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ShowEQ is a program that lets you see inside EQ.
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ShowEQ 5 Beta 7 Released
Monday, Feb 23, 2004, at 06:50 AM
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ShowEQ has updated to version The Smithys Anvil will stop posting updates on MySEQ due to the fact that MySEQ went private - members only - and requires registration (like you really freaking care).

From ShowEQ:
  • Updated to work with 02/18/04 EQLive
  • Added Frenzy to skill list
  • Integrated patch #899331 "Bazaar Search logging" from perlmonkey (ajs)
  • Updated to work with 02/18/04 EQLive
  • Patch to fix QCursor issue that effected Qt 3.3 users.
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ShowEQ 4.3.20 Released
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2004, at 06:50 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.20 has been released:
  • Updated version to 4.3.20
  • Updated to work with 02/10/04 EQLive.
  • Added GoD and additional LDoN maps.
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ShowEQ 2.0.4 Released
Monday, Feb 9, 2004, at 07:00 AM
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From MySEQ:
MySEQ 2.0.4 is now available at

If are upgrading for the first time to the 2.x series you MUST download the and place the 3 DLLs in the directory with the executable.
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ShowEQ (MySEQ) 2.0.3 Released
Thursday, Feb 5, 2004, at 06:58 AM
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ShowEQ (mySEQ) 2.0.3 has been released:
MySEQ 2.0.3 is now available at

If are upgrading for the first time to the 2.x series you MUST download the and place the 3 DLLs in the directory with the executable.

Features Added:
  • Spell Buff Timers - The current version shows the Lvl, Duration, Dmg Shld and Absorb. In the future I will show more information like the Spell Names etc. I will also have a Spell List that shows all the Spell data.
  • ColorChart - Added the new ColorChart system that should add over 700+ colors that the maps now can be drawn in.
Features Fixed:
    A lot of enternal code movement to help clean up the code which will help in the future for other dev's to help out as well as troubleshoot the issues.
  • A few other things as well. I'm still removing old code and optimizing where possible.
Features Need Testing:
  • Alerts - I have added Logging data and made an adjustment so I need folks to go to OT and test the filters to make sure more than 3 or 4 mobs are selected.
  • Level 65 Con Colors - Very the Con Colors in the SpawnList, SpawnInfo Window and the Map. Verify all the colors are correct.
If you are having any issues with the 2.x Client/Server please turn on logging for both Client and Server then post your issue. Be warned that you may want to delete the MQ login name, MQ password and IP Address so it will protect you from unauthorized connections. If you don't feel comfortable posting the log files then you can email me directly or chat with me via Yahoo/ICQ. You can ask folks within the community about my integrity about protecting your data. I will never ask you to give any EQ type data and before ever asking to do anything on a system I will explain what we are doing. I will try walking you through any issues via Chat/Post and if you want me to remotely connect to help out I will work directly with you via Chat. Never give your information out if you don't know or trust the person that's the bottom line.
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ShowEQ 4.3.19 Released
Monday, Dec 22, 2003, at 06:44 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.19 has been released:
  • Updated version to 4.3.19
  • Updated to work with 12/19/03 EQLive
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ShowEQ Released
Saturday, Dec 13, 2003, at 08:36 AM
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ShowEQ version has been released:
  • Updated version to
  • Updated the default ArqSeqGiveUp to 512 since with the current encryption scheme a single missed packet can have greater ramifications then under the previous one.
  • Removed some extraneous command line options.
  • Removed some more cruft from ShowEQParams.
  • Minor tweak to map spawn color selection to deal with properly with traps, event-triggers, and timers.
  • Many SpellShell improvements:

    1. Made it delete expired spells faster (after up to 6 seconds of 0, rather then 20).
    2. Modified it to delete spells from the list for spawns that are killed.
    3. It also now clears the caster and target ids when you zone, since they are not valid in the new zone. This allows for it to fall back to matching by target name for spells not cast in the current zone.
    4. Major revamp of how spells are internally managed. This fixed numerous bugs and usability issues.
    5. Added support for handling spell failure messages so that failed spells will be removed from the list.

  • Fixed parsing of the spells_us.txt for the targettype field. This fixed numerous problems with the handling of self-only spells.
  • Added a workaround to allow the use of autoconf 2.13 which turns out not to properly support automake's BUILT_SOURCES feature.
  • Added stdlib.h inclusion to xmlpreferences.cpp to fix the build on some Linux distributions.
  • Fixed addition/update of the user message filter list when no or only one item is present.
  • Integrated patches # 855993 "Map: potimea", # 855994 "Map: potime-b", # 855995 "Map: poearth-a", # 855996 "Map: poearth-b" submitted by curioseq
  • Integrated patch "showeq-5.0.0-gcc-3.3.x.patch.gz" that fixes the gcc 3.3 compatibility problem caused by a noxious bug introduced in gcc 3.3.
  • Updated several structures in everquest.h to be more inline with EQEmu's latest updates.
  • Added Group opcodes to zoneopcodes.xml. Updated group structures, and updated group notification support in MessageShell.
  • Major revamp of the GroupMgr. It now actually works.
  • Fixed map loading to be more robust in the face of malformed map files.
  • Fixed line 77 of (which map loading was choking on).
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ShowEQ Released
Monday, Dec 8, 2003, at 07:56 AM
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CVS commit and tarball of ShowEQ 5 Beta 1 has been released. This is a BETA release. The latest stable release remains ShowEQ 4.3.18.
  • OPCode and structure fixes for 11/05/03 patch.
  • Some minor optimization of door spawn handling.
  • Added zone safepoint support to ZoneMgr
  • Some dependency cleanups.
  • Fix to support people running EQ under winex.
  • Added support for user configurable map icons (spawns, pc's, items, etc...)
  • Added support for rescaling the Z for a whole map to allow migration of old/borked maps.
  • Added minimal support for importing maps (warning, this imports everything, so if not importing other SOE layers you will probably end up with duplicate lines, points, etc...).
  • Support for direct loading of SOE txt format map files.
  • Slight improvement in map loading speeds.
  • Added zone point destination information to map tooltip for teleport doors.
  • New message storage.
  • New message filtering system.
  • Entirely new message window, with greatly enhanced functionality.
  • Got rid of the old MsgDialog classes
  • Move terminal UI to its own class
  • Added diagnostic message functions to unify how certain messages were being handled. The message output is now included with the rest of the text messages.
  • Moved eqstr_{}.txt handling to its own class.
  • Added Proper seperation of user data from distributed program data.
  • Moved maps, filters, spawnpoints, and logs to their own subdirectories.
  • Switch to using QRegExp for filter pattern matching.
  • Major cleanup/revamp of Filter handling (stage 1), filters are now stored in their own sub-directories, and now uses an XML format.
  • Created a perl script which can be used to convert existing filter conf files to the new XML format.
  • Fixed the duplicate accelerator bug. Shift+F3 is now "Reload Zone Filters", and Shift+F4 is now "Save Zone Filters". Also fixed a bug that was causing the zone specific filters not to be used.
  • Moved filter notification handling out of EQInterface and into its own class.
  • "Use Spawn Audio" has been split into "Use System Beep" and "Use Command" in the process to create more flexibility.
  • Assorted changes/fixes to experience handling in the Player object. No more bizarre out of range values.
  • Improved behaviour when swapping players.
  • Modifed default player characteristic handling. Made the code more responsive to configuration changes.
  • Assorted experience window fixes, including the use of the ZEM that the zonemgr gets from the zone packets.
  • More major cleanup of packet handling (stage 2). Migrated opcode,implicitlen and dispatch handling to an XML based system (see worldopcodes.xml and zoneopcodes.xml).
  • Modified logging of decoded world/zone packets to include which packet in the opcode DB they matched, when the entry was updated, and information about the type that is supposed to be in the payload.
  • Migrated SEQWindow to be based off of QDockWindow so that all classes derived from it could take advantage of Qt's native dockable window support.
  • Made the right-click menus of SEQWindow derived windows come up in a more consistent fashion.
  • Add a Window menu item to the menubar. It contains items the control window display and behaviour and also gives access to the popup menus of all active SEQWindow derived windows.
  • Added support for storing 64 bit integers, QPens, and QBrushes to the XML preference system.
  • Fixed the spawn logger to log the adjusted x/y/z values for zone/new spawns..
  • Found zonePoint in doorStruct.
  • Made itemdb support default to disabled until the new version is in-place.
  • zones.h, changed 162 to be ssratemple and 182 to be nedaria, thanks to darkgrue and uRit1u2CBBA= respectively.
  • Integrated patch# 832080 "freebsd-stable compile 10/24/03" from jonseq
  • Integrated patch# 844078 "Fix to class displays" by belith (UnGod).
  • Integrated patch# 851037 "New map for Mistmoore" by showeqfan and Boredmapper
  • Integrated patch# 850894 "Map for Cabilis West" by showeqfan
  • Integrated patch# 846353 "ZEM Display" by archpriest (with fixes).
  • Added mir{a-j], mmc[a-j], and ruj[a-j] LDoN maps.
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ShowEQ 1.13 Client, 1.9b Server Released
Monday, Jun 23, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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ShowEQ 1.13 client, 1.9b server:

Still no changes in the server, some stuff in the client.

Major Client Changes:
  • Filters to hide mobs on the map (player/mob/corpse/invis)
  • Added the dll for the magic lib
  • All the maps except veskar should be in there now
One issue I noticed recently is that if you switch between toons, the con's stay at the first one's level. This is similar to the horse problem. Hopefully there's no other glaring bugs this time. ShowEQ.
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A History Of ShowEQ
Friday, Jun 6, 2003, at 08:21 AM
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From ShowEQ:
Hello Everyone,

Once again, I'm going put fingers to keyboard in a somewhat entertaining manner. Or at least, what I hope to be entertaining.

My previous history of SEQ post was written in one sitting in about an hour from by admittedly faulty memory.

I would like to put together a detailed history of EQ as pertains to the rise of SEQ. There are some murky details that may suprise some of you in regards to the origin of SEQ proper... but I would like to hear the history as some of you know (or think you know) it... especially if you were "there" at the beginning.

More importantly, I think, I would like ancedotes, stories and experiences of the users (and of course developers). They can be funny, interesting, sad; it doesn't matter. I can't guarentee any or all of them will be included in the final product, but don't make up or embelish things. If you can provide links to old posts or logs, so much the better.

I plan on this being a lengthy piece for people who are interested, but mostly to satisfy my own sense of history and for a reference document that can be found easily and readily by anyone who might want it.

I'm not sure if it will be fanciful like my previous history or just the facts... probably a mixture of both. I welcome any comments one way or the other.

Please post whatever you got, or want to talk about, or think would be interesting in relation to this here. I will be referring back this thread often
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ShowEQ 1.9a Server Released
Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 06:28 AM
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ShowEQ 1.9a Server:
  • Fixed an odd bug preventing the new offsets from loading properly
  • Specifying the port # on the command line finally works again.
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ShowEQ 1.9 Server, 1.11 Client Released
Monday, Apr 28, 2003, at 06:12 AM
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ShowEQ 1.9 Server and 1.11 Client have been released:

Client Changes:
  • Mostly internal and bugfixes
  • NOTE: The dropdown box above the listbox is not working yet.
Server Changes:
  • Changed the way data is decoded from memory to make it easier to recover from eqgame patches.
  • Offsets are no longer stored in the offsets.txt file, it may now be deleted.
  • Offsets are now stored in the myseqserverc.ini file and MUST be in base 10 format, not hex.
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ShowEQ Website Updated - Sets New Goals
Friday, Apr 11, 2003, at 06:14 AM
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Posted on the ShowEQ Website:
Welcome to the new Project SEQ website.

SEQ isn't just for EQ anymore. Well... sort of.

With the advent of all the new MMOLG's out now and scheduled to come out, there is a need for a central site dedicated to the more technical aspects of those individual games.

ShowEQ was the first widely popular program of a new breed of packet analyzers dedicated soley to analyzing and displaying data about a specific applicaton, as opposed to a more generalized packet analyzer. As such, this project still retains the SEQ moniker, but we are dedicated to Online Games in general, and not just EverQuest.

ShowEQ played a vital and important role in the history of EverQuest, being the catalyst for innumerable bug fixes and misinformation given to the players of EverQuest. In effect, SEQ kept the Verant developers honest at worst, and identified bugs and poor quality control at best. Without SEQ, EverQuest would be a far less playable game than it is today.

SEQ opened the door for programs like Excalibur ans SINS, and we hope that it can pave the way for many more; In effect providing free third party verification and auditing of the online games you pay for. We are not in the employ nor are we paid by any of the companies operating the games represented at this site. We are not beholden to them in any fashion, and we will provide the truth about what's really happening behind the scenes. That is our one and only goal.

If you are a developer or the creator of a packet analyzer for any online game and you would like a set of message forums for your program, please contact Ratt to setup your forums.
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ShowEQ Updates
Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 06:31 AM
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From ShowEQ:
I'm sorry for putting this here at this moment ... I know some of you probably ... well... nevermind. But I needed for everyone to see this...

I will be revamping the website at some point in the next few days (possibly tonight) - I don't anticipate much downtime, but it's possible that the site will be unavailable for several hours. I don't want anyone to think we've packed up shop or closed the doors, hence why I am posting here.

The new website will be in preparation for a possible project expansion and will allow better communication between everyone interested in the project.

So be on the lookout for the new site, coming soon to a URL near you.
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ShowEQ 4.3.4 Released
Monday, Jan 6, 2003, at 06:12 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.4, Qt3 has been released:
  • resolved Qt 3.x performance issues
  • rework some zoning logic to allow for future cleanups
  • clean up some structs in everquest.h
  • temp fix for wineX users
  • ShowEQ will now require Qt 3.0.5+ from this release forward. Qt 2.3.2 should still work as of this release but may cease to work at a future time.
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ShowEQ 4.3.3 Released
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2002, at 06:07 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.3 has been released:
  • updated EQDecode to be more sane about accepting user keys in conjunction with a new libEQ (ddaac48baaa3e9b015984a366748ed72)
  • HotKeys F12 to load key from file
  • HotKeys CTRL+F12 to bring up key dialog
  • Fixed walk path length record option (Thanks Nok)
  • Added Nok's Speedometer
  • Catt's spell update
  • Catt's filter update
  • Bluevulpines raid channel update
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ShowEQ 4.3.2 Released
Friday, Nov 8, 2002, at 06:09 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.2 has been released:
  • player corpses will now appear as yellow boxes, not cyan
  • player corpses will now appear at the correct coordinates
  • corpses will not have the extra Soandso's corpse's corpse (not working 100% but close)
  • ShowEQ can now be configured to listen on a specified port for a decryption key, expects a udp packet with an 8 byte payload containing the key in little endian byte order
  • updated races.h, thank you Ty
  • updated concolors for post 60 players
  • New Maps, Thank you Dok
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ShowEQ 4.3.1 Released
Monday, Nov 4, 2002, at 06:32 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.1 has been released:
  • created 2 methods for manual key input, see Decoder menu for options
  • manual key input via a dialog, input is expect to be in the form 0xFFAAFFAA00110011 (little endian)
  • ability to set a file to load the key from, see the seqdef.xml for the default name
  • load from the named key file
  • updates in EQInterface and EQDecode classes to accomodate key entry
  • everquest.h - various struct updates
What you can and can't do! If you have the new LibEQ you will be able to enter your session key manually into showeq. You may do this via a dialog or a file, see the Decoder Menu. Please note that key entry is expected to be in Little Endian byte order (most significant bit is on the right).

The Dialog expects entry in the form of 0xFFAAFFAA00110011 (yes the 0x is required)

The Key File option expects to load 8 bytes of binary data. (also little endian)

A new libEQ.a will be released shortly, please check the usual places.

Alot if you are going to be asking where and how do you get a key. The Showeq project will not be providing any offical methods for gaining this information. Some users have already posted a primer on how to do this and I am sure lots and lots of options will become available from the community.
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ShowEQ CVS Update
Friday, Nov 1, 2002, at 06:13 AM
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ShowEQ CVS Commit Oct 31, 2002 - no decode
  • added some code (and fee added the rest) to allow user input of crypt session key. You can find it under Decode->Input Session key.
  • dont forget to kill a cat tonight.
We have added a method for showeq to take manual entry of a session key. See the new menu 'Decoder' The key entry dialog takes user input in the form 0xfafafafafafafafa This is a hexidecimal number 8bytes long. At this time it will not work if you use it. The underlying decode functions are still being worked on. Please stay tuned. In the mean time enjoy the "gps" functionality.

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ShowEQ 4.3.0 Released
Monday, Oct 28, 2002, at 06:54 AM
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ShowEQ 4.3.0 has been released:
  • updated various PoP maps
  • update to handled compressed item data for merchants
  • update to EQDecode to handle new crypto
  • src/interface.cpp
  • applied baelang's patch to fix transposed strings in player_classes[]
  • bug fix: tweaked spawnshell to track ground spanws more accuratly
  • updated makeDropStruct to fit current packet (resolves the map scaling)
  • update spawnStruct
  • update opcode, thanks to all who helped find them
  • update EQDecode class in preparation for a new libEQ, if such time as one becomes available
  • update spells.h
  • added the following maps:
  • updated 3 structs and a bunch of opcodes. I havent personally tested them, but they seem to be working for the people who are. If you find differences, make a diff and post it to the patch section.
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ShowEQ 4.2.15 Released
Friday, Oct 4, 2002, at 06:29 AM
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ShowEQ version 4.2.15 has been released:
  • GuildMgr Class
  • captures guilds2.dat from worldserver
  • reads the regular eq client guilds2.dat (File->Reload Guilds File)
  • dump a plain text list of guild id to guild tag (Debug->List/Dump Guild Info)
  • filter and category support for spawnlists(regex on 'Guild:')
  • map tip support
  • spawnlog support, guild id added as last field in the output
  • random clean ups
  • new guildlist structs
  • updated charprofilestruct
  • spells.h regenerated from current spells_en.txt
  • applied patch[604874] - thanks to Bonkers D Bobcat (bonkersbobcat)
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ShowEQ 4.2.14 Released
Friday, Aug 9, 2002, at 06:45 AM
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ShowEQ 4.2.14 Released:
  • changed default Arq seq give up in seqdef.xml to 256
  • up'd max Arq seq give up to 1024
  • added debug macro to prevent /tmp/coords from being written
  • added zone shortname for JaggedPine to zones.h
  • added new/updated maps for Jaggedpine, Bazaar, Surefall and Skyshrine
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ShowEQ Version 4.2.13 Released
Tuesday, Jul 30, 2002, at 06:41 AM
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ShowEQ version 4.2.13 has been released:
  • Complete overhaul of EQPacket members decodePacket
  • now includes functionality for sequencing client and server data streams
  • better sequence handling
  • elimination of a race condition between pcap and main threads
  • better session tracking
  • should be same behavior as before, do not zone multiple clients simultaneously, if you LD you can reset session tracking by clicking Monitor Next EQ Client or the other Monitor options.
  • dispatchSplitZoneData has been replaced with dispatchSplitData
  • dynamic allocation for fragment assembly
  • improved error checking/handling
  • new members processCache, setCache and resetCache
  • based on zaphod's original design, extended to handle more data streams
  • new member resetEQPacket
  • called upon session Close or while setting a pcap filter vi Network menu
  • resets all states, caches, etc in EQPacket
  • Improved NetDiags to show all the new data from EQPacket
  • pcap filter rework
*** If you still experience packet loss, which results in failure to decode,
*** set Network->Advanced->seq arq give up to a higher value! Recomend Broadband
*** users set to 128+ and modem users to 256+. Do not be afraid to crank this
*** value to 512 or better if that is what it takes.

This patch should fix the decoding and inflation issues that have been plaguing those with less than stellar network connections. This includes trouble decoding the Bazaar or following a Succor/Evac. Before reporting failures with this code, please have a look at NetDiags and try adjusting your seqArqGiveUP setting to 256+.
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ShowEQ CVS Commit - SegFault Fix
Thursday, Jul 25, 2002, at 06:44 AM
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ShowEQ CVS Commit July 23, 2002 **segfault fix**
  • fixed a potential segmentation fault within spawnshell
This fix will certainly resolve some of the segfaults currently plaguing showeq. I can't guarantee that it will solve them all but its a step in that direction. Please feel free to post any new stack traces resulting from this code change. Feedback is always appreciated.
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ShowEQ Updates
Monday, Jun 17, 2002, at 09:03 AM
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CVS Commit, June 14, 2002 - version 4.2.11:
  • Made the Map tooltips behave better: No longer always on top, parented by map, tries to make sure entire tip is visible (borrowed logic from QPopupMenu:opup(), and will dissappear if clicked on.
  • Changed the DTEAM_ teams to use the same numeric scale as the RTEAM_ teams. This will allow some code simplification in map.cpp.
  • Updated to new libEQ.a (23249b5a6a04f2b900449d9c4aa0994a). Includes possible decoding of new spawns without zoning.
  • Have configure default to validating the Qt install (disable with the --without-qt-validation option).
  • Made configure properly handle build directories properly again.
  • Added a configure option (--enable-old-compiler) to allow the use of certain older gcc compilers (the 2.96.x compilers that come with certain linux distributions).
CVS Commit, June, 12, 2002 - version 4.2.10:
  • Added ./doc/map.html which describes the map file format
  • Made the search and checks for libEQ.a more robust and report more information
  • Added code to SpawnList2 to protect against situations where there aren't any categories. Also made SpawnList2 save/restore the currently selected category.
  • Updated spells.h to 12/06/02 patch
  • Added Pasla's Shawl 8 spawn points to the Iceclad map
  • Added curio's updated Kurn, Droga, and Hollowsahde Moor maps
  • Applied patch # 566996 "Patch to dump player + bank items" from nalr (Morannon).
  • Modified the code to dump bank items to use the Qt classes.
  • Added a "Refilter Spawns" menu pick to the "Filters" menu.
  • Simplified some filtering logic in SpawnShell. This fixed where filters with level's specified weren't being checked properly in some cases.
  • Added the ability to select the base con colors from the "Con Colors" sub-menu of the "Options" menu.
CVS Commit, June 8, 2002 - version 4.2.9:
  • Applied patch #563579 "pvp teams update" by g0hst (g0hst)
  • Added m_itemdb.cpp to BUILT_SOURCES in (this should make sure it gets cleaned up when doing a make clean.
  • Changed "CreateUnknownSpawns" option to default to true since too many couldn't figure out that this was required BEFORE "Show Unknown Spawns" would work (Can't show what isn't created).
  • Corrected help displays option list --restore-zone-state should have been --restore-zone.
  • Fixed saving of spawns. Also made sure zone position was saved with the rest of the spawn info. Also added a check that will attempt to verify that restored spawns are for the expected zone.
  • Added some more checks for the state/version of save/restore files to SpawnShell, Player, and ZoneMgr.
  • Make sure player information gets reset upon zone entry if the player name is different.
  • Updates spells.h again (with latest data).
  • Added Perl 5 script that creates a spells.h file using data from spells_en.txt.
  • Added the start of a little ROADMAP file that gives basic info about the structure of ShowEQ to help bring new developers up to speed.
  • Added menu picks for race/deity PvP to the right-click context menus so that it can be enabled/disabled on a per map basis.
  • Minor bug fix for itemdb handling of playerBook and playerContainer.
  • Minor tweak to showitem.cgi to update coloring of the binary data.
CVS Commit, June 6, 2002 - version 4.2.8:
  • Added the ability to remove all spawn points to the Spawn Point List context window.
  • Assorted SpawnMonitor/SpawnPoint cleanup.
  • Updates to itemStruct (from EQEmu we got stackable, effectType, and castTime) and I found skill mod id and skill mod percent. Updated to the 05/06/02 patch (many many changes here).
  • Many new item related opcodes (as of the 05/06/02 patch)
  • Updated to v2 EQItemDB entries (supports both versions) with data from the new itemStruct.
  • Changed how the ItemDB is instantiated and how items are added, including more checks to minimize the chance of corrupt data being stored in the DB.
  • Increased maximum number of monitored opcodes from 10 to 15.
  • Minor additions to weapons27.h
  • Removed spelltimes.h and created a new spells.h with all the info (from the 05/06/02 patches spdat.eff). Modified spell_name() and spell_info() to use the new data.
CVS Commit, June 4, 2002:
  • Map Update: added succor point locations from LordCrush
CVS Commit, May 31, 2002 - version 4.2.7:
  • Applied patch # 561114 "3 new maps" by mrsuspicious (mrsuspicious)
  • Added a KDevelop 2.0 project (showeq.kdevprj) for those who wish to use that IDE.
  • Added Deity and Body type fields to the Spawn List.
  • Cleaned up some class names EQPlayer => Player, EQStatList => StatList, EQSkillList => SkillList.
  • Renamed class CSpawnList to SpawnList. Split SpawnList related classes into current SpawnList specific classes and those that could be reused in the new lighter weight SpawnList.
  • Created Spawn List 2, a lighter weight less memory/CPU intensive Spawn List. Defaults set to minimize CPU usage. Made it the spawn list used by default.
  • Assorted cleanups in SpawnList.
  • Changed SpawnShell from using an stl::map to a Qt QIntDict for maintaining the Spawn/Coin/Drop/Door information. This is mostly being done as a punt to fix the current primary crashing problem. We'll see if this works or the standing problem will continue to mock us...
  • Modified SpawnShell::findID() method to return the Player object if the user requested type == tSpawn and the id happens to be the player id. Also, modified SpawnShell:findSpawnByRawName() to check and return the Player object if no other match was found and the player matches.
  • Modified spawnshell to make the player appear more as a normal spawn. It now appears in the spawn list again and a tooltip will now appear for the player on the map again.
  • Cleaned up the spawn monitor ipmlementation a little, SpawnPoint now inherits from EQPoint instead of Item (reduces memory footprint and unneeded functionality).
  • Modified Spawn Point interaction with the map. The currently selected spawn point will now be surrounded by a flashing blue square. The spawn points now have tooltips and are selectable. They also follow the spawn depth filtering settings.
  • Added the ability to delete individual spawn points through the right-click context menu of the Spawn Point List.
  • Fixed the "smoothness" issue with the map following the player.
  • Fixed renaming of Spawn Points. Also fixed the displayed Z coordinate of Spawn Points.
  • Fixed map tooltip so that it now pays attention to spawn depth if spawn depth filtering is enabled.
  • Normalized naming of x, y, and z coordinate members, methods, and variables.
  • Further cleanup of the Spawn and Player classes.
  • Improved performance of SpawnList under Qt 3.x.
  • Use of Qt 3.x is currently unsupported. But if you choose to use Qt 3.0.[1-4] you should apply the following patch to it and rebuild it: . Theoretically this patch should not be necessary with Qt 3.0.5 when it is released.
CVS Commit 30 May 02:
  • Fixed EQTime display (AM/PM thing)
ShowEQ Forums:
topic image
ShowEQ 4.2.5 Released
Wednesday, May 22, 2002, at 06:27 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ version 4.2.5 has been released:
  • Applied patch# 555002 "New README.libEQ" by mrsuspicious (mrsuspicious)
  • Applied patch# 555000 "New INSTALL.newbies (complete overhaul)" by mrsuspicious(mrsuspicious)
  • Added SEQWindow base class and made all top-level/dockable windows inherit from it. SEQWindow supports the setting/saving/restoring of caption, font, size, and position information.
  • Added SEQListView base class and made all the listview's inherit from it or use it SEQListView supports the setting/saving/restoring of listview column visibility/size/order and sort column/direction.
  • Fixed crashing bug when right-clicking in the header of the Spawn List to get a context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the "FastMachine" setting were being made in "Interface" instead of "Misc".
  • Fixed an old crash in Filter::loadFilters() if /usr/local/share/showeq didn't exist.
  • Fixed "Filtered" filtering so that filtered spawns no longer appear on the map unless "Show Filtered" is enabled.
  • Fixed handling of filtered spawns and categories in CategoryMgr and SpawnList. Allow ":Filtered:" pattern to occur in more complex filter strings
  • Removed HP and MaxHP from the filterString that filters and categories are matched against, since they are no longer useful.
  • Made it so that the following Spawn List columns sort in a proper numeric fashion: Lvl, Hp, MaxHp, ID, and Dist. Also made it so that the category spawn list items always sort by their names (since they don't have any other fields).
  • Made it so that the color of the items in the spawn list will be updated as appropriate when the players level changes.
topic image
ShowEQ 4.2.4 Released
Monday, May 20, 2002, at 06:22 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ 4.2.4 Released:
  • Improved behavior when no showeq.xml file is present
  • Removed showeq.xml from CVS (initial one created on first "Save Preferences" or manually by the user), so it will no longer overwrite the users showeq.xml
  • Added ability to delete a button from a message dialog
  • Added menu pick to the "Network" menu to set the "Device" monitoring packets
  • Fixed Spawn, Despawn, and Death alert audio
  • Fixed a few places where menu items weren't getting checked in certain scenarios.
  • Added right-click context menu to Spawn List that allows the user to add/edit/delete/reload categories, add filters, toggle spawn list columns, and rebuild the spawn list
topic image
ShowEQ CVS v4.2.2
Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 06:44 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ CVS version 4.2.2:
  • Changed how fonts are set and configured. Ended the Helvetica tyranny (where no matter what font you set over half the GUI would still use Helvetica and not at the size you specified).
  • Added menu option to allow setting of the application font from the "Interface" menu.
  • Added "Status Bar" sub-menu to the "Interface" menu, included options to show/hide status bar windows.
  • Added additional options to the "Options" menu to control the use of EQ retarded coordinates, use of unix system time for spawn times"
  • Added additional options to the "Interface" menu to control the display of messages to Stdout, and whether bank info is displayed, to set the location of the formatted messages file
  • Added "Font" sub-menu to the "Options" menu to control the application default font, main window status bar font, and the fonts used by numerous other windows (not all windows added yet).
  • Made the show/hide of the channel messages dialogs persistant
  • Changed MAXSPAWNDATA size from 49152 to 98304 since I was seeing the EQPacket::m_serverData buffer whose size is determined by it overflowing, which in turn caused crashes. Added \a's (bell's) around the warning message so that it is more noticable.
topic image
ShowEQ CVS Updated
Thursday, May 9, 2002, at 06:33 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ CVS Commit, May 8, 2002:
  • version 4.1.0
  • Packet Structure Changes
  • spawnStruct
  • charProfileStruct
  • playerAAStruct
  • makeDropStruct
  • changeZoneStruct
  • *ZoneEntryStruct
  • newZoneStruct
  • various updates to convert zoneId to shortName
  • if you use libEQ, today might be a good day to get a fresh copy
topic image
ShowEQ Update
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2002, at 06:30 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ Update - CVS Commit, April 09, 20027
  • made spawnlist, stats and skill windows dynamic again. If you choose not to have these windows visible they will no longer be taking up memory. This is a regression of an earlier change.
  • inspectStruct is now correct
  • moved some things around in dispatchZoneData, should save a few cpu cycles
  • added some code for a future modification to spawnlist.cpp. The options available under the View menu for the spawnlist, skill and stat lists will eventually be available on a popup by right clicking inside the desired widget. Mouse events may also change for these widgets. Right- clicking on a spawnlist category and single-left clicking will remain the same. Double-Left-Click will now dump the selected spawn's info to the console. Single-right-clicking will bring up the popup(coming soon).
topic image
ShowEQ CVS Update (Again)
Wednesday, Mar 20, 2002, at 06:48 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ has been modifed again:
  • Tweaked showeq.conf.dist to remove an outdated statement
  • Tweaked the help to correct some entries
  • identified animation field in spawnStruct
  • EQ 19/03/02 Patch fix for "racing"/"raining" PC problem (notification to client that server is not sending any more position updates)".
Notes: Still need to fix some issues related to the EQ 19/03/02 Patch.
topic image
ShowEQ CVS Commit Update
Tuesday, Mar 19, 2002, at 06:35 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ CVS Commit, March 18, 2002:
  • Map optimizations. Switched from using {QPixmap, QWidget}::drawPixmap() to bitBlt() for copying pixmap data around and to screen. Also, cache the item->filterFlags() value on the stack for slightly faster access. The bitBlt optimization MAY help those seeing lockups.
  • Changed default spawn save frequency, and updated showeq.conf.dist to reflect the new default (saves spawns every 60 seconds).
  • Optimized how spawn information was saved and added a magic number to the beginning of it's file.
  • Added FOV Mode selection to the map, with three options: Distance Based (default), Scaled Classic, and Classic. This controls the style of player background/field of view display.
  • "Distance Based" where its size is based on an actual distance along a horizontal plane from the player.
  • "Scaled Classic" where its size is based on the classic formula a simple scale applied to compensate for zoom.
  • "Classic" where the size uses the old, meaningless, non-scaled classic formula.
topic image
ShowEQ CVS Commit - Update
Monday, Mar 18, 2002, at 06:37 AM
Filed Under SHOW-EQ.   -Guid-
ShowEQ CVS has been updated:
CVS Commit with a bunch of patches and other modifications.

dohpaZ (16/03/02)
Patches Applied:
#514219 "Container Item Struct modifications" by countzer0 (Steven Kordik)
#516830 "Spell timer coloring" by worried (John Bar)
#517655 "door struct fix (take 2)" by mvern (Wyvern)
#526644 "ToolTips Coordinate Fix" by darkgrue (Dark Grue)

  • Minor itemdb cleanup, removed dead code
  • Minor modification to patch #516830 results:
  • Added check for duration > 120 to make sure it's black
  • Modified to "else if" format for performance
  • Minor tweaks to EQPacket to support directly setting/getting playback speed
  • Added Network Diagnostics dialog netdialog.{cpp,h} to make certain network diagnostics more visible, and to allow more direct control of the playback of recorded files.
  • Made the status bar default to visible if any of it's widgets are visible
  • Updated showeq.conf.dist to add the missing StatusBarActive option to Interface_StatusBar
Mon, Feb 23, 2004:
ShowEQ 5 Beta 7 Released
Tue, Feb 17, 2004:
ShowEQ 4.3.20 Released
Mon, Feb 9, 2004:
ShowEQ 2.0.4 Released
Thu, Feb 5, 2004:
ShowEQ (MySEQ) 2.0.3 Released
Mon, Dec 22, 2003:
ShowEQ 4.3.19 Released
Sat, Dec 13, 2003:
ShowEQ Released
Mon, Dec 8, 2003:
ShowEQ Released
Mon, Jun 23, 2003:
ShowEQ 1.13 Client, 1.9b Server Released
Fri, Jun 6, 2003:
A History Of ShowEQ
Thu, May 1, 2003:
ShowEQ 1.9a Server Released
Mon, Apr 28, 2003:
ShowEQ 1.9 Server, 1.11 Client Released
Fri, Apr 11, 2003:
ShowEQ Website Updated - Sets New Goals
Tue, Apr 8, 2003:
ShowEQ Updates
Mon, Jan 6, 2003:
ShowEQ 4.3.4 Released
Tue, Nov 12, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.3.3 Released
Fri, Nov 8, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.3.2 Released
Mon, Nov 4, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.3.1 Released
Fri, Nov 1, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Update
Mon, Oct 28, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.3.0 Released
Fri, Oct 4, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.2.15 Released
Fri, Aug 9, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.2.14 Released
Tue, Jul 30, 2002:
ShowEQ Version 4.2.13 Released
Thu, Jul 25, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Commit - SegFault Fix
Mon, Jun 17, 2002:
ShowEQ Updates
Wed, May 22, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.2.5 Released
Mon, May 20, 2002:
ShowEQ 4.2.4 Released
Tue, May 14, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS v4.2.2
Thu, May 9, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Updated
Wed, Apr 10, 2002:
ShowEQ Update
Wed, Mar 20, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Update (Again)
Tue, Mar 19, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Commit Update
Mon, Mar 18, 2002:
ShowEQ CVS Commit - Update
ShowEQ CVS Commit - Update
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