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Orbsydia is a warehouse of different Ultima Online Tools for Emulators.
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New Battle System
Friday, Jan 28, 2005, at 09:11 AM
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From Orbsydia:
I've add a new battle system to our site, this system is still currently in development and testing, but should ad some new fun to the site. This system is very advanced compared to our old system, which is probally why it took 24 hours to install. As well as many other updates to our site. See Points System Annoucement as well.

More to follow. We've also added a AI to the site that members and staff will be able to teach and train in the near future and help with questions when our staff is not around ;)
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topic image Latest Update & News
Tuesday, Jan 25, 2005, at 08:03 AM
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From Orbsydia:
After having a bit of a down time the last few days, I've managed to get systems stable, and get our new UO Landscaper and Architect Home Pages Setup, as well as for our other tools and projects.

There are now a few ways to Navigate our site, one is with Home Page Side Navigation System I just finished Building the other is Drop Down Menu System at the top of each page.
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UO Landscaper Updates
Monday, Jun 14, 2004, at 07:02 AM
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Uo Landscaper Transition Editor and Wizard update
Both Tools including UO Landscaper created by DKnight

UPDATE: Now that the site update is done, well the base update anyway. I'm getting ready to release the Above two new tools for internal Testers.

First is the Transition Editor, Second is Transition Wizard, I think blackette and stormcrow will die when they see that Dknight has put a lot of love into both tools to make transition development for UO Landscaper Much faster. But still time consuming. Those that volunteered last night I'll be updating your accounts to internal testers as well.

I'll be posting some new shots of both tools for public members, while internal testers get down to business. Currently we have 28 new internal testers.

the password for the internal testing forum is the same for our uoar 2.4 release, for those that know it. I'll pm internal testers shortly with an update link for downloads in a few moments.

(files posted in internal developer forum for devs that have volunteered to help) New Screenshots posted.

Please note in screenshots: this tool makes it possible to do the base transitions base xml files for use with the UO Transition Editor, using group A tile with B tile and hitting make button as seen in shots will generate all base hash keys, of witch we need volunteers to link up matching ground tiles.

I'm sure blackette and others will find this new system much easier than the by hand way they did it before

Comments or questions welcome!

UO Landscaper is one of the most powerful world creation tools for Custom UO Maps in development, and it's getting very close to release.

Tomorrow we will be releasing to internal testers the UO Landscaper - Transition Editor, and we will be looking for members both in our community and internal team to help build proper tranission talbes for UO Landscaper which is getting closer to release.

Please keep in mind that UO Landscaper is not a clone of Dragon, and the only way to make transition tables that will work with UOL is with this tool which we will be releasing tomorrow for beta developers here.

keep in mind that trying to convert dragon transitions to this tool will not work we need people that are serious about using this tool to help.

If anyone is seriously interested in helping with this project please PM myself or DKnight. You will need a lot of pacients and time on yours hands to help, also we will setup groups in our internal UOL forum for what land types people want to tackle. UOL has over 40+ types of tiles for buidling worlds/dungeons/towns/land formations etc.

Comments welcome, please note: This is just the transition editor, UO Landscaper is coming together as well. Depending on how much help we get here will determine how soon UOL will be out.
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Gump Studio 1.6 Released
Monday, May 10, 2004, at 07:04 AM
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Gump Studio 1.6 has been released:
  • SnapToGrid crash bug has been fixed.
  • Static, and Gump Art browser cache crashes have been fixed. (I hope)
  • The main focus of this release is to add full Undo / Redo Support. Currently Gump Studio is setup with 25 levels of undo, In a future release I plan to make this number configurable.
  • More drawing optimizations.
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UO Architect Pro - Rendering Engine
Monday, May 3, 2004, at 07:19 AM
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From Orbsydia:
Its been a while since we posted any new screenshots of the Rengering engine that will be in UO Architect Pro, so below are some frame rates and screenshots.

One of the major goals we've set for UO Architect Pro, is to make it a Standalone, Emu independant Map Rendering And Architectual Development Tool.

Aka some of the highlights, playing buildings on a map, extracting buildings from map, editing buildings extract to database, then placeing back on the map and faster town development, with out the need for a client/server setup which is currently in UOAR 2.2+

Xandor has a lot of improvements coming in UO Architect Pro that will blow these early rendering engine shots out of the water. Including a Totally New Building Editor!!!! And much more.
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Gump Studio 1.5 Released
Monday, Apr 12, 2004, at 06:51 AM
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Gump Studio 1.5 has been released:
  • Lots of memory leaks throughout the program have been patched.
  • The drawing optimizations in the CPU patch released a few weeks ago have been included.
  • The crash bug when rebuilding the art cache has been fixed.
  • New Static Art Browser, in the style of Inside UO!
  • Hues may now be entered in Hexadecimal by prefixing them with 0x, ex. 0xFF for 255.
  • There has been a slight change in the plug-in API, all existing plug-ins that I know of have not been affected.
  • Added a new item under the Page menu for clearing the current page.
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UO Architect Pro - Update & New Shots!
Monday, Apr 5, 2004, at 07:06 AM
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From OrbSydia:
Introduction and direction:

First of UO Architect Pro is moving in a slightly directly direction, with the release of World Forge.

Rather then focus on Map Editing, UO Landscaper will be focusing on full statics and world map creation, and world forge on detailed statics and map editing.

UO Architect Pro / Uoar will be doing what it does now with it's client and server tool on runuo, but as standalone tool.

With out the need for an emu or uo client running to edit, extract and place buildings on custom uo maps.

Features in Development:
  • Merging UO Architect 2.2+ With UO Architect Pro Rendering Engine
  • Completely new building editor, with xml tile support
  • The abblity to extract buildings from custom or standard maps
  • The abblity to place buildings back on map and move them
  • Ability to export the multis placed in the map rendering view to xml so they can be imported into either WF or any emu that can import items.
  • The abblity to edit buildings that have been extract in new editor
  • New GUI or User Interface for editor and tool
  • Real time viewing of world map, including zoom, scrolling, altitude changes, grid etc.
  • Multi Import/Export of buildings for editing.
  • Multi Scripting and Plugin System for Other game servers.
  • Full support for viewing custom maps and normal maps.
Both the Editor, and other Core Systems will be having almost a full rewrite when we merge the two tools together for the final application.

This only scatches the surface, the goal of the project is to make the ultimate enviroment for UO Architectual Development, aka building buildings, placing buildings, moving buildings, and editing and or decorating buildings. Etc.
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Profania World From Orbysida
Monday, Mar 29, 2004, at 07:05 AM
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These guys at Orbsydia just plain rock. This screen shot is intense - I'd love to explore this place.

From Orbsydia:
Over the next week on and off I'll be doing a review of the world of Profania, thanks to it's lead developers.

This world is the ultimate world for uo, there is so much detail it would scare you. I'll be doing some screenshots of this beautiful world.

Keep in mind these guys spent 3 years making this world. It doesn't get much better than this yet >

More Screenshots to follow!
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Ultima C++ SDK Released By Punt
Tuesday, Mar 23, 2004, at 07:04 AM
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From Orbsydia:
This is a C++ library to ease the access of the UO mul files. It is primarly focused on Linux, and is setup to use QT. However, it does support windows, without QT (although not optimized), by setting the NO_QT define.

It is distributed under the MIT license, so can be used freely. QT is not MIT however, so be careful on your license use if you use the QT option.~ punt

Punt has put together a Ultima C++ SKD for developers this isn't a tool release however for those interested in using or making linux based tools for UO this will help.
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Gump Studio 1.4 - Released
Monday, Mar 15, 2004, at 07:00 AM
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From OrBSydia, Gump Studio 1.4 has been released:
  • The canvas auto scroll bug has been fixed.
  • The SnapToGrid Plugin no longer crashes when trying to resize the form.
  • Text Entry elements now display thier text with the selected Hue. (Thanks Atomic)
Membership required to read the rest. OrBSydia.
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Gump Studio v1.3 Released
Monday, Mar 8, 2004, at 06:57 AM
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Gump Studio v1.3 has been released. From OrBSydia:
  • Temporarily disabled Scrolling in the canvas. It is related to a fairly serious bug that I'm not sure how to correct yet.
  • A few other things that I've forgotten about.
  • I have included a 70% completed project for an "Import from RunUO Script" plug-in. If anyone wants to finish it up, you are welcome to use my code for it, and put your own name on it. As it is now the new plug-in works fairly well, but needs some tweaking.
  • A few methods have been added / changed in the designer code to accommodate the new plug-in, this should not break any other plug-ins. As always, if you are working on a plug-in that needs access to something not provided / public in the designer, let me know and I will see what I can do to add what you need.
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Gump Studio 1.2 Released
Monday, Mar 1, 2004, at 07:22 AM
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Gump Studio 1.2 has been released:
  • All menus are now public for plugins.
  • Plugin assemblies that contain virtual classes derived from BasePlugin will correctly load.
  • Controls now have Left, Top, Right, and Bottom resize handles in additions to the corners.
  • Properties now have descriptions in the property browser.
  • The dialog that is displayed when a plugin failes to load is now more specific about which plugin failed, and why.
  • Added "Cut" to the edit menu
  • Edit menu is now displayed in the right-click context menu.
  • The right-click context menu is now displayed even if the user did not click on an element.
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UO Architect 2.1c Beta Teaser
Monday, Jan 19, 2004, at 08:01 AM
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OrBSydia has some great new screen shots up. Check out this new one:

With UO Architect 2.1c+ Beta 2 just around the corner, I've been asked by our team to post some featues and screenshots of how our progress is coming with this latest version.

Xandor has done an amazing job on programming, and he and I have done our best to find and squash as many bugs as we can before our next private release then public beta 2 release.

Those that are active in our community that used UOAR 2.0 and that help with designs, and ore feedback, both good and bad, will be invited into beta 2.
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OrbSydia Looking For Coders
Tuesday, Dec 9, 2003, at 07:17 AM
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oFound on the RUNUO boards:
For those interested orbsydia core development projects our core team is working on 4 hardcore Level design tools for uo.

UO Architect Tool (in private beta testing however if you contact us on orb we can setup demo and or those that want to help via invite after talking with us can try the private beta if they want to help get bugs out so we can speed up release to the masses.


Chat Forum:

UO Landscaper, sorta like Dragon, but is a 32 bit map editor / creator. This is in alpha testing at the moment. We can support up to 25+ Terrian types so far in the tool, and have a great parsing system.


UO Regional Area Spawner - in alpha testing now, very cool Tool.

And other tool that we haven't released info on yet but will make your life eaiser .. we place to release the UO architect in the coming week if private best tests do well.

Comments welcome, we will be posting for release custom buildings, dungeons, cities, decorations and other for those that are interested as well. Made with UO Architect and Landscaper
Fri, Jan 28, 2005:
New Battle System
Tue, Jan 25, 2005: Latest Update & News
Mon, Jun 14, 2004:
UO Landscaper Updates
Mon, May 10, 2004:
Gump Studio 1.6 Released
Mon, May 3, 2004:
UO Architect Pro - Rendering Engine
Mon, Apr 12, 2004:
Gump Studio 1.5 Released
Mon, Apr 5, 2004:
UO Architect Pro - Update & New Shots!
Mon, Mar 29, 2004:
Profania World From Orbysida
Tue, Mar 23, 2004:
Ultima C++ SDK Released By Punt
Mon, Mar 15, 2004:
Gump Studio 1.4 - Released
Mon, Mar 8, 2004:
Gump Studio v1.3 Released
Mon, Mar 1, 2004:
Gump Studio 1.2 Released
Mon, Jan 19, 2004:
UO Architect 2.1c Beta Teaser
Tue, Dec 9, 2003:
OrbSydia Looking For Coders
OrbSydia Looking For Coders
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