developer
Mr_Fixit - P/T RandD/Developer
Hellhound - P/T Developer

Quality Assurance, and World File development:
Norfic - Manger of Quality Assurance/Webmaster
Laocourn - Lead Testor

You will find their contact information on the contacts page here.

First off I would like to thank the people listed above for their dedication on a whole to the UOX3 cause, and their faith in an emulator that many nay sayers claim is a dieing breed. Well like UO/UOX3 you guys listed are a dieying breed of people. I can only thank you for who you all are. With that out of the way I would like to say that over the summer I carefully looked at who was here and what they said, the kinds of things they would like to see for UOX3, and where they think it might be going. Some were for thier sheer skill. The over all point being communication! This team seems to have no ill towards themselves given a couple EGOcentric like things that will level out (I hope) which will translate into good communication, and progress. Opposed to the in fighting that seemed to only be achieved before now. I can only hope, and try to create a creative, and strong place to build development, game server creation, and people skills. While at the same time having some fun! Not like we haven't tried this before, however look at the people involved this time. I think that we have a great chance. So to those that are new to the project, great things are ahead. For those that old, and are skeptical I can only ask that you not take the method of thinking, and bare with us. And the rest well please just leave us alone, cause you're not helping, and some of you are the ones that complain the loudest that nothing gets done? My Question to those it applies is how can anyone get anything done with you trying to distract them, and cause them as much hassles as you can? I have always said it, and I will say it again put up, or shut up! At this stage in UOX3 Development history there is not time for those that do more talking than they do anything else.

So with this EviLDeD-Novella at a close, I would like to thank you for reading, and supporting the UOX3 DevTeam we appreciate it more than you know. Exciting things are on the horizon for UOX3 that will push it way past many of the emulators available today. I stress that this could have been so 2-3 years ago, but the time just wasn't right, nor were the people. I think that's changed this time. Either way, it will be a little bit of a roller coaster ride, and some thrills. As a community I say lets all act like one! No one can grow in a dictatorship, and many people starve. Help the DevTeam carve out a new future for UOX3, and the community that has powered it for so many of these years, and no I don't mean To me their only goal is to own everything that is UOX3 related as they can, info, files, name it. They have on many occasions taken the gleam from other people's eyes that just want to help where they can and I just cant stand to watch anymore.

I did my best at being as abstract, and removed from this as I could. I have lots more to say about, and to a few people but its counter productive, and I'm tired of being part of the problem.

Hope to see you all on IRC, and share in the new future with us at on the channel #uox soon we will be holding our monthly House of Commons meetings and weekly closed Staff meetings that we will be posting pertinant information to this website when available. We will be having the CVS cleaned out as well so here is your notice, get what you want from it now, before its cleaned out completely. The new module will have the same structure as Duckhead laid it out; no reason to mess with whats already working.

Have fun, and look forward to seeing you soon.

EvilDeD - Project Manager

MODIFY: Removed DarkStorm from EvilDeD's Lackey List. ;)
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Thu, Nov 21, 2002:
EviLDeD Responds To "Bowing Out"
Tue, Nov 19, 2002:
UOX3 Dying - EvilDeD Bowing Out?
Tue, Nov 5, 2002:
UOX3 CVS Update
Fri, Oct 11, 2002:
UOX3EvilDeD - Show Me The Money
Tue, Sep 17, 2002:
EviLDeD Responds
Mon, Sep 16, 2002:
You Have Got To Be Kidding
Fri, Sep 13, 2002:
UOXEvilDeD - The Shit Hits The Fan
Thu, Aug 29, 2002:
UOXEvilDeD Hostile Takeover & Smithys Anvil Updates
UOXEvilDeD Updates
Wed, Aug 28, 2002:
UOX3EvilDeD Now Up And Running
UOX3EvilDeD Now Up And Running
  · AC-DOME. (14)
  · ACMAPPY. (1)
  · ACSERVER. (4)
  · ACeXP. (8)
  · ASTONIA. (1)
  · ATUM. (2)
  · AXIS. (16)
  · BASEWORLD. (2)
  · BIG-BROTHER. (9)
  · COADSERVER. (21)
  · COXDEV. (5)
  · DARK AGES. (6)
  · DAWN OF LIGHT. (16)
  · DFN-WARRIOR. (3)
  · EPSILON. (31)
  · EQEMU. (74)
  · EQWINDOW. (6)
  · EVERQUEST. (5)
  · FUNGWAN. (1)
  · FUSE. (3)
  · GMTOOLS. (1)
  · HORIZONS. (1)
  · HYBRID. (23)
  · IGNITION. (9)
  · IMPRINT. (5)
  · INSIDE-UO. (2)
  · IRIS (6)
  · JEDIMAN. (5)
  · KAIRTECH. (4)
  · LIQUIDIZE. (1)
  · LONE-WOLF. (55)
  · LUPUS. (2)
  · METHOD. (6)
  · MODIFY-UO. (2)
  · MY BALLS. (2)
  · NOX-WIZARD. (40)
  · ORBSYDIA. (14)
  · ORE. (1)
  · PAIGELORE. (6)
  · PANDORAS BOX. (20)
  · POSR. (6)
  · RAZOR. (5)
  · RUNUO. (58)
  · RYANDOR. (29)
  · SHIT. (1)
  · SHOW-EQ. (32)
  · SLYCK NEWS. (3)
  · SPHERE. (34)
  · Steam Engine (9)
  · TUPI. (1)
  · UAS. (32)
  · UO-FREE. (4)
  · UO-GATEWAY. (34)
  · UO-INSIDE-OUT. (3)
  · UO-RICE. (3)
  · UOBUILD. (1)
  · UOGENIUS. (4)
  · UOP. (2)
  · UOX-CLASSIC. (40)
  · UOX3-EvilDeD. (43)
  · UOX3.ORG (11)
  · UOXBOX. (31)
  · UOXC:NS (29)
  · UOXDEV - UOX3js. (43)
  · UOXNG. (1)
  · UOXPARK. (16)
  · USE-EMU. (1)
  · USEUO. (5)
  · WEAZY. (4)
  · WOLFPACK. (33)
  · WOLFPAW. (4)
  · WORLD-MAKER. (11)
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