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Razor is an assistant program for Ultima Online Emulators, similar to the popular UOAssist (UOA). Razor works with any UO Emulator that accepts the latest client. Razor is written in C++ and C#, which means it requires the .NET Framework to run, like RunUO.
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Razor Beta 13 Released
Monday, Jun 21, 2004, at 06:48 AM
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Razor Beta 13 has been released, you can find it in the downloads section.
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Razor Beta 12 Released
Monday, Apr 26, 2004, at 06:44 AM
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Razor Beta 12 has been released, you can find it in the downloads section....
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Razor Beta 9 Released
Monday, Feb 2, 2004, at 07:31 AM
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Razor Beta 9 has been released, you can find it in the downloads section.
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Razor Beta 8 Released
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2003, at 07:57 AM
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Razor Beta 8 (v0.1.8.*) Changelog:
  • Added:
    • Added "rembember passwords" feature
      • Checkbox on more options tab
      • When checked, razor will remember the passwords you use for each ip and each account on that ip, when you log in with NO password typed in, razor will use the appropriate password from it's cache.
      • Security note: Passwords are stored encrypted in your profile xml file. If someone gets these encrypted passwords they may be able to log into your account. Use extreme caution.
    • Added 'undress bag' to dress lists. You may now set each dress list to undress into a container other than your main backpack.
    • Added additional checking to keep Razor from auto-stacking the same item repeatedly
    • Re-added the "Drink Explosion" hotkey... left the name for the sake of hillarity.
    • Added Spell Fizzle Sound Filter
    • Added macro support for old style Dialog Menus.
    • Added some optimizations to reduce overall memory usage. Remember, memory usage reported in the task manager isnt always accurate. Check on the help/status tab.
    • Added {stealthsteps} to the titlebar display.
    • Most strings in Razor are now localized. This means that all of the text razor displays is now located in text files, anyone can easily translate these files (No programming skills required). There are a few strings which cannot be changed, such as errors relating to the loading of language files. A few other things I may have missed. If you would like to translate Razor to a language of your choosing, feel free to do so and either email the translation to me, or post it on the Razor forum.
      • Note since I do not speak any of the languages Razor supports, I cannot be responsible for the accuracy of translation, misspellings, vulgarity, etc which may appear. If you have correction, please post them to the forums and they will be included in the next release.
    • Added "Use Item in Hand" HotKey which will doubleclick whatever item is in your right hand, if no item is in your right hand it will try your left.
    • Added "Arm/Disarm Left/Right Hand" HotKeys, located under "Dress" in the HotKeys. These hotkeys mimic the behavior of the Dress Section of Razor for your left and right hands, so yuou dont have to go through the hassle of setting up a list for your weapons. It works much the same way as the macros in the client do. When you disarm an item, it is saved and you can use the macro again to arm it. These values are NOT saved when razor shuts down, if you want them to be saved, use a Dress List.
    • Added Scavenger agent
      • This agent automatically picks up any items on the list when you walk within 2 tiles of them. Useful for reagents and other things that "grow" on the ground.
    • Razor will now try to drop what you are holding if a macro stops during a lift action.
    • "Drop What You are Currently Holding" Hotkey added to drop whatever is in your hand, in the case of Razor Lift Action mess-ups.
    • Razor will now record (and replay) "Walk Actions" when your character moves. Please note:
      • Movement appears jerky in the client, live with it
      • No matter what, Razor will always wait for a response to the previous walk request before sending the next, as a result, razor cannot "run", only walk.
      • Moving while a macro with walk actions is playing may cause Razor to get confused, and skip some of the walking packets in the macro, the server may aslo get confused and reject walking (even though nothing is blocking you) or may think you are 'speed hacking' Be careful.
    • Added "Toggle Enabled HotKeys" hotkey. Using this hotkey will enable or disable all other razor hotkeys. (Note: This macro cannot be a mouse event)

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed bug that caused Weather Filter to filter sound effects
    • Spells Cast from Macros will now highlight their reagents in the titlebar
    • Fixed bug that caused client to sometimes freeze when items were added to search exemptions
    • Fixed bug that cause Stats not to display correctly for pre-3.0.8q clients
    • Fixed another Crash issue with Ultima.dll mul file paths.
    • Fixed issues which caused razor to start very long after uo started. Razor should now start almost instantly when the client appears.
    • Razor will no longer crash if your counters.xml is corrupt.
    • Fixed bug that caused DressList toggle to crash razor.
    • Criminal time will now stop reporting if you have been a criminal for more than 5 minutes.
    • Fixed bug that sometiems crashed razor when criminal status expired.
    • The "Connection Lost" message should now be properly displayed when the server closes the connection.
    • Setting skill locks should now update correctly.
    • Spam filter will now also filer system messages. One side effect of this is that you should see many fewer snooping messages. Please note this may cause you to not see an important system message, so use it wisely.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some macro actions to not Serialize correctly
    • Fixed up gump and target support to be a little more reliable.
    • Buy agent should now update correctly when items are edited.
    • The stealth steps counter will only begin counting when you use the stealth skill
    • The stealth steps counter will now start over if you use it while it was counting.
    • Razor will now offer the option to start up even if you are using an incompatible client version. (NOTE; Even though razor will run, certain features may not function correctly.)
    • Made some Crypt.dll more error messages more descriptive.
    • The undress macro action should now work correctly.
    • WaitForTarget/Gump/Dialog now attempt to filter their corresponding packets, reducing the chances of you accidentally clicking them and helping to keep your screen klutter free.
    • Re-worked the way hues are set on the more options tab to allow you to use the in game hue-picker.
    • Corrected some errors with the way the Buy Agent calculated how much it had spent.
    • Fixed bug that cause auto-open corpses to not work.
    • Fixed crash that sometimes happened when closing 2 clients at the same time.

  • Removed:
    • Removed Bold Title bar text -- it never worked anyway
    • Removed Resync Hotkey -- it never worked anyway.
Razor Beta 8.
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Razor For RUNUO
Monday, Jul 21, 2003, at 06:30 AM
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From Razor:
Razor is an assistant program for Ultima Online Emulators, similar to the popular UOAssist (UOA). Razor works with any UO Emulator that accepts the latest client. Razor is written in C++ and C#, which means it requires the .NET Framework to run, like RunUO.

Planned features include UOA style Agents like Use Once and Sell. Future version of Razor may also include the ability to use C# or plugin DLLs written by users. Current features of Razor include fully functional counters, skills information, profiles, target queues, and much much more.

This page is here to preview Razor to the public, since I have received many inquiries about Razor's progress. Razor is not yet publicly available.
Mon, Jun 21, 2004:
Razor Beta 13 Released
Mon, Apr 26, 2004:
Razor Beta 12 Released
Mon, Feb 2, 2004:
Razor Beta 9 Released
Tue, Dec 23, 2003:
Razor Beta 8 Released
Mon, Jul 21, 2003:
Razor For RUNUO
Razor For RUNUO
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