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Legions Of Chaos
Wednesday, Jun 2, 2004, at 07:06 AM
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The Legions of Chaos server is now ONLINE!

As of 6:00 am CST on Monday, May 31st, 2004, the Legions of Chaos server is online to the public. Right now the server is using auto accounts, so just login and have fun!

The server is listed on UOGateway ("Legions of Chaos") or if you use Razor/Krrios' Client use the following information:

IP Address:
Port: 2593

Server Hardware/Connection Information:

Dual Pentium 4 2.8ghz Hyperthreaded processors (quad CPU capable)
2048 megabytes of DDR400 Dual Channel memory
Four (4) OC-12 channeled connections from UUNet, Qwest, and Southwestern Bell


Legions of Chaos Staff
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Legions Of Chaos Returns
Friday, Jan 3, 2003, at 06:05 AM
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Posted on LoC website:
Well, the time has come...

Finally I have finished my beast (err, server) and with the release of RunUO beta 12, I finally have the mother load.

We are still deciding if we should use the old map (LoC statics - late 2000) or to use the regular OSI world.

Current release date: Jan 5th, 2003
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LoC - Owned!
Wednesday, Aug 7, 2002, at 06:43 AM
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Chaos has taken LoC down but still manages to find time to post...

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Final Word From LoC
Wednesday, Jul 10, 2002, at 06:44 AM
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Final word from Legions of Chaos:
This site will be back up in a month or two, but pertaining to the following games: Operation Flashpoint, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and Morrowind. UOX is no longer a part of my life, and I have given up on the C++ code work I have been doing for the past 4 years. I will however, put the historical files (source, all in one, and scripts) back up for download for the people who have emailed me asking to keep it online for them.

Also, Id like to clear up a few remarks Ive gotten since posting my first message...I am not leaving because of either of the 2 people that made me mad last week. I am leaving because of a long history of incidents with numerous different parties, not just these 2 people.

Now I'd like to address Mystic and GravitonSurge.

Mystic, you claim to run an emulator, and you claim your emulator is better than mine. Thats cool. Im happy for you. However, if you waste all your time online making AOL screen names and pestering people who are providing a free service, who are you to judge my hard work? One thing I cant stand is a low life hacking idiot who thinks the internet is a playground. The internet is not a toy for 12 year olds to run rampant. The internet is something that can solve almost any problem you can ever think of...and if you are too stupid to realize that, you'll still be here in 10 years doing what you are doing now. I think its sad with all the knowledge on the internet and in the world, that people resort to disturbing other people's hard work.

GravitonSurge, Night knows beyond a reasonable doubt I wouldnt help Mystic hack his machine or his shard. You made it very clear you didnt like my visit to Night's shard, and I appreciate your opinion...but don't spread rumors about people that you dont even know. I know Night, and have worked with him via my website for countless hours, and he has done a lot of work helping me identify bugs on the Legions of Chaos codebase, and for you to just accuse me of crashing his server really hurts.

I don't deny that Night's world files didnt co operate with my LoC code. We rewrote a lot of the game engine that has to do with loading and saving world files, and we believe that was most of the issue with Night's shard. And thanks to Night, we eliminated those issues in v2.9Build3, which was never released. Unfortunately, some people fail to see Night was testing for us, and not expecting LoC to solve all his problems. If that server wouldnt have crashed as much as it did, I do not doubt at all that Night would still be using LoC code. But thats neither here nor there.

Bottom line, dont talk bad about me....period.

-Michael A. Weis
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Legions Of Chaos Closes Shop
Monday, Jul 8, 2002, at 06:52 AM
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A pretty pissed off Chaos closed Legions of Chaos this weekend. The following was posted on his site:
Final Leave notice - end of this fucking saga

Well, Im sorry to say but in 3 days will be offline. Im sick and tired of supporting users who generally dont give a shit about anyone and anything.

For the past 4 years of my life, I have planned, developed, and worked my ass of for a community that doesnt give a shit about me or the work I put into LoC.

I decided enough was enough when a user accused me of crashing NightLoD's server numerous times (when in reality Ive worked my ass off for Night personally to fix the bugs and issues his shard was having). About the same time I was accused of helping YoSoyMystic to crash Night's shard.

This was the exact conversation between me and Mystic:

Yo SoY Mystic: tell me!??!? plz
Yo SoY Mystic: ::hails::
LIL MIKE81: do me a fuckin favor
Yo SoY Mystic: k
LIL MIKE81: for the last god damned time
LIL MIKE81: dont ask me how to crash servers
Yo SoY Mystic: lol
Yo SoY Mystic: b/c u dont know how? :-(

I'm sorry if Im not what everyone puts me up to be (an asshole, a cheat, wtf ever they say about me) and Im sorry to those who know me, and actually appreciated my work on LoC.

Either way, Im outta here.

Michael Aaron Weis
Perhaps Chaos will be doing something else these days.

Legions Of Chaos:
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LoC Updates
Tuesday, Jul 2, 2002, at 06:34 AM
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Chaos posted a picture of himself over on LoC. In addition, he writes the following:
Work is now beginning on LoC, and we need a working list of bugs. I've added a forum called "Bug Lists", so post all bugs there!
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Legions of Chaos v2.9 Build 2a Released
Friday, May 3, 2002, at 06:30 AM
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Legions of Chaos v2.9 Build2a has been released:
  • Not much I can say about it other than, it doesnt crash. K.

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LoC Version 2.9 Build 2 Released
Friday, Apr 26, 2002, at 07:36 AM
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LoC Version 2.9 Build 2 Released:
  • Fixed respawn bug (Rostam)
  • Fixed spawned animals flying into the middle of nowhere (Rostam)
  • Fixed lag on worldsaves (Chaos)
  • Fixed Faction calculation looping every char! (Rostam)
  • Readded a working npc looting scheme (Rostam)
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Legions Of Chaos 2.9 Build 1
Monday, Apr 22, 2002, at 06:47 AM
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The Legions Of Chaos website is back up again. Chaos notes the following changes:
Ok, version 2.9 Build 1 EXE and Source released (April 21st, 2002 - 9:04 PM CST).

  • Tamed animals cannot be tamed by other people
  • Tamed animals move faster
  • Provocation has been tweaked, no more provoking humans, karma loss, no more provoking in town
  • No more [NPC], [Carrying Sigil], [Evil Character], etc over the heads of players
  • Added a nice delay on explosion, OSI standard
  • Added a nice little fix in walking, making NPCs walk a little smoother.
  • Added a bugfix with tamed mounts, where they lose karma when you jump off them
  • Added a fix for sigils not returning properly to their home altar
Thats all for now, head over to the downloads section and grab the zip files!
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LoC Asks Users To Fark Up Infymus
Friday, Feb 15, 2002, at 06:42 AM
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Legions Of Chaos, a site that can never decide whether it is up or down has posted a beautiful article praising yours truly.
Update: The article on Legions Of Chaos was removed by Chaos.

Well, in my last news post, it was a "comic strip" about and the site webmaster Infymus. Even though it was very funny, it was not quite appropriate for this site, and I removed it.

I lost track of my goals (LoC) and got caught up in a track of humor at some moron (who isnt even a part of the community he reports on) and it was dumb on my part.
Chaos posted, "In an outburst in IRC, he stated "yall can fuck my dog too if you want, hes up for just bout anythin ya know?". Sorry Infymus, Ill stick to the sheep. "

Considering that Retalin banned me from #uox, #uox3 and #uox3dev on, I haven't had a chance to actually talk about my dogs. In a recent message, Retalin wrote "[sic] person that was banned (who I need not name) comes from the same ISP. *!*@* is banned from #uox. " Ryan, you dumbass - USWest is not an ISP anymore and hasn't been since December - we were all sold out to MSN.

[15:19] [Ryan] Infymus has done nothing but lie and cheat and steal
[15:19] [Ryan] I hate what he has become

Glad to see you read my site daily Ryan. :)

I am greatly looking forward to wherein Chaos states, "We are waiting on the soon to be relased website, making general fun of Infymus and his dogs."

The domain "" was purchased by Ryan McAdams earlier this morning:

Administrative Contact: Squirt Ltd.
Ryan McAdams
327 Miller Ct. Harrison,
OH 45030 US
Phone: 513-367-2180


Those of you who remember will note that Ryan pulled the same trick to spoof SPHERE.

Hopefully the new site will look better. UOXDEV always looks like this:

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/home/rmcadams/website/index.php:27) in /usr/home/rmcadams/website/community/includes/page_header.php on line 472
Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/home/rmcadams/website/index.php:27)

One final note on UOXDEV. The Smithys Anvil does not recognize UOXDEV as the current Dev Team. Both EviLDeD and Retalin have become the self-appointed dictators over the UOX project and development. The Smithys Anvil no longer carries any news, links, utilities, help files or any other aspect of UOXDEV. Never fear, the poodle above loves UOXDEV.

*** Quits: Retalin (Quit: the bottomless pit of MMORPG emulation)
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Legions of Chaos v2.8 Build 4 Released
Wednesday, Feb 13, 2002, at 06:57 AM
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Chaos has released v2.8 Build 4 of LoC.
"Hello everyone, Version 2.8 Build 4 has been compiled and added to the downloads section. I will only be releasing the all in one for now, and the source later."
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Legions Of Chaos
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2002, at 06:37 AM
Filed Under LEGIONS OF CHAOS.   -Guid- is back up again. Go and take a look.
Wed, Jun 2, 2004:
Legions Of Chaos
Fri, Jan 3, 2003:
Legions Of Chaos Returns
Wed, Aug 7, 2002:
LoC - Owned!
Wed, Jul 10, 2002:
Final Word From LoC
Mon, Jul 8, 2002:
Legions Of Chaos Closes Shop
Tue, Jul 2, 2002:
LoC Updates
Fri, May 3, 2002:
Legions of Chaos v2.9 Build 2a Released
Fri, Apr 26, 2002:
LoC Version 2.9 Build 2 Released
Mon, Apr 22, 2002:
Legions Of Chaos 2.9 Build 1
Fri, Feb 15, 2002:
LoC Asks Users To Fark Up Infymus
Wed, Feb 13, 2002:
Legions of Chaos v2.8 Build 4 Released
Wed, Jan 30, 2002:
Legions Of Chaos
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