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Pandora's Box is a brand new GM tool for the RunUO platform.
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Pandora's Box 2 Beta 4 Released
Monday, May 24, 2004, at 07:50 AM
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From The Box:
This new version should solve more stability issues and a few bugs. It also adds some new content the beautiful artwork created by Knightshade.

One of the main changes is the new location of the custom data used by Pandora's Box. In previous versions all of this was stored within the program folder, and with Beta 4 this is changed. Now profiles are saved in the application data folder, which is a system directory that can vary depending on your operating system. On WinXP for example the location of this folder is C:/Documents and Settings/Your_Username/Application Data/Pandora's Box 2. This will make managing profiles easier when upgrading. You can easily access this folder from Pandora's Box (either from the program menu or from the advanced options).

Another new feature is the map viewer that I released a few days ago and that supports a 45 degrees rotation so that it resembles the UO radar map (you can of course turn this on or off in the options) and zooming using the mouse wheel.

Important: If you're upgrading from Beta 1 or 2, you shoud first uninstall the previous version. If you're upgrading from Beta 2 Fix you can simply run the new installer which will take care of removing the previous version for you (you won't loose your profiles of course).

As always the new version is in the downloads.
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MapViewer 2.0 Released
Monday, May 17, 2004, at 07:07 AM
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From The Box:
I have officially release a new version of the MapViewer control. This is the version used in PB2 and supports new features like built-in map navigation, wheel zoom, map rotation and an advanced file managment system. All the details are provided in the readme file supplied with both the control and the source code.

The new version relies on the BoxCL.dll library. The source for this library is not being released at this time. I might consider doing it in the future when I'm done with PB2, so please don't ask for it. You can of course use BoxCL.dll in any application you write (it contains some general purpose functions in the Utility class as well).

Note : I forgot to include to key files in the source package (namely MapViewer.cs and MapViewInfo.cs) when I first uploaded the source. It has been fixed now, so if you miss those just redownload the zip.
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Pandora's Box Beta 2 Fix
Monday, May 17, 2004, at 07:06 AM
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From Pandora's Box:
Those of you who downloaded Beta 2 of Pandora's Box 2 surely noticed a somewhat annoying bug which prevented the program from running at all. Apparently it was due to an installer issue which in the end lead me to use a different installation system. You should uninstall any previous version before installing the Beta 2 fix, or you might end up with two entries for Pandora's Box in the control panel.

There aren't other significant improvements in this release (except the ability to zoom the map using the mouse wheel), so please keep on reporting any issues you might be experiencing.
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Pandora's Box Update
Monday, May 10, 2004, at 07:06 AM
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This first update contains a number of fixes for issues emerged after the first release. It doesn't have any new features, but it solves a good number of bugs.

Of course I don't expect it to be stable yet, but hopefully it's a step forward. A great thank you to all the users who have been bug reporting these last few days. I hope you guys keep the feedback coming. I'll be out of town for a few days, so I'm packing up the current updates, and when I return I'll get back to fix whatever has come up in the meantime.

On a side note, I suggest you first uninstall the previous version of PB2 before running the new installer (as it seems to have some issues with upgrading which I still have to address).

Read the full story for the changelog...

Changes and fixes:
  • Fixed the command format for the Send command to actually work.
  • Added the All Files option when browsing for MUL and other UO files so that you can now easily grab the files that UOGateway downloads.
  • Item Spawn button now actually sends the command to the client.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the window minimize to the lower left side of the desktop (when it was set to minimize to tray and not show in the taskbar at all).
  • Fixed an issue with spawn parameters not being correctly saved
  • When adding roofing rectanlges, they get normalized (empty rectangle bug fix)
  • Fixed a bug which caused the incorrect tiles to be tiles using the roofing tool
  • Fixed a bug in the mapviewer which caused PB to crash when another application was using radarcol.mul (such as UOAM)
  • Fixed the tray icon issue (now the tray icon will display correctly)
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in deco/items/npcs tabs. You can now also move from the left to the right tree views using arrow keys. In the categories view, use the Enter key to collapse or expand a node.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when taking screenshots
  • Recompiled the screen capture library so that it no longer required MFC 7 installed on the target system.
  • Fixed a potential crash on the client list view
  • Added an option to use the random area tiler specifying a given Z coordinate
  • Crash when the profile wizard can't locate the files needed to generate one of the map images.
  • MapViewer not displaying correctly statics on Ilshenar and Malas maps
  • Crash occurring on systems that have only a 3D UO installation
  • Fixed missing localization of context menu on the deco page
  • Fixed a crash localized to few systems related to embedded images managment
  • Fixed crash occurring when trying to micro manage UO files from the profile wizard
  • Fixed a crash when setting more than one custom UO file from the options
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Pandora's Box 2.0 Released
Monday, May 3, 2004, at 07:14 AM
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Pandora's Box 2.0 has been released:
I have finally reached a development stage at which I feel comfortable releasing a public build of the next version of Pandora's Box. Pretty much all the features I had in mind for it have been implemented, and now it's going to take tweaking and fixing to get it work smoothly for everyone. I'm referring to this release as a public beta, but it should be fully functional. What's missing is mostly functionally unimportant (like graphics).

I'm not going to write a detailed changelog because it would take me too long, but I'll give a brief listing of the new features and major changes:
  • More customization: all the buttons and pre-defined commands can be modified.
  • Better support for custom maps.
  • Advanced files managment: you can now specify where PB should look for any UO file.
  • Support for custom clients
  • Display of spawn groups on the travel map (right click to view the spawn details - requires server generated datafile)
  • New Props section, which gives you access to all the properties of all the objects on your server.
  • Program launcher and Notes sections.
  • Spawn groups (required server side support, see BoxServer below)
  • Built in screenshot utility including a small screenshots manager.
  • Adding custom items or npcs can now be done through datafiles, or manually by right clicking a category tree.
  • Roofing now supports sloped roofs (still need tweaking though)
  • Travel Agent: small utility to edit/create datafiles for travel locations. Should come in handy for users of custom shards. It also supports importing the files used in PB1.
  • PB2 works with profiles, which you can export and import. You can create all the datafiles, customize buttons and commands, define custom locations and so on, then export the profile and distribute it to your staff.
The major new feature is called BoxServer and it's a set of server scripts based on .NET remoting (the same technlogy used by UOArchitect). A detailed readme file for BoxServer is installed, and I suggest everyone who wants to try it reads it. BoxServer is installed through a small utility included in the distribution accessed from the Pandora's Box/Tools menu. Here are some quick facts about it:
  • Datafiles generators ([GenBoxData, [GenPropsData, [GenSpawnData - Make sure you remove the GenBoxData script from PB1)
  • li>Allows to remotely retrieve the datafiles from the server li>Random tilers: several function to tile and create items chosen from random sets (with support for random hueing as well). li>Fast roofing li>When building large structures using box server you can instantly delete the last portion you built, hue it, or move it using a simple control within PB. li>Script Explorer is a limited download/upload client for RunUO scripts (read the documentation in the BoxServer help if you wish to try this, it needs manual setup to prevent any accidents) li>If installed, BoxServer allows PB to instantly create predefined spawn groups (when installing you get to choose the spawner your shard uses, currently supporting the default Spawner and XmlSpawner 2) li>Client listing (both through a list view and through a world map)
I'm planning on expanding the BoxServer features with time, as it's the most exciting part of this new version. It also opens up a lot of possibilities, so I'm looking forward to any feedback and suggestions on this.

I'm expecting a few bugs to surface, so please provide me with all the feedback possible so that I can fix them. Bugs should be reported using Bugzilla. However as it's down at this time, until it's back up I'll accept bug submissions through forums.

In the next weeks I'll work on finishing and go towards a final version, as well as on documentation and a translator helper to allow localizations. I also still have to finalize the default travel locations, and review some tiling in the roofing section.

I still need some graphic help, I'm especially looking for a good looking PB2 banner (see details below, as you can see from the program I already have the icon). If you wish to help please contact me!

As usual, all feedback comments and suggestions are welcome. I hope you all enjoy the new version, it's of course in the download section!
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The Box Updates
Monday, Apr 26, 2004, at 06:57 AM
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From The Box:
As I'm approaching a public release of Pandora's Box 2, I'm also looking to find some suitable graphics for it. If you're good with graphic stuff, and wish to help please contact me. There isn't much I can offer back for your help except credit on the PB2 about form, and a link to a website of your choice.

Here's exactly what I need:
  • 560x80 Pandora's Box banner. The background should either be solid or possibly transparent.
  • Program Icon: 48x48 (optional), 32x32 and 16x16 versions in 256 colors or more.
  • 164x313 Image. I have no real preference of what goes here, as long as it somehow fits the PB theme and it looks nice. This can be on any background as it's going to be used as a standalone picture. There should be no writing on this image.
  • 61x61 Logo. As above, I have no real preference of what goes here. Something in line with the program icon might be nice, but it's not mandatory. Background isn't important.
If you wish to help, or want to discuss this please get in touch with me. The best way to do this is to send me your ICQ number through a forum PM:
  • PM through the RunUO boards
  • PM through this site's board
Of course you don't have to provide me with all of the above. If you're great with icons but can't do banners, I'll gladly have a look at your icon :) Thanks in advance!
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The Box Updates
Monday, Apr 19, 2004, at 07:19 AM
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From The Box: kindly offered me a module on Bugzilla. All bug reports should now be made there, and this is mostly true to those of you who are currently testing version 2.

You can find the Pandora's Box bugzilla module by clicking here or by following the link in the Submit a bug block on the right.

Once again, many thanks go to Ryan for the support!
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The Box - BugZilla
Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004, at 07:09 AM
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From The Box: kindly offered me a module on Bugzilla. All bug reports should now be made there, and this is mostly true to those of you who are currently testing version 2.

You can find the Pandora's Box bugzilla module by clicking here or by following the link in the Submit a bug block on the right.

Once again, many thanks go to Ryan for the support!
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Pandora's Box Update
Thursday, Jan 8, 2004, at 07:21 AM
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From Pandora's Box:
I have released another small update fixing a few minor bugs emerged recently. I have also updated the decoration listing which now includes all the newest items (mahjong and holiday gifts) released by OSI.

In a few days I'll post some early screenshots of Pandora's Box 2 as well as some more details on the server side features. I'm very happy with how it's coming along even if I don't have much time to dedicate to it now. Hopefully things will get moving soon though.
Pandora's Box.
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Pandora's Box 1.2.2 Released
Tuesday, Dec 9, 2003, at 07:14 AM
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Pandora's Box 1.2.2 has been released:
Finally I could put together the update for RunUO Beta 36. This update addresses a few issues with the new command formats. The only new feature is the possibility to add and tile hues deco items. Also I removed the splash screen as it caused issues on some systems (and I don't have the time to re-write it).

Pandora's Box 1.2.1 will still be available for a while for shards sticking with Beta 35 or previous.

I also posted the datafile for Beta 36. This file is already included in Pandora's Box 1.2.2 so there's no need to update it if you're using the current version.

I hope I fixed all the incompabilities but I had little time for testing. If anything is still broken please let me know and I'll try to fix it asap.
Pandora's Box.
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New Locations And Regions Editor
Wednesday, Aug 20, 2003, at 06:09 AM
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The BOX has released two new tools:
  • Locations Editor: This tool customizes the locations you see in the [Go gump.
  • Regions Editor: This is an editor for the regions.xml file and allows to draw and edit the regions graphically.
Both these programs are based on a new map control which is somewhat similar to UoMap.ocx. However this is a C# control, which makes it somewhat easier to manage. The control is available for download along with its IntelliSense file.

The Box.
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The Box - Datafile For Beta 34
Thursday, Aug 14, 2003, at 06:45 AM
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From The Box:
You can now find a download for the updated datafile for Pandora's Box. This file is obtained by running the generator script on a default RunUO beta 34 installation. To install this file, unzip it in your Pandora's BoxData folder and overwrite the previous one. If your shard admin provides you with a custom datafile, don't do this and ask them for an updated version instead or you will end up with your custome items and NPCs missing.
The Box.
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Pandora's Box 1.2 Released
Wednesday, Jul 9, 2003, at 06:19 AM
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Pandora's Box 1.2 has been released:
  • Added around 60 more graphic objects to the deco tab ( including the new art included in the 4.0.0o client patch )
  • Compressed the lights images and reduced executable size.
  • Datafile updated to Beta 33
  • When using a palette or desktop button and restoring the program, it no longer looses the topmost property.
  • Fixed a crash related to an invalid filename stored in the Ultima Online ExePath registry key.
  • Fixed crash when trying to set an item property without entering a value first.
  • Fixed a startup crash whenever using 0 as the hue in the hue input box
  • Fixed a crash when selecting the SOS or Message In A Bottle item.
  • The Create and Test buttons get disabled when removing the last roofing piece in the structure.
Pandora's Box.
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Pandora's Box 1.2 Released
Monday, Jun 30, 2003, at 06:21 AM
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Pandora's Box 1.2 has been released. This new version has many new features, please make sure you read the changelog to learn about the interface changes. Many buttons can be right clicked to access different functions, those have tooltips as well as entries in the changelog.

Changelog for version 1.2

  • New Features:
    • Mobile Tweak Tab
    • Palette Windows: small always-on-top windows that give access to common functions:
      • Hue Picker
      • Mover ( Move buttons, as on the Deco tab) )
      • Common ( Menu buttons with all the commonly used commands )
    • Roofing Tab
    • Context sensitive parameters for items. When adding an item, if it allows a special constructor ( example: Power Scroll, parameters: skill and value ), Pandora will display a small panel which can be used to specify the additional properties. (Note: this might not work for all your custom items).
    • Datafile generator ( GenBoxData.cs in the Documents folder )
    • Custom buttons can now be moved to the desktop (just like you would do with an icq contact or any palette window from the Tools tab)
  • Interface changes:
    • Tooltips added for: General, Item Tweak and Mobile Tweak tabs.
    • Added a box on the main window to enter manually a hue number.
    • General Tab changes:
      • Removed Unhide and Mortal buttons. The Hide/Immortal buttons can be right clicked to access the Unhide/Immortal commands.
      • New buttons: VisList, ViewHouses, CheckGuarded, GetFollowers
    • Added buttons for set and toggle guards, count objects and profile world to Admin tab
    • Set Hue Button change:
      • Left Click: Set Hue ( Set hue for a single object )
      • Double Left Click: gSet Hue ( Mass hue items by selecting a bounding box )
      • Right Click: mSet Hue ( Set hue repeatedly )
    • Tele and Remove button changes:
      • Left Click to Tele/Remove
      • Right Click to mTele/mRemove
    • Added keyboard navigation to the hue picker (a small rectangle now shows the selected hue on the chart)
    • Added box to manually enter hues in the hue picker
    • Added context menus:
      • Deco tab (add static/add item/set itemid)
      • Items tab (add/add + params/set itemid)
      • Mobiles tab (add/add + name/set body)
    • Added a display for the ID of the selected item for Deco, Items and NPCs tabs.
    • Added option to minimize the program instead of closing it when pressing the X button in the window control box.
  • Misc changes and fixes
    • When selecting a location on the world map, the coordinates text in the main window updates accordingly
    • Using the Go command on the travel tab now sets the appropriate map first. ( This doesn't work with the Send button though )
    • Added new spells for paladins and necromancers to the quick cast button
    • Improved configuration of the Ultima Online folder. This fixes the startup bug.
    • Made sending commands to the client much faster
    • Added system information to the log (windows version, processor and memory)
    • The hue preview now correctly displays the last chosen color at startup
    • Splash screen is no longer topmost, so it can be moved to the background
    • Deco tab: the item viewer now uses the 'room view' to help positioning
    • Bug fix: switching to horizontal layout will work correctly when the box is started without an options file in the Data folder
    • Bug fix: the box will start up properly even without a valid UO installation
  • UOMap and UOArt ActiveX controls
    • Again, I'm packing into Pandora's Box modified versions of these controls. They are based on the latest official releases by Altiara and include support for runtime changing of the mul files path. The source code for both of those is available in the download section of my website.
Pandora's Box.
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Hue Manager 1.0.1 Released
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2003, at 06:16 AM
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Hue Manager 1.0.1 has been released:
  • Fixed a bug where changing the hue name would cause the editor to crash
  • Added Gumps to the hue preview
  • Added Mobiles to the hue preview, with an option to animate them
The Box.
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Hue Manager 1.0 Released
Monday, Jun 23, 2003, at 06:32 AM
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The BOX has released Hue Manager 1.0 for RunUO:
Hue Manager is a hues managment/editing tools. It requires .NET 1.1, and you can find it in the download section.

You can find more information about it in the Tools section of the website.
The Box.
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Pandora's Box Updates
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 11:13 AM
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Pandora's Box Updates:
  • Updated data files for Beta 29 (new locations defined for Malas)
  • Fixed issue where Generate Vendors would actually generate doors.
  • The correct version number is now shown on the splash screen and on the about box
Pandora's Box:
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Pandoras Box 1.1.1236 Released
Wednesday, May 21, 2003, at 06:28 AM
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Pandoras Box 1.1.1236 has been Released:
  • Item Tweak tab added
  • Added an option to choose the location of the tabs ( top/bottom for the vertical layout, left/right for the horizontal layout)
  • The world map is no longer modal. It can stay open while you keep on working with the box
  • General tab: moved some buttons to the admin tab plus some misc changes and additions
  • Added an admin tab
  • Items tab: fixed find feature. Now it will find items with more than one word in their name
  • Items tab: added an option to add a given amount of items
  • Items tab: removed a few buttons (remove, props, wipe) and added an item spawning section.
  • Customizable buttons. Added two on the main tab (always visible) as well as their own tab.
  • Slightly changed the layout: moved props/remove/hue buttons from tabs to the main window so that they're always on top.
  • Updated UOArt and UOMap controls so that they work even if there's only a 3D installation of UO
  • Fixed lag experienced when sending a command to the UO window
  • Fixed issue where Command Prefix wasn't properly saved in the options
  • When starting the program makes sure it's at least 70% visible on the screen (this solves some problems when changing resolution)
  • Removed the program folder from the options, now it's determined at run time
  • Added option for vertical layout (now the default layout for the box)
Pandoras Box:
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Pandora's Box 1.01.1224.39 Released
Monday, May 12, 2003, at 06:47 AM
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Pandora's Box (GM Tool for RUNUO) version 1.01.1224.39 has been released:
  • Added logging
  • Removed a few crash causes
  • Added tabs customization: users can decide which tabs are displayed and in which order.
  • Added general (commands) tab
  • Added custom locations managment for the travel tab
  • Added doors tab
  • Added 'go to location' feature when right clicking the travel map or the area with the coordinates text
  • Added the lights tab (light enum as in beta 28)
  • Added search feature for the travel tab (not considering trammel)
Pandora's Box:
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Pandora's Box - GM Tool for RUNUO
Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 06:26 AM
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Pandora's Box is a brand new GM tool for the RunUO platform.

Current functionalities include:
  • Item tab for creation of server defined items. (Beta 27)
  • NPCs tab for creation of mobiles and spawns. (Beta 27)
  • Travel tab
  • Decoration section, including a comprehensive list of graphic items (updated to include all the newest AoS items) categorized using the Axis template.
Features currently in development:
  • Custom locations managment on the travel tab.
  • Door placing.
  • Light sources editing.
  • Customization of the displayed tabs and their order.
  • Definitions generator script to include different constructors ( and have the box react accordingly to the constructors available).
  • General commands tab ( if anyone actually uses this one )
  • Custom commands tab ( with solid support for speech macros for quest purposes )
  • The Box requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 to run.
  • Hardware requirements not available yet.
Pandora's Box:
Mon, May 24, 2004:
Pandora's Box 2 Beta 4 Released
Mon, May 17, 2004:
MapViewer 2.0 Released
Pandora's Box Beta 2 Fix
Mon, May 10, 2004:
Pandora's Box Update
Mon, May 3, 2004:
Pandora's Box 2.0 Released
Mon, Apr 26, 2004:
The Box Updates
Mon, Apr 19, 2004:
The Box Updates
Tue, Mar 23, 2004:
The Box - BugZilla
Thu, Jan 8, 2004:
Pandora's Box Update
Tue, Dec 9, 2003:
Pandora's Box 1.2.2 Released
Wed, Aug 20, 2003:
New Locations And Regions Editor
Thu, Aug 14, 2003:
The Box - Datafile For Beta 34
Wed, Jul 9, 2003:
Pandora's Box 1.2 Released
Mon, Jun 30, 2003:
Pandora's Box 1.2 Released
Wed, Jun 25, 2003:
Hue Manager 1.0.1 Released
Mon, Jun 23, 2003:
Hue Manager 1.0 Released
Tue, Jun 3, 2003:
Pandora's Box Updates
Wed, May 21, 2003:
Pandoras Box 1.1.1236 Released
Mon, May 12, 2003:
Pandora's Box 1.01.1224.39 Released
Tue, May 6, 2003:
Pandora's Box - GM Tool for RUNUO
Pandora's Box - GM Tool for RUNUO
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